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Actions were ordered against profiteers, hoarders | Instant News

Karachi Commissioner Sohail Rajput on Sunday directed all deputy commissioners to effectively enforce prices set by the city government as well as the government.

According to a press statement from the commissioner’s office, the commissioner has asked the deputy commissioner to pressure profiteers and hoarders who cause price increases.

Leading a meeting at his office to review steps taken by the city government to provide essential foodstuffs at fixed prices, Rajput said there was a need to take effective steps to control fixed prices and take action against profiteers and hoarders with impunity.

He asked the deputy commissioner to accompany all additional deputy commissioners, assistant commissioners and mukhtarkars who enjoy judicial power to control the prices of important goods.

The meeting was attended by, among others, additional deputy commissioners I and II, assistant commissioner general and assistant commissioner of the Karachi commissioner’s office and supply bureau officials. Representatives from different consumer associations also attended the meeting and assured their full support to the city government in its endeavors to provide assistance to consumers. During the meeting it was decided that the deputy commissioner would submit a report on the daily actions against profiteers and hoarders to the commissioners.

The meeting also reviewed the performance of the market committee and discussed various steps to improve its function. The role of intermediaries and retailers was also discussed at the meeting and it was decided that intermediaries and retailers have an important role in determining prices for basic necessities, so action should also be taken against them. The different consumer associations at the meeting explained to the commissioner the possible reasons for the price increase and assured the city government that they would support the administration at the meeting.


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Action against illegal points of sale animals | Instant News

Lahore:Commissioner of the division of Asifa Lahore Bilal Maliha led officers ÁL to take tough measures against the illegal sale points of sacrificial animals.

He said that all the actions recommended by the concerned departments in respect of Covid-19 will be implemented in spirit and letter in 12 locations of Lahore. He said that Deputy Commissioner will check the quality and the provision of all services and activities in the field of sales. He said that the number of sacrificial animals at the time of sale will be conducted by area, point of sale and places for animals to be allocated in accordance with the SOP.

He said the temperature of each person will be checked before entering the sale items. He also asked the staff to put all the machines in the field for discharge of storm water during the rains. He said LWMC full support will be given to the purity of ID.

He said this while chairing the various meetings of the organization Monsoon and sacrificial points of sale of animals in the city. The Danish DC Afzal, WASA MD Sayed appropriate Zahid Aziz and other officers also attended the meetings.


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Action against provocative content on social networks | Instant News

Lahore:a meeting of police officers held the line Qurban, under the chairmanship of the Lahore capital police officer (CCPO) Zulfiqar Hameed.

The General condition of law and order in the city, the Crown of SOP and other issues were discussed at the meeting. In the CCPO said that no concessions in this matter should be given to the accused download video shooting in the air and provocative content on social networks.

He directed the police to intensify intelligence operations against anti-social elements involved in the heinous engaged in drug trafficking. He directed the police to control cases of thefts of cars and bicycles.

In the CCPO also drew attention to an incident in which a foreigner, Qizil Arsalan, was fired upon and wounded two of his neighbors, Adill and at. SP Kant argued that one of the two accused have been arrested, adding that no robbery was committed at the residence at Qizil Arsalan.

Security: the alarm system, mosques and other religious places including imambargahs, remained tightened on Jummat-ul-Mubarik. Police officers and officials, together with members of the squad “Dolphin” and the response unit of the police remains alert in all sensitive mosques and imambargahs. The cops checked all the cars and suspicious persons at points of entry and exit from the city.

Traffic accidents, at least 10 people were killed and 827 injured in a traffic accident in the province of Punjab in the last 24 hours.

Punjab emergency service/rescue 1122 responded to 780 road accidents in all 36 districts of Punjab during the last 24 hours. 461 already seriously injured victims were removed to different hospitals and 366 with minor injuries were given first aid rescue medical teams.

The IG expressed satisfaction on car repairs: the inspector General of police of Punjab held a meeting of officers of the transport wing and expressed satisfaction with work on repair of cars.

The IG welcomes the special efforts of SSP Mt for timely completion of the repair and maintenance of vehicles. He said that in order to make the operational activities of the better old machines need to be repaired.

Work better police cars will improve the patrols, he added. He also inspected the restoration work of vehicles when using the Faisalabad police. Faisalabad police have made 49 old cars reusable and functional, including 10 buses, eight prison vans, three trucks and 24 vehicles for police stations, at the expense of RS 13.4 million.

7,890 bicycles, vehicles purchased: city traffic police issued challan tickets 7,890 motorcycles and cars in the last two days. Traffic police issued challan tickets 923 bikes and cars being driven without license plates.

Meanwhile, the Sadr SP and DSP inquired the assistant of the movement published in the sector Shadman, shahzada, who was shot and wounded by his brother. SP assured that the police will soon arrest the criminal.

Bodies of Sikhs’ shot in the morgue : Edhi ambulance took the bodies of the Sikhs who was killed in a train accident in Sheikhupura to Lahore morgue. At least 19 Sikhs were killed and many others received severe injuries as a result of collision of the passenger bus and Shah Hussain Express in Sheikhupura.


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The clerk ordered to ensure a price cut | Instant News

LAHORE: Main Secretary of Punjab Jawwad Rafique Malik has directed officials to ensure a reduction in the level of commodities used daily to provide benefits from falling prices of petroleum products directly to the public.

He issued this directive during a meeting chaired by the Provincial Law Minister Raja Basharat to review the impact of falling oil prices on the level of edible goods, actions on taking and stockpiling, the viral situation, procurement of wheat and measures to combat grasshoppers in the province. Additional chief house secretaries, secretaries from various departments, additional Special Branch IGs, CC CC Lahore and other relevant officers attended the meeting, while IG Punjab, division commissioners and regional police officers joined the session via video link. The chief secretary said that the prices of daily necessities should be reduced after the price of oil products had dropped significantly so that people could be given assistance. He ordered that decisive action be taken against profiteers and hoarders. The meeting was given an explanation that during the last two weeks as many as 1322 people were arrested; 1,226 cases have been registered and a fine of almost Rs 60,627 million is imposed on different people for overcharging. Likewise, 412 people were ordered to be hoarded. The chief secretary said that urgent steps had to be taken to control grasshoppers like those taken against coronavirus. A recommendation from IG Punjab regarding arrangements for Youm-e-Ali (RA) will be submitted to the cabinet committee for approval, he added. Law Minister Raja Basharat assured that the problem of additional salary and funds for the police would be resolved. The meeting was briefed that the process of testing the corona virus of government officials, HIV patients, pregnant women and prisoners had begun. IG Punjab Shoaib Dastgir said that intelligent testing of police forces for coronavirus was ongoing.

ordered: The district government checks 7,331 fruit, vegetables and grocery stores for the first 15 days of the holy month of Ramazan and imposes Rs 3.4 million in fines on profiteers. Officials said the price control judge was found to be overcharging in 1,316 places, of which, 359 profiteers were ordered in 86 criminal cases while 399 were arrested and sent to prison directly from that place.


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Police officers ordered to improve performance | Instant News

LAHORE: Punjab Police Inspector General Shoaib Dastgir has directed DPO Attock, Jhelum, Bahawalpur and Rajanpur to further improve their performance.

He also issued directions for all RPOs and DPOs through a video link meeting held at the Central Police Station on Friday. During the meeting, RPOs and DPOs gave explanations to the IG about crime charts and police actions in each district.

The IG directed that all officers must ensure their presence in public at any cost in accordance with office hours and that officers who delay the transfer of public complaints will not only be answered but also face departmental investigations and departmental actions.

The IG warned that in failing to arrest perpetrators of proclaimed crimes, circle officers and SHOs should not be given field positions, whereas, departmental action must be taken against officers involved in flawed investigations. He ordered that swift action must be carried out on dacoity, murder, ransom and other heinous crimes.

He said that in order to control crime and the security of sensitive places of worship, special police patrol teams must be formed under a smart patrol plan, while, the efficiency of the dolphin team and the PERU team must be increased further. He said that in cases of child and woman abuse, DPOs must themselves reach the place and also oversee investigations of dacoity, murder, ransom and other heinous crimes so that criminals can be placed behind bars. He said that to stop motorcycle theft in Rawalpindi, bait operations under a special strategy had to be continued. He said that after increasing crime rates in the last ten days of Ramazan, comprehensive strategies and planning, action must be taken and crackdown on anti-social elements must be accelerated and intelligence-based operations must be carried out. He said the RPO and DPO must conduct a field visit in Ramazan to inspect the security arrangements for category A mosques, imambarghas, minority places of worship and other sensitive places.

He said that searching, sweeping, combing and intelligence-based operations must be accelerated in sensitive areas. Likewise, strict legal action must also be carried out by shooting into the air, displaying weapons, violating the use of loudspeakers and peddling drugs.

He stressed that checking citizens at the entry and exit points of provinces and cities must be tightened. IG acknowledged the performance of the districts of Kasur, Narowal, Mandi Bahaudin, Chakwal, Mianwali, Bhakkar, Sargodha, Sheikhupura, and Nankana.

Security plan: Lahore police issued a comprehensive security plan for mosques, imambargah and other religious places in the city for the month of Ramazan-ul-Mubarik to ensure the safety of residents after the spread of the coronavirus. While providing details, Operation DIG, Lahore Rai Babar Saeed said 3,000 police officers and officials, including 6 SP, 34 DSP, 84 inspectors, and 217 subordinates, would carry out security duties during the month of Ramazan. He said, “This year the responsibility of the Lahore police has been increasing to protect citizens from the corona virus that visits Masajid, Imambargah and other religious places to pray.


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