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Notice of direct current, alternating current for violation of court orders | Instant News

Lahore:the chief of the Lahore High court (LHC) justice Muhammad Qasim Khan on Tuesday has published the announcement of contempt of Sheikhupura Deputy Commissioner and assistant Commissioner Muridkay for use by the judiciary of violating the order of stay issued by the court.

Justice Khan also requested the Secretary-General to explain how, when the court order was brought to all Commissioner offices in Punjab. On 9 July, the trial was suspended on 17 June, the notification of the government of the Punjab, which gave the powers of the judicial Commission, Deputy commissioners and assistant commissioners, etc. in Punjab.

As the hearing began, the lawyer Moman Malik appeared on behalf of the appellant, Tanvir Abdullah and said that the AC and DC perform the judicial powers and decides matters, despite the order to stop issued by a court. Justice Khan expressed his dissatisfaction and directed the chief Secretary to submit detailed information regarding transfer court order for employees and an anticipated judicial powers used by civil servants.

The applicant argued that according to the Constitution and common law the Executive and the judiciary have been separated, and they could not interfere in the Affairs of each other. However, the Punjab government on June 17, granted the powers of magistrate first class to the Commissioner and the Deputy Commissioner in violation of the law.

Counsel for the appellant pointed out that the impugned notice is contrary to article 2 and 9 of the Constitution, and article 14-a of Criminal procedure code 1898.

He said that according to the decisions of higher courts, the Executive could not exercise judicial powers. Under the notification, the powers of the special judge ( first class) were awarded to all Deputy commissioners, additional Deputy commissioners (General), additional Deputy Commissioner, etc. in accordance with section 14-a of the CPC, 1898, for the raids, trials, crimes and other related issues concerning monitoring of prices/hoarding prevention, forests, mines and minerals, falsification of food products, food safety and encroachments on public lands and lands owned by the government, drainage, dangerous driving, etc.


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Whether Aspen, Pitkin County, or Colorado, the mask is now required | Instant News

People in aspen, Snowmass village and basalt are now under three separate orders of health mandates that they wear face coverings in public spaces.

On Thursday, the Governor, Jared Polis issued a decree throughout the state that require masks, similar to urban emergency decree aspen, which entered into force on 3 July and the order of the Council of the County of Pitkin health since may 9. Snowmass and Basalt elected officials also tailor the mask ordinances for their cities in the first week of may. Across the state, 39 counties and municipalities have laws that Mask as of Thursday.

“We have learned that widespread use of the mask is an inexpensive and very effective way to reduce the spread of COVID-19 infection by as much as 65%,” the decree said. “The widespread use to wear masks in Colorado can have significant economic benefits, allowing the state to prevent reclosures businesses and schools and, ultimately, a return to normal life more quickly.”

Order a Democrat, entered Thursday into force at midnight, you should erase all confusion, the visitors have a relatively face-covering requirements, Tracy Trulove, officer public information Pitkin County, said Thursday during the meeting of the coronavirus community.

“Order by state sets a clear standard, especially for tourists and our visitors,” she said. “And this is something that has been discussed quite a bit is how we get people who come here, to come into compliance?’ The Governor puts that mandate down.”

Under the order of the Polis, the mask is defined as a non-medical fabric face, covering the nose and mouth. In the same way as the local rules health, which, as policy, require masks in public areas including retail stores and restaurants, for example. The order of the state, however, expands to include offices, hallways, elevators, indoor businesses, common areas and gyms (except when an indoor pool, and personal services like hairdressing.)

The order also applies to people waiting for transport services “of any taxi, bus, tram, train, car, ride-sharing, or similar service, or operations MassTransportation”.

Also, the owners and operators of covered public spaces to post signs at their entrances to alert people to the law of the mask and denying them service if they do not adhere to. Offenders who do not wear masks and enter to face criminal charges under the order.

The first proposed test of Colorado at COVID-19 came on 5 March.

“Since then,” order policy’ said: “the number of confirmed cases continues to grow, and there is a community spread across the state. We saw more than 37,000 infections and lost more than 1700 population of the state.”

Out of whatever for 30 days and can be extended those 10 years of age and the other, where circumstances permit (see box).

“You can see the state is getting more heavy on the issue of the mask,” said George.

Over the past 10 days, as of Thursday, two patients were hospitalized in the hospital of aspen valley with covonavirus. One was deployed at a lower altitude to a higher service, the Director-General CD David Ressler said.

As of Thursday, there were 144 confirmed cases and two deaths in the County of Pitkin in March, according to the public health.

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AG describes the procedure for fuel tank products with NA | Instant News

Islamabad: attorney General (AG) of Pakistan, Khalid Javed Khan held a meeting with the National Assembly (Parliament) speaker Asad Qaiser Sunday to discuss Lahore High court (LHC) from 30.06.2020.

The attorney General informed the NA President about the observation tank on the petition about the shortage of Pol products and increase in their prices in the court, headed by chief justice Lahore high justice Muhammad Qasim Khan. The observation suggested that the attorney-General Khalid Javed Khan to discuss the proposal of the court President of the national Assembly is a Committee of parliamentarians from the Treasury and the opposition to hold inquiry into the recent petrol shortage in the country.

Asad Qaisar said that the Parliament always holds the judiciary in high esteem and respect. “The honourable Supreme court the problem is urgent given the challenges facing the public as a whole,” he said.

He said that the report has already been sought from the standing Committee of the National Assembly on energy, concerning the shortage and price hike of petroleum products.

Speaking about the role of Parliament, the speaker said that the elected representatives take issues concerning their constituencies in the Assembly. He noted that the issue of shortage of fuels and lubricants and problems faced by the public were raised in the budget session of the National Assembly and the government and the opposition are United. He said that the Parliament has in the past played an important role and will continue to play its role on public issues.

Referring to the Constitution of the parliamentary Committee on COVID-19 pandemic and the special committees has varied over the border because of the pandemic, the problems faced by agriculture and the issues of Balochistan, he said that this is evidence of the seriousness of the Parliament on issues of public importance.

Advisor to the speaker of the National Assembly on constitutional and legal matters Latif yousafzai were also present at the meeting.


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