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Why is China making it difficult for foreign businesses to operate | Instant News

China is a great opportunity for business. Photo / Getty Images

Doing business in China can be a difficult and controversial proposition for companies in many countries. Yet even with allegations of intellectual property theft, forced partnerships, and strict restrictions on doing business, China continues to attract foreign capital. Why would businesses want to invest in China when there are so many other “business-friendly” countries and financial markets that support foreign investment?

The United States has accuses China from stealing intellectual property American company, the estimated theft US $ 600 billion every year. As a prerequisite for doing business in China, American and other companies may be charged forced transfer of their technology. In addition, regulations can oblige foreign investors partner and set up joint ventures with Chinese companies before they can do business in China.

In 2001, after becoming a member World Trade Organization, China pledged to open up its banking, telecommunications and electronic payment processing sectors. But action in this area has already been taken absent or, at best, halfhearted. China’s telecommunications industry, for example, remains under government control, and the government owns it prohibited Facebook and Google offer their services in China.

What’s in it for investors

Doing Business 2020, a World Bank publication, rating China – in terms of credit availability and ease and size of tax payments – 80th and 105th, respectively, out of 190 countries in the world. It uses 10 other indicators, such as protections offered to minority investors, registering property and enforcing contracts, China rating 31st out of 190 countries in the world for ease of doing business as a whole. In contrast, the US was ranked 6th out of 190, according to the same report.

Besides, doing business in China can risky politically. Negotiations with the Communist-led government can be difficult; it has a political system with a reputation lack of transparency and intolerance for dissent. The nation has important rule regarding capital inflows and outflows which are subject to change without public notification. Corruption is rampant in China, to the detriment of foreign investors such as the United States.

The Chinese Prime Minister delivers the government's work report in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.  Photo / Getty Images
The Chinese Prime Minister delivers the government’s work report in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Photo / Getty Images

Despite negative business conditions, according to 2020 World Investment Report, in 2018 and 2019, China attracted $ 138 billion and $ 141 billion in foreign investment, respectively. Focusing only on 2019, this massive foreign investment into China exceeds the GDP of all such countries Kuwait – $ 137 billion; Kenya – $ 98 billion; and Venezuela – $ 70 billion. In 2019, China is the world second largest recipient foreign investment, second only to the United States.

A country that plays by the rules

Despite being relatively business-unfriendly, if the world’s 31st country can attract large amounts of foreign investment, surely the world’s No.1 country is sure to do as well as China, if not better. But New Zealand, ranked first in the world for its business-friendly climate, is nowhere near China in terms of foreign investment.

On two metrics – credit availability, which measures how easy it is to get credit; and tax payments, which measures the frankness and size of tax payments made to the country where the business is conducted – New Zealand ranks 1 and 9 In the world. And for ease of doing business as a whole, in contrast to 31st in China, New Zealand ranks first in the world.

Despite that honor, in 2018 and 2019 New Zealand attracted only $ 1.95 billion and $ 5.43 billion, respectively, in foreign investment. In other words, in 2018 and 2019, China attracted 71 times more and 26 times more foreign investment than New Zealand, even though New Zealand is considered a stable democracy with lower political risks than other forms of government and government. the most corrupt country in the world. What explains the huge differences in foreign investment?

Simple math for making a profit

That national market size – or scale – is critical for business. The more consumers a market has, the more products it has the potential to sell. In 2019, China’s population has almost reached 1.4 billion, compared to New Zealand’s population of approx 4.8 million. In addition, if measured by gross domestic product, China’s economy is second largest in the world, compared to the New Zealand economy, which is rating 51. Whether the problem is seen in terms of the number of consumers or the total size of the “economic pie” that is GDP, China’s economy is overshadowing the economy of New Zealand.

China is a great opportunity for business.  Photo / Getty Images
China is a great opportunity for business. Photo / Getty Images

This large difference in size or scale is important. Even though China is a significantly less friendly place to do business than New Zealand, it still makes sense for American and other multinational companies to invest in China.

From a financial gain perspective, consider the advantages of companies investing in China. That markup is the difference between the price the company charges for a product and the cost of producing an additional unit of the product. The advantages, then, are simply markup multiplied by the number of products that can be sold. The bigger the market, the more products that can be sold. More sales means more profit. This explains why companies around the world are prepared to tolerate it dubious Chinese business practices and still investing in China.

One example of doing business in China, despite many obstacles, comes from Hollywood. Disney produced “Mulan, “a $ 200 million live-action film that took more than five years to produce. Disney shot most of the film in New Zealand with the aim of releasing it in China, primarily to gain access to that vast market and to maximize profits Disney bowed. on many Chinese demands to ensure that “Mulan” can be released in China without objection from Chinese officials.

Disney’s relationship and concessions with China are examples of why so many foreign investors continue to pursue business in China – profit. Despite institutional restrictions on investment, with access to more than 1.3 billion people, many of whom are potential consumers, and a growing GDP, China is a global market opportunity that multinational companies around the world continue to exploit.

Amitrajeet A. Batabyal, Professor of Economics Arthur J. Gosnell, Rochester Institute of Technology

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read original article.


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Spy: A-List couples in love and business | Instant News

Together at home and at work – meet five couples who like each other and complement each other’s careers in politics, entertainment and hospitality.

Connect politically

New Workers List MP Camilla Belich has a great advisor to her new life in Parliament in Andrew Kirton, who is the 2017 Labor Party campaign manager and former secretary-general of the party.

Andrew Kirkton and Camilla Belich
Andrew Kirkton and Camilla Belich

He left the role in 2018 to become Air New Zealand’s head of government relations and is now head of corporate affairs for the airline.

Belich, who represented the Labor Party in the Epsom seat won by David Seymour, was a lawyer and practiced volunteer attorney in Community Law for many years.

She and Kirton live in downtown Auckland with their two children who are elementary school aged and are awaiting the birth of another child.

Health and Diplomacy

Another new Labor List MP, Dr Ayesha Verrall, also has a partner to complement her work.

Verrall rose to national prominence when infectious disease specialists audited New Zealand’s contact tracing system and recommended improvements during our first Covid-19 lockdown.

Dr Ayesha Verrall and Alice Revell
Dr Ayesha Verrall and Alice Revell

His colleague, Alice Revell, has an equally impressive biography as an international lawyer and New Zealand diplomat.

Revell is the lead negotiator for New Zealand for a UN treaty on marine biodiversity outside national jurisdiction. He is also a former legal advisor to the New Zealand Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York.

Lovers On Screen and Off

They were once a married couple on A Place to Call Home and real-life husband and wife Sara Wiseman and Craig Hall are both vying for the award at this year’s New Zealand Television awards.

Wiseman was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in One Lane Bridge, and Hall for Best Actor for Head High.

It’s been a busy year for the talented acting duo. Wiseman also starred in the Kiwi mini series The Sounds and the Australian TV series Between Two Worlds, in which Hall also starred. He has also played in the Aussie Halifax mini-series: Retribution, and Bondi Slayer.

Behind the duo of dream cameras

Also up for the gong at the NZTV Awards are behind the scenes husband and wife Claire McCarthy and Denson Baker.

McCarthy was nominated for Best Director for the TV mini-series The Luminaries and best cinematographer Baker for Eleanor Catton Man Booker’s award-winning book adapted.

Claire McCarthy and Denson Baker
Claire McCarthy and Denson Baker

Collaboration is nothing new for couples. They worked together on the romantic film The Waiting City, which is set in India and the 2018 film Ophelia, which is based on a reimagined Hamlet. Baker also worked on The Dark Horse.

McCarthy will begin working as director for Naomi Watts in the US film The Burning Man.

Husband and Wife Hospo

2020 has been the year when celebrity chefs Josh Emett and Helen Cranage fulfill their old dream of opening a restaurant together.

While Emett has spent the last decade forming partnerships at various restaurants, he and Cranage returned from England this year and are joined at two places in Auckland, the Oyster Inn in Waiheke and the recently opened Onslow on Princes St in the city center.

Josh Emett and Helen Emett at the opening of their new restaurant, Onslow Spy October 2020
Josh Emett and Helen Emett at the opening of their new restaurant, Onslow Spy October 2020

Cranage, who previously worked in international finance, has been by Emett’s side at every turn and as they raised their son. But finally it was time to put both their names on an equal footing on these projects.

Onslow is a place they have wanted to create together since they first met. At last week’s opening, it was Cranage’s chance to shine as the two shared a podium to greet guests.

The UK born Cranage welcomes guests in a beautifully articulated te reo and her husband takes pride as a beating from his business partners. They will be busy this summer with their two restaurants across from Waitematā.


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BYC Podcast: The latest cricket events from around the world | Instant News

BYC is back for another season.

It’s back! BYC, New Zealand’s best-known and most feared specialty cricket podcast, has been holding out for the next season.

Join Jason Hoyte, Paul Ford, Dylan Cleaver and a number of other dubious guests for unmistakable summer sounds and aromas.

In this episode, the panel celebrates the fact that there is finally cricket in New Zealand with the start of the Plunket Shield. They share stories about Imran Khan’s form (on and off the pitch) and some extreme promotion ideas for local cricket, discuss the best ground for your backyard goal, and Dylan identifies three up-and-coming players to watch out for this season.

Listen to the latest episodes of the BYC podcast here:


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Apple launches iPhone 12, revealing NZ prices, no chargers or headphones with the new model | Instant News

The computing giant Apple has finally revealed its next addition to its iPhone lineup alongside other devices during an online event.

In a major break from tradition, new phones no longer come with headphones or wall-charging adapters in the box (although they will continue to include cables for USB charging, and have added new wireless charging option).

Apple claims that this is being done for environmental reasons – saying that customers worldwide already have a combined total of 700 million headphones and many customers have switched to wireless.

It says two billion power adapters out there in addition to billions more third party adapters.

“We take these items out of the iPhone case, which reduces carbon emissions and avoids mining and using valuable materials,” said a company spokesman.

“Removing this also means a smaller, lighter iPhone box. We can load 70 percent more product on a shipping pallet – reducing carbon emissions in our global logistics chain.”

Here’s what you need to know about new Apple products:


Apple has revealed that its new smartphone will come in a Mini version. It’s basically a smaller version of the iPhone 12 that contains all of its features, but in a smaller, lighter form. This includes a 5.4-inch screen similar in size to the iPhone 8.

The iPhone Mini will retail for $ 1349 in New Zealand, while the standard iPhone will retail for $ 1499.

Three other new iPhones were also released, including the largest display model ever. Read about them here.


Apple offers a new way to charge your iPhone, called MagSafe. The charger itself resembles the one used for the Apple Watch, allowing better wireless charging. This is a circular magnet on the back of the phone.

There are two purposes: first, the wireless charger will now attach directly to the phone and second, the phone can be attached to another accessory directly, using its magnets to stay in the new case, or to store a wallet for example.


Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed the next iPhone will enter the 5G wireless space. He said this meant faster downloads, better security, improvements in gameplay, and other “groundbreaking innovations”.

“Today is the beginning of a new iPhone era,” he said.

Read about local support for 5G here.

This is what the new iPhone looks like.  Photo / Provided
This is what the new iPhone looks like. Photo / Provided

Rival phone makers like Samsung and Huawei have had 5G technology on their phones for over a year – the Samsung S10 5G is the first available in Australia.

However, Apple has never released a device featuring the next generation of cellular technology, which is significantly faster than 4G and also provides lower latency.

Read about New Zealand carrier support for 5G here.


The latest version of iPhone offers various updates.  Photos / Files
The latest version of iPhone offers various updates. Photos / Files

The iPhone 12 camera will include a faster aperture, which means a big increase in low-light performance and features like Night Mode, allowing it to capture more light in an image. Night Mode will also add a time lapse option.

The phone will use something called computational photography to bring out more details in the image, such as faces that appear darker when a light source such as the sun is in the background.


Apple considers its new phone to be the most powerful smartphone ever thanks to its new ‘Ceramic Shield’ technology.

It had four times better drop performance in, apparently, “the biggest leap in reliability we’ve ever had on an iPhone.”


The first product Apple launched at the event was the HomePod Mini – which they called the “main speaker for smartphone users”.

“The HomePod mini has everything a customer wants in a smart speaker – amazing sound for listening to music, a world-class intelligent assistant that provides a personal experience to every household member, and like every Apple product, it’s designed with privacy and security in mind,” said Bob Borchers.

The original HomePod was announced in 2017 and went on sale in early 2018, positioned as a high-end speaker centered on Apple Music and the company’s Siri voice assistant. Since then, Apple has added additional features to the HomePod.

The new pods will be available in white and gray, with the following features:

• Siri shortcuts built on the iPhone and iPad can be accessed on the HomePod mini, so users can ask Siri on the HomePod mini to start a pot of coffee, control the robotic vacuum cleaner, add milk to a grocery list, and more.
• Ambient sounds, including rain, fireplaces, rivers and more, offer background noise perfect for focusing, relaxing, or falling asleep. Siri can set a sleep timer so the sound stops playing automatically.
• Find My helps locate the wrong iPhone, iPad, iPod touch®, Mac or Apple Watch by playing a sound to pinpoint its location.
• Web search results from the HomePod mini can be sent directly to the user’s iPhone for easy viewing.
• Music alarms let users wake up to listen to their favorite song, playlist, or radio station from Apple Music.


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New Zealand team tests boat through its paces as its service life draws near | 1 NEWS | Instant News

In just under six months, the New Zealand Team will descend into Auckland waters to defend the Copa America. However preparation and training are well underway, with a squad already looking to graduate to their final AC75 monohull.

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Scotty Stevenson of 1 NEWS gets on a rifle to find out what it’s like to fly over water with the Auld Mug holder. Source: 1 NEWS

Te Aihe of Team New Zealand is nearing the end of his stint as test vessel, while finishing touches are being made to the second boat.

The new ship will make an appearance for the squad as they seek to defend the Copa America in March.

Even though his tenure is drawing to a close, the team takes advantage of every second with Te Aihe as each outing provides valuable insight into how to perfect the design and performance of his race-ready successor.

1 NEWS ‘Scotty Stevenson went with America’s Cup defenders as they trained on their light wind rig in Auckland’s Hauraki Bay on a beautiful day of sailing.

Watch the video to see how it goes.


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