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Shoshone National Forest Receives Over 6,000 Travel Plan Comments | Untamed Montana | Instant News

Shoshone National Forest is reviewing more than 6,000 comments received during a 60-day public comment period for its Travel Management Plan. “Our interdisciplinary team is currently reviewing all comments submitted by individuals and organizations,” said forest. “We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work through this in-depth process to ensure that we can respond to all comments in full. timely.” The interdisciplinary project team examines each comment and the issues raised in it. Once the review is complete, the interdisciplinary team, in coordination with Timchak, will assess the appropriate means to move forward. Shoshone National Forest will provide periodic updates to the public as the review continues, including opportunities for future engagement, next steps in the planning process and related information. .

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A blast from the past: Campers revel in East German nostalgia | World | Instant News

LEIPZIG, Germany (AP) – It’s been three decades since Germany’s reunification, but camping enthusiasts from the former East Germany allow themselves twice a year to relive the past and forget how much has changed.

For most of the 150 families who meet on a lake on the outskirts of the Bavarian city of Leipzig, the biennial gathering is not about capitalism or communism, East or West, but about enjoying a bit of nostalgia among friends with shared experiences.

The fall official reunions were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but some 75 hardline camping families are making their own private pilgrimages to keep a tradition that started in 2003 alive.

Arriving at Lake Auensee is like stepping into a time machine. Long out of production Trabant and Wartburg, East Germany, parked next to the antique QEK and Brilliant camper trailers. The owner wanders around and chats about the past in the former German Democratic Republic.

“For me, this is an expression of joy, an expression of solidarity, an expression of tradition, as well as an expression of gratitude, because what we have here and what we like to travel and spend time with comes from the region,” the retired officer. business consultant Karel Gerolt, 69, told The Associated Press.

Born in the city of Ostrava in what was then Czechoslovakia, Gerolt moved to the city of Dresden in East Germany in 1975. He and his wife, Beate, both big fans of camping, started out with tents but were upgraded to Brilliant trailers once their children were born.


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The Brazilian Flat Track League is hosting online races for 2020 | | Instant News

SOROCABA, SP, Brazil, 23 Sept, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – It’s no secret that Covid-19 has been canceled pretty much in 2020, affecting several major events in the US and abroad, but has also brought people together and found a way to connect and exchange ideas, says the Brazilian Flat Line League.

In Brazil, the two biggest custom motorcycle events – BMS (Brazil Motorcycle Show) and Lucky Friends Rodeo – had to be canceled, and with that, races for the new Brazilian Flat Track League were created. Or so we thought.

In an effort not to let the sport lose its momentum, the Brazilian Flat Track League, organizers from BMS, and Lucky Friends Rodeo come together to keep the competition going and energize teams and riders with online events that promise excitement. the race to the audience screen: “On Track.”

On November 1, 2020, at 1 pm (ET / EST), flat track fans around the world will be able to watch online and watch “On Track”, the first Brazilian flat track racing event to be offered online. Viewers will experience how the sport has taken root among racers and motorcycle enthusiasts in Brazil.

To broadcast the event, the Brazilian FT League will use the platform http://netshow.me/.

Anyone can register to watch the races for free, but the numbers are limited, so organizers recommend that the public register as soon as possible using the link https://videos.netshow.me/t/rNl0-BRe9ls/form (there is an English option for singing at the bottom of the page).

“Everything is changing. People are finding new ways to work, to support their favorite restaurants and bars, to get together in general. So why not bring the adrenaline of flat-track racing straight to the safety of their homes?” Said Cezinha Mocelin, founder of BMS Motorcycle “With online events, we not only ensure the sport continues to develop in Brazil, but we also ensure the safety of the fans, riders and all team members.”

The “On Track” organizers follow all WHO (World Health Organization) recommendations for race participants: health check booths and Covid-19 tests for racers, team members and production crews, and lots of masks. The race will take place in Sorocaba, SP – Brazil.

Flat Line in Brazil

Flat track racing is relatively new in Brazil. This category became popular in 2016, at the Lucky Friends Rodeo event, and later with BMS Motorcycle. With more of a root appeal and underground vibe, it is quickly gathering momentum among the motorcycle community and fans of indigenous culture.

In 2019, it became the official racing class in the country with the creation of the Brazilian Flat Track League and the first season of official competition. The league not only pushes popularity further, with more media coverage, sponsorship, sanctioned events, but also gives flat track racing legitimacy in Brazil.

At the start of 2020, the flat track season in Brazil is at its greatest, starting in March when a group of nine riders and 12 people from Brazil came to the US for the weekend at FlatOutFriday and Mama Tried, in Milwaukee – Wisconsin.

“While events didn’t turn out as expected, the time our group has in Milwaukee is very important for the Brazilian flat track. That allows us to better connect with other teams and with industry players. We did the best we could in that situation, and in the end, we returned to Brazil with a lot of achievements, “said Chrys Miranda, a Brazilian and one of the founding members of the Brazilian Flat Track League.

One of the most important announcements after “OnTrack” was confirmed, was the addition of a new class of Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 Flat Track to the race; in addition to the traditional HD Sportster class and the vintage HD hardtail.

BMS Motorcycle and Lucky Friends Rodeo

The collaboration between BMS and Lucky Friends Rodeo is nothing new. Combining lifestyle, indigenous culture, attractions like South America’s only Wall of Death, music, art, bicycle building exhibitions and, of course, racing, the two events bring together more than 20,000 fans.

“There is nothing better than combining our strengths to bring new experiences to our public and Flat Track fans. We are preparing an extraordinary event, so that the audience can feel the adrenaline rush of racing right from their homes, ”said Flavio Sieber, founder of Lucky Friends Rodeo.

“On track”

Brought to you by: Harley-Davidson do Brasil and Royal Enfield Brasil

Sponsored by: MXF, Heineken, Jack Daniels, Urban, and Gedore

Supported by: Mitas, Motobatt, Wings Custom, and Accor Hotels.

WHEN: November 1, 2020 – 1:00 p.m. (EST)

WHERE: The race will be broadcast online. The competition will take place in Sorocaba, SP, Brazil.

HOW TO: Register a FREE transmission list at: http://encurtador.com.br/gtCZ0

MEDIA CONTACT: Brasil FlatTrack League: Spokesperson – Guilherme Foster [email protected] +55 (11) 94 224 0585

MULTIMEDIA: * VIDEO (YouTube): https://youtu.be/jMwtvSjiFT8

* PHOTO link for media: https://www.Send2Press.com/300dpi/20-0923s2p-bftl-race-photo-300dpi.jpg * Description: Credit to Jessica Mundt, taken in 2019.

NEWS SOURCE: Brazilian Flat Line League

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Hawaii battles contentedly after another storm nears National | Instant News

HONOLULU (AP) – Hurricane Douglas joined a long list of storms that came near the Hawaiian Islands but did not cause major damage.

The Mayor of Kauai, Derek Kawakami, said that such experiences unfortunately help people to be complacent and think disasters will never strike them.

“What we are really worried about is Nature – there is no way you can control it. And once he decided not to send a message but it really had an impact on our island, it will happen when certain people take it lightly,” Kawakami said.

Douglas passes about 45 miles (72 kilometers) north of Maui and may even be closer to Oahu as a Category 1 storm on Sunday.

Although there were previous warnings that Douglas could pass directly through the islands, surfers hit the waves and selfie-takers flocked to the coastline on Oahu.

Chaney Borja went hiking with his adult son in hopes of seeing the waterfall. He chose a ridge where there was flat ground and where he felt he would not be hurt. He also tracks the rain on the radar.

He said people on Oahu keep food, water and supplies but also like to use the opportunity provided by the storm to see big waves in places where there are usually no waves.

“One day we will not take it seriously and will only hit and we will not be ready for it,” Borja said. “And yes, we buy everything, but we still go in the direction of the storm.”

Kawakami said that Kauai’s history of being hit by a huge storm and flooding had left a strong impression on the islanders who took the weather threat seriously.

“Even people who are relatively migrants, in a sense will hear local knowledge, will see people getting ready. And they will only follow, “Kawakami said.

In 1992, Hurricane Iniki damaged or destroyed 41 percent of the island’s homes. Just two years ago, torrential rain triggered a landslide that cut off entire communities on the northern coast of Kauai for months.

Talmadge Magno, civil defense administrator for the County of Hawaii, said he thought most people heeded warnings and would not test nature.

He said Hurricane Douglas offered residents a way to learn how they could do a better job getting ready for such a storm.

“I think this is a good test for the community as well to see where they are in preparedness,” he said.

Meteorologists say that Douglas would be far worse in Hawaii if he was tracked only 20 or 30 miles (32 to 48 kilometers) to the south.

“Not only does it not make landings, it surrounds the islands,” said the National Weather Service meteorologist Chevy Chevalier.

Rarely there are storms that hit islands that are relatively small compared to the extent of the Pacific Ocean.

“You won’t see them being beaten that often,” Chevalier said.

Oahu does not receive much rainfall, but heavy rains and winds hit Maui, uprooting a small tree on the Hana Highway.

Duke Stevens, who lives in Hana at the eastern end of Maui, said there was no more wind on Sunday afternoon and the light rain that kept falling all night subsided.

“I have seen far worse,” said Stevens, who has lived in Maui since 1987.

Antonia Hall, from the city of Kihei in western Maui, said she brought her patio furniture inside, bought food that didn’t last long and filled up her bath tub for emergency water supplies, but storms avoided the area.

“Maui has circled so many storms,” ​​he said. “It’s kind of something we’ve been through here.”

Associated Press journalist Mark Thiessen in Anchorage, Alaska, Brian PD Hannon in Phoenix, and Julie Walker in New York contributed to this report.

Copyright 2020 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without permission.


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Colombians who were stranded begged COVID-19 to be flown out of Brazil Ap-health | Instant News

SAO PAULO (AP) – Surrounded by boxes, a stack of packages of rice and mattresses, José Ávila Saavedra sat on the floor with a thousand-page gaze on Wednesday. For two weeks he had lived inside the Sao Paulo international airport, his life was an endless stopover.

Saavedra and more than 200 other Colombians camped at the airport in hopes that their fate would force the Colombian government in Brazil to rent a humanitarian flight home. Anything to get it back to Colombia, and far from Latin American coronavirus hot spots.

“We don’t have money or anything to do in Brazil. We want to ask the Colombian president to help us. We only eat thanks to donations,” Saavedra said.

Saavedra has sold clothes in Sao Paulo, earning enough to support his wife, niece and 2-year-old daughter. Then, the official of the state of Sao Paulo ordered the termination of unnecessary trade as part of the closure to control the spread of the virus, and he lost his ability to obtain and sell merchandise.

Most displaced Colombians fell asleep near Wednesday’s airport check-in area, some on mattresses and others on flattened cloth sheets or cardboard boxes. Some lay on the floor naked.

Those who wake up say they don’t have more than $ 400 for flights to Colombia, after losing their jobs due to a pandemic. Retail and restaurant jobs disappeared, they said.

Between March and April, the Brazilian economy reduced more than one million jobs from the formal sector, according to government data published Wednesday. Loss of informal employment in two months has not been reported by the national statistical agency, but it is also expected to bring the same havoc.

“What money we have, we use to pay rent,” Saavedra said. “Now we are on the road and we want to go home to be with our family.”

The Colombian Embassy in the capital, Brasilia, said in a statement that it had helped 346 Colombians return home on three commercial flights since the start of the pandemic, but each passenger paid in his own way. It said Colombian migration rules forbid the government to pay for anyone’s flights.

“Given the risk of being in an uncontrolled environment such as an airport, transfers to city dorms have been offered. However, our fellow citizens have declined, “said the statement.

The airport said in a statement that it was “monitoring the situation.”

Sao Paulo is the center of a new coronavirus in Brazil, which is by far the hardest hit country in Latin America. The State of Sao Paulo alone has reported 89,000 cases and 6,700 deaths. In contrast, all Colombian countries have reported around a quarter the number of cases and only 776 deaths.

Colombia at the airport is in three separate areas, where they are grouped together in clear violations of social distance recommendations. Federal prosecutors in Sao Paulo said in a statement that their condition constituted “a serious case of humanitarian vulnerability.”

Astrid Serna looked at her cellphone screen while watching her 3-year-old daughter from the corner of her eye. Toddler wrapped in a blanket and lying on the mattress.

Serna said that he arrived in Brazil two years ago and also made a living by selling clothing informally until the pandemic left him unemployed.

“The only thing we are asking for is help from our government. We are Colombians, “Serna said. “They need to understand that if we have money, we will not be here.” ———

Associated Press writer Marcelo de Sousa reports this story from Rio de Janeiro and AP video journalist Tatiana Pollastri reports in Sao Paulo.

Copyright 2020 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without permission.


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