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Pakistan Has Performed Shirk By Funding Temple Construction in Islamabad, Said Zakir Naik | Instant News

Pakistan is committed neglect (Sin) by funding the construction of Sri Krishna Mandir (temple) in its capital Islamabad, said the controversial priest and founder of the Zakir Naik Islamic Research Foundation.

Responding to the question whether a temple can be built with Muslim taxpayers’ money in an Islamic country, the preacher, who fled India to Malaysia in 2016, said in his video channel that “a Muslim cannot contribute, support or build a house of worship from non-Muslims “.

A controversy arose in Pakistan regarding Prime Minister Imran Khan who allocated 10 crore rupees of Pakistan (around Rs 4.47 Indian crore) for the construction of Shri Krishna Mandir to serve around 3,000 Hindus living in the capital city of Islamabad.

The temple was granted a construction permit in Pakistan from the Nawaz Sharif government in 2017. This is the first Hindu temple to get such a permit. However, the construction has been hit by various obstacles including administrative delays.

Permission to build temples on half a hectare of land has been granted as part of Pakistan’s policy to renovate existing non-Muslim religious spaces and build new ones.

However, the construction experienced several problems cleric (Muslim scholars) object to that. Recently, a young man damaged the temple’s foundation walls with a viral video.

Also, a child, less than five years old, was seen threatening Imran Khan that he would “kill all Hindus” if the temple was allowed to be built. Pakistani social media has also witnessed several attempts to undermine Khan’s image for allowing the construction of temples.

Naik, in his weekly video program, responded to questions from his followers and others, said that priest and cleric They agreed in their view that a Muslim cannot donate his money to build a non-Muslim synagogue.

“There are several fatwa (ruling) that a Muslim cannot donate or build or support a non-Muslim house of worship. “For centuries, scholars have maintained this,” he said.

That The Quran while encouraging Muslims to work together with non-Muslims “to help truth and piety” not support cooperation “in sin and transgression”.

Therefore, a Muslim associated with the construction of a non-Muslim house of worship neglect. “How can a Muslim support …?” asked Naik, who faces charges of provoking communal disharmony and engaging in unlawful activities that triggered terror in India.

Responding to direct questions about Pakistani funding, the preacher said that haram (prohibited) according to Sharia (Islamic law) for an Islamic state to pay or contribute to the house of worship of a non-Muslim, be it a church temple.

The word Naik fatwa it has also stated that a Muslim living in an Islamic country cannot inherit his inheritance, for example one third of his property, to a temple or for non-Islamic purposes.

“Even if a non-Muslim living in an Islamic country bequeaths his wealth to be used as a place of worship, that should not be permitted.

Fuqaha (experts in Islamic law) have agreed that even non-Muslim money cannot be used to build a temple on Muslim lands. So where is the question about using Muslim money or taxpayers’ money (to build a temple)? “he wondered.

Further discussing this issue, Naik said that a non-Muslim signed a contract to become a Dhimmi (non-Muslims who seek legal protection) under Islamic rules and this provides protection for non-Muslims.

However, no money can be spent even on renovation or expansion of non-Muslim places of worship.

“If a non-Muslim house of worship is expanded by Muslim rule, there is full right to destroy it. There is no permit (according to Islamic law) to build a new temple or church. Islamic countries can only protect existing ones, “Naik said.

Stating that Pakistan is an Islamic state, preachers say that “if cleric and others object to funding for temple construction, I fully agree with them “.

“How can Pakistan spend government money on temple construction. The maximum that can be done is to protect the existing ones, “he said.

Some Islamic countries allocate land and fund construction of non-Muslim houses of worship, which is wrong. This is very contrary to preaching in Indonesia The Quran and must be stopped, he added.

Naik now lives in Putrajaya, the capital region of Malaysia. Its presence there has affected bilateral relations between India and Malaysia.

He is also believed to have influenced the main suspect in the Easter bombing in Sri Lanka last year which killed 290 people.

India has tried to repatriate it, but Malaysia opposes it because the government in power there feels it will face a backlash from Muslims, who comprise more than 60 percent of the population.


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Should the Islamic State fund Mandir? As Pak Debate, Hindus Pray for the Temple in Islamabad | Instant News

Karachi: Just about one week after Hindus held a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a temple in Islamabad on June 25, the site was spotted by a mob, apparently from a fanatical faction of the majority community.

On July 3, a mob stole about one ton of iron that had been placed on site for the construction of the Shri Krishna Temple. That To do azaan (Islamic call to prayer) on the site and uploading the site’s desecration videos on social media. Although the police are mobilized to stop the destruction, they cannot do it.

Since this incident, voices opposing the construction of the temple have become loud. On July 6, the Pakistani government wrote to the Islamic Ideology Council (CII) to ask whether it was in accordance with Islamic teachings so that the government would financially support the construction of a new Hindu temple in Pakistan.

On the 7th of July Islamabad High Court refused three opposing petitions up and down in question, each of them argues that there are no provisions for the construction of a temple in the city master plan.

And on July 2, the Chairperson of the Punjab Assembly Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi has opposed the building of a new Hindu temple in Pakistan. “Pakistan was created in the name of Islam. The construction of a new Hindu temple in its capital not only opposes the spirit of Islam but also insults against it Riayasat-e-Madina (Islamic welfare state), “he said. Elahi is a member of the Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid), an ally of the Imran Khan government in Pakistan.

There is no place to worship

The temple in question has a history of frustration and confusion even before the groundbreaking ceremony on June 25. The 3,000 documented Hindus in Islamabad have long wanted a functional place of worship, said Lal Chand Malhi, member of the National Assembly from Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaaf Party (PTI).

There are two pre-partition era mandirs in the capital city of Pakistan, Malhi said, but one of them is now a heritage site and is no longer a place of worship, while the other is considered a security risk and has been closed for years.

Supporters of Imran Khan, chairman of Pakistan’s political party Tehreek-e-Insaf, celebrated near his residence in Bani Gala during the general election, in Islamabad, Pakistan on July 25, 2018. Photo: Reuters / Athit Perawongmetha

According to the Evacuee Trust Property Board from the Pakistani government, there are around 1,300 temples in the country, 30 of which are functional.

“No one can imagine that Hindus do not have a temple or a small plot of land for cremation in the Pakistani capital,” Malhi said. Wire. “Where can they cremate their dead bodies? Where can they do their rituals? “

In 2014, according to Malhi, Ashok Kumar, who was then a member of Islamabad Hindu Panchayat (IHP), took the initiative and requested land for a temple in the capital city of Pakistan, stating that Hindus in Islamabad had to go all the way to Sindh to go . cremating their dead bodies and performing funeral rites.

In 2017, after three years of arguing and being discouraged, the IHP finally got permission for a temple. According to Malhi, the site for the temple was originally intended for the Buddhist community. Then it takes three years for Hindus to fulfill all legal requirements to have. Finally, in 2020, Hindus claim the land.

At that time, the ruling party in Pakistan was reported to have allocated 10 PKR crores for this temple. However, later, the government stated that no budget allocations were made for it.

“I don’t understand why people oppose God’s house. The homes of all Gods must be respected equally, “said Ravi Dawani, Pakistani Hindu secretary general Panchayat, after the desecration of the temple site on July 3.

“Hindus are now afraid and wonder why some people have problems with us doing religious activities in four walls,” said someone who prefers to remain anonymous. “Moreover, the government does not allocate any amount to mandir. Hindus pay for construction. ”

After Elahi’s statement, the religious leaders began to oppose the construction of temples. Fearing religious tensions, Hindus say they will obey every decision made by the state.

Malhi tells Wire that he had asked Prime Minister Imran Khan about providing financial support for the temple. He added that plans for the temple had been submitted to the prime minister for his approval. Now the Islamic Ideology Council has been tasked with examining the problem of the mandir.

Which came first: religion or country?

Meanwhile, the debate about building a new temple in Islamabad continues. In a statement on the video, religious scholar Javed Ahmed Ghamidi said that the Pakistani government must assist in the construction of the temple. He argues that because the state supports the construction of mosques, the state must also support places of worship of other religions because all Pakistanis pay taxes and carry out their duties by the state.

Others, including Malhi, argued that because the state donated funds to the Kartarpur Corridor which allowed Sikhs from India to worship at Gurudwaras in Pakistan, there should be no problem with the state funding the construction of a temple.

Gurudwara Darbar Sahib in Kartarpur, with the sunset behind him. Photo: Shome Basu

Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar of the Pakistan People’s Party, who chairs the Senate Committee for Human Rights, said Wire: “Hindus are citizens of Pakistan and have the right to build a temple. I wonder why they need permission. ”

Khokhar said the government letter to the Islamic Ideology Council was illegal and unconstitutional. The ruling party did not consult with lawmakers before asking CII for advice, he said, referring Article 229 of the constitution which states: “The president or governor of a province can, or if two-fifths of his total membership requires, a house or provincial assembly will, refer to the Islamic Council for advice on any question whether a proposed law is disgusting or disgusting against Islamic Orders. “

Malhi, on the other hand, said the government did have the right to a CII consulate and that his team would consult with lawmakers.

“The Human Rights Committee will definitely discuss this issue and we will support the construction of a temple in the capital,” Khokhar said.

“If the government does not provide funding for the temple, Hindus will contribute to the cost of its construction,” Malhi said.


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Hindus in Sindh Pak protest the forced conversion; lawmaker demands an investigation, South Asia News | Instant News

A video widely shared on social media shows members of Pakistan’s Hindu Bheel community protesting their alleged forcible transfer to Islam by Muslim groups in the Sindh interior province, prompting a Hindu MP to request an inquiry into the incident.

The chairman of Pakistan’s Hindu Council and member of the Tehreek-e-Insaf party, Dr Ramesh Vankwani, said the video showed Hindu women and children holding placards and banners and protesting the Tablighi Jamaat group.

Vankwani said the government minority council must immediately order an investigation into the incident because the Hindu community had long protested the forced conversion in the interior of Sindh.

Hindus in Sindh province accuse the Jamaat Tabligh of torturing them and destroying their property in villages around the Nasurpur area in Matiar in the province.

The video shows some protesters shouting that they would rather die than leave their religion.

In another video, a Hindu woman is seen protesting that her son has been kidnapped by members of the Jamaat. He begged them to release his son.

The victims alleged that when their homes were destroyed they were told that if they wanted to live there they would have to convert to Islam.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has mentioned in its recent report on motivated efforts to forcibly convert members of the Hindu and Christian communities.

Hindus form the largest minority community in Pakistan.

According to official estimates, 75 Hindu lakhs live in Pakistan. However, according to the community, more than 90 lakhs of Hindus live in this country.

The majority of Pakistan’s Hindu population lives in the Sindh province where they share culture, traditions and languages ​​with their Muslim counterparts.


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