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Australian Coronavirus live news: Chief Health Officer Nicola Spurrier ‘disappointed’ by drop in COVID-19 tests across South Australia | Instant News

SA Health has identified a new COVID hotspot after two new cases of COVID-19 were detected in South Australia yesterday.

Anyone who has ever attended Institute of Intensive English at Flinders University’s Sturt Campus since November 13th had to self-isolate and undergo tests.

One of the positive cases yesterday, a man in his 30s, is believed to have contracted COVID-19 while at the institute.

The head of public health, Nicola Spurrier, said she had been placed in quarantine after she was identified as a regular contact of a positive case.

“One word of caution is that this person is considered a casual contact rather than a close contact,” he said.

“It’s very contagious so it’s not that you have to hang out with people for a long time, we see people who are infected through fairly short contact.”


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Germany surpassed 1 million coronavirus cases | Instant News

Germany officially surpassed 1 million confirmed coronavirus cases on Friday, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

By numbers: Country reported 20,819 confirmed cases and 371 deaths as of Friday, per JHU.

Large Image: The achievement came a month after German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the state would do it lockdown under one of the most stringent measures in Europe.

  • Earlier this week, Merkel and other German officials decided to extend the lockdown through December and add more restrictions in a bid to bring the number below 50 per 100,000 population each week. AP.
  • Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said on Saturday that the lockdown could even be extended to the spring of 2021 “if the infection is not controlled,” Reuters write.


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My Neighbors Penrose’s Wardrobe food bank needs financial help keeping it open | Instant News

PENROSE, Colo. – The only food bank in Penrose is at risk of closing because the building it operates in is for sale, with a January 1 deadline for the organization to buy facilities or move elsewhere.

My Neighbors Wardrobe first opened in May 2018 after its founder and CEO, Amanda Suddoth, moved to town. He has been running a food aid program since 2013 in the Black Forest to help people struggling after what was, at the time, one of Colorado’s most destructive wildfires.

“When we first came here, it was very clear, after working with several other organizations, that there wasn’t such support here for such a huge population,” Suddoth said.

The nearest food bank or food pantry to Penrose is a short drive from the highway – too far, says Suddoth, for seniors, veterans and the many working families he can feed from his building.

If someone comes into the wardrobe, he only asks those who are senior, veteran, or hired. Because he doesn’t take people’s income and personal information, he can’t get money from the state and federal governments. He only believed that people came to him in times of need.

“We remove that burden. We’re not asking about your finances because, to be honest, it’s none of my business. All I need to know is if you are hungry, “he said.

Amanda Suddoth describes how she hoped to provide a different kind of food aid:

Neighbors Wardrobe I have been recognized by Caring and Sharing a food bank as a “Community Champion” because it “is an important ally in the fight against hunger in Southern Colorado.”

Suddoth’s intention to keep information confidential and create a low barrier for people to receive food takes away the stigma, and often insults, of seeing people coming together when they are in a position of needing help.

There were a lot more of those people who showed up in his building after the pandemic started.

“We have met many new neighbors. Many new neighbors and I tell you, we still know each of them. “Said Suddoth.

So far this year, the organization has distributed 1.2 million pounds of food to more than 33,000 people – a four-fold increase from 2019.

How to donate to My Neighbors Wardrobe:

As well as in buildings (which store thousands of pounds of food), Suddoth hosts massive drive-up food pick-ups in other small and remote towns where food aid is rare. Westcliffe and Cotapaxi are two of these cities.

His most recent drive-up event on November 21 had 200 cars in line before they started handing out food. They donated food from 7am until after 5pm that day.

The financial stress that affects the people Suddoth helps ultimately affects the people who help him.

Informally, he and his volunteers started providing food to needy people in 2015 at Penrose and moved into the building at 409 Broadway in 2018. The owner donated six months of rent to Suddoth. It has been extended for a while, until Suddoth receives the email this fall.

“At the same time the pandemic hits us all, they afflict them too, and they have to give their finances back so they can take care of their medical bills and their survival too,” he said. “They never asked us for anything, but they were always kind enough to give us this space.”

He hopes to raise $ 120,000 to buy the building outright to continue providing the food they need. The due date is January 1, and he says because his organization doesn’t take federal or state funding, mortgages aren’t eligible for Wardrobe to operate.

Suddoth always asks for food donations, never asks for money.

“We need help, friends. I don’t like reaching out and asking questions but, I’m asking on behalf of 33,000 people who won’t have these resources in January, ”he said.


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NH Food Bank will host 19 drive-thru soup kitchens in December | Instant News

CONCORD, NH (AP) – The New Hampshire Food Bank hosted 19 drive-thru soup kitchens during the month of December across the state to meet increasing demand during the coronavirus pandemic.

The food bank has hosted dozens of mobile food kitchens since March.

Food will be taken to:

  • Lakes Region Community College in Laconia on December 1, 8, and 15 from noon to 2 pm
  • Runs in Claremont on December 1, 8, 15 and 29 from 10 a.m. to noon
  • New Hampshire Liquor and Wine outlet parking lot in Colebrook on December 3, 10, 17 and 31 from noon to 2pm
  • Chapman in Gorham on December 3, 10, 17 and 31 from 10 a.m. to noon.
  • Comcast’s parking lot in Manchester on December 4, 11 and 18 from 11am to 1pm
  • New Hampshire Electric Co-Op in Plymouth on December 4 from 11am to 1pm

The New Hampshire Food Bank estimates an additional 71,000 people are now food insecure in the state, meaning one in seven residents do not know where their next meal will come from.

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Indians holding New Zealand work visas are stuck in uncertainty with large loans as borders are still closed | Instant News

Since Dhillon lives with his family in New Zealand, they rented a house. She continues to pay Rs 25,000 per week as rent until June. After that he was unable to do it. “Everything in my house has been transferred to two friends’ houses. All my documents are still there. There are some of us from Punjab who are in a similar situation and have staged protests in Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Delhi. I met Punjab MP Bhagwant Singh Mann with my request. He said it would be forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “added Dhillon.

New Zealand has opened its borders to essential workers or for medical reasons. The government has stated that anyone who comes to New Zealand must come with a critical objective and they must seek approval from the New Zealand government in advance. Travel should be made for reasons they think are important and on their list of critical goals. In the case of most Indians stranded in India, their employers withhold their jobs for six months, while in certain cases they will remain with jobs if and when they return.

National Herald wrote letters to the New Zealand High Commission in Delhi and Chennai, but received no response on the matter. This article will be updated if and when they respond.

Palanivel, who is a dentist and works as a health care assistant in New Zealand, has applied for exemption three times, but his visa has not been approved. “I am scheduled to return in March with my family. I was alone there since 2018 and in January 2020 I got a family visa. My employer supported me when I applied for my release. It took 70 days for the case clerk to be allocated and then rejected. We have to pay a fee for each application, ”explained Palanivel. The registration fee is up to Rs 8,500 per person and can be as high as Rs 20,000 as happened to her husband.

Her case officer said she couldn’t travel with her family, but because her youngest child was only 4 years old, she told them she couldn’t travel without them. Her husband himself will not be able to care for his three children, especially since his mother has also died. Besides, there was no help from their family because they got married without their parents’ consent. In addition, he cannot work in India as a dentist because all the documents are in New Zealand.

Some of those trapped in Kerala have approached Union Minister for Foreign Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs V Muraleedharan in hopes of finding a solution. He was scheduled to meet them on Thursday, November 26, but was postponed. “His office has given us a promise, but because the regional head election has been postponed. We hope to see him this week. Later we will hand it over, ”said Razal.


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