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Coronavirus can cause additional 35,000 UK deaths from cancer, experts warn | Instant News

Pandemic coronavirus could have caused 35,000 additional deaths from cancer over the next year due to delays in diagnosis and treatment, experts warn.

According to a study conducted by Data-may, medical research centres (HDRS UK) cancer, up to two million routine breast, bowel and cervical cancer screenings could be skipped for Covid-19 crisis.

The researchers examined data from eight hospital trusts in the simulation results depending on how long the delays continue.

Sharing the results of work with “Panorama” bi-Bi-si, the researchers warn that in the worst case, you may see more than 35,000 people die from cancer by this time next year.

The data-maybe it’s the supervision of Professor Mark Lawler told the programme: “Anecdotally, people are saying we had problems, but I think the crucial moment was able to have the current data from hospital trusts.”

Up to 2 million cancer examination was missed due to pandemic
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National clinical Director NHS England for Cancer Peter Johnson said that the organization seeks to restore services, cancer back to normal levels as quickly as possible.

He told Bi-bi-si “Panorama” programme: “we are working as fast as we can deliver services together again to restore the capacity and indeed to build more so that we can communicate with people who have not been diagnosed in a time when service was below 100%.

“I hope that we will be back to where we should be by the end of the year.”

It comes as the state of Boris Johnson were urged to prepare for second wave from coronavirus after he was accused of negligence and not taking the initial outbreak seriously enough.

The government has been warned to prepare for a second wave
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British leading medical experts wrote an open letter calling for an urgent review of whether the country adequately prepare for the “real risk” another fight with Covid-19.

Earlier modeling has suggested a new peak can hit after Christmas and kill as many as 60 people a day.

In a letter published in the British medical journal warns Ministers that urgent action is needed to prevent further loss of life and protect the economy against growing fears of a resumption for the winter.

The call was supported by the presidents of the Royal College of physicians, surgeons, doctors and nurses – as well as the Chairman of the British medical Association.

In an open letter to the leaders of all British political parties, published in the British medical journal, health care leaders called for “rapid and predictive evaluation” of the status of national preparedness in case of new outbreaks.

They called for the creation of the inter-party Commission “constructive, nonpartisan, four United Nations approach”, which will be created to develop practical recommendations for action based on what was still recognized.

The letter came as former chief scientific adviser sir David king, who now heads the unofficial, independent sage group, told Sky News the lock easing “ extremely risky”.

He said that unlocking too fast means “the risk of running into a second wave will be very significant.”

He added: “We should strive to completely eliminate the virus to this country to winter.”

Bi-bi-si “Panorama” ‘UK Cancer crisis’ will be out on Monday, July 6, at 7.30 PM at the bi-Bi-si one.


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Switzerland reports more than 1,000 new cases of coronavirus – Panorama | Instant News

Variations in new cases of the corona virus in Switzerland have increased by 1,036, while 52 died during the previous 24 hours, the national welfare authority reported on Friday, in response to the company’s information TASS.

“At present, 19,303 people have tested positive [for coronavirus] and 484 people died, “the company said.

On April 2, the county reported 18,267 cases of corona virus and 432 deaths. Switzerland reports its first corona virus case on February 25.

More than 145,000 Swiss people undergo their coronavirus tests, infections occur in 15% of the tests.

The supply reminded that Swiss authorities on March 20 tightened guidelines for combating open corona virus, however, stopping wanting to force total lockdown. Public gatherings of more than 5 people outside the house are prohibited, while people must observe the social distance of two meters. Perpetrators were fined by the police. A state of emergency was declared until April 19, while restaurants, bars, museums and theaters were closed. Educational services are closed until 4 April.

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