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Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation Releases New Travel Guides | National and regional news | Instant News

With 12 ecoregions within its borders, Oklahoma “has the most diverse mile-by-mile terrain in the country, and this diversity can be seen on the cover of the travel guide,” the agency said. It features an image of a rock formation found in the Black Mesa area near Kenton, as well as smaller photos of other landscapes in the state. The Guide to Oklahoma State and Outdoor Parks 2021 offers more than 200 pages of information and photographs about Oklahoma State Parks and other popular outdoor destinations in the state, as well as directories for outdoor activities, cabins and lodges. lodges, and camper and RV locations in the state. The guide cover features an illustration of the great blue heron. The newly expanded Oklahoma Motorcycle Guide includes 14 rides across the state, including the Talimena National Scenic Route and Route 66 – plus additional destinations and events for cyclists. Travelers can order or download the new guides at travelok.com/brochures. Many other publications from the Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation, including the Oklahoma Route 66 Passport, the Oklahoma Route 66 Guide, and the Oklahoma Indian Country Guide, are also available. .

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Top 21 travel destinations in 2021 | New | Instant News

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) – With COVID-19 and quarantines, 2020 has tested us all. So if you can’t wait to get out in the New Year, when it’s safe, here are the 21 best places to travel in 2021. Number one on the list is: Antarctica where a December 4th solar eclipse will darken the continent and attract travelers, Canada is next in its beauty. It’s a good time to enjoy the outdoors, Disney parks are as follows. Star Wars attractions were barely open a year when the pandemic hit, or try something new in Dubai. This year is the first world exhibition to be held in the Middle East. Egypt is also captivating with the planned opening of the new great Egyptian museum. France is always a favorite with its cuisine, its art exhibitions of world class and more. the country’s hip art and fashion scene makes it appealing. Greece celebrates 200 years of independence. And Grenada is a winner with its lush rainforests and beaches. Hawaii is always a dream with its beauty, sunrises and Breathtaking sunsets. In Italy you can and in Japan they hope to host the postponed Summer Olympics to July Who wouldn’t be in the mood for the Maldives or Mexico? New Zealand is always attractive with its breathtaking scenery. New York’s waterfront, parks and museums can be experienced without the usual crowds. In Singapore, even the airport is worth a visit. Spain is still a gem. Thailand has recently reopened its doors to most international tourists. Union United Kingdom, Brexit can make travel more affordable, and finally Uruguay with its coastline and pristine beaches. If you plan to travel, be sure to research in advance the entry restrictions, as well as current COVID-19 guidelines and safeguards, as well as the type of vacation you can expect once there. KCTV5.com is now with you on the go! Get the latest news and videos, StormTrack5 weather forecasts, weather radar, special investigation reports, sports headlines and more from KCTV5 News. >> Click / tap here to download our free mobile app. << Copyright 2021 KCTV (Meredith Corp.) All rights reserved. .

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Super Nintendo World’s booster band reveals new information in the park | Instant News

Opening Super Nintendo World In less than a month at Universal Studios Japan, information about the park has increased greatly. Technology studio Already had the opportunity to experience the Power-Up band in the park firsthand and revealed a lot of new information about the way players interact with various attractions. The band’s work is like clapping bracelets and is linked to the park’s Super Nintendo World mobile app. By using “boost bands” throughout the park, players can earn stamps, coins and keys, and the latter can release special attractions.

By synchronizing the Power-Up Band with the app, visitors can be provided with instructions on how to earn all these items. Obviously, exposing the band to various things around the park will allow players to collect stamps and coins, which will lead to high scores for players. These interactions may also trigger mini games. Mini games have multiple difficulty levels, so players of all ages can enjoy them. Defeating these mini-games allows players to obtain keys. There are three keys, two of which are needed to enter Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown attraction. Obviously, Shadow Showdown attracted visitors along with Bowser Jr. and other villains in the Super Mario series.

The park also faces the challenge of hide and seek, requiring players to use binoculars to find certain Nintendo characters. Saw Pikmin’s exhibition in Super Nintendo World last monthIt seems that its existence is directly related to the challenge of hide and seek. Why Pikmin was chosen for this role is a mystery, because these characters have never interacted with the Mario family outside of Super Smash Bros., but this may just be the influence of Shigeru Miyamoto, who created the two series.

Through the application, Ars Technica can also discover the names of the following mini games: “Koopa Troopa POWer [sic] Punch, “Piranha Plant Nap”, “Bob-Omb Kaboom Meeting Room”, “Thwomp Panel Panic” and “Goomba Crazy Crank”. Last but not least, the Note Block of the park allows players to listen to various songs in the franchise, including “ground theme”, “water world”, “Bob Om Battlefield”, “main theme”, “Athlete”, “Underground”, “Slider”, “Airship” and “Ending Theme”.

All in all, this is a very interesting glimpse of how the park will work! Power-Up Bands sounds like an exciting way for the Super Nintendo World to pay tribute to Mario’s video game origins. When Super Nintendo World opens at Universal Studios Japan on February 4th, visitors will be able to try it out for themselves.

Are you happy to find out more about Super Nintendo World? So far, what do you think of the attractions?Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at Mar Talk about everything about the game!


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Yellowstone roads close to traffic on November 2 | Outside | Instant News

Fresh snow clings to Ampitheater Mountain in Yellowstone National Park recently. Jacob W. Frank, NPS Yellowstone National Park This weekend, Oct. 31-Nov. 1, offers visitors the last chance to get to many of Yellowstone’s iconic spots before winter closures. West, South, and East entrances and all roads – with one exception – will close at 8 a.m. on Monday, November. 2. The park closes the roads each year in early November to prepare them for the winter season and for snowmobile and snowmobile travel, which will begin on Tuesday, December 15th. The only exception is the road from the north entrance to the park at Gardiner at Mammoth Hot. Springs at the northeast entrance to the park and at the communities of Cooke City and Silver Gate. This route is open year round, weather permitting. It is not possible to travel east of Cooke City from late fall through spring, as a section of Highway 212 (Beartooth Highway) between Cooke City and Pilot Creek is closed to vehicular traffic. fall and winter to have flexible travel plans and to prepare for changing weather conditions. Temporary travel restrictions or closures may occur at any time without notice. These winter visitor services will be limited to Yellowstone. Stay informed about changes in park operations by visiting the park website at www.nps.gov/yell or by downloading the Yellowstone app. .

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It’s a strange time to travel | To select | Instant News

Next week we will be in Pennsylvania to visit our daughter who is at school in Erie on Lake Erie This will be one of our most unique trips as face masks are needed for almost the entire trip . Traveling is just not what it used to be. Do you remember when people smoked cigarettes in the middle of the flight? A little light came on to tell the passengers it was time to put out their cigarettes, we were going to land. Smokers who flew on the plane at the time were very upset when new rules banned smoking on board. I have a feeling these same people would be really unhappy with the requirement to wear a mask for the entire flight We received an email reminding us that anyone over 2 years old must also wear a mask at airports except when we were We were also told that we would receive an “ all-in-one ” snack bag that included a wrapped disinfectant wipe, an 8.5 ounce water bottle and two snacks, as well as a sealed drink on flights over 2 hours and 20 minutes. “On flights shorter than that, we’ll have a sealed drink and that’s it. No more friendly flight attendant taking our drink order. Erie is quite close to Niagara Falls. We were wondering if we could see it or not, as people like to go to the Canadian side for a better view, and the border between the US and Canada is closed at least until the end of August. which is the boat that takes you near the falls, was closed in June, it is now open on the US side and available for people in good health, wearing masks and willing to stand at least 6 feet from other people on a small boat .Fort Niagara opened in July and is available for healthy masked visitors, which is the same for all the restaurants we stop at. There won’t be any buffets though, and it looks like food “that requires minimal preparation” will be the rule. Fortunately, Pennsylvania is not on the list of states that require a 14-day quarantine when we arrive home. We were also assured that the plane is cleaned within an inch of its life and that airports will be cleaner than our homes. Still, we have small containers of disinfectant to use liberally when we feel too far away from a sink and soap, and we’ll avoid other people like the plague. our face, and white where the mask was. It’s a strange time to travel. .

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