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Bad scenes outside the parliament such as PTI, PML-N trade blowing | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: As the government and its allied lawmakers gathered in the National Assembly for a vote of confidence in Prime Minister Imran Khan, PTI workers who were present outside the National Assembly clashed with PML-N workers who had arrived there for a press conference, Geo News reported.

When the PML-N leaders started speaking, they were surrounded by an angry crowd, who tried to drown them with slogans in favor of the Prime Minister and the ruling party.

Former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Musaddiq Malik, Miftah Ismail, Ahsan Iqbal and Marriyum Aurangzeb criticized the PTI government and Prime Minister Khan, calling it “fascist” and comparing it to Hitler. Speaking to party workers outside parliament, Abbasi denounced the vote as “illegal and unconstitutional”. “People are being deceived by this government,” he said.

PTI supporters carrying pro-Imran Khan banners surrounded PML-N leaders and began raising slogans aloud in an attempt to suppress their votes. The situation got worse when politicians and PTI supporters started shoving and arguing. TV footage showed an unidentified individual hitting Musaddiq Malik in the head from behind, after which he and Abbasi pursued the man in a counterattack. A Chappal Peshawari was thrown at Ahsan Iqbal as he stood on stage and shouted slogans criticizing the government. The police, meanwhile, are nowhere to be seen.

Later, PML-N leaders regrouped and blamed the government for the situation. Ahsan Iqbal said that “political fascism” would not be allowed and PML-N would sue the government in every forum.

Security arrived later to break up the clashes and set up a human wall, separating protesters from PML-N leaders.


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How will PM Khan take the vote of confidence from parliament? | Instant News



Here are the procedures and how they differ from the past

Posted: March 4, 2021 | Last Updated: 3 hours ago

After the Senate’s dismay, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to take a vote of confidence from parliament.The head of the SAMAA TV Islamabad bureau, Khalid Azim, explains the procedure in this video and how it differs from before.


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A tough contest most likely on the seat of the Islamabad Senate | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: As Pakistan is set to elect nearly half of the 104 members Senate, the upper house ParliamentOn Wednesday, all eyes are on a contest in the general seat of Islamabad between current finance minister Hafeez Sheikh and former prime minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani.
Sheikh is a candidate from Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), while Gilani is competing from the Pakistan Democratic Alliance (PDA) platform, an anti-government mix of 11 opposition parties.
While the four provinces – Balochistan, Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) – has equal representation in the Senate and members of each provincial assembly vote by secret ballot to elect senators, the 342-member National Assembly (NA) is an electoral college for four people – two in general, one technocrat and one woman – Senate chair from Islamabad. The capital city of Islamabad is administered by the federal government. Of the four, Islamabad’s two-seat elections are held every three years. The current NA consists of 341 members and 171 votes in the lower house will be required for a senator to be elected from Islamabad.
As PTI does not enjoy a simple majority in NA and relies on coalition partners to maintain a majority in the DPR, the rivalry between Sheikh and Gilani has taken center stage.
The source said the Prime Minister Imran Khan and his close aides are deeply concerned that many members of their national and provincial parliaments have publicly expressed their dissatisfaction with the party.
The PM understands that losing the Senate seat from Islamabad, where the general seat has traditionally been won by the ruling party, will give the impression that he has lost majority support, and therefore his political legitimacy will be seriously challenged.
PDA is also trying to give the impression that the election for a general seat in Islamabad is a test case for the opposition alliance to materialize its idea of ​​moving a motion of no confidence against Khan in the future.
Senators in Pakistan are elected to serve for a term of six years and elections are held every three years to replace half of the DPR members.
The 52 senators – elected in 2015 – will retire on March 11 after completing their six-year term. However, this time there was no vote for the four seats of the former tribal territory merged with the KP province in the northwest.
Hence, the 2021 election will see 48 new senators joining the upper house – 12 each from KP and Balochistan, 11 each from Punjab and Sindh, and two from Islamabad.


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Five Point Plan To Remove New Zealand From Lockdown | Instant News

National urged the Government to tackle the latest Covid-19 outbreak in Auckland by adopting a five-point plan for managing community cases, National’s Covid-19 Response spokesman Chris Bishop and Health spokesman Dr Shane Reti said.

National five-point plan for managing community outbreaks:

  1. Introduce rapid antigen testing – a nasal swab test that gives results in 15 minutes.
  2. Launch high-intensity, well-staffed testing stations throughout Papatoetoe and in every location of interest
  3. Conduct high intensity wastewater testing at the suburban and suburban levels in Papatoetoe
  4. Set aside enough vaccines for all border and port workers, then prioritize South Auckland vaccination
  5. Increase monitoring of people who are required to self-isolate, including on-site screening

Mr Bishop said New Zealand should follow Taiwan’s example where managed isolation at home is complemented by strict protocols, such as random phone calls and requests to confirm their location via video call or providing pictures.

“Our high-confidence approach to self-isolation in this country carries risks, as we have seen over the last few days.

“Most New Zealanders have done an excellent job following self-isolation advice, but it looks like we’re never going to have 100 percent compliance, and it’s frustrating when a small number of people don’t follow the rules.

“Self-isolator monitoring must be improved to ensure compliance. This means regular on-site checks, and if no contact is made within 24 hours, then the police will be involved. “

The government also needs to deploy more staff at more test sites to reduce waiting times and make it easier for people to visit testing stations, Bishop said.

“Long queues and waiting times will discourage people from being tested. We need to fix it. “

Dr Reti said the government should also introduce rapid antigen testing in New Zealand. This nasal swab test gives results in 15 minutes and is commonly performed overseas.

“Rapid antigen testing will allow us to test large numbers of New Zealanders, quickly. Those who test positive will then confirm their results with a standard PCR test.

“This test is commonly done in other countries such as the United States where there are FDA-approved home test kits for less than $ 15.

“They are very good at providing quick answers and peace of mind to people who are showing symptoms of the disease and want to know if they have Covid-19.”

The rapid antigen test will provide an additional layer of testing in addition to the standard nasal PCR test already done here. Our government already considers them reliable enough to accept it as a pre-departure test for arrival to New Zealand.

Dr Reti said there should be daily wastewater checks at the port, and at a more detailed level at Papatoetoe than just the main interceptor.

The government must also set aside enough vaccines for all border and port workers, then priority vaccination for South Auckland, starting with Papatoetoe High School followed by Papatoetoe which is broadly aligned with border and health officials.

“South Auckland presents an increased risk of transmission because of its population density and the number of border workers living there,” said Dr. Reti.

“We understand the need to prioritize other vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, for vaccination but stopping the outbreak at its source is also a form of protection for these groups.”

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Covid mask scandal: Pressure increases on German lawmakers | News | DW | Instant News

A senior member of the German parliament, Georg Nüsslein, promised Friday to fight accusations of accepting bribes from face mask manufacturers.

The lawmaker also temporarily resigned from his position as deputy leader of the ruling conservative bloc in the Bundestag.

The Nüsslein case was ‘pretty scary’

Speaking to DW, Bundestag representative Dirk Wiese said he was shocked and angry about the scandal.

“The fact that something like this might happen is pretty dire,” said Wiese, who is a member of the center-left Social Democrats.

“And it sucks too, because in those cases, the reputation of the politicians as a whole is tarnished,” he said. “And that always makes me angry.”

Push the lobbyist list

Wiese also accused his conservative colleagues of “blocking” the proposed list lobbyist which will prevent such cases in the future. He described the latest allegations as “warning shots.”

“We finally have to get this moving, get more transparency. And we finally have to get lobbying registrations for parliament,” Wiese said.

Also on Friday, CSU Nüsslein’s party general secretary, Markus Blume, acknowledged that his colleagues face “serious charges” that need “to be cleared up without gaps.”

At the same time, a party representative confirmed that CSU leaders had spoken with Nüsslein.

“There is still a presumption of innocence,” said the spokesman.

CSU is the sister of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Party in Bavaria.

What are the details of the case?

Media reports claim the 51-year-old man received € 660,000 ($ 800,000) through a consulting firm to ensure the face mask manufacturer was awarded a government contract.

The Bundestag, Germany’s lower house of parliament, unanimously decided to revoke its immunity.

Nüsslein’s lawyers reiterated the politician’s claim to be innocent.

“Our client will defend himself against the charges brought by the prosecutor,” Gero Himmelsbach told Reuters news agency.

However, it is unclear when Nüsslein will be able to publicly comment on the allegations amid “an obviously complicated investigation.”

The move came after investigators raided 13 properties in Germany and Liechtenstein over the allegations.

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