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Rs17.27b narcotics confiscated in Pasni | Instant News

KARACHI: The Pakistani Coast Guard (PCG) and the Pakistani Army, in a joint operation on Sunday, have seized large amounts of narcotics worth Rs17.275 billion in Balochistan.

According to a statement issued by the Pakistan Coast Guard, the action was carried out in the Pasni area, Shadi Kaur. The drugs seized included 101 kg of crystal methamphetamine and 2,700 kg of marijuana which could be sold for Rs17,275 billion on the international market.

The drugs found were confiscated in the hills of Shadi Kaur, Pasni from where they were to be smuggled abroad by sea but the offer was thwarted by PCG and the Pakistan Army.

The drugs are stored in sacks and will be smuggled out of the country by sea, said the director general of the Pakistan Coast Guard, lauding the officers’ efforts.


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Microsoft updates Surface Pro X tablet with faster SQ2 chip and new color options | Instant News

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft has taken the unusual step to refresh its existing Surface Pro X tablet lineup by adding advanced options based on the second-generation Microsoft SQ2 Arm processor. In addition, Microsoft has redesigned some key applications to provide higher performance and longer battery life on Windows on Arm.

Microsoft’s SQ2 will be introduced in the new high-end Surface Pro X options announced on Thursday, with a maximum price of (USD) 1,799 US dollars and will be available on October 13. Apart from the new CPU, SQ2 has not changed significantly. The Surface Pro X design saves new appearance choices: a new platinum finish and three new Surface Pro X signature keyboards, which are platinum, ice blue and poppy red.

Microsoft’s beautiful, rechargeable Surface Slim Pen (in the case of the Signature keyboard) will still be sold separately.of Slim Pen and Surface Pro X signature keyboard It is currently bundled in the Microsoft Store at a price of US$193, with a discount of US$77.

Microsoft introduced the Surface Pro X less than a year ago, and it has greatly improved the hardware of the Surface tablet with an additional USB-C port and a rechargeable pen holder.But as Our Surface Pro X review As shown in the figure, in addition to the common compatibility challenges brought by the Microsoft SQ1 Arm chip, it cannot even provide a working day of battery life.

Microsoft Surface Pro X lineup Microsoft

New color options for Surface Pro X include “Ice Blue”, “Poppy Red” and “Platinum”.

Surface Pro X: better performance, battery life and compatibility

Fortunately, Microsoft continues to make progress in these two areas.We know that Microsoft SQ2 is based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 5GQualcomm believes that this 7W chip will increase the performance of the 15W 10th-generation Intel Core i5 by 39%. Microsoft may overclock SQ2 in the same way that SQ1 is essentially up-regulated Snapdragon 8cx, and SQ1 is reported to reach 3GHz. (Officially, Microsoft did not say how fast SQ2 will run.)

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx gen 2 5g performance Qualcomm

This is how Qualcomm thinks its Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 5G chip is shocking in terms of performance. It is the basis of Microsoft’s own SQ2 design.

However, historically, processors like SQ1 have faced another obstacle: compatibility. So far, for those who use Windows on Arm, this is a familiar story: Arm processors and Surface Pro X devices can run 32-bit and 64-bit Arm code locally. The Arm processor can be interpreted as code written by a traditional PC running in 32-bit X86 mode, but it will reduce performance.

Most traditional PCs can also run 64-bit code written for X86 chips. However, currently, this code cannot run on the Arm chip at all. For Windows on Arm PCs, this incompatibility is still a big weakness.

Microsoft said on Wednesday that it is addressing that specific issue, and announced plans to release code to Allow Windows on Arm to emulate 64-bit X86 applications From November. The code will first be distributed to members of the Microsoft Windows Insider Beta program.However, running 64-bit X86 applications on Arm will still bring performance degradation, and Microsoft’s answer is that Has been committed to the development of more optimized versions of popular applications written specifically for the Arm architecture.

Microsoft Surface Pro X Microsoft

Surface Pro X includes a pair of USB-C ports instead of the single Type A and Type C ports of other Surface devices.


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Fortnite leak reveals upcoming Rocket League partner | Instant News

Epic Games recently produced Rocket League A free game, and the publisher doesn’t take time to start with Fortress night. However, it seems that this combination may happen at the same time, because @Sizzyleaks has shared Rocket LeagueRelated POIs will appear in the near future. In the images and videos shared on Twitter, @Sizzyleaks revealed posters and trophies related to the following Rocket League Located in a house Fortress night. Whether this will eventually become part of a larger partner remains to be seen. Images and videos can be found in the tweets embedded below.

Rocket LeagueThe developer of Psyonix was acquired by Epic Games in 2019. Since the game is a free game, there is reason to believe that more players will choose Rocket League Try it! Given Fortress night, It’s not surprising to see Epic Games working hard to bundle these two games together. If the publisher can get Fortress night Interested audience Rocket League, Which can greatly promote the latter. The interesting thing is whether Epic Games can make the game a major development!

At the time of writing, this seems to be a small match and is Fortress night Partner is currently happening Rocket League. Of course, the more important match is Fortress night May be in The current season. Fortress night Usually multiple events occur in the same season, but Chapter 2 and Season 4 are still mainly centered on matching with Marvel Comics. and Fortress night In the past, it featured Marvel-related content. This is the first time that Marvel’s character has played an important role in this season’s narrative. In the past few weeks, many of the most popular heroes and villains have appeared in the Marvel Universe, including Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, and the recently appeared Blade.

Fortress night Currently available for PlayStation 4. Xbox One, Nintendo Switchwith personal computer. You can view all our previous reports on the game Right here.

Are you a fan Rocket League? What do you think of the leaked matching materials? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at Mar Talk about everything about the game!


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The PEF partner school teachers March in Zaman Park foiled | Instant News

Lahore : police on Saturday foiled an attempt of a large number of teachers and the owners education Foundation Punjab (PEF) partner schools to stage demonstrations in Zaman Park where is located the private residence of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The demonstrators began their protest against the Punjab government for non-payment of contributions to PEF partner schools outside the Lahore press club and marched towards the Governor House, where a heavy police blocked their March, and in the process some of the protesters were beaten by police, while some of them were also taken into custody.

As to the PM Imran Khan was in the city, the demonstrators tried to go to Zaman Park to record their protest, but an additional contingent of policemen was deployed in Zaman Park and beyond to the chief Minister, the Secretariat, together with the water Canon to prevent any adverse situation and to stop the protesters.

The owners and teachers of PEF partner schools protested against non-payment of six months of contributions to the Fund of education of Punjab. They noted that due to non-payment they were not able to pay the wages of pedagogic and non-pedagogic staff, in addition, they were also not able to pay the rent and utilities, etc.

Earlier, on 9 June, a large number of teachers and masters gathered at Faisal Chowk outside the Punjab Assembly to record their protest and the government the Committee held a dialogue with them with a guarantee of exemption from payment of education Fund of Punjab. Subsequently some schools were paid arrears of PEF, but the others remained unpaid until which prompted them to conduct the demonstration again.

In the news, Punjab education Minister Dr Murad SAR stated that PSV have already paid 50% payment at schools and the remaining payments will be made only after verification of the students in these schools. He said that earlier, about 250 000 of fake registrations were not detected in many of PEF partner schools, and with millions of rupees had to be paid to the inspection of schools was mandatory. He said that Nadra was on Board for the validation process that will start from 20 July and after checking the final payments are released. He said that schools should wait for the completion of the verification process.

The Minister said that many of PEF partner schools were in fact beneficiaries of PML-N and the government will not spend public money on fake registrations. He said that the PEF initiative was aimed to identify school-age children in school, and not for the financial support of the false registrations.

Dr. Muard RAAS further said that he informed Prime Minister Imran Khan about the issue at a recent meeting, who assured the full support. “Nobody can put pressure on me,” he said and added the amount remaining in school will be made only after verification. He said he held two meetings with two different groups on the issue in the past, but it was weird, they were avoiding the control of students.

Meanwhile, he learned that the police subsequently released the rioters taken into custody. Also chaired by CCPO Lahore Zulfiqar Hameed in which the MD PEF assured to solve the genuine problems of the partner schools meeting MOE PEF with the protesters.


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Unicef, partners are committed to helping the government & the community at KP | Instant News

PESHAWAR: Rejecting the impression that there was a setback in Unicef’s commitment and one of its partners the Sarhad Rural Support Program (SRSP) in the WASH sector in tribal districts, SRSP Syed Awlad Hussein, SRSP program manager for tribal districts, said Thursday the fight against Covid-19 will be continues.

“Publication of a story has created the impression that there is a decline in UNICEF’s commitment and one of its partners, SRSP in the WASH Sector in the tribal district and is fighting back against Covid-19 in the province. “It’s confusing to a change in strategy to adapt their work to the changing circumstances after Covid-19,” he complained.

On the contrary, he said, after Covid-19, this partnership worked with renewed enthusiasm to help governments and communities in the region. He said that the decision to close projects in the tribal district was made after intensive discussion between the SRSP and Unicef ​​which lasted for two months and was not carried out suddenly.

The main component of the closed project, he said, is community engagement that is not possible in the current situation without posing serious risks to the community and staff involved in the project. He said that the water supply scheme, which is being implemented through the Department of Public Health Engineering, has not been affected by this decision and will be completed on time in June under the revised SOP for projects implemented with contractors.

Awlad Hussein said that 2000 marked the seventh year of a partnership between SRSP and Unicef ​​to respond to the needs in the WASH sector and the main objective of this partnership was to end open defecation in the province, specifically the tribal districts. The partnership has grown over the years and has reached more than 900,000 people, including those who have been temporarily displaced, returnees and the host community.

Various WASH projects have been carried out ranging from Tanks, Kurram, Buner, Bannu, North and South Waziristan and Swabi. This partnership also helps increase government capacity in the sector and services. This work is not limited to the WASH sector but is also carried out in close collaboration with the Health and Education Sector to address various related problems.

This partnership supports the achievement of sustainable development goals in collaboration with the government. Collaborating, he said, under a partnership more than 700 village sanitation committees had been built and 131,000 people had benefited from the rehabilitation capacity of the water project.

More than 164,000 people have access to sanitation facilities, 13,000 low-cost latrines were built with the help of the community by providing basic materials and cash support.

More than 35,000 communities have been provided with improved WASH facilities at schools; 75 Basic Health Units have been provided with health and sanitation facilities; 205 latrines are built for people with special needs.

The official said awareness campaigns had been carried out regularly to support the sector. He said that this partnership was committed to helping people deal with the Covid-19 crisis facing all communities. A contingency agreement called the Contingency Program Cooperation Agreement has been signed with SRSP in the WASH Sector which allows partners to respond in a humanitarian emergency as it is today.

This agreement will go up until 2022. It was recently activated to assist the government’s efforts to respond to the Covid-19 crisis. Interventions have been conducted in 15 main health care facilities in four high-risk districts such as Peshawar, Mardan, Dera Ismail Khan and Kurram which have benefited more than 138 people through this intervention.

Awlad said that changing circumstances require adaptation in all development programs and donor strategies to meet unforeseen circumstances and it is wrong to create the impression that there is a delay in commitment to the sector.


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