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Take a peek at our fashion director’s favorite holiday outfits | Instant News

Kerry Pieri


Kerry Pieri

The holidays look completely different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the celebrations and get excited about dressing up. Fashion and digital features director Kerry Pieri shows us how she shops for the newest must-have items with Klarna app – a one-stop shopping service that divides your purchases into four interest-free payments – meaning you can get everything you need (and want) now and pay later.

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Minimal Monochrome


Kerry Pieri

The most eye-catching looks don’t have to be the most colorful – this minimal monochrome ensemble is sleek and will stir up some style jealousy at any holiday occasion.

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On & Off Duty


Kerry Pieri

Update your base with a tall cut that will look great from head to toe and take you from errands to social fashion without skipping a stylistic step.

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Kerry Pieri

The secret to an edgy look during the holiday season is a pop (or two) of bold red. It’s the ultimate touch and looks totally cool in an all-black outfit – festive without going overboard.

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        Modern Romance


        Kerry Pieri

        Mix and match “the pieces” this year for an unexpected holiday look. Puff-sleeves with classic loafers for romance meets preppy-chic moments.

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5 Holiday Gifts Every Fashion Lover Will Appreciate | Instant News

While this holiday season is a little like previous years, we remain committed to fun and style. Our gift-giving spirit? Intact. And for party style, festive essential style is key. This year, think of home party wear like matching sets and sleek accessories to replace the tight range of cocktail dresses and heels. Don’t worry – twisted details like sequins and rhinestones are still there, but in a simple way that suits the season. Up ahead, find the five most luxurious gifts from Guess for fashion lovers on your list. From denim adorned with rhinestone to bags and boots with crocodile embossed, these elegant gifts will make a name for themselves, guaranteed.

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Rhinestone Trucker Denim Jacket

$ 128, guess.com

Give it some casual glamor this season with this rhinestone denim jacket. Style it up with your favorite jeans for a casual-chic look, double denim, or pop the dazzling factor by wearing a satin slip dress or midi skirt and turtleneck combo.

Stephi Top-Handle Flap Bag

$ 98, guess.com

With its timeless top handle silhouette, this crocodile embossed handbag is the definition of luxe. With polished hardware details and a sleek “G” emblem, it pairs beautifully with party pieces as well as a cozy winter staple.

Over The Knee Boots Bonis Croc Stiletto

$ 169, guess.com

The style buffs on your list will agree: These boots are made for walking, sure. But they’re even nicer for home party photos on Instagram. Whether styled in a ball gown or paired with jeans and a fun top, they all look great for any winter occasion.

Watches are Silver

$ 225, guess.com

You will dazzle a fashion fanatic with this massive timepiece, embellished with shimmering rhinestones. Styled alone or with a jewelery mix, this is a timeless way to enhance the glamor factor of any outfit.

Star Sequins Top & Flare Pants

$ 89, guess.com; $ 118, guess.com

From cashmere coordinates to tie-dye sweat sets, every fashionista knows that a two-piece look to match is a must this season. This glitter sequin set is the perfect choice for any time of the day. For the best holiday ensemble, pair it with a pair of stiletto boots (like the crocodile boots above). All that was left was a bubble flute in hand.

Laura Lajiness is a freelance writer and editor covering fine fashion, accessories and jewelery (she also writes beauty puzzles and travel essays occasionally).

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The Swiss Free evangelical church signs a partnership with the military chaplain, Evangelical Focus | Instant News

Switzerland Free evangelical churches are now empowered to send qualified personnel to serve in army chaplains, after the Swiss Evangelical Alliance (SEA-RES) and the German-language umbrella organization Freikirchen.ch, signed a partnership with the Swiss army on November 2.

Freikirchen.ch is a national church association with 20 free German-speaking Swiss church movements, which includes more than 750 local churches. That The Association of Free Churches Switzerland describes the agreement as historic“.

The announcement followed a meeting between the military chief, corps commander Thomas Süssli, and evangelical representatives, along with representatives from the Roman Catholic Church in Switzerland and the Swiss Evangelical Reformed Church (EERS). It was the end of a year and a half of intense conversation.

“The Swiss Army has now taken the first step with its military chaplaincy for all. This meeting a sign of respect and gratitude. There has never been such a meeting in Swiss history, Stefan Junger, chief chaplain of the military, said.

According to Junger, “the opening up of soldiers’ pastoral care for other religious communities was done consciously. We want to do justice against a religious background army personnel. It is in this context that this partnership was born ”.

Peter Schneeberger, president of Freikirchen.ch, said they were “delighted with this partnership with the chaplain of the Swiss army. This is an important service for us for the benefit of society ”.

“Mutual trust and the need for young professionals makes this possible. We will practice service responsibly”, Jean-Luc Ziehli, president RES, stress.

The military chaplaincy pastoral has a target population of 170 members. Every two years it takes 30 to 40 new people. On the day the agreement was signed, 36 new pastor come in, all recruited by the army itself, seven came from the evangelical church.

New military chaplains are required to provide referrals and complete a seven-week introductory course and a three-week technical training course. “With your signature, you honor commitments that are consistent with the obligations in the army chaplain to benefit all military personnel,” Junger told news chaplains.

Published in: Evangelical FocusEurope

– Swiss Free evangelical church signs partnership with army chaplains


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Meet Sandy Pierre | Days In The Fashion Insider’s Life | Instant News

Conquering to-do lists takes a little extra motivation in 2020. Many of us have found ways to rise above our daily lives, but thriving under the pressure of new norms is only part of Sandy Pierre’s job. A marketer for HePublisher, Hearst, Sandy carries on a demanding schedule while still finding time to be an active leader in its community.

Pierre is also a co-founder Hearst Black Culture, aiming to lift Black’s voice from within the Hearst brand portfolio and beyond. He launched the coalition in 2019 as a way to address the lack of diversity he saw in his own team. “I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to be creative [Hearst Black Culture]: a space for Black employees where they feel safe, where we can amplify Black’s voice, and help HR recruit more talent. ” Naturally, leading a simultaneous role in one organization – and its activities on the frenzy side, Secure My Brand—That means one day in Pierre’s life (especially in 2020) needs a lot of encouragement.

Ordering a busy agenda – day after day – can be overwhelming, but Pierre is a master at doing it in an easy manner. So, we’re working with SOREL to take a closer look at what keeps this creative creative in its A-game.

Dia / Olaide Ojekunle


I get out of bed between 7:30 and 8 AM and set the tone for a productive day by making the bed. After the usual breakfast of toast and avocado tea, I changed into my new WFH uniform: excessive sweating. It’s convenient and I can wear it to run errands. Finish clothes with a pair SOREL Lennox Hiking Boots adding some style to my everyday look. Plus, wearing real shoes makes me feel like I’m working in an office space.

After getting dressed, it’s time to make something happen. I start the work day by combing email and checking in with my team. No day is quite the same. On the marketing side, I usually do sweepstakes and make proposals for advertising campaigns. Video calling is routine, which is why I always make sure my style is versatile. Being comfortable really puts my mind at ease, and I don’t have to worry about getting too rigid – I can just be myself, being creative and focused on giving great ideas.


After a busy morning, I usually go out to recharge mentally. I stopped by to check on a friend and take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood. Whenever I couldn’t leave the house, I would try to take virtual practice classes to keep my energy high. After a brief lunch, it returned to the computer screen. Recently, I have been meeting face to face on the West Coast a lot. I pitched a PR agency to see how we could get talent for the next Karantini – a series of virtual Hearst Black Culture employee events launched during the pandemic.

What started as a corporate happy hour quickly evolved into a film screening with special guests, including famous actors and stylists. We just had an awards show where we partnered with a liquor brand, and they sent us cocktail kits to make the evening’s signature drink. One of the biggest goals we achieved was raising money for the Black Lives Matter movement during the protests following the George Floyd murder. We got Hearst to match it, and in total, we raised about $ 223,600 to funnel into various organizations.


Dia / Olaide Ojekunle


Under normal circumstances, I prefer to be out and about at the end of my day. Especially after a day of emailing and meetings, hanging out with friends can be a breath of fresh air. I try not to let my work life deplete me, and staying connected to my community both inside and outside of work is important. Now that there are outdoor eating places, it’s a little easier to meet friends at a local bar.

For an evening out, I opt for a polished, put-on look. I’ve been obsessed with slip dresses lately, and I love that they pair perfectly with my favorite fall boots—the SOREL Lennox Hiker. My appearance after work is about feeling relaxed, so I can really focus on my time with other people. I am an extrovert and being around people adds to my energy. After all, tomorrow is another day, and I’m going to need that energy to make big things happen.

Styled by Kia Goosby. VIEW 1: SOREL boots, sorel.com; Cardigan, vince.com; Tank top, cottoncitizen.com; Sports pants, donni.com; Socks, brothervellies.com; Necklace, analuisa.com. SEE 2: SOREL boots, sorel.com; Rain coat, apparis.com; Dress, silklaundry.com; Turtleneck, stories.com; Bag, blamelilac.com; Necklace, zoechicco.com; Ring, omathelabel.com; Earrings, mayabrenner.com.

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Why is China making it difficult for foreign businesses to operate | Instant News

China is a great opportunity for business. Photo / Getty Images

Doing business in China can be a difficult and controversial proposition for companies in many countries. Yet even with allegations of intellectual property theft, forced partnerships, and strict restrictions on doing business, China continues to attract foreign capital. Why would businesses want to invest in China when there are so many other “business-friendly” countries and financial markets that support foreign investment?

The United States has accuses China from stealing intellectual property American company, the estimated theft US $ 600 billion every year. As a prerequisite for doing business in China, American and other companies may be charged forced transfer of their technology. In addition, regulations can oblige foreign investors partner and set up joint ventures with Chinese companies before they can do business in China.

In 2001, after becoming a member World Trade Organization, China pledged to open up its banking, telecommunications and electronic payment processing sectors. But action in this area has already been taken absent or, at best, halfhearted. China’s telecommunications industry, for example, remains under government control, and the government owns it prohibited Facebook and Google offer their services in China.

What’s in it for investors

Doing Business 2020, a World Bank publication, rating China – in terms of credit availability and ease and size of tax payments – 80th and 105th, respectively, out of 190 countries in the world. It uses 10 other indicators, such as protections offered to minority investors, registering property and enforcing contracts, China rating 31st out of 190 countries in the world for ease of doing business as a whole. In contrast, the US was ranked 6th out of 190, according to the same report.

Besides, doing business in China can risky politically. Negotiations with the Communist-led government can be difficult; it has a political system with a reputation lack of transparency and intolerance for dissent. The nation has important rule regarding capital inflows and outflows which are subject to change without public notification. Corruption is rampant in China, to the detriment of foreign investors such as the United States.

The Chinese Prime Minister delivers the government's work report in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.  Photo / Getty Images
The Chinese Prime Minister delivers the government’s work report in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Photo / Getty Images

Despite negative business conditions, according to 2020 World Investment Report, in 2018 and 2019, China attracted $ 138 billion and $ 141 billion in foreign investment, respectively. Focusing only on 2019, this massive foreign investment into China exceeds the GDP of all such countries Kuwait – $ 137 billion; Kenya – $ 98 billion; and Venezuela – $ 70 billion. In 2019, China is the world second largest recipient foreign investment, second only to the United States.

A country that plays by the rules

Despite being relatively business-unfriendly, if the world’s 31st country can attract large amounts of foreign investment, surely the world’s No.1 country is sure to do as well as China, if not better. But New Zealand, ranked first in the world for its business-friendly climate, is nowhere near China in terms of foreign investment.

On two metrics – credit availability, which measures how easy it is to get credit; and tax payments, which measures the frankness and size of tax payments made to the country where the business is conducted – New Zealand ranks 1 and 9 In the world. And for ease of doing business as a whole, in contrast to 31st in China, New Zealand ranks first in the world.

Despite that honor, in 2018 and 2019 New Zealand attracted only $ 1.95 billion and $ 5.43 billion, respectively, in foreign investment. In other words, in 2018 and 2019, China attracted 71 times more and 26 times more foreign investment than New Zealand, even though New Zealand is considered a stable democracy with lower political risks than other forms of government and government. the most corrupt country in the world. What explains the huge differences in foreign investment?

Simple math for making a profit

That national market size – or scale – is critical for business. The more consumers a market has, the more products it has the potential to sell. In 2019, China’s population has almost reached 1.4 billion, compared to New Zealand’s population of approx 4.8 million. In addition, if measured by gross domestic product, China’s economy is second largest in the world, compared to the New Zealand economy, which is rating 51. Whether the problem is seen in terms of the number of consumers or the total size of the “economic pie” that is GDP, China’s economy is overshadowing the economy of New Zealand.

China is a great opportunity for business.  Photo / Getty Images
China is a great opportunity for business. Photo / Getty Images

This large difference in size or scale is important. Even though China is a significantly less friendly place to do business than New Zealand, it still makes sense for American and other multinational companies to invest in China.

From a financial gain perspective, consider the advantages of companies investing in China. That markup is the difference between the price the company charges for a product and the cost of producing an additional unit of the product. The advantages, then, are simply markup multiplied by the number of products that can be sold. The bigger the market, the more products that can be sold. More sales means more profit. This explains why companies around the world are prepared to tolerate it dubious Chinese business practices and still investing in China.

One example of doing business in China, despite many obstacles, comes from Hollywood. Disney produced “Mulan, “a $ 200 million live-action film that took more than five years to produce. Disney shot most of the film in New Zealand with the aim of releasing it in China, primarily to gain access to that vast market and to maximize profits Disney bowed. on many Chinese demands to ensure that “Mulan” can be released in China without objection from Chinese officials.

Disney’s relationship and concessions with China are examples of why so many foreign investors continue to pursue business in China – profit. Despite institutional restrictions on investment, with access to more than 1.3 billion people, many of whom are potential consumers, and a growing GDP, China is a global market opportunity that multinational companies around the world continue to exploit.

Amitrajeet A. Batabyal, Professor of Economics Arthur J. Gosnell, Rochester Institute of Technology

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read original article.


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