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Italy’s Gentle COVID Christmas Rule Sparking Controversy, Why Is It So Big? | Instant News

Authorities in Italy are discussing whether to adopt more lenient COVID rules during Christmas celebrations, including the possibility of extending curfews and increasing the number of people meeting for lunch or toasts.

The country is divided into three distinct color zones depending on the level of transmission risk, with more than half of the region isolated in part as Italy’s death toll has topped 45,000 since the pandemic outbreak.

But despite this terrifying second wave of COVID, the time for the Christmas party is fast approaching and the government is considering ways to relax regulations to allow Italian families to enjoy special events and kill pandemic stress.

The debate sparked some controversy among politicians and virologists, who questioned whether it was worth lifting some restrictions on having fun without a vaccine.

The risk is sparking a new spike in cases after the Christmas shakes are over, as was the case during the summer when all COVID rules were practically abolished and then, after the sun and beaches and the splash of water in the sea, the country almost found itself. back to square one.

Christmas is a major celebration in many countries, but why is it such a big problem in Italy?

It’s not just party time. This is the most important celebration of the year, and not because of religious matters.

Fathers bringing Christmas gifts for the kids are just an excuse to hang out with friends and relatives and spend quality time with piles of food, Panettone and Pandoro cakes, chocolates, nougats and sparkling wine, all the while showing off their fancy clothes and playing Tombola, such. of bingo.

It’s like Thanksgiving to Americans. Christmas is a ‘sacred’ holiday which in Italy lasts three whole days. On Christmas Eve there is a big four-course dinner, on December 25 it’s Christmas lunch (another four-course meal that runs all day and turns into dinner at night) and then December 26, St. Stephen (again, another great lunch).

So this is 72 hours of non-stop eating to eat, drink, and have fun.

But the best part (or the worst part for the authorities who have to deal with the problem) comes after Christmas.

The debate over lenient COVID rules is sure to heat up: so far Italian authorities have not specifically mentioned the word ‘Capodanno’, aka New Year’s Eve. It’s even more difficult than dealing with the Babbo Natale (Father Christmas) tradition.

If Xmas is a family holiday, New Year’s Eve is a crazy wild time with friends.

Italians have a saying “Christmas with your family members; New Year’s Eve with whoever you want ”.

On December 31st, Italians do the craziest things. They throw old items out of windows, run around town, and stage small-scale DIY balcony fireworks that often leave one or two people injured.

On January 1, after the hangover is over and someone has slept for at least two hours, instead of breakfast, Italians meet for a massive lunch to feed the New Year with hope and joy.

Italians take tradition very seriously. And they are very superstitious. If you fail to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve well, it’s like bringing bad luck to yourself and right now in these difficult times of COVID, no one will dare to do it.

Partying, dancing and toasting is a must.

And that’s not the end.

Traditionally, in Italy the Christmas celebration period lasts until January 6 when people celebrate Befana (Epiphany): good and ugly witches with large warts, hunched back and crooked legs who fly on brooms to carry candy, chocolate or pocket money, and for a bad pile of charcoal (sugar). Socks hang by the fireplace and the family gathers for a final and luxurious meal.

‘Befana sweeps all celebrations’, says the Italian.

Authorities may need to establish a new flexible set of rules for the entire two-week celebration period to suit customary feasts.


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Airbnb removes 300 New Zealand listings in party house cleaning | Instant News


Party house cleanup: New Zealand is the latest region to undergo the Airbnb crackdown. Photo / Unplash, Vlad Tchompalov

Airbnb has removed 300 New Zealand properties from its lettings platform this weekend, as its global crackdown on problem homes continues.

The website says the decision was made after an update to its policy which included a ban on parties and events on Airbnb’s listing which went into effect in August. So far, the changes affect bookings for large groups or guests under the age of 25.

Now it is the turn for the hosting order to be examined carefully.

“Our message to everyone who uses Airbnb is very clear; bad behavior doesn’t have a place on Airbnb,” said Derek Nolan, head of site policy for Australia and New Zealand.

With more than 300 listings removed, this represents just under 1 percent of the 37,000 rooms rented across the country.

The houses were identified as properties that had caused “repeated disturbance” to the community. The website introduces a new tool on the Environmental Support Pages for neighbors to report non-compliant parties. The community surveillance hotline for this “police party” has caused several delays this weekend, Airbnb said.

Nolan said most users on his platform – hosts and guests – “make a positive contribution to the environment, including by supporting jobs and helping ensure tourism funds flow to local businesses”.

This comes a month after the cleanup of the list of similar problems occurred in Australia. The platform announced it had removed 500 properties from Australia and stopped 9,000 “high-risk” bookings in October.

The global crackdown on problem users came as the website announced its intentions for an ambitious Initial Public Offering on the US market. In a statement announcing the IPO, Airbnb said winning back “community trust” would be an important engine of success.


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Shahid was nominated as a consultant for the sports wing of GB PTI | Instant News

KARACHI: Former senior official of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) Shahid Khokhar has been nominated as a consultant for the Pakistan Sports and Culture Wing Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Gilgit-Baltistan.

“I have no doubt that through your lifelong experience in sports development and your deep understanding of culture and innovative strategies and wise approaches, you and your team of professionals will be of great benefit to Gilgit-Baltistan,” Raja Mir Nawaz Khokhar, President of the Sports Wing and PTI culture Gilgit-Baltistan, said in a letter to Shahid.

Shahid is the Former Head of the PFF League, Club and Media Development.

Shahid was the man who convinced the department to adopt AFC Club Licensing rules but that process was cut short after FIFA installed a Normalization Committee in September last year.


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PTI’s Jahangir Tareen is returning to Pakistan this month: source | Instant News

Former PTI secretary general Jahangir Khan Tareen. – Facebook / Files

Former PTI secretary general and one of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s closest confidants, Jahangir Khan Tareen will return to Pakistan this month, sources told Geo News.

It is well known that Tareen will return to Pakistan. When contacted by the former PTI Secretary General in London, the correspondent confirmed the news, but did not say when it would be done. Tareen, however, said he would return to Pakistan within this month.

However, sources shared with this correspondent that he will be returning to Pakistan soon via Emirates flight. It is known that Tareen has booked tickets but there has been no confirmation of the flight.

Tareen had reached London about seven months ago and has since been hiding in her home in the state of Hampshire after arriving here by charter plane – soon after the publication of the Sugar Commission report.

The former PTI Secretary General and business figure left Pakistan after the Sugar Commission report was published by the PTI government and since then there has been speculation about Tareen’s activities but this reporter has found out through very credible sources that PTI supporters are not holding any politics. meetings in the last seven months – as reported in several sections of the media.

Tareen had arrived in London several months ago for medical treatment, according to his son. She arrived in town about three months ago with her son, Ali Khan Tareen, and has lived outside London ever since. PTI leaders have kept a low profile so far.

After Prime Minister Imran Khan’s confidant and main sponsor of PTI operations, the former PTI secretary general was harmed by his treatment of those considered PM Imran Khan’s eyes and ears.

Known for his sharp political acumen and acumen, Tareen is credited by his allies and enemies for assisting the PTI during several years when there was hardly anyone else around to take on the tough task. He is credited for spending his own money helping the party gain media mileage and making inroads at other parties ahead of the general election two years ago.


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The leadership of PTI Chitral submitted a request to become party by case | Instant News

PESHAWAR: A Pakistani leader Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in Chitral has approached a local court to hear a libel suit against Prime Minister Imran Khan to allow him to be a party in the case.

PTI leader Abdul Latif through his lawyer Malik Ajmal Khan prayed before the Supplementary District Court and Judge Abdul Majid Khan’s Session that he (Abdul Latif) presided over PTI in Chitral when plaintiff Fauzai Bibi, who is a former MPA, had submitted document nominations for the provincial assembly seat at 2013 general election. He asked the court to allow him to be a party in the defamation case brought by the plaintiff so that he could inform the court of the facts. Meanwhile, the court adjourned the trial of the case until October 29 after the lawyer representing the accused (Prime Minister Imran Khan) asked for more time to submit an answer on behalf of his client. It should be noted that Fauzia Bibi, who was selected from the women-only seat on the PTI ticket, filed a lawsuit for compensation of Rs500 million.

He stated that the defendant had made “baseless” charges against him by accusing him of selling his vote in the Senate election. In June 2018, a defamation suit was filed under the Defamation Law, 2002 against PTI head Imran Khan, who later became prime minister. The plaintiff claimed that he chose the party candidate in the 2018 Senate elections, but the defendants accused him of selling his vote, thus damaging his reputation.

The National Task Force proposes for the welfare of lawyers

Senior advocate lawyer Saleem Shah Hoti, a candidate member of the Peshawar chair KP Lawyers Council, said the formation of a National Task Force for the welfare of the legal brotherhood was a necessity at this time.

Speaking with reporters here, he said providing lawyers with health care facilities would help deal with chronic stress and high levels of depression, enabling them to do professional work in a healthy way. The candidate said he will try to ensure support to lawyers junior, elderly and financially disadvantaged because the legal profession is at a critical juncture and lawyers being an important pillar of administration the justice system must be equipped with all the resources and professionals to play with. their important role in the justice system. Hoti said the Bar Council should be re-established with a strong governing body and proactive leadership to promote the welfare of lawyers and ensure inexpensive access to justice, adding that women and junior lawyers should be given representation on the council.


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