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With the deepening of the crisis, where are the shooters of the PTI problem? | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Member of Pakistan’s national and Punjab assembly Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) who publicly sided with estranged party leader Jahangir Tareen especially demanded the closure of the criminal case against him – something Prime Minister Imran Khan hated to do.

In these tense tensions, when the party is faced with increasing threats from Jahangir Khan Tareen, where is the PTI’s main problem shooter?

If the ruling party had whoever had the influence and ability to remove the problem at its ranks, they would prefer not to act to stop Tareen’s growing sympathizers or prevent them from choosing the path. rebellion. The rebels in the PTI ranks were members of the National and Punjab assemblies, including several provincial ministers. It seems that no potential trouble shooter can become an honest broker without the approval of their superiors.

As part of a well thought out strategy, Tareen has publicly demonstrated his increasing strength within the PTI. When he first did so days ago, 22 federal and Punjab legislators appeared in a banking court where he appeared to be asking for an extension of his pre-arrest bail. Three days later, the number swelled to 38 members of the National Assembly (MNA) and 22 members of the Punjab Assembly (MPA).

Their rebels make up enough numbers to elect the ruling federal and provincial governments if a trustless resolution is moved against them and Tareen’s supporters support the mobilizer. However, they have announced that they remain part of the PTI but want the ‘targeted injustice’ to be reversed – essentially meaning the withdrawal of the criminal case brought against Tareen.

Only Prime Minister Imran Khan can appoint a senior party leader who enjoys his full support to talk to the ‘rebels’ and pull them back from their current path. This is the only way to get rid of the increasing threat and shame caused by the Tareen movement. The prime minister, however, has not gone so far. In fact, the federal and Punjab governments seem helpless to watch the scenario unfold as silent onlookers, waiting for a miracle to avert disaster.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, usually tasked with work and solving serious political problems, hardly wants to get involved in the current crisis because he wants to see his old rival Tareen step down and out as far as PTI is concerned. When Tareen did rule over the present or even earlier government, he and Qureshi were at odds openly and bitterly. The politics of back and forth is not the foreign minister’s forte. He has now advised Tareen to raise his concerns with the prime minister that investigators are “on a phone call”.

Punjab governor Chaudhry Sarwar, who has generally been involved in different political strife, has also moved away from the current frenzy. He did not enjoy any special ties with Tareen in PTI’s internal politics. Like Qureshi, he too had not been deployed to end the rebellion. Nor did he speak publicly about the dispute.

Federal Minister Asad Umar, who is also frequently involved by the government in resolving political disputes, does not enjoy a working relationship with Tareen. Instead, they had openly exchanged thorns in the past and have no longer spoken from then on. Asad Umar apparently did not hesitate to see Tareen get his forgiveness money.

Every prime minister in Pakistan’s history has assigned his party’s chief minister the task of keeping members of the federal and provincial parliaments in their provinces so they do exactly what they’re told if necessary. The time-tested tradition is that no member of parliament dares to oppose the head minister in their province. It is always the responsibility of the chief minister to ensure that the MNA and MPA in his province do not support any action against the ruling party as they are armed with abundant power to adequately deal with those who dare to scoff at the call. In the current scenario, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar seems helpless. His sadness is even more pronounced considering that several members of his own cabinet have openly sided with Tareen. He was not in a position to take up their duties for their actions which brought a bad name to the government and PTI. In the dispensation in force, the prime minister always countered any criticism of Buzdar by saying that he himself was in charge of the provincial government and for this purpose made regular visits to Lahore. Ironically, all the MPs currently showing signs of being alienated from the PTI are from Punjab, Imran Khan’s special focus province. Since the noose was tied around Tareen’s neck through the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), it was naive to conclude that she would remain satisfied with what she had been doing in public all this time. He will likely try to put even more pressure on the prime minister to paddle the multiple criminal cases being institutionalized against him. It may be too early to conclude what Tareen’s relationship with PTI will ultimately look like and how much damage he will do to the ruling party before the end of the ongoing story. However, it is certain that he has not disclosed all his cards as far as the support he enjoys within the PTI or how he will increase the pressure further. Until now, he has publicly put forward MNA and KKL that are not afraid to be exposed. There may be more legislators like that who don’t want to be open now. After all, it was none other than Tareen who, with his role in inducting dozens of voter candidates, brought PTI to a position where it could win the 2018 general election. For this reason, his good relations with the MNA and MPA from Punjab are very good.

Tareen was not a man who moved at high speed in his political maneuvers. He usually moves carefully and steadily. What he has done so far has created a difficult situation for the ruling party. He is unlikely to change his mind unless the case against him is slowed down or closed completely. However, it will be difficult for Imran Khan, who has constructed his entire account of accountability, to step back without losing face. He has made this clear through his head of accountability Shahzad Akbar, who is in charge of the FIA.


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Rain stops the Brave Softball Party after the morning game. | Local High School Sports | Instant News

Rain thwarted the Braves Softball Bash semifinals and finals on Saturday – and kept Keagan Rothrock’s hit-allow stats from an increase of 50% – but the teamwork put in by a number of volunteers on eight different diamonds allows all 16 teams to challenge odds and compete in three matches. each.

With Rothrock in the circle, Roncalli looks like the tournament favorite heading into the semi-final with Mooresville, and Castle and Franklin Central are competing in another semi-final contest in the middle of the afternoon when one final rain proves to be a blow that breaks the camel’s back and sends the remaining team home.

The Wabash Valley team did not do well in Saturday morning’s competition, although Terre Haute North beat pool winner Franklin Central and could have won the pool if the Patriots beat Floyd Central in their second game of the day.

Hosts Terre Haute South had an early lead against Edgewood but let the game go through – having lost to Roncalli previously – and West Vigo, Northview, North Central and Sullivan also 0-2.

Rothrock, a sophomore who is considered by many to be the best player / pitcher in the country, did not disappoint. He threw the four innings in perfect relief on Friday against Edgewood, got the win with a homer go-forward, and had a perfect six innings – with 18 strikeouts – against Hamilton Southeastern.

In those two contests he faced 30 batters and defeated 29 of them. Edgewood hit a fair ball – and had a foul ball that missed an extra-base shot – and Mooresville’s Alex Cooper (another sophomore to remember) scored twice against him in a semi-final that was wiped out by a flood. So Rothrock left Terre Haute with a pitched 28 innings total – Hamilton Southeastern’s game was his second perfect game so far – with 73 strikeouts and only two strokes allowed (less than half of the total strokes he’s made on hitting three Bash games).

In Saturday’s match involving the Wabash Valley team:

• Terre Haute North 11, Franklin Central 7 – In the North, Christina Richards scored 2 for 2 with a pair of homers for the Patriots, while Halie Gilbert 3 for 4 with two doubles and Marlee Ramey 3 for 4 with one double.

• Roncalli 7, Terre Haute South 3 – The Braves has only five singles, by Grace Kidwell, Marlee Loudermilk, Lexi Cottrell, Jasmine Kinzer and Izzy Light. Loudermilk had the only RBI, and Lexy Kinzer scored twice.

• Tecumseh 13, West Vigo 4 – In Miss Softball America, the Vikings took 12 hits but also left 12 runners at the base.

Avery Funk, Carlea Funk and Ashley Dunkin had two hits apiece for Viking, with Carlea Funk and Piper Beeler both hitting doubles.

• Castle 6, Northview 1 – In Miss Softball America, Lauren Sackett scored 2 for 3 with a double and Mianah Thompson came off the bench to score a double for the Knights.

• Floyd Central 14, North 6 – Had the Patriots won they would have competed for the championship, but that defeat put them in fourth place with a run allowed to be a tiebreaker. Zoey Jukes and Drew Bolen homered and Richards and Taylor Hoggatt have a double for North, now 2-6 for the season.

• Edgewood 10, South 8 – The Braves were up 5-0 at the bottom of the third set, but allowed 13 shots and made four mistakes. Maddy Griswold was 3 for 4 and scored twice, Kidwell 3 for 5 with RBI three and four, Loudermilk was 2 for 5 with doubles and Light scored twice. South is now 2-8.

• Mooresville 11, West Vigo 1 – The left-on-base stat doesn’t look good anymore for West Vigo, as Vigo leaves nine people stranded.

Beeler and Avery Funk have two strokes apiece for the Vikings 3-4, who open Tuesday’s West Indiana Conference home game against Cloverdale.

• Martinsville 12, Northview 3 – Knight also took an early lead but could not maintain the lead. Olyvia Notter is 2 for 3 for Northview while Karigan Krider is 2 for 4, Callie Shepard is 1 for 3 with a triple and Sackett 1 for 4 with a double. Northview is now 3-2 and hosts Bloomington South on Monday.

Bold the results of Softball Bash

Russ Myers Pool – Hamilton Southeastern 11, Terre Haute South 1 (31 March); Roncalli 7, Edgewood 2 (Friday); Roncalli 7, 3 South; Edgewood 6, Hamilton Southeast 0; Edgewood 10, South 8; Roncalli 10, Hamilton Southeast 0.

Wayne Myers Pool – Avon 11, West Vigo 3 (Friday); Mooresville 10, Tecumseh 6 (Friday); Tecumseh 13, West Vigo 4; Mooresville 5, Avon 4; Mooresville 11, Vigo West 1; Avon 7, Tecumseh 2.

Don Corey’s Pond – Northview 14, North Central 3 (Friday); Castle 7, Martinsville 6 (Friday); Castle 6, Northview 1; Martinsville 11, North Central 0; Martinsville 12, Northview 3; Castle 10, North Central 0.

Dave Benningfield’s Pond – Sullivan 10, Terre Haute North 1 (Friday); Franklin Central 12, Floyd Central 1 (Friday); 11 North, Franklin Central 7; Floyd Central 3, Sullivan 1; Floyd Central 14, North 6; Franklin Central 10, Sullivan 0.


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The romantic stories of New Zealand Bachelor and Bachelor contestants unfold | Instant News

I mean … LOOK at those smiles of love! Video / TVNZ

I’m not going to ramble on here because you’ve suffered enough – so let me kick off this “After Party” recap by saying, Shivani and Paul are the cutest couple I have ever seen.

And now that I’ve dropped the bomb, let’s discuss it.

Shivani and Paul walked out into the mansion’s grounds together and at once my partner’s radar buzzed. Apparently so is Art’s eye candy because she pulled the suspicious happy couple over for a chat and that’s when the treasure chest of love is FINALLY opened, folks.

Love is in the air, and the two are nowhere to be found.
Love is in the air, and the two are nowhere to be found.

“I heard through the grapevine that you guys have been hanging out.” Art started the conversation and immediately the two lovebirds started giggling like teenagers in an attempt to make my heart burst.

“We were just hanging out for a bit,” Paul said into the confession camera, but the blush on his cheeks revealed all the secrets he wanted to hide.

So how did this happen, you may ask? Remember when Paul taught Bachelorettes how to barbecue? Yes so, Shivani was sent home that night and by the magic of the universe, the two sat together on the plane where their affection took off (got it?).

Sounds a bit like a Hollywood rom-com but I LOVE IT and while the two haven’t confirmed their bf / gf status yet, it doesn’t seem like their love bubble is going to burst anytime soon.

In other After Party news, Annie cries feeling like an outsider and even her OG bully girl Lydia is hesitant about it. Ouch. Maybe Nikki was right when she said, “catch that guy, get rid of the girls.” Or in Annie’s case, losing men and women.

Vaz took off his shirt a million times then complained about being recognized as the man who took off his shirt – that line is obsolete the first time you say it, Vaz. Move over.

But all attention is turned away from a shirtless figure when Nikki – an eager cupid, drags him and Georgia away to chat in a love corner. That didn’t go well, obviously, because Vaz later informed the confession cameras that he was going to sneak into DM Negin.

* Eye roll * There’s nothing I can say about that.

Devaney decides his history – and his current feelings – because Vaz needs to know and he won’t leave her alone, which of course means he doesn’t want a bar for her because men never want what they can have.

Trust Dev, he is not the one who escapes.
Trust Dev, he is not the one who escapes.

Vaz walked away from him and the wise Lexie said what every best friend said to him when he was drunk at least once, “Devaney, you have to stop it. You have to stop it.” Thank God for Lexie.

And to cut this short, since not much happened, Chanel and Moses went for a walk where Chanel asked why Moses didn’t tell her she liked him.

Moses, the boy who hesitated, broke his heart a second time by saying “honestly, at that moment, I didn’t know how I felt about you.”

Ughhhhhhhhh really Moses?

But that doesn’t bother Chanel too much as it turns out that this cheerful gem of a woman has found herself a man.

“I deserve someone to tell me every day that I am right for them and I have them. I became a man and I was very happy.”

Cheers ladies!
Cheers ladies!

Cheers for it my queen and cheers for the end of another Bachelor / Bachelor season.


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The police raided the home party of Juventus players | Instant News


Italian security forces have fined Juventus players for house parties because football players violated coronavirus measures.

The sports daily Corriere dello Sport reported on Thursday that Italian carabinieri police raided the villa of Juventus American midfielder Weston McKennie in Turin.

The Carabinieri stepped in at a 10-man dinner, including other Juventus players such as Argentina striker Paulo Dybala and Brazilian midfielder Arthur to fine them for violating the COVID-19 act.

Juventus players are with their girlfriends at McKennie’s villa.

Security forces rushed to the house when one of McKennie’s neighbors called the police.

Italy is banning parties because the new coronavirus is still having a significant impact on everyday life.

The country imposed a national curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. to contain the spread of the virus.

* Written by Can Erozden

The Anadolu Agency website contains only a portion of the news offered to subscribers on the AA News Broadcasting System (HAS), and is in summary form. Please contact us for subscription options.


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Imran sells party tickets for the Senate elections, Hashmi said | Instant News

MULTAN: Senior politician Javed Hashmi Tuesday accused Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) of promoting horse trade and corruption in the country and Prime Minister Imran Khan of selling party tickets for Senate elections.

Speaking to the media at his residence here, he asked the General Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to crack down on the PTI horse trade. Hashmi claims that Senator-elect Abdul Qadir has paid Rs700 million to Imran Khan for party tickets to the Senate, but the party has rejected the move. Later, Abdul Qadir joined the Awami Balochistan Party

and PTI supported him and he eventually won the seat from Balochistan.

He said he had a list of politicians who had recently joined PTI from Sindh and paid a large sum of money to Imran Khan. He said the entire PTI was ready to sell all parties. He said Pervez Khattak, Azam Sawati bought votes.

Hashmi said his house was being measured by the Auqaf Department if any additional land was encroached on. He said that they could not get in his way using such cruel tactics. He is sure that Yusuf Raza Gilani will be elected Chairman of the Senate. The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) won 53 votes and the ruling alliance had 47. Imran Khan himself did not want a secret vote, Hashmi said adding that Sadiq Sanjarani was not Imran Khan’s candidate but from several other powers.


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