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Latest: South Korea says waves are no reason to panic | National | Instant News

Latest in coronavirus pandemic. New Coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people. For some people, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, can cause more severe illness or death.

– The President of South Korea says citizens do not need to panic because of increasing cases of new viruses.

SEOUL, South Korea – The president of South Korea urged citizens not to lower their vigilance, but said there was no reason to panic amid concerns about the recent surge in coronavirus outbreaks in the country.

President Moon Jae-in made comments in Sunday’s speech when his health authorities detected a number of new cases related to nightclubs in Seoul’s Itaewon district in recent days. Previously, South Korea’s caseload had been reduced for weeks, prompting authorities to relax their social rules.

“The collection of infections that have recently occurred in entertainment facilities,” Moon said, “has raised awareness that, even during the stabilization phase, similar situations can arise again at any time, anywhere in a crowded confined space.”

Moon added that, “We must not lower our vigilance about preventing epidemics.” But he also said “there is no reason to stand still for fear.”

Moon said South Korea has “the right quarantine and medical system combined with experience to respond quickly to clusters of unexpected infections that may occur.”

SEOUL, South Korea – South Korea reported 34 additional cases of COVID-19 over the past 24 hours due to a spate of transmissions associated with club visitors threatening the country’s hard-earned profits in its fight against the virus.

Figures released on Sunday by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention increased the national total to 10,874 with 256 deaths. The agency said 9,610 had recovered and 10,128 others were undergoing tests to determine whether they had contracted the virus.

The agency said interim assessments showed 26 of 34 new patients were cases that were transmitted locally, while the rest were imported. South Korean media reported it was the first time the South Korean daily jump marked above 30 in about a month.

The agency did not immediately provide further details. But most of the new cases in recent days have been linked to nightclubs in Seoul’s Itaewon entertainment district.

Officials on Friday said they detected at least 15 infections related to a 29-year-old man who had visited three Itaewon clubs before conducting a positive test on Wednesday.

This infection raises concerns about a new surge in South Korea, which for weeks noted a steady decline in the number of new cases after having had hundreds of new cases every day until early March.

CANBERRA, Australia – Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said the government supports the EU motion for an independent inquiry into the origins of COVID-19 in China.

The Australian government has been calling for such an investigation for several weeks to better understand how coronaviruses began in Wuhan, China, to be able to fight such a pandemic in the future. This move has generated a critical response from China, Australia’s No.1 trading partner.

“We support the EU movement which includes independent investigations, regulatory work on the wet market and also the potential strength of independent inspections,” Hunt told Sky News on Sunday.

Ursula von der Leyen, head of the EU executive, said last week that he wanted to see China work with his organization, and others, to determine how the virus emerged.

BEIJING – China reported the first double digit increase in cases of new increases in 10 days Sunday, saying 14 new cases had been detected, 12 of which were domestic infections and two were brought in from abroad.

Eleven of the domestic cases are in the northeastern province of Jilin and 1 in Hubei province, whose capital city, Wuhan is considered the center of a global pandemic. Jilin shares a border with North Korea, where the situation of the virus is unclear but its very inadequate health system has been offered assistance by China in handling any outbreak.

No new virus deaths have been reported in China for almost 1 month and the number of people on treatment for COVID-19 nationally has dropped to 148, with 798 others under isolation and observation as one of the suspected cases or as tested positive for the virus while showing no symptoms. China has reported a total of 4,633 deaths totaling 82,901 cases.

Leaps in new cases can trigger concerns about how quickly lifting social measures that alienate and reopen schools and other public institutions. Photos of people who socialized widely in the Shanghai bar district last weekend drew criticism online. China last reported more than 10 cases in May, with 12, half imported. Reports include the number of new cases recorded in the previous 24 hours.

After bringing down all districts in the districts to a low risk of the virus, China has raised one of them, Shulan, in Jilin, after the province on May 10 reported a surge in cases to 11, bringing tightening social measures of distance and quarantine actions.

WASHINGTON – Three members of the White House coronavirus task force, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, putting themselves in quarantine after contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, is another reminder that none of the safest buildings in the country is immune from viruses.

Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a leading member of the task force, has been known nationally for his simple and direct explanation to the public about coronaviruses and COVID-19, the diseases they cause. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and commissioner for the Administration of Food and Medicine, Stephen Hahn.

The Fauci Institute says he has tested negative for COVID-19 and will continue to be tested regularly. He added that he was considered “relatively low risk” based on his level of exposure, and that he would “take appropriate precautions” to reduce the risk of personal contact while continuing to carry out his duties. While he will stay at home and work, Fauci will go to the White House if called upon and take every precaution, the agency said.

Redfield will be “teleworking for the next two weeks” after it was decided that he had “low risk exposure” to someone at the White House, the CDC said in a statement late Saturday. The statement said he felt fine and had no symptoms.

Only hours before, the Food and Drug Administration confirmed that Hahn had been in contact with someone who tested positive and quarantined himself for the next two weeks. He tested negative for the virus.

Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary was tested positive for the corona virus on Friday, making him the second person to work in the White House complex to be found positive for the virus this week. White House officials confirmed on Thursday that a member of the military acting as one of Trump’s valet tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday.

OLYMPIA, Washington – Opponents of orders living in Washington to slow the coronavirus regroup on Saturday at Capitol State.

Meanwhile, some residents who reported offenders stayed at home said that they received threats after right-wing groups posted their personal information on Facebook.

Some complainants who reported state businesses allegedly violated orders said Facebook posts had posed threats of violence and harassment against them, The Seattle Times reported. One group that published the names, Washington Three Percenters, far right, had promoted protests at home and one of its leaders spoke at a demonstration on Saturday.

State officials said the group was likely to obtain information through requests for public records. Saturday’s rally attracted around 1,500 people, according to the Washington State Patrol. That’s less than 2,000 more who attended a similar protest last month.

Governor Jay Inslee has extended the restrictions on living at home, but has allowed some retail and recreational activities to continue with modifications designed to inhibit the spread of COVID-19.

LOS ANGELES – Climbing the Hollywood sign board and hitting the link was permitted Saturday when the California region most severely hit by coronavirus, carefully reopened several sites to become homers who lack recreation.

Los Angeles County allows the reopening of golf courses and courses, but with social restrictions. For those interested in retail therapy, there is even better news when Governor Gavin Newsom on Friday allows tens of thousands of stores to reopen, including flower shops, just in time for Mother’s Day.

The City of Los Angeles announced it was also reopening several public spaces, including the extensive Griffith Park, which included popular paths to the Hollywood sign.

But police and park rangers installed will guard climbers to small and distant groups who wear face masks. Mayor Eric Garcetti urged “good judgment” and said the city would depend on education and encouragement rather than law enforcement.

“It’s not our vision to make it look like a middle school dance with people standing too close to each other,” he said.

Beaches in the County could be reopened next week with restrictions designed to prevent people from overloading the beach and possibly spreading COVID-19.

DENVER – Colorado has reached 967 deaths from the corona virus, and more than 19,300 people tested positive for the disease, state health officials said.

The country’s Ministry of Public Health and Environment said Saturday more than 100,000 had been tested for COVID-19.

State data show more than 3,600 have been hospitalized since the outbreak. Less than 600 people are in Colorado hospitals with symptoms of the disease on Friday.

On Saturday, a number of Denver businesses – from clothing stores to hair salons – opened their doors for the first time in almost two months when the order to stay at Mayor Michael Hancock’s home ended, The Denver Post reports. Business owners who have been hit financially say it’s the only way to stay afloat when they try to replace lost sales while giving their employees a much-needed salary.

But despite the green light from the city leaders, many business owners choose to close their stores for now. Those who have made the choice not to continue running a business say there is not enough evidence that bringing workers and customers back to their spaces is safe and will not contribute to the spread of COVID-19.

RIO RANCHO, N.M – New Mexico Republican and sheriff called on US Attorney General William Barr to look into Michelle Lujan Grisham’s health orders aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Republican Chair of the State Steve Pearce and New Mexico Sheriffs Association President Tony Mace each sent a letter to Barr last week asking for a review of health orders that have closed several businesses since the end of March. They say the order, which has shut down several small businesses, violates civil rights of citizens.

“We want to express our fear and frustration about the order of the New Mexico government. Lujan Grisham’s public health policy, a policy many believe in our country is an open violation of civil rights, freedom and their right to free trade , “Pearce wrote. . “The situation in New Mexico is an unfair and unjust situation.”

Mace, the sheriff of Cibola Regency and often criticizes fellow Democrat Lujan Grisham, said the health regulation was unfairly disadvantaging citizens.

“The governor has been discriminatory in his policies, keeping large box giant companies open – draining New Mexico dollars from the state – while closing down locally owned mom and pop companies,” Mase wrote. “This is not only a special treatment for large box stores but also a violation of the civil rights of our small business owners whose livelihoods are now in free fall.”

In an interview with The Associated Press, Pearce said he wanted Barr to see New Mexico to see if the U.S. Constitution “Respected” during the health order.

A spokeswoman for Lujan Grisham declined to comment.

GATLINBURG, Tenn. Reopening the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was a bit too tempting on Saturday when a number of nature lovers from dozens of countries thronged the trail and walked into a closed area, a spokesman said.

Even with some of the most popular lanes being closed, parking lots crowded and rows of cars winding down tree-lined streets, in one case about a mile to the waterfall road, according to park spokeswoman Dana Soehn. Many people don’t wear masks.

“It seems like people don’t respect our suggestion that they avoid crowded areas,” said Soehn, adding that he counted license plates from 24 states in a visitor center parking lot.

Visitors also walked through heavy barricades on one of the park’s most trafficked trails, Laurel Falls, which was closed by observing federal social distance guidelines, he said.

On the Tennessee-North Carolina border, the Great Smoky Mountains are the most visited national park in the county. It closed March 24 after officials said it had become too crowded during the coronavirus pandemic.

WASHINGTON – Former President Barack Obama strongly criticized President Donald Trump’s handling the coronavirus pandemic as an “absolute chaos disaster” during a conversation with former members of his government, according to recordings obtained by Yahoo News.

Obama’s comments Friday came during a call with 3,000 people serving in his government. He said fighting the virus would be bad even for the best of the government, but it was an “absolute chaotic disaster” when the mindset of “what’s in it for me” infiltrates the government.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said that President Trump’s response “was unprecedented and saved the lives of Americans.”

The United States has suffered nearly 80,000 deaths from COVID-19, the most among any country.


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The Latest: UN up appeal to fight virus up to $ 6.7 billion National | Instant News

Latest in coronavirus pandemic. New Coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people. For some people, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, can cause more severe illness or death.

– The United Nations has increased the number of appeals to fight the corona virus to $ 6.7 billion

– Democrats on the NY Board of Election challenge the return of the main president

– China says all regions of the country have been downgraded to low risk of the virus

– Brazil’s Ministry of Health for the first time said that locking would be needed to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

– The UK has become the second country to record more than 30,000 deaths due to the coronavirus pandemic.

– Former CDC director: US will reach 100,000 virus deaths by the end of May ..

UNITED NATIONS – The United Nations is increasing its appeal to combat the coronavirus pandemic in vulnerable and vulnerable countries from $ 2 billion to $ 6.7 billion.

US humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock stressed that the peak of the pandemic is not expected to hit the poorest countries in the world for three to six months. But he said there was already evidence of earnings falling and jobs disappearing, food supplies falling and prices soaring, and children losing vaccinations and food.

Since the initial appeal on March 25, the US has said $ 1 billion has been raised to support efforts in 37 fragile countries to overcome COVID-19.

The renewed call launched Thursday included nine additional vulnerable countries: Benin, Djibouti, Liberia, Mozambique, Pakistan, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Togo and Zimbabwe.

Lowcock said “in the poorest countries we can already see the economy contracting when export earnings, remittances and tourism disappear.

“If we don’t take action now, we must be prepared to face a significant increase in conflict, hunger and poverty,” he warned. “The scourge of some hunger appears.”

SEOUL, South Korea —— South Korea said it would expand the delivery of humanitarian masks to other countries amid the reduction in domestic corona virus cases.

The country’s food and medicine security minister, Lee Eui-kyung, told reporters Thursday that a total of 70 countries had requested the delivery of masks from South Korea.

Lee said South Korea would focus on helping countries with larger outbreaks that desperately need masks. He said diplomatic and security relations would also be considered before choosing which country would be supported by South Korea.

Lee said the South Korean government would buy masks for overseas provisions free of charge or allow domestic companies to export them. Since March, South Korea has largely banned mask exports.

Earlier Thursday, South Korea reported four more cases of the virus during the past 24 hours in the continuation of news cases in the country.

NEW YORK – Democratic state Election Council members appealed Wednesday for the restoration of federal judges over the election of the main president of New York.

An appeal by Council commissioner Andrew Spano and other members came a day after the June 23 primary was restored by US District Judge Torres Analysis in Manhattan, who said canceling it would be unconstitutional and revoking the drawn presidential candidates, Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang from the right representatives at the Democratic convention. .

Torres said there was enough time before the main to plan how to do it safely.

Torres’s decision came after lawyers for Sanders and Yang on Monday argued that their clients would be harmed irreparably.

Asked for comments about the petition late Wednesday, Sanders lawyer Arthur Schwartz said it was disappointing and there was a safe way to have an introduction on June 23.

Democratic members of the State Election Council last week voted to cancel presidential elections even though New York still plans to hold congressional and state level elections on June 23.

BEIJING – China on Thursday said all wide areas of the country had been reduced from high to low risk of the virus, because the number of new cases had fallen to near zero and no new deaths were reported in more than three weeks.

The last area to be taken down was the Linkou region outside the city of Mudanjiang in Heilongjiang province bordering Russia and where the latest spike in cases was reported. Authorities closed emergency field hospitals in the region after the closure of land borders and tight social distance measures appear to have effectively brought the number of new cases to zero.

China’s National Health Administration reported Thursday only two new cases of the corona virus, both brought from abroad, and said 295 people remained in hospital with COVID-19. 884 other people are under isolation and monitoring because they are suspected as cases or have tested positive without showing symptoms.

In total, China has reported 4,633 deaths among 82,885 cases of the virus believed to have originated in the main industrial city of Wuhan late last year before spreading throughout the world.

SEOUL, South Korea – Military aircraft will be used to transport 500,000 masks aimed at US veterans from the 1950-53 Korean War when South Korea expanded efforts to help other countries deal with the corona virus while the outbreak itself slowed.

South Korea’s Defense Ministry said Thursday that the C-130J cargo plane would depart from an airbase in the southern city of Gimhae on Friday.

The ministry said another 500,000 masks would be distributed to Korean War veterans in other countries through diplomatic offices and that they would be able to receive them in mid-May or earlier.

The South Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported four new cases of the virus and one more death, bringing the national total to 10,810 and 254 deaths. The country reported around 500 new cases a day in early March, but the last saw a daily jump of more than 100 on April 1.

South Korea has since banned the export of masks and distributed most of the masks produced domestically to pharmacies, where people are currently limited to buying three masks per week. The national rationing program is a drastic effort to calm public anger over the shortage, but officials say supplies have now stabilized and that the country can send more masks abroad at a level that does not interfere with domestic use.

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Bars, retail stores and hair salons can be reopened starting next week and domestic travel is again permitted in New Zealand.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Thursday outlined what the country was like under further easing of its lockout rules. Most countries will return to the similarity of normality. Senior lawmakers will decide on Monday whether to continue plans from Wednesday.

Under the plan, schools can be reopened starting the following week. State borders will remain closed. The meeting will be limited to 100 people and a social distance protocol will be required. Professional sports will start again, even without the crowds. The hair salon can be reopened but staff will be asked to wear masks and protective equipment. In bars, restaurants and other social venues, people need to sit individually, so it is not possible for certain businesses such as night clubs to reopen.

Ardern said it was important for the country to proceed cautiously and not make mistakes, saying it was like being halfway up Mt. Everest and no one wants to climb mountains again.

New Zealand has succeeded in reducing new cases of the virus to dripping, including two days this week when no new cases were recorded. In total, the country reported nearly 1,500 cases and 21 deaths.

MANILA, Philippines – A cruise ship that is the subject of an Australian criminal investigation to trigger a coronavirus infection has sailed into Philippine waters on its way to Manila to bring the Filipino crew home.

The Philippine coast guard said Thursday that Princess Ruby would drop anchor in Manila Bay, where at least 16 other luxury cruise ships have met since last month while waiting for more than 5,000 Filipino crew members to be tested for corona virus before descending.

Coast guard spokesman Armand Balilo said 214 Filipino crew on board, Princess Ruby would be tested.

Ruby’s daughter has been linked to 19 deaths in Australia and two in the United States. An Australian government investigation is being conducted as to why 2,700 passengers and crew were allowed to disembark in Sydney on March 19 before the results of the sick passenger test were known.

Many passengers fly from Sydney abroad. Two died at home in the United States, including Los Angeles resident Chung Chen, whose family sued Princess Cruises for more than $ 1 million for failing to remind passengers of the risks.

SEOUL, South Korea – South Korea’s biggest airline says it will resume several suspended flights to North America, Europe and Asia next month to expand cargo transportation and prepare for the possibility of increasing travelers as countries ease their coronavirus restrictions.

Despite increased flights, Korean Air said Thursday that it would still operate only 32 of its 110 international routes in June.

The airline will continue flights to Washington, Seattle, Vancouver and Toronto next month and increase the number of weekly flights to San Francisco, Atlanta and Chicago.

For Europe, the airline will continue flights to Amsterdam and Frankfurt and increase flights to Paris and London. Flights to Singapore, Kula Lumpur, Myanmar in Myanmar and Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam will also continue.

Korean Air said the coronavirus pandemic, which has destroyed global travel, has pushed South Korean airlines into an existential crisis and called for stronger government support. The company currently rotates 70% of its 20,000 workers with six months paid leave.

WALLA WALLA, Wash. – Authorities said some people deliberately ignored health recommendations by exposing themselves and others to coronavirus at the “COVID party” in the state of southeast Washington.

Meghan DeBolt, director of the Walla Walla District Public Health Department, told Union-Bulletin this week that contact tracing had revealed that some attended the meeting with the idea that it was better to get sick with a virus and solve it. New positive test results in the area have been produced from these parties.

“We asked about contact, and there were 25 people because:” We were at the COVID party, “DeBolt said.

Washington State Health Department officials on Wednesday released a statement that said gathering in groups amidst this pandemic could be very dangerous and put people at increased risk of hospitalization and death.

SAN DIEGO – A 57-year-old man in immigration detention died Wednesday due to complications related to coronavirus, authorities said, marking the first reported death of the virus among around 30,000 people in immigration detention.

The detainee has been held at the Otay Mesa Detention Center in San Diego and has been in hospital since late April, said Craig Sturak, a spokesman for the San Diego County Health & Human Services Agency.

US Customs and Immigration Enforcement will not confirm or deny death. CoreCivic Inc., a private company that operates a detention center, did not respond to requests for comment.

SACRAMENTO, California – Millions of protective masks that will arrive in California this week as part of a state agreement with Chinese companies that are valued at nearly $ 1 billion have been postponed, Governor Gavin Newsom said on Wednesday.

The governor said the N95 mask made by BYD, an electric vehicle manufacturer with a California manufacturing plant, was stalled in the federal certification process. He did not elaborate further, and his office did not respond to requests for further information.

Last month, Newsom announced the agreement with fanfare, calling it a “brave and big” effort in the country’s struggle against the corona virus. He said the agreement would produce 500 million masks which are a mixture of traditional surgical masks and a more protective N95 model for the country over the next 2.5 months.

The state took the unusual step of paying around half the contract in advance to cover around 300 million N95 masks with $ 3.30 per mask. Payments are made to Global Healthcare Product Solutions, a subsidiary of BYD.

The price per mask was first reported on Wednesday by the Los Angeles Times and is based on purchase documents from the state treasury. The total contract also includes loose surgical masks, although details about it are not part of the initial payment, said Brian Ferguson, a spokesman for the Office of Emergency Services.

OLYMPIA, Washington – More than 60% of deaths from the corona virus in Washington are related to long-term care facilities and authorities say more than 250 locations in the state have reported at least one case of COVID-19.

The state’s COVID-19 response team released information on Wednesday showing that there were 507 deaths related to the facility last Saturday, which accounted for 61% of viral deaths in the state at the time. There were 2,894 positive cases related to care facilities, representing 19% of the total cases as of last week.

Nursing homes were devastated by the coronavirus pandemic and the country’s first deadly COVID-19 cluster occurred in the Seattle area care facility, where more than 40 people died.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order allowing employees throughout the California economy to file workers compensation if they were exposed to the corona virus.

It is assumed that the infection is work related unless the employer can prove otherwise. This assumption applies for the next 60 days and recedes until March 19, when Newsom first ordered all but important workers to stay at home.

He said the change was needed now as California prepares to loosen the order in the coming days and weeks. A state rating agency previously said such a decision could cost around $ 2 billion to nearly $ 34 billion a year.

BATON ROUGE, La. – Republican lawmakers trying to uncover Louisiana Governor John Edgar living throughout the state of the order at home is moving legislation that would keep the governor from enforcing restrictions.

The Democratic governor’s decision to extend his order at home until May 15 has sparked criticism from Republicans who prefer a parish-by-parish approach.

The House Committee voted on Wednesday 9-7 to advance a proposal to remove Edwards’ ability to punish businesses that did not comply with his orders, for 15 days of travel.

It must have the support of the House and Senate to take effect. And that can be debated in a few days.

Edwards will announce Monday if he reduces the May 16 limit, and he said he hopes he will be able to do it.

BRAZIL, Brazil – Brazil’s Ministry of Health for the first time said that locking would be needed to prevent the spread of the corona virus in the most populous country in Latin America, where deaths had reached new heights of more than 600 two days in a row.

Nelson Teich told reporters that locking would be important for parts of the country with high infection rates and crowded hospitals with more patients coming. He did not mention the name of a particular city or state.

Teich’s comments contrast sharply with comments over the past two months from President Jair Bolsonaro, who called the virus a “small flu” and criticized the closure of businesses ordered by the governor because it was more damaging to the country’s economy than the virus itself.

Teich took office last month when cases of the virus began to spread in Brazil. He promised to save lives and the economy and said at that time that he and Bolsonaro faced each other.

Brazil is the country hardest hit in Latin America by the corona virus. Experts worry that the situation will get worse, especially in overcrowded slums called favelas where more than 11 million people live in cramped conditions.

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump said schools must be reopened in most countries but it would be understandable if older teachers with health problems stayed at home.

Trump was asked about school in the Oval Office during the award ceremony for and with nurses.

Most schools throughout the country were closed in March and have shifted to distance learning until the end of the academic year. Reopening them is considered the key to making the economy move again.

This is the second time in two weeks Trump has agreed to the idea, citing how children fared during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a call with the governor last week, he said the country must “seriously consider” reopening schools before the end of the academic year.

“This is extraordinary,” he said, Wednesday. “We realize how strong children are. Their immune system might be a little different, maybe just a little stronger or maybe a lot stronger. Could be much stronger. We have learned a lot by watching this monster. “

The comments have sparked a reaction from the teachers’ union and others who said reopening too early would be dangerous for students and staff.

HARTFORD, Conn. – Connecticut colleges and universities can open at their own discretion, in stages between May 20 and September 1, with a massive COVID-19 test of students living on a residential campus, under a package of recommendations submitted to the Government. Ned Lamont.

However, the plan depends on certain benchmarks being met, such as a steady decrease in hospitalization in Connecticut and colleges and universities that have adequate testing supplies, face masks and personal protective equipment.

About 190,000 students are registered at tertiary institutions in Connecticut. They employ around 45,000 people.

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump has called on the Department of Justice to investigate alleged potential market manipulation and possible pricing by meat packing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump told reporters at the White House that he asked the Justice Department to launch an investigation.

Justice Department spokesman Kerri Kupec confirmed the president had asked the agency to investigate potential antitrust issues. Officials said the department had also received a number of questions from members of Congress on this issue.

The Attorney General for 11 Midwestern states also called on the Department of Justice to conduct a federal investigation. They noted in a letter to William Barr on Tuesday that the domestic beef processing market was highly concentrated, with the four largest beef processors controlling 80 percent of the industry.

They said the meat market could be “very vulnerable to market manipulation” especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

LONDON – Britain has become the second country to record more than 30,000 deaths from the coronavirus pandemic.

Robert Jenrick, community secretary, told a government daily briefing that 649 people in Britain died in all settings, including hospitals and nursing homes, after being tested positive for coronavirus.

It took the official British death toll to 30,076, only behind the United States, which has more than 71,000 deaths related to the corona virus.

The British government is expected to extend lockdown restrictions on Thursday when they come for review, partly because deaths have continued to rise despite falling when measured over a seven-day period.

Tom Frieden, a former CDC director, testified at the DPR session that there would be 100,000 deaths in the United States at the end of May.

As bad as the crisis has happened, “this is just the beginning,” he said.

“Our fight against COVID will be long and difficult.”

Republic of Rep. Andy Harris from Maryland, a session participant, said reopening the economy can’t wait. “We are safer from death if we are not born,” he said.

LANSING, Mich. – The Republican-led Michigan Legislative Body demanded Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, ask the judge to declare illegitimate and enactment of orders to stay at home and other measures issued to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The lawsuit, which was filed Wednesday in the state’s Claim Court, said a 1945 law giving the governor broad emergency authority to order such restrictions governs local declarations, not across states, as they have been since March.

This argues Whitmer needs legislative approval to extend the declaration and effectively maintain the direction of staying at home.

Orders have been in effect at least until May 15 and generally require people to take shelter on the ground except doing important work, exercising outdoors and buying groceries or other items.

Nearly 4,200 people in Michigan died from COVID-19 complications.


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The Travel Industry Automates Pandemic Responses with New Digital Tools | Instant News

Technology companies use digital devices designed for other companies’ applications to help the travel industry convince airplane passengers and alert hotel guests while preparing to return to business. Medan Passenger Terminal, a private airport in Everett, Washington, on Wednesday began rolling out a camera aimed at screening passengers who had a fever, an important symptom of Covid-19, before they boarded the plane. The camera developed by the Austin Security technology company based in Texas, Athens, was originally designed to place people carrying weapons inside banks, schools and other high-security locations. “We have arranged to let us know if someone has a fever of more than 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit,” Brett Smith, chief information officer of the airport operator, Propeller Airports, said of the device being reused. Cameras screen passengers as they line up for a standard security check by the Transportation Security Administration.

Passengers with high fever are screened for the second time, and finally the airline determines whether they endanger others, Smith said. The airport began operations in March 2019 and functions as a northwest hub for Alaska Airlines and United Airlines.

Developed in 2018, after a mass shooting in Las Vegas, the Athens weapons detection camera operates by combining object detection, computer vision and machine learning to identify weapons and automatically alert workers and police on location. To overcome privacy concerns, it blurs the face in its video feed and does not collect personal information, the company said.

After the Covid-19 pandemic struck, the company utilized the camera’s instant reporting capability to develop a high-temperature detection system that can see people with high fever at airports, hospitals, 911 call centers and workplaces, said Athens Chief Executive Lisa Falzone. The new system uses thermal cameras instead of standard security cameras, he said.

The CIO Journal Newsletter listing The Morning Download presents insights and daily news about business technology from the CIO Journal team.

When the economy starts to open, Ms Falzone said, the company’s fever detection technology can be used at polling stations, schools or convention centers: “Wherever it is necessary to manage appropriate initial screening and ethically to prevent someone who might be infected from joining a larger group . ”

Mr Smith said since the airline’s coronavirus outbreak traffic at the airport had dropped to four or five departures every day, from 24.

Similar decreases at airports across the country made operators scramble to process vouchers, credit, and refunds for ticket holders on canceled flights.

U.S. airlines canceling up to 80% of their flights, according to reviews by major operators in mid-April by a group of senators. U.S. Department of Transportation has warned airlines that they must provide refunds for canceled flights. Airlines globally face around 1.1 million flight cancellations as of June 30, according to the International Air Transport Association.

Software maker Automation Anywhere Inc. has retooled its robotic process automation software, utilizing existing applications designed for the hospitality industry to make bots to help operators cope with surging refund requests, said Prince Kohli, the company’s chief technology officer.

He said the AI-activated bot automatically extracted ticket information from customer data on file, opened an airline booking and refund application, and issued e-vouchers for future travel. By applying machine learning and natural language processing, Bpk. Kohli said, most refund requests were handled in about three minutes, down from about 20 minutes by the agent.

Because coronaviruses of prospective travelers remain indoors, travel offers have sprung up online. Don’t be easily swayed. Scott McCartney from WSJ detailed how to avoid risky trips. Photo: Getty Images (Originally published March 25, 2020)

“The first airline to implement this bot is able to process 4,000 requests every day, not 500, without requiring additional employee assistance,” he said, adding that the technology could also be applied to hotel cancellations. Customers include American Airlines, Lufthansa and Air France, according to the company.

To help the hotel reopen, Xenex Disinfection Services LLC has changed the technology developed to clean hospital wards, germs and bacteria into hospital hotel robots.

The company’s autonomous robot floods the guest rooms with a broad spectrum, high intensity ultraviolet light. This technology is commonly used by hundreds of hospitals throughout the country. Recent testing by the Texas Biomedical Research Institute found that the company’s UV technology was effective in removing SARS-CoV-2, the virus that caused Covid-19.

Each robot takes about two minutes to disinfect a room and can clean dozens of rooms a day, capturing microscopic bacteria and viruses that are often missed by the manual cleaning process, a company spokesman said.

“As a result of Covid-19, we have talked with many hotels and hotel chains about how this technology can be used to make tourists feel safe again,” he said, adding that the company also spoke with cruise ship operators, government agencies, fitness centers and facilities others who need to quickly disinfect public areas.

273 rooms at the Westin Houston Medical Center in March began using two company robots to disinfect the living room and public areas, according to Pearl Hospitality, hotel owner and operator. This hotel is connected to the Texas Medical Center.

“We are taking significant proactive actions, together with following [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] guidelines, to minimize risk while maintaining daily business momentum, “said Archit Sanghvi, vice president of operations at Pearl Hospitality.

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Richard Branson Strives to Save on Travel, the Tourism Empire | Instant News

LONDON – Two months ago, Richard Branson launched the Scarlet Lady, the first cruise ship in the travel and tourism empire that stretches across the world under its Virgin Group brand. Currently, the cruise ship business is on hold. One of its airlines, Virgin Australia, filed for bankruptcy Tuesday. Another, Virgin Atlantic, a trans-Atlantic shuttle, requested financial assistance from the British government. Father….

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When can we travel again? Experts share their predictions | the features | Instant News

When can we travel again? Maybe summer trip. Maybe Europe in the fall. Maybe 2021. Ask an expert when Americans will start hitting the road and fly free again, and you will get a spectrum of answers. Optimists tend toward summer. Others think it will take longer. You also hear lots of theories about how recovery will occur – road trips, later flights – and how this pandemic can change the world of travel in the long run – losing small shops, high priority cleanliness. But no one really knows, because the virus is responsible. Here, when the US and Europe face some of the darkest pandemic days so far, this is what some industry leaders – and one doctor – say you can expect. WHAT’S IN THE CARD FOR SUMMER? A more or less normal summer trip “can be found on the card, and I say it carefully,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, recently on “CBS This Morning.” Fauci said the summer activities depended on ongoing success in leveling the level of transmission of the virus – and could change quickly if a surge in infection occurred. Harris Poll recently asked Americans how long after the average curve they would go to a hotel: “In a fifth of Americans (21%) say they will stay in a hotel within one month,” with the figure rising to 41% within three months and 60% within six months. For airlines, the critical point for most Americans to return to flights comes after four to six months. And more than half said they would wait a year or more before going on a voyage, according to the poll. Roger Dow, chief executive of the US Travel Association, thinks the trip will recover, it’s just not as fast and not all at once. One thing is certain, Dow said, “Americans will generally stay home until next year. … Europe is done for American travelers. “” The most important thing as an industry is that we must be ready when that moment comes. “Whenever that happens, there are problems with preparation, hotel reopening, and flights added. Back to a schedule that saw a decline of nearly 60% from 6 January to 6 April, according to OAG, which analyzed airline data. The US was slightly better than average. flights declined 45.2% in that time period, but Germany, Spain, Hong Kong and Britain fell 90% or more.The rebound will not happen as fast as a collapse, but like that, OAG analysts say, domestic will come back first. bring the bag first; OAG analysts think that the beginning of the recovery will take place in two to three months. AFTER 2021 Rick Steves, who publishes travel guides, makes PBS travelogues and operates a Rick Steves tour in Europe from an office in Edmonds, Wash., has canceled all tours starting from May 31. He is on the verge of canceling more, including those that have special meaning for him. To celebrate the marriage of his daughter, St. Eves organizes a large 20-day tour in Europe that includes around two dozen family members on a bus tour. They will start June 16 in Amsterdam. “I haven’t canceled that yet, but I’m on the verge,” Steves said. In fact, “I’m psychologically prepared not to have a tour this year,” Steves said. “That’s the thing about this crisis: We just don’t know. … I will be grateful for anything we can save from 2020. “When the restrictions subsided, he said,” I think the first thing that will return is regional travel: going to a city three hours away by car. What you don’t want to do is fly somewhere and find yourself in a situation where you will be quarantined. “When international travel picks up again,” I know we will find a vibrant and friendly Europe, “said Steves, whose efforts survived on September 11, 2001, and the 2008 recession.” When something stops traveling and people start to return, it is a beautiful moment for all involved. … I will be patient. “TRAVEL DRIVING JULY? Alan X. Reay, president of Irvine, California, hotel brokerage company, Atlas Hospitality, hopes the recovery will begin with a short summer trip to small hotels. The pandemic continues as some have predicted, Reay said, he suspected, he suspected travelers will start exploring “around July. The property (hotel) that will recover the fastest is a property located in the drive-to market. … You will discourage people from traveling by plane.” The fastest restoring hotels, said Reay, “it will be a smaller hotel. Especially in the coastal and coastal areas. The longest will be a large meeting hotel and resort. … I think people will initially avoid these 200-300 larger hotels. “If there were no coronavirus repeats in the fall or winter, Reay said he would expect a steady increase in holiday travel until 2021, because more and more travelers and business people take to the air. Two changes that last long Reay expects: Hotels will see “more types of cleaning robots,” and travelers “will be very, very concerned about how close they are to other people.” If your trip is about family, you might go faster. Chip Conley, founder of Joie de Vivre Hospitality, Airbnb adviser and founder of the Modern Elder Academy, thinks “there will be a rolling process for when the trip starts again based on the intentions and profile of the traveler.” types of experiences – weddings, family reunions, transformational trips – can return sooner because it’s a promise of happiness and connection with people you know or will know deeply. “When the recovery is taking place, Conley said, many travelers will first go to hotels that are extended stay with small kitchens (due to extended visits to families or pandemic-related recovery projects). He expects a gradual revival of close visits to homes on the outskirts of the main metro area, followed by “summer vacation trips in nature, business travelers land fighters, small conferences / meetings, international travel, large conventions, cruise vacations,” in that order. IS THIS YEAR CAR? Still, travel is in our DNA, Clayton Reid, chief executive of the travel industry analyst for MMGY Global, wrote in a March 27 report about the future of travel after the crisis. Reid estimates that Americans will return to travel by traveling shorter, closer to home. “Road trips have increased for five years in a row, and 2020 could be the year of this car.” These early travelers might head to outdoor destinations, such as campsites and mountain resort towns. WHEN WILL I RETURN? Even though the entire travel industry was stalled from the coronavirus pandemic, the shipping industry was hit very hard because many ships changed. away from the harbor while passengers and crew fell ill and even died. “COVID-19 has become a public relations disaster for the shipping industry,” said Ben Cordwell, travel and tourism analyst at GlobalData, a data and analysis firm. How does industry shipping recover and regain momentum? “Because the shipping industry revolved from passenger shipping to relaxed shipping in the 1970s, shipping lines have not faced the full-scale shutdown of operations they face today because of the coronavirus pandemic,” said Robert J. Kwortnik, associate professor at Cornell University’s Hotel School, who study tourism with a focus on the cruise ship industry. “This situation is truly unprecedented, meaning that the response to it must be unprecedented as well.” Even so, travel agents and industry experts say bookings for cruise cruises in 2021 have gone up considerably compared to precoronavirus data. Lines canceling canceled flights in recent months have offered refunds or credit for future trips. However, travel agents and experts say booking rates for cruise ship trips in 2021 represent more than just passengers who re-order canceled trips. compared to 2019, said Heidi M. Allison, president of the company. Only 11% of bookings came from people whose 2020 trips were canceled, he said. “People are still ordering cruises and want to sail again when this is all over,” he said. WHAT ABOUT LUXURY AND EUROPE? Becky Powell, president of Protravel International, which has more than 1,000 travel agents in the US and UK, acknowledged the allure of destinations close to home. “I think people will need improvements to their luxury resorts before they are ready to get on a plane,” he said in an email. He also saw several people making reservations for a luxurious stay in Hawaii; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Tahiti, and several Caribbean sites. Mark Anderson from Adventure Vacations in La Jolla, California, specializes in trips to Paris. He thinks European travel might recover before the end of 2020. “Autumn will be my best bet,” he said in an email. “It could be since August, because the whole European continent has a month (holiday), and nothing will stop them from going to the beach.” After the September 11, 2001 crisis, Anderson offered to travel to Paris for a bargain price of $ 399, including air, hotels and breakfast. They sell well for months. “That taught me a number of lessons, among them that in the hierarchy of human needs, along with food, shelter, etc., that people need to travel,” Anderson said.


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