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New York eases travel restrictions for those vaccinated | Instant News

New York eases travel restrictions for those vaccinated. Advertiser Disclosure Many credit card offers that appear on the website are from credit card companies from which ThePointsGuy.com receives compensation. This compensation may have an impact on how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). This site does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers. Please see our Advertising Policy page for more information. Editorial Note: The views expressed herein are solely those of the author, and not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airline or hotel chain, and have not not been reviewed, approved or otherwise approved by any of these entities. .

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London Fashion Week And Joor Partnership Reinforce New Digital Direction For Trade Shows | Instant News

When shoppers started canceling or shortening their buying trips to Milan and Paris last February on the brink of the global Coronavirus outbreak, Joor CEO Kristin Savilia knew that the clothing wholesale and purchasing industry needed to adapt. In this sense, that means finally embracing a completely digital way of working. What he didn’t know at the time was that the change would be permanent. As London Fashion Week starting tomorrow, it will mark the third time since June 2020 that the digital omnichannel purchasing service has become its exclusive partner. While this is perhaps the most prestigious of the online trading events, it is far from the only thing Joor has secured since launching an event-driven Passport service amid the pandemic last year.


“As soon as the fashion week trip started to be canceled, we saw huge activity at the site’s virtual showroom function,” said Savilia. He acknowledged windfall in functions rarely used on the site. “Full disclosure; the feature is there but isn’t actually being used by the brand, and suddenly our brand is calling us for a refresher course on implementing it.” It is clear that with brands that take advantage of this aspect, the events and purchase periods can also be extended and reach a wider audience.

As usage increased, Savilia and her team quickly scaled up the virtual showroom to include the ORB360-degree imaging technology that worked with partners. ORDER, adding videos by style to optimize search as well as editing functions. A standard aspect of the IRL purchasing process is to survey the shelf of goods for purchase and assess whether the assortment is sufficient. The edit feature can show customers on a shop-wide pro purchase platform based on style, location, item type, etc., for a real-time brand estimate. Currently, several retail partners are using Joors’ enhanced pro paid services including Harrod’s London, Selfridge’s, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Shopbop, Level Shoes, Liberty London, Dover Street Market, Forty-Five Ten, Intermix, and Samaritaine, coming soon to reopens LVMH’s retail and hotel projects in Paris.

“I said to my team, ‘trade shows and fashion shows aren’t going to happen in June, let’s be a platform that makes business continuity possible for that market,’ recalls Savilia when she thought it was just going to happen. season. London Fashion Week was signed later with 50 brands shown to coincide with the shows Premium and Seek. Now in its third season, the company has grown to 120 brands. The idea coincided with the Passport which was under development at the time. Originally intended to complement physical performances, the idea was shifted to a virtual format. But LFW is just one event. Passport centralizes trade shows into a one-stop shop for users – as in one login, one website, one application, and one fully integrated service. In its first year, it hosted 17 global events which attracted more than 140,000 visitors. Savilia said with more than 1,600 participating brands, more than 500,000 items were sold. “Think for a moment.” The CEO said that the platform was’ democratizing the industry in a good way. “


Together with LFW, they are taking up events in countries for the first time hosting trade shows and non-profit fashion week events in China, Turkey, Colombia, Japan, and Brazil, with a footwear market event due to launch the morning I spoke with Savilia. Currently, Passport is hosting Show Room Canada, Liberty Fairs X LA Men’s Market, Brazilian Footwear, Joor Showcase, Destination Italy with London Fashion Week in preview stages, and Premium and Seek events which appear together seasonally.

The next event to launch on February 22ndnd is the RAISE Fashion Event which supports Black-owned businesses, partnering with a newly formed organization to help Black and Harlem Fashion Row entrepreneurs. “With many retailers like Nordstrom

, Macy’s

and Gap

taking a 15 percent pledge to provide and support black-owned businesses, we help retailers connect with them, “said Savilia. The initial launch will highlight 25 brands, with 25 more to be added mid-year.


A year later, Savilia is confident that digital shows will continue to improve and, for some, replace physical trade shows. In much the same way, some predict runway shows will continue post-pandemic. “We travel too much, go to a lot of events,” he said. Industry needs to change its carbon footprint by traveling less and consolidating events. “He thinks physical shows are still important but will involve less travel to attend. He notes some stores have set buy levels for in-person visits; for example, at Selfridge’s, an account must buy the 250,000 BP level.” The industry is 20 years behind, ” he said, “We are not going to be a virtual event that only plays purely but works in a more harmonious way. But your events are getting bigger in reach, and your events can run longer online. “In some cases where a buyer only has three days it may not be possible to see all of them. With online events that can last a month or two, the remainder of the purchase is purchased online.

Like many businesses in the fashion industry, Savilia said the first two months of the pandemic were challenging and sometimes uncertain. But as more and more brands and retailers turn to 100 percent digital, the need for Passport functionality and virtual showrooms is a boon for Joor. The New York City-based service, which has twelve offices globally, including London, Paris and Shanghai, China, is currently in the process of opening, finding that the biggest challenge is staffing. Savilia went from wondering if layoffs were imminent to hiring thirty new staff members to accept the influx of brands and events to the platform. “We are recruiting and training new staff over the summer; we offer a point of contact service because we know some brands may go digital,” said the CEO. While many aspects of the fashion industry have shifted to digital platforms – for example, shows are online; each retailer typically has a website, lookbook collection and even a creative portfolio that exists digitally. Savilia says the wholesale buying industry is mired in manual order forms that are centered on paper and Excel-spreadsheets.

Joor surpassed the competition in this sector by not only being the first but also the biggest. Joor operates globally and owns about 75 percent of luxury brands, including those owned by LVMH, Kering and Richemont and has 30 exclusive retailers using the upgraded service versus three of similar but newer services. “Our biggest differentiator is that we are global and the fully digital ecosystem allows synchronization, interaction and collaboration; that’s the magic of Joor,” says Savilia. About outdated systems and competitors in the field, the CEO commented, “It’s great to have competition, but the real enemy is the lack of digitization. When brands and retailers are on the same platform, the same space and synchronization are best, nothing beats that scenario. “


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Joint Statement by Foreign Ministers of France, Germany, Italy, Britain and the United States – Rocket attack in Erbil (16 February 2021) | Instant News

We, the foreign ministers of France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the United States strongly condemn the February 15 rocket attack on Iraq’s Kurdistan Region. We extend our condolences to the victims, their families and the Iraqi people. Together, our governments will support the Government of Iraq’s investigation into the attacks with a view to holding those responsible to account. We are united in our view that attacks on the US and Coalition personnel and facilities will not be tolerated.


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China reciprocated an offer of British citizenship for Hong Kong residents | Instant News

China is expected to step up retaliation in March against a British scheme to offer citizenship to millions of people people through British National (Overseas) (BNO) passports, reports the Asia Times.

Residents will now be asked to declare if they have British citizenship under the BNO passport scheme, according to the Asia Times.

Since last July, analysts have suggested that Beijing can revoke Chinese citizenship and permanent residence of BNO passport holders.

On January 29, China said it would cancel BNO’s recognition as a travel and identity document for Hong Kong people from January 31 and was entitled to take further action against the British citizenship scheme.

Britain offers a path to eventual citizenship for Hong Kong residents. London announced its plans in July last year to accept eligible Hong Kong citizens following Beijing’s adoption of a ruthless National Security Act.

Tian Feilong, a professor at Beijing Beihang University Law School and director of the Hong Kong and Macau Studies Association of China, said in an interview with TVB on Wednesday that the committee will still interpret China’s National Law a second time in March if necessary. .

“If the number of BNO visa applicants reaches 20,000 to 30,000 this month, I think it has reached an alarming level,” said Tian.

“Once BNO status holders are granted British citizenship, their permanent residency, voting rights and social benefits in Hong Kong must be revoked. The Hong Kong government must change local election rules and social benefits after a reinterpretation of the Nationality Law,” he said.

In May 1996, the committee gave an explanation of the application of the Chinese National Law in Hong Kong. From 1 July 1997, Hong Kong people can continue to use British Dependent Territories Citizens or BNO passports as travel documents, but they are not entitled to British consular protection in Hong Kong and mainland China.

It is widely believed that by reinterpreting the Nationality Law, Beijing could easily strip Chinese citizens of those granted British citizenship under the BNO citizenship scheme, reports Asia Times.

However, the newspaper said it was more complicated to revoke a person’s permanent residence permit in Hong Kong because the move might violate Article 24 of the Basic Law, which clearly states the definition of a permanent resident of the city.

In addition, Tian suggested last year that the National People’s Congress (NPC) standing committee should interpret Article 24 of the Constitution. He said, after the interpretation, BNO status holders who were granted British citizenship would lose the right to vote and run for office. These rights are contained in Article 26 of the Constitution.

Many Hong Kong netizens have pointed out that the Hong Kong government will not be able to distinguish whether Hong Kongers are granted British citizenship under the BNO scheme or other schemes, including the British National Selection Scheme launched in 1990 for 50,000 Hong Kongers. family, reports Asia Times.

However, Lau Siu-kai, vice president of the Hong Kong and Macau Study Association of China, said Hong Kong residents would be required to declare to the government if they were granted British citizenship under the BNO scheme.

“People who are granted British citizenship under the BNO scheme will enjoy fewer job opportunities in Hong Kong as they will face more challenges when applying for a visa to enter mainland China. These people must then return to the UK as’ class citizens. two ‘.’ because of their bleak prospects in Hong Kong, “said Lau.

Asia Times says this “punishment” appears to be indirect for those who have decided to leave, Beijing’s move to stop recognizing the BNO as a travel and identity document has hit hundreds of innocent people.

Minorities from India, Pakistan and Nepal have to face a heavy burden, holding only BNO passports. They cannot apply for a Hong Kong SAR passport and a Mainland Travel Permit. These people used to apply for Chinese visas with their BNO passports but they can’t do it now, “said Mohan Chugani, former president of the Hong Kong Indian Association.

According to the Asia Times, there are about 36,000 Indians, 18,000 Pakistanis and 25,000 Nepalis in Hong Kong, according to the latest 2016 census. Many of these people hold foreign passports or Hong Kong SAR.

14,645 non-Chinese people applied for Chinese citizenship in Hong Kong between 2009 and 2018, according to Immigration Department data. Among those who applied, only 75 percent made it. The rest were rejected or withdrawn.

(Only the title and image of this report may have been reworked by Business Standards staff; other content was generated automatically from syndicated feeds.)


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Statement by foreign ministries of France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the United States (05 February 2021) | Instant News


5 February 2021

The governments of France, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and the United States welcomed the agreement reached by the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum on Libya’s interim executive authority tasked with leading the country to national elections on December 24, 2021.

This critical step towards achieving an inclusive, negotiated political solution is the result of a process that is truly Libya-led and owned, United Nations mediation, and the support of the Libyan people. In this regard, we laud the outstanding commitment of the United Nations Mission of Support in Libya and Acting Special Representative of Secretary General Stephanie Williams. We look forward to fully supporting the work of Special Envoy Ján Kubiš.

We call on all current Libyan authorities and actors to ensure the smooth and constructive handover of all competencies and duties to the new unified executive authority.

Since the Berlin Conference, Libya has made significant progress towards securing lasting peace and stability, including through the reopening of the energy sector, the 23 October 2020 national ceasefire agreement, the roadmap for holding national elections in December 2021, and now the election of a unified interim executive authority. .

The long road still lies ahead. The unified executive authority must enforce the ceasefire agreement, provide essential public services to the Libyan people, initiate a meaningful reconciliation program, address critical national budgetary needs, and organize national elections. The new interim government, to be proposed by the appointed Prime Minister, must be truly inclusive, allowing all Libyans to be represented, including with regard to gender, ethnicity and regional origin.

We call on the delegates of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum to retain their important functions, ensuring the focus of a new unified executive authority in preparing for and holding the elections decided by the Forum.

At the Berlin Conference on Libya last year, the international community committed to supporting the resolution of the Libyan conflict. In the spirit of that commitment, all Conference participants must now support the new executive authority in fulfilling its duties to the Libyan people, implement a full arms embargo, and support the immediate withdrawal of all foreign fighters and mercenaries.

We are ready to hold accountable those who threaten stability or undermine the political process in Libya.


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