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A view of the Monday trip, motorists encouraged to stay off the roads | Instant News

A view of Monday’s trip, motorists encouraged to stay off the roads | RiverBender.com.

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Tourists Head to Sevier County for Fall Getaways | Instant News

SEVIERVILLE, Tennessee (WVLT) – Tourism is the height of the economy in Sevier County, especially in the fall when a lot of activities are going on, it’s also an escape as people leave their state to come to Tennessee for holidays. the Tanger Outlets in Sevierville early Friday evening. Where are we going on fall vacation ?! Sevier County! Amusement parks, shops and restaurants galore for this heavily trafficked tourist destination. Tangier points of sale are packed! @SeviervilleTN @wvlt pic.twitter.com/GumddRBoZJ – Ashley Bohle (@AshleyWVLT) October 9, 2020 “We’re here to visit and have a great time enjoying the shows and shopping,” said Vickie Sampson of West Virginia. It is that time of year when Seiver County has become very crowded. “Tourism is what powers our economy here in Sevierville,” said Amanda Marr, director of communications at the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce. , “We’re still very popular in October, but we’re really seeing a lot of travel improving for this weekend, in particular, and as we move into the rest of the month as well.” Columbus Day marks the fall break “It seems like, you know, we’ve been locked in forever and I was just ready to go out and have some fun,” Sampson said. The mountains called her and her husband because they typically visit the Smokies, like around 12 million others, each year. But it was his first trip since the pandemic. “We can’t wait to get into the mountains and hike,” said Steve DeVillo of Kentucky. Even though masks were needed indoors and where social distancing is not possible, her family wanted to enjoy a fall getaway. “We still have to go out and live a little bit,” DeVillo explained, “You can’t let that rule our lives, we just have to be respectful.” The tourists were attentive to each other and “It feels like home away from home,” Sampson said. The Sevierville Chamber of Commerce will know how much money businesses have made compared to previous years once the fall is over. Copyright 2020 WVLT. All rights reserved. .

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The trader signs another cotton contract after a 10 week break | Instant News

KARACHI: Cotton traders have signed new contracts again after almost two and a half months locked up, although the market will gradually resume trading in the first week of June, sources said on Saturday.

Around 600 bales of Ghotki cotton are sold for Rs8,500 / maund for a week after the long Eid holiday, while 50 maunds of cotton seeds from Badin are sold at Rs3,500 / 40kg.

In addition, the first new harvest agreement 2020/21 was recorded at Rs7,800 / maund. Deliveries will be given between 5 to 10 June.

The Karachi Cotton Association keeps the official spot rate at Rs 8,600 / maund, while ginners are still waiting for buyers for their 500,000 bales.

Stakeholders said trading would begin gradually in the first week of June, “which will take steps after June 15, because garment manufacturing is slow after Eid and the market is still in the grip of uncertainty after an increase in coronavirus cases”.

According to reports, the textile sector again received import orders from Europe and the US. Some buyers who have canceled transactions have returned orders to Pakistani exporters.

This year, grasshoppers have attacked cotton plants before they are finished sowing, which has disturbed farmers. Wheat crops are slightly damaged, but cotton and rice are expected to be damaged on a larger scale.

There is no coordination between the provincial government and the federal government regarding anti-locust spray. Thus, the loss of farmers is increasing, demanding the government to cooperate with each other by appeasing political differences.

At least, 10 districts in Sindh were affected by locust attacks and farmers estimated a loss of around Rs500 billion in damage to the top of the crop.

Stakeholders said cotton suffered from locusts and low-germination attacks this year, which would affect production and cotton estimates were also inaccurate. Cotton plants were affected in upper Sindh and Punjab because of locust attacks.

This plant is in better condition in low Sindh, but rice and chili are preferred over cotton which is sown in some areas.

Karachi Cotton Brokers Association Chairman Naseem Usman said that international markets showed a downward trend during the week out. Tensions between China and the US have erupted again due to the spread of the corona virus and China’s control of Hong Kong.

Because of this tension, the New York Cotton Market recorded a decline of 56.50 cents / pound, which is a three-week low. However, cotton exports from the US continue with China remaining the biggest buyer this week with 113,000 bales.

Fiber prices in China have remained stable, while they are still under pressure in India. The Indian textile industry also suffered and cotton consumption declined there.

Lockouts also affected Pakistan’s textile industry and its exports have dropped 64 percent during this period.


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Perry said he “has a lot of hockey left,” hoping to continue with Stars | Instant News

Corey Perry said he hoped to complete his contract with the Dallas Stars by helping them challenge for the Stanley Cup.

“I feel very good,” the attacker said in remarks published on the Dallas website this week. “I’ve worked hard. I’m not getting younger, so I have to work hard. Some things that you can’t control, so you adjust to whatever comes, and have fun with it.

“I know there is more hockey in me, and I will be ready when the time comes.”

The 35-year-old man can become a free agent without restrictions after the one-year contract expires. He did not discuss his plans after this season, which was stopped by the NHL on March 12 because of concerns about the coronavirus and did not have a schedule to continue.

“I know where I am in my career and what this impact is,” Perry said. “I don’t want to lose this opportunity.”

Video: ARI @ DAL: Perry taps on the Hintz bait house for the initial PPG

Dallas (37-24-8) is the third in the Central Division, behind St. Louis Blues and Colorado Avalanches. Perry won the Stanley Cup with the Anaheim Ducks in 2006-07 and has played 118 Stanley Cup Playoff matches.

“I see our team and we are a veterans team, but we also have many young players in our ranks,” Perry said of the Stars. “I see the way [the St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup last season], How [the Boston Bruins] up to [Final], and they play tough matches, and I see our team like that. You need to have grits in the playoffs, because the ice is getting smaller there, there isn’t much space. I feel our team must have been built for the playoffs. “

Perry scored 21 points (five goals, 16 assists) in 57 matches this season, and played his 1,000th NHL match on November 13. He missed seven games with a leg injury and was suspended five matches for elbowing. Ryan Ellis from Nashville Predators at the NHL Bridgestone Winter Classic.

“It’s like a roller coaster,” Perry said. “It was difficult at first to break my legs the day before the camp. It was a strange accident and I had to work hard to get back. I started to get my feet under me, and then the suspension stopped it. But I really stopped it.” felt I started playing good luck and playing more consistently and that was a good feeling. Now I need to try and go back there. “


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NHL is happy with the talk of a season restart scenario, said the Commissioner | Instant News

NHL and the NHL Players Association have been in constant communication because they are considering scenarios to continue the season, which was stopped on March 12 because of concerns about the corona virus.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman regularly talks with NHLPA’s executive director Don Fehr. The League and Players Association has formed a Return to Games Committee which includes executives and players.

“Having a committee that has been put together with the players is important so that we can get feedback on issues that are important to them and how to solve them, and that we can communicate how we focus on things we think need to be done,” the Commissioner Bettman told the NHL Network on Thursday. “It’s been very collaborative, constructive and cooperative, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the interactions we have.”

After the virtual committee meeting Wednesday, NHL and NHLPA release a joint statement said that they had not yet made a decision or set a deadline regarding possible play back scenarios.

“I don’t think anyone knows for sure,” the Commissioner said Thursday when asked how close the NHL is to continuing the season. “We have to take things step by step, because the health and well-being of our players is very important for whatever we focus on.”

The joint statement said that if conditions continue to be favorable trends – subject to potential competition concerns between different located markets – NHL and NHLPA believe they might be able to allow small group activities at NHL training facilities at some point in the mid to later portions of May.

But that said the exact date remained undetermined, and in the meantime, players and staff were expected to continue to follow the recommendations to the quarantine itself that had existed since the break began.

“We want to get our training facilities open,” Commissioner Bettman said, Thursday. “We want our people to get back to work. But this is something that we will continue to evaluate every day.

“Our health problems for the players really fall into two categories: One is clearly COVID-19, and two, whatever we are going to do, we don’t want them to play until they are back in shape.

“So we will continue to monitor things, and when guidance from medical personnel is correct and government authorities feel comfortable, then we will take the first step, which is to reopen our training facilities.”

The commissioner said the NHL and NHLPA will remain patient not only about resuming this season but starting next season.

“We have a lot of flexibility in when we can start,” Commissioner Bettman said. “There is no miracle for the next season starting in October as we usually do. If we have to start in November or December, that is something that will be considered.

“We will try and make good, careful, and careful judgment. This is not a race to be the first to return. When we return, we want it at the right time, for the right reasons, under the right circumstances. “

Commissioner Bettman said the pandemic downgraded everything considered by the NHL and NHLPA.

“We missed the match,” the Commissioner said. “We miss our fans. We miss watching our players play every night. We will be in the middle [Stanley Cup Playoffs] right now. We focus on trying to do the right thing for the good of the game, so we can come back and connect with our great fans as soon as possible.

“But as soon as possible means under the right circumstances, and for that we will take our guidance from governments at all levels and from medical personnel.”


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