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Online leak of personal information of 1.3 million clubhouse users: report | Instant News

A Cyber ​​News report stated that an SQL database with user IDs, names, usernames, Twitter and Instagram handles, and the number of followers has been posted to an online hacker forum.


IST updated at 05:33 AM on April 12, 2021

According to “Network News”, the personal data of approximately 1.3 million users of the social audio application Clubhouse has been leaked online.

The Verge cited a report from Computer News that a SQL database with user IDs, names, usernames, Twitter and Instagram handles, and the number of followers has been posted to online hacker forums. It seems that there is no sensitive user information, such as credit card numbers, in the leaked information. However, this information can be used in phishing attempts to enable users to hand over this more sensitive information.

Last week, “Network News” reported another data breach on social platforms: it discovered that the personal data of 500 million LinkedIn users had been captured and posted online. The Microsoft-owned company said that the leak did not contain private member account data from LinkedIn.

As reported by The Verge, the news came days after it was discovered that the personal data of approximately 533 million Facebook users had also been leaked online for free. According to reports, Facebook leaks include the user’s phone number, birthday, location, email address and full name.

The social audio app Clubhouse performed poorly in its first year. Although it only accepted invitations and was only available on iOS devices, it had over 10 million downloads.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord, Spotify and Slack have all launched or are competing for social audio platforms, and Facebook is reportedly among them.

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Horrible story about the Karachi pedestrian bridge | Instant News


Hanging in the air with gaping holes and missing fences, the dilapidated condition of Karachi’s overpasses is a perpetual danger to city dwellers. Giving up what was once meant to help pedestrians cross busy highways becomes a dilapidated hotbed for drug addicts and street vendors. Hence, pedestrians in the city’s busiest districts must maneuver through life-threatening traffic, instead of using specially made pedestrian bridges when crossing the road.

The relevant authorities blamed their negligence on the depleted funds.

The pedestrian bridge repair and maintenance have been affected since then Supreme Court enacted a ban on billboards and stockpiling on public property that went into effect in 2017. The city government previously built 13 pedestrian bridges on a build-operate-transfer (BOT) basis, partnered with private companies on busy roads and generated revenue to meet costs by installing billboards based on the agreement.

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After the dissolution of the last city government, this BOT pedestrian bridge was placed under the supervision of the Traffic Engineering Bureau (TEB) Karachi Development Authority (KDA). Under the agreement, the private company still owns the bridge and is responsible for its maintenance. However, since the Supreme Court banned billboards, the maintenance and repair of pedestrian bridges has been adversely affected by lost revenue.

According to a survey conducted by The Express Tribune, there are 120 pedestrian bridges throughout the city. KDA manages 94 while the other 26 bridges are under the supervision of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and the cantonment board. However, most if not all of these bridges, despite the millions spent on their construction, remain inaccessible to most residents. Women and students, in particular, complain about drug traffickers and homeless people taking over these public facilities after nightfall, and they avoid using them.

“The Traffic Engineering Bureau has not inspected any of these bridges in the last five years, citing unavailability of funds. There is also no repair or maintenance work. As a result, several bridges such as the one at the Karachi University Silver Celebration Gate and other places were smashed to pieces, “said a KDA official on condition of anonymity. “All floorboards are missing from the Silver Jubilee Gate bridge steps. The bureau had to close the bridge after a video highlighting the matter went viral. “

The first pedestrian bridge under the BOT was built in front of the Urdu Science University Gulshan-e-Iqbal Campus, in the former tenure of the city’s nazim Naimatullah Khan. Ramps for the disabled were also built on it. However, six years ago the ramp was destroyed by the anti-encroachment department of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation.

Based on Sindh The chairman of the Association of Outdoor Advertisers (SOAA) Irfan Hashmi, Armada, the company that built the bridge, also installed a sturdy fence worth lakh rupees under the pedestrian bridge. However, a few years ago, when the construction of the University Road was under the supervision of the Sindh government, the contractor tore down the fence but did not put it back in place. That’s why residents continue to maneuver through heavy traffic instead of taking bridges and often have accidents, “he added

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Referring to the drug traffickers who camped at the overpass, TEB Senior Director Khalid Hafeez said dealing with them was the responsibility of each police station. “We are short on funds, but private companies are doing some repair work if needed. The fences were often stolen and the sheets put up by generous and good Samaritans to keep people safe. But the sheets obstruct the visibility of movement on the bridge, which is why women are usually afraid to use the bridge at night, ”commented Hafeez.

According to Hashmi, bridges built on a BOT basis must qualify as private property. The biggest obstacle to advertising on BOT pedestrian bridges, he said, is district / city companies whose officers do not allow advertisements with ulterior motives. “If we are allowed to put up more billboards, we will continue the costs of maintaining this bridge, apart from asking the police and the city government to get rid of hawkers and addicts,” he told The Express Tribune.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 5th, 2021.


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Pedestrianized Burns Road in Karachi brings back foodies | Instant News


Dozens of families have gathered on Burns Road, a century-old food center in Karachi, to sample traditional Pakistani cuisine.

While some wait for their serving, chicken or lamb seasoned with simple spices, attached to skewers and grilled over coals, others sit on plastic chairs outside the restaurant enjoying meals such as biryani (rice and meat), nihari (meat stew) and kebabs .

Many also have after-meal desserts such as gulab jamun (sweet balls), rabri (milk-based sweet), and ice cream.

The streets in the city center have long been a center of food for Karachi, Pakistanis and even foreigners.

Traffic jams, decaying structures and a deteriorating law and order situation, however, divert loyal customers to other parts of the sprawling cosmopolitan, home to more than 20 million people.

But the recent restoration and renovation of a 200-meter (656-foot) two-way street has restored “lost glory”.

While the collapsed buildings have been repaired and repainted, vehicles have been barred from entering the site after 7:00 pm local time since January 10.

Visitors now park vehicles in designated parking lots, and only residents and shop owners are allowed to bring their cars.

“I am here after many years. It looks very different,” said Mohammad Malik, a visitor Anadolu Agency as his wife and children devour fried kebabs at Waheed Kabab House. “It’s clean, safe and attractive. You can walk freely on both sides of the road without any fear, ”he said, referring to the law and order situation in the port city, which has improved significantly in recent years.

“Pizza, burgers, and other fast food may be in vogue right now, however [traditional] desi food is never satisfied, “said Waqas Ali, a year-end engineering student.” Safe, clean and colorful atmosphere, sumptuous food, and good nightlife … what else can you do? “

Return to business

“This transformation has given new life to my business,” said Iqbal Waheed, whose father, Abdul Waheed, founded the restaurant in 1961.

Waheed has also renovated his restaurant, now with a family-friendly dinner arrangement as well. “We make it better, which brings back customers,” he said.

Mohammad Khalid, who works at the Delhi Rabri House, has a similar view. “The number of customers increased thanks to the conducive environment,” he said as shoppers lined up at different glass counters.

“There was no noise or smoke from buses, taxis and rickshaws. Just people having fun and food,” he said.


City historians say the street’s name comes from a British doctor, James Burnes, who served the colonial regime in the first half of the 19th century in the southern Sindh province, of which Karachi is the capital.

According to Arif Hassan, an architect and urban planner, Burns Road was planned in 1870, and originally served as an artillery training and training center for the British Army.

“Burns Road earned a reputation as a food center after the division of India in 1947 when about 80,000 Delhiwalas [people from the Indian capital Delhi] migrated to Karachi and settled in this area, “Hassan told Anadolu Agency.

After communal riots in 1948, he said, Hindus left for India, leaving for Delhiwalas, which introduced Indian varieties, including haleem (a mixture of spices, meat, barley and wheat) and paan (betel leaf with areca nut).

Before the advent of Burns Road, adjacent Ram Bagh (now Aram Bagh) was Karachi’s main meeting point, he added.


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FOOTBALL: Three preparation matches canceled for Friday | Sports | Instant News

Three high school football matches involving local teams have been canceled on Friday.

Ridgeland’s Central-Carroll game and LFO’s home game with Adairsville were both canceled. These two fixtures were the final regular season fixtures for the Panthers and Warriors.

Heritage High School also announced that their home match with Cedartown has been canceled for Friday.

Three games remain scheduled for tomorrow night. LaFayette will play North Murray, Ringgold will entertain Rockmart and Gordon Lee will go to the Trions for their annual grudge match with the Bulldogs.

Scott Herpst is the sports editor for Walker County Messenger in LaFayette, Ga., And Catoosa County News in Ringgold, Ga.


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Pedestrians struck across US 29 near Fashion Square Local News | Instant News

A vehicle hit a pedestrian trying to cross US 29 near the Charlottesville Fashion Square mall late Tuesday, sending the person to hospital and closing the highway for about an hour.

Albemarle County Police said the man was crossing the highway at Twentyninth Place at around 5:30 pm, walking from the shopping center to the mall, when a vehicle headed north hit the person.

The person’s identity and medical condition were not released. Police said the driver was cooperating with the investigation.


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