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Police make arrests following Goldie’s art robbery in Waikato, paintings valued at ‘over $ 1 million’ | Instant News

Sleep ’tis a Gentle Thing by New Zealand artist Charles Frederick Goldie was stolen along with many other unique works of art and antiques. Photo / NZ Police

Three people have been arrested in connection with an art robbery that included a Goldie painting estimated to be worth more than $ 1 million.

Waikato police last week reported a robbery of antiquities in Hamilton East that included paintings titled Sleep ’tis a Gentle Thing, by Ngāti Maru and chief Ngāti Paoa Hori Pokai, by New Zealand artist Charles Frederick Goldie.

Police believe it took place in the Hamilton East area between December 27 and January 3.

On Monday, police revealed that they had issued a search warrant at Hamilton’s address on Saturday and found stolen property.

Two of the men, aged 45 and 49, appeared in Hamilton District Court today, jointly charged with robbery.

They were both given temporary name suppression, one was given bail while the other was detained until he could find a suitable place to live.

The man on bail has filed a plea of ​​innocence and will now appear in court again in March.

The 49-year-old defendant was held without defense until February 2, but his lawyers indicated that bail applications were likely to be made before that date.

The third defendant will appear after the postponement of lunch today.

Meanwhile, Goldie’s painting has not been found.

“The police are seeking public assistance with any information that could lead to the restoration of this painting,” said a police media release.

“If you have information, please call the Police on 105 and excerpt file 210103/2961.

“Alternatively, you can call Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.”

Goldie’s most expensive piece, A Noble Relic of a Noble Race, from chief Ngāti Manawa Wharekauri Tahuna, sold for $ 1,337,687 at an International Arts Center auction in Auckland in 2016.

Director Richard Thomson said he sold another version of the stolen painting in 2008 for a record price of $ 454,000.

“So it’s a multi-million dollar piece of art on the market today. I’ve sold dozens of Goldies, and it’s a really good example of his work, has all the advantages.

“I’m quite annoyed [the burglary]. This is a very important national treasure. The owner is the keeper, but the country owns it, really. “

The stolen painting was likely created between 1933 and 1938, when Goldie was in his sixties.

While Goldie’s previous work tends to fetch the highest price, Thomson says the 2016 record was set in 1941.

Despite his high ratings, Thomson said he thought it would be “worthless” in the hands of the thief.

“There is absolutely no market for it now in the wrong hands. It’s a stupid thing to do and all they’ll get is bad karma.

“My advice is to come back as quickly and safely as possible.”


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The first of 2000 Pacific seasonal workers arrived in New Zealand | Instant News

Important workers pick apples in an orchard near Hastings. Photo / Paul Taylor

Up to 2000 people from the Pacific region will arrive in New Zealand in the coming months to do seasonal work on orchards and farms around the country.

Samoa’s first workforce of 780 people linked to the Recognized Seasonal Employment scheme landed in Auckland yesterday.

That’s the first of four special flights organized to bring in workers from Samoa.

The other group of island nations will arrive by flight next Thursday, next Monday and Friday and will spend 14 days in managed isolation before traveling to various parts of the country to start work.

Samoa has had no reported cases of Covid since late last year and the country has not experienced community transmission of the virus.

At Samoa’s Faleolo International Airport yesterday there was a scene of joy as family and friends of those heading to New Zealand gathered to say goodbye to loved ones.

Those who take part in the RSE scheme can easily be spotted – with everyone in the group wearing Aloha shirts with island motifs in red and white.

Up to 2000 people associated with the Recognized Seasonal Employment scheme will arrive in New Zealand in the coming months.  Photos / Files
Up to 2000 people associated with the Recognized Seasonal Employment scheme will arrive in New Zealand in the coming months. Photos / Files

This arrival will be good news for many farmers and farmers who have experienced a shortage of workers – and hence rotting fruit or produce – in recent months due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.

However, there are some conditions for this season – one of which is that only workers with at least one season of experience here are eligible to come.

Immigration NZ has supported officials from individual Pacific nations on the actions everyone needs to take this season; including providing a list of items to pack and what to expect in two weeks they will be isolated.

For employers, only those with an Agreement to Recruit classification can employ RSE workers from abroad.

The employer must make several “additional commitments”, as set forth by the Immigration officer.

That includes paying staff $ 22.10 per hour, providing pastoral care and ensuring workers will be employed for the full period of their visa.

The NZ High Commission in Samoa pays tribute to the nation’s close ties and ties with New Zealand; said: “We are in the same waka.”

“The RSE scheme allows for much needed income and skills flows between New Zealand and our Pacific neighbors,” said the statement posted online.

“We are very pleased the workers can return for the 2021 season.”


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Persona 5 Commando brings hype with new action packaging trailer | Instant News

Only a month or so left until Persona 5 Assaulter Start stealing hearts on the Switch, so what better way to keep the hype up than using a brand new trailer?

Atlus provides a brand new “Full Attack” video.Available Watch here on YouTube (Unfortunately, this video is not allowed to be embedded), we can see a lot of game battles-this feature is described as a “hybrid battle system, which combines explosive battles with plans and planning sequences, your next Strategic initiatives.” If needed, you can quickly review:

Persona 5 Assaulter Lead players on an epic road trip with the Phantom Thief, where they will fight back against corrupt cities across Japan. With the emergence of distorted reality, the summer vacation with close friends suddenly changed. Reveal the truth and redeem the hearts of those detained in the center of the crisis!

Persona 5 Assaulter With a deep storyline and exciting battles, it can provide a real Persona experience. Visit 6 different cities in Japan, make attractive and authentic food, and reach out to those in need; then fight the shadows to discover the root of corruption in the Metaverse Dungeon. Whether you are a newbie or a loyal fan of the series, you can enter the story!

All phantom thieves can play, everyone has their own specific skills to learn from, this will definitely become an interesting version. Will you pick up a copy when the game launches on February 23?

Let us know in the usual place.


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Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism Receives Two Website Awards | Rocket miner | Instant News

SWEETWATER COUNTY – The Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism Board recently received two awards for its new website at www.TourWyoming.com. Travel Weekly and the Web Marketing Association recognized the site for its exceptional quality, and the website, which was revised and relaunched in March 2020, is designed to be a resource to inspire potential visitors and help them plan their trip. The site offers sample itineraries, a calendar of local events, a photo and video gallery, a list of restaurants and accommodations, detailed descriptions of area attractions and more. The website is also a resource for residents to stay up to date on local events and find new places to explore nearby. “All of our marketing efforts direct potential visitors to our website, so it is extremely important that the site is up-to-date, responsive, visually appealing and user-friendly,” said Jenissa Meredith, executive director of Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism in a comment. Press release. “We are truly honored to be considered, alongside destination websites around the world, and to receive this recognition from both organizations. We are proud to represent all that is great about Sweetwater County through our website. Travel Weekly has recognized the Sweetwater County Joint Travel and Tourism Authority as the 2020 Magellan Gold Winner for its new website in the Destination Marketing Website category. The Magellan Awards 2020 received nominations from travel organizations and professionals around the world and the quality of the work was exceptional. To be selected as the winner of the Magellan Prize is a tremendous achievement and proves the representation of a high standard of excellence in the travel industry.The Web Marketing Association also awarded the Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism Council an award of excellence for the new website. Nominations that scored above average for their industry received the Standard of Excellence award. Since 1997, the annual WebAward competition has provided thousands of entrants with an independent assessment of their web development efforts in a forum that has become the leading online rewards event on the Internet, according to the Web Marketing Association. For more information, call 307-382-2538. .

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Workers urged not to travel during Spring Festival to stop virus spread | Instant News

Residents remain at home for quarantine in a medium-risk community in Chengdu, Sichuan province, December 10, 2020. [Photo/Xinhua]

Supportive policies have been rolled out to encourage employees to stay in the city they work in for the Spring Festival holidays, in an effort to avoid the rush to travel and prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Some cities are also encouraging employees to continue working during the holidays from February 11 to 17 and to avoid traveling to their hometowns to help their businesses meet their production goals. Incentives include payment of overtime and subsidies for remaining employees who work during the holidays, free food and accommodation, free tickets to local tourist sites and organized vacations for another time of the year. During the annual Spring Festival travel rush, which begins January 28 and ends March 8, the country experiences the world’s largest human migration as people travel to their hometowns for meetings of the family. Chinese railways are expected to carry 407 million passengers during the However, people are starting to reconsider their travel plans due to recent cases of the coronavirus. Hebei Province said on Sunday it had nearly 400 patients with COVID-19 and asymptomatic carriers. Many local governments issued notices last week, calling on people not to take “unnecessary” trips to their hometowns to avoid the spread of the virus. Some cities have advocated family reunion dinners of less than 10 people and urged that greetings be sent online or over the phone. Cold chain workers import food industry, where there have been a number of infections, have been encouraged to report their plans in advance. Zeng Yixin, deputy director of the National Health Commission, told a press conference on Saturday advising people to stay in their work city and reduce travel for the holidays as a precaution against the spread. virus. He also encouraged staggered travel periods and said people should shop online if possible. Public events such as conferences should limit the number of participants, while large holiday gatherings such as scenic tours should limit and control the flow of people, he added. Working Overtime Zhejiang province issued a notice on Thursday, urging cities and businesses to encourage employees to stay at work during the holidays in order to stabilize production and help improve the economy this year. Companies can offer grants, improve catering conditions, and organize short cultural tours to encourage non-local employees to stay in the cities in which they work. She also urged companies with large orders to increase production in the first quarter, so that employees have enough work during the holidays. Han Jilin is the production manager of Ningbo Xiasha Precision Manufacturing Co, a gear manufacturer from Zhejiang. He decided to stay in Ningbo for the Spring Festival because the number of orders this year is higher than last year. “A series of welfare and stimulus policies provided by our company also made me stay,” said Han, who is from Yanbian, Jilin Province. He had originally planned to return to his hometown to visit his parents over the holidays, but staff shortages and uncertainty about preventing the outbreak forced him to cancel his travel plans. The company, located in Zhenhai District in Ningbo, has more than 800 employees, including 560 outside the city. As of Sunday, nearly 500 employees decided to stay in Ningbo during the Spring Festival holidays. “Each employee who chooses to stay for the holidays will receive a grant of 1,000 yuan ($ 154),” said company general manager Xia Ting, who added that returning home after the travel rush was also encouraged and that the company would pay for their travel costs. Many companies offer similar policies. The Ningbo Economics and Information Technology Bureau said that since many companies in the city have a large number of foreign trade orders to fill, a closure during the Spring Festival would result in huge losses of business. income. “The measures to encourage workers to stay in the factory during the Spring Festival are aimed at maintaining production capacity after the holidays,” said Wu Huaquan, director of human resources department of Dongguan Sumida (Taiping) Electric Co , Guangdong province. Sales of the Dongguan-based company – invested by Sumida Group, a global manufacturer of high-quality inductive components and modules – rebounded sharply in the second half of last year, Wu said. Workers staying in Dongguan during the Spring Festival will each receive 900 yuan in subsidies, with an additional 100 yuan per day to work during the holidays, Wu said. Nearly 30% of the company’s workers will return to their hometowns for family reunions during the holidays, according to the company. “Encouraging workers to stay in Dongguan will help reduce the flow of passengers during the holidays, which is of great importance in preventing and controlling the COVID-19 pandemic,” Wu said.

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