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Questions about performance | Instant News

Even if there is something people expect from PTI, when campaigning for the 2018 elections and immediately after its victory, it is honesty, integrity, ethics and fair play. This, however, has been the main slogan used by the party for the 22 years since its launch.

Imran Khan’s own reputation also revolves around these qualities, as an honest person who genuinely wants to serve his people. In this sense, there is little doubt that Imran is almost certainly not corrupt, at least in the sense we have seen among leaders in the past. But then people are concerned about crises like those involving atta, sugar, fuel and other things that leave doubts over the question of what honesty really means and what it contains.

But what is more damaging than this is the government’s performance and the way it is managed. While the actions of the ministers left many wondering what they were thinking, there must be a way around this problem. So far, the PTI government appears to have found very little or no. We are currently in a situation where there is a shipment of the vaccine in Karachi, but it could not be distributed initially because the Drugs Regulatory Authority Pakistan (DRAP) has not set a selling price for it. After these prices were fixed and sent to the federal cabinet for approval, private companies that had imported the vaccine objected, saying the Russian bottles had been sold to it at a higher cost than originally promised. This issue is currently being investigated. Pakistan is one of the few countries in the world that compels people to buy essential vaccines privately.

With what appears to be a consistent supply now coming in, there is a problem why the government is not accelerating its rollout so that more people can be protected from the Covid-19 virus, which is spreading rapidly in the country. A new British variant, much more transmissible and possibly more lethal to hit many parts of the country. We are already getting reports that for the first time the virus is also spreading to small towns and villages, where people have less opportunity to receive treatment. After all, they can’t actually go to the hospital, because most hospitals are overcrowded and don’t have room for more patients. We wonder if this is a situation the government wants to maintain and for how long. There must be more urgent efforts to stop this virus, somewhat similar to what we have seen in India.

There are many other problems. The government’s performance is far below expected. There are many examples, from police reform to other areas of life. But there are also questions about how the media act to perform its basic services in getting news to the public. As the well-known slogan implies, the media’s job is to provide as much news as possible, as accurately as possible, as far as possible, at all times. But on television we see news anchors inviting one government leader after another to talk about government affairs and how this is going. Of course, to some extent, this is necessary. It is also true that due to the lack of resources on television channels, our program format has become one in which a political leader is thrown against a rival so that they can engage in loud and vocal arguments, keeping the audience entertained. In other words, what should be news or a more serious analysis of a situation has been turned into a form of entertainment.

What we need to see on television are the people. We need to hear about families where the main breadwinner has been unemployed for months and where the Ehsaas Card offers absolutely no real relief. It is these people who are found everywhere throughout the country, who are the most important. They cannot be ignored.

More than the question of how politics within the PDM plays out is the question of how people live in their homes anywhere in Pakistan. We need to hear about how they managed, or how they failed to do so. The number of working children has increased according to the available figures. People are discovering that although they can make several hundred rupees a week, it can help households stand up and survive perhaps the most difficult period in our recent history. At times like these we need to highlight the plight of these people, not only so that people can offer more charity considering that many of them have given what they can and more, but so that there is more pressure on the government to work on policies. that can help people recover from their current situation.

Of course, a full recovery from the destruction of the Covid-19 virus will take some time. This is true all over the world. But we must start planning now and also plan for recovery from the other setbacks we have suffered over the last few months. This includes unemployment, which started before the Covid-19 virus hit the country.

There is also the problem of crafting a cohesive foreign policy, with the first signs seen a few days ago. However, consistency and more regular direction on this policy is necessary so that we can convince the world that Pakistan is a country looking for a way forward and not a country looking to retreat to the Middle Ages.

The writer is a freelance columnist and former newspaper editor.

Email: [email protected]


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PDU reports to PM | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister’s Performance Delivery Unit has presented a detailed report to Prime Minister Imran Khan on the performance evaluation of subordinate officers by IGPs Sindh and Gilgit-Baltistan.

The review was carried out on 78 Sindh Police dashboards and 20 Gilgit-Baltistan dashboards. IGP Sindh issued a warning letter to 25 police officers for not resolving public complaints received through the Pakistan Citizens Portal. Those warned included police supervisors (SSP) from the Karachi Timur District, Malir, Korangi, Shaheed Benazirabad, Sukkur, Ghotki, Khairpur, Naushero Feroze, Larkana, Sanghar, Kashmore and Jacobabad. IGP appreciates the performance of SSP Shikarpur and Qambar. Likewise, the GB IGP requested an explanation from the DIG Police of Baltistan Range, and the SPs of Hunza and Skardu.


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Rugby league: New Zealand Soldiers kick off the Nathan Brown era with a promising draw against the Gold Coast Titans in NRL trials | Instant News


Josh Curran of the Warriors scores a try during the NRL trial match against the Titans. Photos / Photosport

It’s best to always be vigilant about the pre-season NRL trials. Coaches and teams always have specific agendas to work with – rather than just grinding results – and it’s advisable not to get carried away about performance, good or bad.

That’s what happened to the Warriors in the past. The excitement following a 48-4 trial win over the Broncos in 2013 was quickly lost when they lost five of their first seven games and there are several other related examples.

But Saturday’s game against The Titans, which ended in a 12-12 draw, was important. It was the first course for Nathan Brown and the seventh new signing, after significant personnel changes in the low season.

It is also their only preseason chance, after last week’s trial against Storm was canceled due to travel restrictions.

Neither team wants to reveal too much – especially when they face each other in the first round of the NRL season – but it’s time for the latest issue of the Warriors to show something up and it’s quite promising.

They showed good speed and energy and had some bright moments in attack, while their defense improved as the match went on, with some great grabs in the second half.

Both squads have been rusty at times, with the Warriors also losing half-organization Chanel Harris-Tavita, out with a quad injury, and hampered by the loss of bitch Wayde Egan, who left with a shoulder injury after just 15 minutes.

Addin Fonua-Blake’s gigantic brace provides good muscle up front, giving an idea of ​​his ability to cross the line of advantage while Ben Murdoch-Masila creates a 40 meter high statue with his first touch after halftime, and the one-two hit by the twin towers could be something to enjoy, if they can also bring discipline in defense.

Perhaps the new player chosen was the former Dragons midfielder, Euan Aitken, who took some powerful punches and displayed a willingness to get involved, as well as the defensive initiative.

Bunty Afoa and Leeson Ah Mau are again welcomed, having barely been seen in 2020 due to injuries. Second rower Bayley Sironen demonstrated his versatility, turning to prostitutes in the second half.

The Titans got their best of the opening quarter, with two attempts in four minutes, to Tino Fa’asuamaleaui and Jarrod Wallace. When he played for Queensland and Storm last season, strong Fa’asuamaleaui was tough to deal with through midfield.

Sean O’Sullivan and Nikorima teamed up well to send Josh Curran across in the 29th minute and the Warriors should have extended their lead before halftime, unable to capitalize on four straight sets on the Titans line.

The Warriors were sharper after halftime and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck’s sharp break sent Jazz Tevaga under the post just before the hour mark.

That shows what is possible when Tuivasa-Sheck gets the ball up front, which is the hope for 2021.

Brown vacated the bench for the last 20 minutes, with several young players gaining playing time. A formidable defensive play from Map Hiku stopped certain attempts from former teammate Patrick Herbert, while the Warriors did very well to withstand the continuing pressure in the final 10 minutes.

Soldier 12 (J Curran, J Tevaga tries; K Nikorima 2 goals)

Titans 12 (T Fa’asuamaleaui, J Wallace tries; J Fogarty 2 goals)

First Half: 6-12


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Arshad was happy after his match-winning performance | Instant News

KARACHI: Karachi Kings fast bowler Arshad Iqbal with career-best scoring 3-16 in four overs caused massive damage to Quetta Gladiators in the HBL PSL 2021 opener on Saturday night.

Arshad, who was part of last season’s title-winning performance Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in all three formats, is delighted to have been ruled his man of the match on Saturday.

“I’m having a solid domestic season and bringing the same momentum to PSL and looking to finish as a leading goalkeeper,” said Arshad after his Karachi Kings sealed a seven-goal win over Quetta in their opener here at the National Stadium.

“Wasim Akram was also there with us and he told me to keep discipline and bowl according to the situation,” said Arshad, 26, of Swabi birth.


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PTI’s economic performance slumped, said Miftah | Instant News

LAHORE: PML N Center leader and former federal finance minister Miftah Ismail on Wednesday called PTI’s economic performance a disaster, saying the government had added thousands of billions of debt without paying back a cent.

In a video message, Miftah said PTI was only increasing spending, deficits and state debt in the worst way imaginable. He gave an example, PTI took a loan from Rs25,000 billion to Rs36,000 in two years, while tax revenues remained at the same point in real terms. He said PTI’s drastic development budget cuts resulted in zero infrastructure development, no new plans and no assistance for the nation. In two and a half years, PTI has plunged the country into a debt marsh and the government’s claims for loans to repay the loans are blatant lies. They just returned the loan. Instead of paying off the loan, PTI provides bonds in exchange for bonds, giving new dates to pay off the loan. Imran Khan did not pay back loans to Saudi Arabia from his own pocket but from China, he added.

“When PML-N came to power in 2013, it had debts of Rs14,000 billion, including external and internal debt. One month after the departure of the PML-N government, its total debt reached Rs24,952.9 billion or around 25,000 billion. PML-N borrowed Rs10,600 billion in five years. With this amount, PML-N carried out various other development works, including the construction of power plants. In fact, PTI borrowed more than Rs11,400 billion in the first two years alone without starting a single development project. Miftah said in June 2020, Pakistan’s debt had jumped from Rs25,000 billion to Rs36,400 billion. He reminded that in the PML-N era, foreign debts and liabilities amounted to Rs. 11,575 billion while under the PTI regime it reached Rs. 18,969 billion in just two years, indicating a loss of Rs. 7,500 billion. He also compared the fact that in the PML-N era, loans were around $ 70 billion, which has now risen under PTI to $ 80 billion.

Miftah said PTI had increased Pakistan’s debt by 40 percent in just two years. This means, he said, PTI itself took a loan amount that was almost the same as the amount of loans taken collectively by all previous governments over the past 75 years. He warned that if the government loan interest rates remained the same, countries that were already experiencing a crisis would face even more serious problems. He is concerned about the fact that even in terms of GDP, the PTI government is increasing the national debt very quickly.

“The debt is 65 percent of GDP when PML-N was in power and 72 percent at the completion of her term. But during the PTI term, the debt-to-GDP ratio has risen by a staggering 85 percent, with debt increasing by 15 percent in just two years. “In the PML-N era, the debt increased 2 percent per year, while PTI rose 8 percent quickly, up 400 percent,” he said. He explained that PTI’s claims were inaccurate and false that the development project left debt. Toll taxes on roads, highways, airports and power plants are taken to pay off loans, he said. Miftah said, when PML-N was in power, the tax capacity was so low that only Rp1,900 billion in taxes were collected. But PML-N increased that to Rs3,850 billion. He questioned whether PTI was increasing national income in any way.


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