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Philadelphia Union and sporting KC: four takeaways from the MLS back quarterfinals | Karl böhm | Instant News

In Philadelphia Union moving on to the semifinals of the MLS back in the tournament, and Sporting KC let’s go home.

The composition of DOOP was a good value for them 3-1 winalthough , it depends on their 15-minute period of dominance midway through the first half in which they scored all three of their goals and the Kansas city hammer.

Here are a few observations from the first three MLS returned the quarterfinals matchnights.

Game highlights

Football is a funny game in the sense that good teams don’t necessarily have to win the entire game to end up winning at full time. Especially in the elimination match between two good teams, as of Thursday evening, both sides will have their periods of superiority how to run the game ebbs and flows. What is often crucial is how the goon teams how effectively they increase the time in which they dominate and control the other 90 minutes.

Philadelphia have become very effective in this regard. As a starting point they are reliable about imposing themselves physically and to keep things organized in defense, but their to the next level is the ability to smell blood and take advantage of all the benefits.

As SKC Manager Peter Vermes to admit – on the background of the big disappointments in his post-match speech of the Union was better out of the gate, took the lead through a beautiful goal completed Later Monteiro and then went ahead. Binding ruthlessly in the transition, they made sport of attacking a set-piece in the break to double their advantage, then tripled him out on the run after the sports corner. KC rallied, edged the second half and almost made it interesting down the stretch, but the damage was long done.

“Our commitment to go on a break and work there,” said coach Jim Curtin. “It would be great to see a good airship to see what ESPN is, just seeing the interest the boys, from two angles, it was one of our most dangerous attacks, from walking 120 yards from their corner to our gate … that’s ingrained in the players.”

Here you go, coach:

Sporting cannot afford to be UN-athletic

To use an analogy, floor Philadelphia high now – they are consistent and capable of winning at the weekend (we’re still figure out how high the ceiling may be). Meanwhile, Paul Kansas city looks lower than it was in the best years the era of Vermes. While they were fighting desperately to fight and is able to play many of their peers MLS.

The intensity, hunger, physical strength, speed are fundamental elements for the RCC and when they lost, disaster is not far away. We saw it last season when they looked Barcelona-esque in their best moments, but was woefully slow and error-prone at their worst. Against the Union, they did not check the boxes in the first half and got severely punished, to the great dissatisfaction of his coach.

“I can’t sit through 90 minutes of the game we had today, although I thought in the second half we tried to get back in the game,” said Vermes. “But it’s easy when you’re down 2-0, 3-0, now all of a sudden start to fight [when] the other team removes their foot from the gas pedal. Psychological changes in your mind-it’s easy. This is what you do when it’s 0-0 and how you play? And when it was 0-0, we fell very, very short of our quality”.

Sporting just must be hard to play against, if they are rivals. On the first Thursday for 40 minutes, they were not.

What it means when you play your children

“Your children” was part of a broader conversation in MLS for several years. Spotting, grooming, using and ultimately selling for talent has now become a legitimate priority for the League. But the process is both an art and a Science and there are curves and bumps along the way.

Thursday of the combatants of the two League leaders in this field, with a strong scouting network and ambitious academies. You may have noticed that Homegrowns Brenden Aaronson, Mark McKenzie and Gianluca Busio were the main points of this front, with several reports of major European clubs are closely looking at them.

Kids Philadelphia shined while Busio isn’t a good night, especially on the second objective of the European Union, where he shifted the ball from the last position and jailbreak the offensive turned in the space he left behind:

It was a costly mistake. Teammates Busio made a lot of them, too, and he will learn from it. Young players need to experience UPS and downs in match play to grow, despite the fact that there are risks, give them these opportunities. The next big task for coaches and clubs: the maximum value of top prospects, treating them in the best possible ways, and then selling them at the right time.

Honestly, this last part was a real problem today. Sports especially was disappointing, the case of Erik Palmer-brown, a real talent who went to Europe on a free transfer to Manchester city, and now Vermes and Co. need to find the right balance with Busio. He needs more seasoning in MLS action, or is it stagnant and you need to move? The next year his career will be very interesting to watch.

MLS days Brenden Aaronson considered

Most of what I just wrote about Busio also applies to Aaronson, although the order of 22 Union seem to have struck a steeper upward trajectory at this point. He’s more than just a reliable starter for his team. He’s not just an attacker impact. He is able to change games on a dime both on and off the ball, he puts in the dirty work and he really wants to help his team in the MLS elite.

He looks ready for Europe to me, and the Philly sports Director Ernst Tanner will get a lot of calls from colleagues overseas.

“I thought he was dominant, he was active. His movement without the ball to find the place was really nice,” said Curtin Aaronson. “The ball he plays on the third goal of the upper ball in any League in the Europa League it’s just a coincidence that not many people see. His confidence is very high right now.

“There were a lot of eyes on today’s game with all the other leagues being almost finished now, and a good showcase for our young players. Brenden, when some players have a tendency to shrink in big cases, it tends to increase its level, and then raise his game. So I don’t know how long I will train him as long, but I will enjoy every day. He will continue to push and try to do better.”


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The nanny charged with murder of missing 2-year-old boy from Philadelphia | Instant News

Philadelphia (KYW/EN) – almost two weeks after a 2-year-old boy from Philadelphia was reported missing, police arrested the nanny and charged her with his murder. Investigators are still searching for the body of a child.

City parks, 24, is facing multiple charges, including murder and abuse of a corpse in connection with the disappearance and death of 2-year-old king of the hill. She was arrested early Monday morning.

“Death of a king of the Hill-this is an unbearable tragedy, compounded by the actions of the city parks. Families and communities of this precious child deserve to know how he died. They deserve the opportunity to bury and mourn him with dignity,” said district attorney Larry Krasner.

City parks, 24, is facing multiple charges, including murder and abuse of a corpse in connection with the disappearance and death of 2-year-old king of the hill.(Source: Philadelphia PD/KYW/EN)

King’s stepfather, Marvin Reese, reported that he disappeared on the night of July 8 after he realized, parks, a friend who is caring for the baby for about two weeks, there was a boy. Police say the last confirmed that they saw the king was on the 5th of July.

With the help of the FBI, investigators discovered cell phone video that they say proves that the king was killed. They believe that the murder happened long before police were called about his disappearance.

Police parks developed as a suspect early in the investigation, saying that her story did not check.

King hill, 2, was reported missing on 8 July. Police believe he was killed, but his body was never recovered.
King hill, 2, was reported missing on 8 July. Police believe he was killed, but his body was never recovered.(Source: family photos/KYW/EN)

“Nothing she told us was true,” said Anthony Voci, head of homicide with the district attorney’s office.

Many questions remain in the case.

“We have no mechanism of death king of the hill. We don’t know the date of his death, and we don’t know the place of his death, we don’t know where Ms. parks got rid of his body. But we know, based on the evidence we have that he was actually killed Miss parks,” said Voci.

The body of the king has not yet recovered. His mother, amber hill, said Sunday that detectives said her body could never be found.

“I can’t even get his body. Whatever she did for him, I can’t even get his body. It spoils my whole family,” said hill.

Police are asking anyone who may know where the baby’s body is in contact with them.

More 2020 KYW, Philadelphia police, the family photos on CNN. All rights reserved.


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The Hello Kitty truck stopped in the Philadelphia Fashion District | Instant News

The pink Hello Kitty Cafe truck will glide to Philly on Saturday as part of an East Coast tour.

It will park in Mode District, on the corner of the Market and 9th streets, from 10 am to 8 pm

RELATED: 4th Street Cookie Co. which is famous for celebrating the National Chip Chocolate Day

Exclusive and limited edition collections, including pins, mugs, tote bags, bottles, lunch boxes, T-shirts and more, will be sold. There will be a giant Hello Kitty cake too.

To maintain guest safety, staff will wear a mask and gloves in the truck and markers will be placed on the ground to keep guests separate from each other while waiting in line.

Trucks will only accept credit cards and Reader payments will be deleted every 30 minutes.

Since the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck debuted in 2014, it has attracted thousands of fans from all over the US. Until now, two trucks have traveled to more than 100 cities.


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Television: Time to watch a few games … Finally | Weekend | Instant News

After a four-month drought, professional sports returned to television this week with live play, because the Phillies, Flyers and 76ers all competed in exhibition games as they got ready because of their delays in an interrupted season.

The Phillies made their TV debut Sunday against the Baltimore Orioles. Monday they appear at 6 pm on NBC Sports Philadelphia for the match against the New York Yankees.

The way Major League Baseball will work for the abbreviated 2020 season is for teams to play only in their regional divisions, but against both leagues. This means the Phillies will face every Eastern Division team in the National League and America. In order to stay competitive, they will play twice as many against NL East rivals – Washington Nationals, Atlanta Braves, New York Mets, and Miami Marlins – as they do against their navy counterparts from Boston, Tampa Bay, Toronto, Baltimore, and New York.

The Sixers act on NBCSP at 3:30 pm Friday against the Memphis Grizzlies. The contest was joined by two more, at 12 noon Sunday against the Oklahoma City Thunder and at 8:30 pm on July 28, against the Dallas Mavericks, both matches airing on NBCSP +.

Flyers face off at 4 pm on July 28, against one of their storied rivals, Pittsburgh Penguins, on NBCSP +.

Television will be the main way to see this game because social precautions will prevent fans from entering the stadium to attend directly. (It would be nice if the team could design a kind of gift mask as a souvenir from this strange season.) It would be interesting to see how we respond to the absence of cheers and other crowd responses.

Besides television, all games are available for streaming in the MyTeam application and by visiting www.nbcsportsphiladelphia.com.

The local NBC Sports channel must be happy to continue the new game as fans have it. I have talked to many people who say they will have an easier time to quarantine if a sports franchise is there to entertain them. Reviving drive banners, Super Bowl wins, or key games have its benefits, but the glory of sport is witnessing skill, teamwork, momentum, or ordinary fate.

Phillies, Sixers, and Flyers, have been answered. Maybe it’s a mental antidote for COVID confinement to get it back.

The parade continues … virtually

Sports programming is not alone affected by coronavirus and wise steps to reduce its spread.

Philadelphia announced last week that all public activities – except for demonstrations!?! – will be suspended until February.

It blocks out some of the big events seen by many people on television, but especially the annual 6ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is produced and broadcast on Channel 6, and the Mummer Parade, the New Year’s main broadcast on Channel 17.

None of the presenting stations picked up lying news.

Neither Channel 6 nor Channel 17 stated their respective demonstrations.

Both of them saved the celebration from sad reality by wearing a virtual parade that was married to the documentary section, and from Channel 17, some new material.

In a statement acknowledging the safety of the players, fans, occupants and employees of the station, Channel 17 general manager Vince Giannini, said Channel 17 was committed to delivering in 2021 with the Mummer program. At present, that means a mix of highlights from last year’s New Year parade and new material that will be produced over the next five months.

Channel 6 is not specific but indicates that it will broadcast a Thanksgiving Day program which includes highlights from 35 years of Turkish Trots since the station saved the Philadelphia Thanksgiving extravaganza from oblivion.

Philadelphia is not alone in taking reasonable steps to limit COVID transmission. The annual Rose Bowl Parade has been canceled in Pasadena, and there will be no Macy march on Broadway in New York.

Neal Zoren’s television column appears every Monday.


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The Philadelphia eagles insider explains why Jason Peters re-signed with the team | NFL news | Instant News

“I think he likes the eagles. Jeffrey Lowery is a good friend of his, they have a connection”

Cameron Hogwood and Richard graves

Last update: 17/07/20 7:05 am

Jason Peters is going to play a new position with the eagles in 2020

Jason Peters declined the offer better than what the Philadelphia eagles in order to return to Lincoln financial field this offseason, according to NBC sports the eagles insider John Clark.

Nine-time Pro Bowl left tackle should go from the team after he became a free agent at the end of the season, but he recently returned on a one-year contract worth up to $6m.

It comes after Brandon Brooks suffered a season ending Achilles tear, with Peters now expected to move on the right guard.

Former Washington Pro bowler Santana moss believes that it will be difficult to choose a new name for the NFL franchise

Former Washington Pro bowler Santana moss believes that it will be difficult to choose a new name for the NFL franchise

“Jason Peters is a proud man,” Clark said Sky Sports News. “He said he was going to be a left midfielder, if he comes back, but I think that he saw his proposals he had received, told me that he got one offer which was more money.

“$3 million for one year with the eagles, and with bonuses that could take it up to $6m. I think he loves the eagles. (Owner) Jeffrey Lowery is a good friend of his, they have a connection.

“When they saw that Brandon Brooks go down I think Jason Peters, who is not going to get the opportunity at left tackle, they have Andre Dillard, I think Jason said you know of the other options, the eagles the best chance to win and he likes lane Johnson.”

Peters never acted in on a permanent basis in his career, but will be near the three-time Pro Bowl tackle lane Johnson in what could be a formidable blocking Duo.

Sky sports news Richard graves explains why the NFL franchise Washington could be renamed to ‘Redtails after they officially dropped the name and logo of their ‘Redskins’

Sky sports news Richard graves explains why the NFL franchise Washington could be renamed to ‘Redtails after they officially dropped the name and logo of their ‘Redskins’

“It’s a big change,” added Clark. “I talked to the eagles striker from past years, tra Thomas and he said that it’s so hard to go from the left side to the right side, especially after ten-and-a-half games as a left midfielder.

“He said it would be like asking a baseball player to step up to the plate and go to the other side and hit him with the left hand. It’s going to be a problem, but I think Jason loves the eagles and saw that a situation where he could help.

“The most important thing is to protect Carson Wentz and keep it healthy. If he can stay healthy and perhaps get back to that MVP form, this team can win the division and do some damage.”

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