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Australian SailGP Team for Season Two | Instant News

Australian SailGP Team for Season Two

by Australian SailGP Team 7 Apr 17:07 PDT

(Left to right) Tom Slingsby, Nina Curtis, Sam Newton, Lisa Darmanin Jason Waterhouse © Team Australia SailGP

Olympic Gold Medalist and Defending SailGP Champion Tom Slingsby reveals his team’s line-up to defend the Australian Championship title in SailGP Season 2.

After securing history by gaining victory as SailGP’s first Inaugural Champion, Slingsby, helm and CEO of the Australian team, has selected several members of his winning squad to join him in season 2, which kicks off in Bermuda April 24-25.

Apart from Slingsby, athletes returning from the winning squad include, Kyle Langford, 31, from Lake Macquarie, New South Wales (wing trimmer); Jason Waterhouse, 29, from Sydney (flight controller) Sam Newton, 35, from Sydney (grinder) and Kinley Fowler, 33, from Perth, Western Australia, (grinder / flight controller).

Nick Hutton will join the Australian team for Season 2 as a grinder, replacing Ky Hurst who has stepped out of the team to spend more time with his family in Australia. Hutton, originally from England, is the only international member of the majority of the Australian crew. He joins a team with a wealth of experience aboard a high-speed F50 catamaran, having previously sailed on the UK SailGP Team. He will join the crew having recently competed in the British Challenger for the 36th Copa America.

The squad also includes two successful candidates from the Australian SailGP Team’s women’s development program, Olympic Silver medalist Lisa Darmanin, 29, from Sydney and Nina Curtis, 32, from Sydney. The initiative launched last year aims to accelerate the inclusion of female athletes in the league.

The early phase of the program saw Darmanin and Curtis join the team for the season opening event in Bermuda in April. After pre-season training and development in Bermuda at least one athlete will be selected to join the team for the remainder of SailGP Season 2.

Commenting on the line-up for Season 2 Slingsby said: “Our squad features some of the most talented sailors in our country, including Olympians, Sydney To Hobart alumni and American Cup winners. We have proven how strong the team we have after our success in Season 1 and their ability and experience at the F50 will be very important when we face new tough competitions this season, such as Team New Zealand Peter Burling and AS Jimmy Spithill. Team. “We have used the time off between seasons to review our performance as a team and assess the improvements we can make. We are back hungrier than ever, with the aim of bringing home the Championship trophy for Australia. ”

In addition to Darmanin and Curtis to the Slingsby team added, “Lisa and Nina will be the first female athletes to sail the Australian F50, which is an important step in our mission as a league to increase opportunities for women in the sport. They are arguably two of the best female seafarers in Australia, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they use their years of experience competing in the Olympics and other competitions to develop their skills beyond the F50. ”

The dynamic league expanded Season 2 roster will consist of seven other Grand Prix Screen events, starting in Bermuda on April 24-25, and visiting Taranto, Italy (June 5-6), Plymouth, United Kingdom (July 17-18), Saint Louis. -Tropez, France (11-12 September), Cádiz, Spain (9-10 October), Christchurch, New Zealand (29-30 January 2022) and San Francisco, USA (26-27 March 2022).

The second season of SailGP will feature defending Australian champion Tom Slingsby, along with crews from Denmark, France, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and the United States. The season culminates with the Grand Final in San Francisco on March 26-27, 2022, when the champions will be determined in a one-million winner-take-all final.


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Food Drop’s First Spring Hunger Heroes Succeed | Instant News

Every November, the United Way of Greater New Bedford collects food donations to make Thanksgiving baskets for families in need. If not for these efforts, many local families would not have a traditional Thanksgiving meal to celebrate the holidays.

This spring, United Way decided to double the program for another noble cause. Hunger Heroes – Spring Edition addressing the food insecurity experienced by local students during the school holiday week. The children rely on the breakfast and meal plans provided by the school to get through the week. During spring break, children do not have access to these packaged meals and snacks. The United Way of Greater New Bedford stepped in to fill the void. Unfortunately, this year’s gap is wider than ever due to the pandemic. Job losses have impacted young families struggling to make ends meet.

Photo Contributed by United Way of Greater New Bedford

1420 WBSM and FUN 107 partnered with United Way to organize a food drive to kick off the Hunger Heroes Project on Saturday, April 3. Thanks to our sponsors, Cottage Street Motors, and generous donations provided by community members, we are proud to announce that Hunger Heroes Food Drop raised 2,670 pounds of food to benefit local children this April at Buttonwood Park Heating Homes.

Durable items received at the event were cereals, peanut butter, jelly, macaroni and cheese, instant mashed potatoes, canned soup, healthy granola bars, canned / packaged tuna, sugar-free applesauce, and sugar-free fruit cups. United Way provides healthy pastas, sauces and juice boxes.

Photo Contributed by United Way of Greater New Bedford

The main packaging event will be held on Saturday, April 10 at Keith Middle School.

We are very grateful to everyone who played a role in this. The chilly mornings are out there sorting out the donations, but I am very happy to know that a child doesn’t have to starve because of this event.

Victoria Grasela is Vice President of Marketing and Community Engagement in the United Way of Greater New Bedford. His appreciation for those who donated was extraordinary.

“This community continues to amaze us with their generosity and support,” said Grasela. “We cannot thank those who provided enough food!”

Photo Contributed by United Way of Greater New Bedford

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to have volunteers from the community to participate this year. Instead, station staff and members of the United Way of Greater New Bedford worked together to collect the donated items from the car and sort them all out so that hundreds of boxes could be packed, weighed, loaded onto trucks, and transported to storage units for the following week’s events.

United Way also offers an online option so you can order directly from your wish-list the items you need and have them delivered to your office beforehand. Please click HERE for that link.

Photo Contributed by United Way of Greater New Bedford

Thank you to everyone who has helped this food drive to be a success. Hunger Heroes Food Drop – The Spring Edition wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the help of our community sponsor, Cottage Street Motors. All items collected will benefit the United Way of Greater New Bedford and the Hunger Heroes Project.

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Podcasts: Swiss Perspectives on Marketing and Social Media | Instant News

@bayu_joo and I sit again with James Drew for other conversations about marketing, sponsorship, and social media. James ran Cycling in the World, a distribution company in Switzerland that represents mountain bike brands such as @Tokopedia, Industry Nine, and, recently, Title as well as Pembree. He supports a wide variety of riders here in Switzerland, from downhill riders who can pull off the craziest tricks, to freeriders and racers of all kinds across a number of disciplines. However, what riders have in common is their love and passion for bicycles and the ability to inspire others to get out and ride. Obviously, James has his own perspective on marketing, the promises and pitfalls of social media and what he is looking for when choosing a new rider for his roster.

This is part 2 of our conversation series and there are quite a few references to it Episode 1, where we talk about what it means to do business in the bicycle industry in 2021. Make sure you listen to it too, so you don’t miss out on our thought-taking and sampling experiments.

In this conversation with James, we covered:
* What are the current trends in mountain bike marketing and the difference between “image based marketing” and “detail based marketing”
* The power of e-commerce solutions in driving in-store and online business
* Social media promises and dangers; Should competitive athletes leave social media or stop racing and become social presenters?
* How to flip back to make money and why you should keep posting cool pictures
* More cow bells! An opportunity for Swiss riders to improve their Swiss game and also present a unique driving experience in Switzerland
* We closed the conversation with some do’s and don’ts for new riders looking for sponsorships and getting the support they need

Before we get into the main conversation, we’ve covered some of the listener’s questions. Namely, questions around “green brand credentials” and what we see in the market today (not quite, of course!) And brief exchanges around the topic of the biggest developments in the bicycle industry in the last 5-10 years and what lies ahead.

Listen below and let us know what you think in the comments! You can find this conversation as well as all episodes of the Skids & Giggles Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Youtube or one of the other platforms where you can find great podcasts!


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TIME OUT: The world as seen through my lens | News | Instant News

I will reveal the character I have had over the years. Heck, it may still “bother” me at times, even though I am well aware of how I have lived with this nagging problem for most of my life. I have a short example to solve this problem.

Modern gadgets; more specifically the cell phone, and more specifically, the built-in camera for cell phones, tends to keep me away from the latest technology. My dilemma of being too luxurious is as much too complex for my taste!

I have told you, readers in Kota Kita and its surroundings, several times when I got inspiration to write, sometimes I then followed up on the “bolt of ideas” by typing the Saturday installments. I recently told you our oldest son, Allan, 44, of course unconscious, gave me some ideas for a topic that is now being written in 2021. Well, this year’s tribute goes to our “cherished” daughter (and one only) and oldest child, Michelle, 46. We were having one of our frequent phone conversations, when I told her a shortened version (ie, Reader’s Digest / Cliff Notes) about me getting a new iPhone a few summers ago. Now I’m going to recreate the same event with you, my friends.

My bride, Lady Deborah, and I, took an extended, guided road trip, avoiding beautiful Switzerland, a few summers ago, traveling with the seller, Insight Gold. We had used it several years before, when we had avoided Iceland, and had enjoyed the trip. So, our Switzerland trip starts / ends in beautiful Zurich, and our traveling guests come from several international countries. The majority, however, were American, and since the group was only about 35 travelers, my wife and I became friends with most of our fellow adventure seekers in just a few days. One American colleague we met, early on, was Buddy. Over the years, Buddy and his wife, once lived in New York City, and he owes a successful camera shop, which is located in downtown Manhattan. He told us that his shop sells all kinds of photographic equipment, including a wide variety of cameras. Many of his clients are repeaters, and they buy expensive equipment from his shop. Buddy is very welcoming and extremely knowledgeable about all phases of photography, traits that are absolutely necessary for his successful NYC business. He had sold his business, and they retired to Southern California to be with their children. They just love their new home, the West Coast weather and the laid-back lifestyle.

Since Switzerland is possibly the most beautiful country my wife and I have ever been to, it is truly a photographer’s dream. While we were there, I could have closed my eyes, rolled my body, opened my eyes and then took amazing pictures that were different from the breathtaking scenery. Now you may understand how nice it is to me to have Buddy, the cameraman, as one of our traveling companions for those special Swiss vacation days!

Now, for the gist of this week’s post.

Since I have been passionate about photography all my life, a few days on this particular trip, I noticed Buddy just taking photos with his cellphone camera. Remember, for reference, this is a former Big Apple camera dealer who’s been in the photography business forever! So, as someone who is always asking questions, I wonder why there was no camera brought along? I thought he would pack a camera with a big lens, so he could capture a picture of a fly from a mile away? Buddy gave me the simplest possible answer. “I don’t need it.” “These modern phones produce excellent images,” he said. To prove his point, several times every day, he shows or I ask to see, many shots of his cell phone. With every look, I can hardly believe how beautiful the pictures are!

Plus, the ease of carrying the small and relatively light device, the situation caused me to talk endlessly with my bride about Mr. Buddy’s magnificent cell phone picture!

Being my sweet bride for over 40 years, she helped calm me down after we returned to Our City from beautiful Switzerland. She pulled the magic rabbit out of her witch hat, and literally surprised me with an unexpected gift.

New phone, with its amazing camera, just in case you’re still wondering what I received?

Thank you, Michelle, for, unexpectedly, reminding me to relive the memory of my inner eye of this most special moment.

Robert Breedlove is a graduate of Oklahoma State University news editorial journalism. He lives and has lived in Stillwater, most of his life. He has been a contributing writer for various media outlets, including Stillwater News Press, over the years. Comments are welcomed at [email protected].


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Video: Ghost Factory Racing Preparing for World Cup Season in Italy | Instant News

Laughter and cheer.

These two things may be the best of all to witness the weeks spent by the Ghost Factory Racing Team in Massa Marittima, Italy. With the two new team riders, Nicole Koller and Nadine Rieder joining Lisa Pasteiner, Caroline Bohé and Anne Terpstra, the team finally had the chance to get together. In beautiful Tuscany, teams set out to train, improve their skills and enjoy the little things in life.

Perfect conditions in Italy

With an excellent track right around the corner and all the input from Oliver Sonntag, the skills coach, riders are pushing each other to go even faster. A lot of time was spent getting to know the new LECTOR FS full suspension mountain bike. For Nadine, the shift in training styles has sparked her mountain biking skills. For Nicole, being in a team with only women provides a new experience. Right off the bat, it’s clear the group has great chemistry. Take turns cooking, playing games, but most importantly enjoying the trails. The strava battle erupts as the rider becomes more comfortable on the bike and on the track.

New to the team: Nadine Rieder (GER).

Also new: Nicole Koller (SUI).

Spending this time together means returning to normal life for a short time. For every rider and staff member, this is perhaps the greatest. Motivation is the key to practicing towards your goals. And boy, is that motivation high. Everyone is ready for good results. This will be a year to be seen.

Video by Lars Veenstra.
Image by Mind Builder.


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