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Senator Faisal Javed shared the phone number, time to attend a conference with PM Imran | Instant News

Senator Faisal Javed Khan, on Friday, shared details regarding PM Imran’s telephone conference with the public.

Through Twitter, he highlighted the number and time to contact PM Imran. He said that the public could interact with Imran Khan by telephone during the second session of ‘Aap Ka Wazir-e-Azam Aapke Sath’ (Your Prime Minister with You)

Telephone interactions will begin at 11:30 am on April 04, shared by Senators saying that the prime minister will answer public inquiries on telephone-051-9224900.

On March 31, it was announced that Prime Minister Imran Khan would interact directly with the public by telephone on April 04.

Through Twitter, Faisal Javed Khan announced that the prime minister will interact with the public and answer their questions on April 4 (Sunday).

He did, however, share that the timing and numbers will be shared soon. “The conversation with the prime minister will be broadcast live on television, radio and digital media,” said Faisal Javed.

This is not the first time Prime Minister Imran Khan has interacted with the public by telephone as on February 1, Imran Khan received calls from the general public and responded to their inquiries.

In the conversation, Imran Khan shared that a housing project has been started by the federal government in which a subsidy of Rs300,000 will be provided to 100,000 housing units.

He said because of the legal framework on the pipeline, access to loans was disrupted. However, now the problem is resolved banks are adhered to to ensure that they provide construction loans to the public.


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Faisal, Yasmin reviewed the corona vaccination process | Instant News

LAHORE: Special Assistant to Prime Minister of Health Dr Faisal Sultan and Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid reached the Expo Center to monitor the vaccination facilities here on Sunday.

Secretary of the Department of Primary and Secondary Health Captain (r) Usman Younis, Deputy Commissioner of Lahore Mudassar Riaz, Additional Secretary of the Technical Department of the PSH Department Dr Asim Altaf, Deputy Secretary Ms Rafia Haider, Ahmer Khan and other officials attended the occasion. Dr Faisal Sultan and Dr Yasmin Rashid reviewed the vaccination process for people over 60 years of age. PSH Department Secretary Captain (r) Usman Younis notifies the minister of vaccination arrangements. Dr Yasmin Rashid asked from the residents their views and asked for a response. Renowned legal expert Aitzaz Ahsan also attended and expressed satisfaction with the arrangement and prayed for Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar. SAPM Dr Faisal Sultan received his father’s vaccinations at the Center.

The Minister of Health said that a large number of people over the age of 60 came to get vaccinated. The staff serving the people at the center deserve applause, he added. In the past three days, more than 18,000 of the 60+ age group have been vaccinated, he said adding that in line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision, people over 60 are vaccinated first. The minister said that the capacity of Punjab hospitals had been increased and emphasized unity to contain the pandemic. “I really appreciate PSH Secretary Dept. Captain (r) Usman Younis for his good work. People over 60 years of age are being given the Sinopharm vaccine, he said. “

The Prime Minister’s Special Assistant for Health Dr Faisal Sultan said, “I congratulate Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid and Secretary Health Captain (r) Usman Younis on the excellent arrangements for vaccination. The Pakistani government has set up vaccination centers across the country. Punjab. have made complicated vaccination arrangements. I congratulate the Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar and his team, “concluded SAPM.


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Residents of Shah Faisal are annoyed by the displacement of Kachra Kundi near the mosque | Instant News

KARACHI – Residents of Shah Faisal Colony have voiced their concern over the relocation of the ‘Kachra Kundi’ (garbage collection site) close to the mosque in the area, fearing that the smell of rotting rubbish and smoke rising from burning rubbish will lead to worship. difficult. Residents from the area around the Jamia Taj Center Mosque staged a protest demonstration on Thursday, calling for an immediate halt to construction of Kachra Kundi. The mosque administration has also written to the Karachi Commissioner and city authorities asking for their intervention.

They informed the Commissioner by letter that Kachra Kundi was being moved from outside the Sangam Cinema to the KMC office in the area. It was stated that all the windows of the mosque were located on the side of the KMC office where the Kachra Kundi was built, which would adversely affect the ventilation of the mosque. A resident of the Shayan area, who attended the protest demonstration, expressed frustration at the move. He urged the city government to place emergency trash bins in the area, as they do in other parts of the city, to ensure effective garbage collection, or at least find another suitable place for Kachra Kundi, where it does not cause inconvenience. residents and congregations. The mosque representative, Maulana Sultan, spoke to the media, expressing confidence that Commissioner Karachi and other relevant authorities will resolve the issue.

However, he added, if the problem persists, they will have no other choice but to consider legal action to fix the complaint.

The mosque administration has also sent copies of the letter to Karachi Administrator, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Zona Shah Faisal and Regional Officials of KMC Zona Shah Faisal.


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The fire destroyed three factories in New Karachi, Shah Faisal Colony | Instant News

A fire broke out at a carton factory in New Karachi on Thursday and also spread to the adjoining towel factory, while another fire was reported at a thread factory in Shah Faisal Colony.

Firefighters said a fire broke out at a cardboard factory located near the Saba Cinema in the New Karachi area, adding that the flames swept through the entire building quickly and also spread to the adjacent towel factory.

The fire department spokesman said the fire broke out while the employees were working, adding that some of them were able to get out of the factory while the rest climbed onto the roof and were later rescued by firefighters.

The spokesman said that four fire engines were immediately dispatched to the scene, adding that firefighters managed to control the blaze after four hours of hard effort with the help of four fire engines and five water bows.

The owner of the towel factory said the fire broke out because of a short circuit at the carton factory and then spread to its establishment. He admitted that firefighters arrived late at the location.

Another fire broke out at the thread factory in Shah Faisal Colony. After receiving information about the incident, two fire engines were dispatched to the location where the fire was extinguished after an hour’s endeavors. The cause of the fire has not been determined.


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The federal government to run the three Karachi hospitals through the independent Board of Commissioners: Dr Faisal Sultan | Instant News

The federal government has no other choice but to take over financial and administrative control of Karachi’s three main health facilities – the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC), the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) and the National Institute of Children’s Health (NICH) – and the Shaikh Zayed Postgraduate Medical Institute. in Lahore and run it through an independent board of governors according to the Federal Medical Teaching Institutes Ordinance 2020, federal health authorities told The News on Wednesday.

“As per the direction of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, we have no other choice but to take control of the three main Karachi health facilities and one in Lahore. No timeframe can be given on this, but we have allocated funds to run it in the current budget and we will do so by establishing an independent board of governors consisting of experts from various fields, ”Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Health, Dr. Faisal Sultan told The News on Wednesday.

The Federal Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination also issued a notice recently in which four health facilities, three in Karachi and one in Lahore, were added to the Schedule of the Federal Medical Teaching Institutions Ordinance, 2020.

The Sindh government has vehemently resisted new attempts at hospital acquisitions by federal authorities and its spokesman Barrister Murtaza Wahab ruled out the possibility of handing over control of JPMC, NICVD and NICH to the Center.

“This hospital, including the NICVD and two other facilities, doesn’t belong to anyone. These three hospitals have treated patients from all over Pakistan and have served the public free of charge with transparency. These three hospitals will remain with us, ”Wahab told reporters during a briefing when he was asked to comment on the issuance of a new federal notice regarding Karachi’s three main health facilities.

Commenting on the publication of the notice, Dr Sultan insisted there was “no politics” behind the federal government’s new move and reiterated that federal authorities had no intention of disobeying court orders and facing charges of humiliation.

“As you are well aware, they are employees of institutions that have approached the courts, not us. The Supreme Court sided with them and it is now our duty to follow this order, “he added.

Against the question, Dr Sultan said that previously they did not have a mechanism to run these health facilities because they did not want to regulate it through several deputy secretaries in Islamabad, but now that they have promulgated the 2020 Federal Medical Teaching Institutions Ordinance, they have the tools available to make a health facility available. efficient for the betterment of Karachi and Sindh society.

A search and nomination board would soon be formed to identify suitable members for the health facility’s governor’s council, he said, adding that the council would select the most suitable people, especially experts from the fields of medical science, management and finance to run this top health facility.

“Most likely, the members of the board of governors for this health facility are from Karachi and we don’t mind on behalf of a competent person. There are criteria that have been set in the regulation for the election of the head of the institution by the board of governors, “he explained.

Responding to another question, Dr Sultan said that hospitals can only run efficiently and effectively if given financial and administrative autonomy and he will ensure that not only sufficient budget is provided for these health facilities in the budget but also given administrative and financial freedom to use the funds. this is for effective service delivery and patient well-being.


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