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League of Legends: FlyQuest will produce Spanish joint video in 2021 LCS season | Instant News

Source: FlyQuest

Starting from the opening match of the first week of the 2021 League of Legends Championship Series Spring Game between FlyQuest and TSM on February 5th, FlyQuest will produce a year-long Spanish co-stream, which will include broadcasting talents from the LATAM region. The joint live broadcast will cover every LCS game (not only the FlyQuest game) and extend to the playoffs, providing LCS Spanish lovers from all over the world with a professional experience to enjoy the entire season.

In addition to the organization’s 2021 environmental protection initiative #BeeQuest, FlyQuest has also worked hard to incorporate Spanish into its brand to attract the off-season signing of superstar Ratam Brandon Joel “Josard Dovey Fans of “Legas”.

Josedeodo is LLA’s first LCS imported product. It signed a contract with FlyQuest after its debut with Rainbow7 in the 2020 World Series. FlyQuest has the potential to win a new fan base and also signed a talented individual player. Although his arrival at the LCS Lock In game was delayed due to visa issues, Josedeodo performed well in his first game with FlyQuest, especially when there was not enough time to develop synergy in this case.

Some of the most popular broadcasters in Latin America will showcase their excellence in joint live broadcasts, including:

The audience will always be able to twitch.tv/flyquest. Along the way, with the development of this year, you can expect a large number of guest performances by other LATAM players, broadcast talents and analysts.

FlyQuest will face TSM at 3:00 PM PST on February 5 (Friday) to open the 2021 LCS Spring Split.

Find the full schedule, brackets and more about your favorite eSports Juked.gg!

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How to mute the bastard in Destruction AllStars | Instant News

Destroyer All Stars

Screenshots: Sober game

Anyone who has ever been online can expect this. Provide people with internet connections and microphones, some of which will quickly show how much they suck. Following the PS5 only released yesterday Destroy All Stars, The player almost immediately reported serious verbal harassment, and the situation was aggravated by the game’s confusing lack of tools to prevent this behavior.

scroll by Social media, You will see a lot of players complaining destroyThe intrusive voice chat is turned on by default. To make matters worse, the voices of other players came through the tiny speaker on the front of the PS5’s DualSense controller. (Yes, really.) Some players Swarming Go to the popular video game forum ResetEra to share stories about racial insults, homophobia and other examples of unforgivable derogatory language.In the review game Technology studioIt is said that Sam Machkovech (Sam Machkovech) heard “alternative broadcasts on the dark web and QAnon.”

“This is a very interesting game, I believe it will be played with young children,” a ResetEra host write. “But I don’t think they would want to’damn you! Son!’ or scream out some terrible homophobia among the speakers in the living room.”

worse, Destroy All Stars There are few tools that can help players avoid convulsions. As far as I know, there is no way to mute or report hostile players in the game. You can press the trackpad to list everyone in each game, but you cannot actually interact with any displayed username. This is just a list. There is also no setting in the options that allows you to disable wholesale voice chat.

Destroy all-star audiovisual options

A/V option kit in Destroy All Stars.
Screenshots: Sober Game / Kotaku

In other words, to make everyone shut up, you must rely on system-level skills. If you are cool to attend a (toxic) party chat, then the two simplest options are at your fingertips.

Use activity card

When selecting a character before the game, you should see a notification pop up in the upper right corner of the screen: “Game voice chat has started.” After you see the message, you can mute it. Click the PS button. Navigate to “Voice Chat| Destroy All StarsActivity card (probably the first activity card that pops up), then click Square. You can also do this after the game has started, but you may feel confused. Just raised his head.

Another tip: You must do this in every game. PS5 will not remember that you muted the chat in the previous game.

Mute the DualSense controller

When you press the PS button, you will pull up the “Control Center”, a series of icons at the bottom of the screen.control center Is customizable; After opening, just click the “Options” button. Before playing, please fine-tune the tone to include the “sound” icon. You can click this button at any time and then turn the controller speaker down completely. That will make everything quiet.

Of course, it is not ideal that players even have to rely on system-level solutions. By default, voice chat is turned on, which is a bit weird, while voice chat through the speaker of the controller is even more strange. But it’s frustrating that there is no obvious way to mute a single player in each game, report offensive bastards in the game, and not completely cancel voice chat, which quickly proved to be distracting. It is derogatory at best, and at worst. It is 2021. Anyone who has ever been online can expect this.

Kosaku Contacted Lucid Games, destroyDevelopers and the game’s publisher Sony to see if any of these issues are resolved in a future update Destroy All Stars.

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Change of mind: Zayt returns to competitive Fortnite | Instant News

The latest evidence of Fortnite’s charm appeared on Saturday, when NRG’s outstanding William “Zayt” Aubin announced his decision to retire three weeks later and return to competitive competition.

His retirement announcement was made on January 12, when one of the most prominent figures in the game caused shock in the Fortnite community. He announced on Saturday that he would return, just in time for his competition at the DreamHack Online Open.

Zayt announced in his retirement announcement that he is no longer happy in the game. His decision to come back mentioned his regret that he didn’t want to play anymore.

Zait said on Twitter on Saturday: “I regret that I didn’t participate in the game and wasted my gift.” “That said, yes, I’m back, for everyone who was negatively affected by me. Sorry.”

Zayt retired and said that he would still be involved in Fortnite activities, maybe just as much as he didn’t expect in a few weeks. His intention to become an NRG coach/analyst while watching a live game will obviously be postponed to the future.

-Live media


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Why Gametop (GME) is in the middle of the Wall Street War | Instant News

It is difficult for anyone to try and confidently understand the impact of Gametop’s (GME) stock surge in the past five days.From approximately $42 to $342 now, the initial retail transaction community price is /r/Wallstreetbets Created financial history by leveraging the hype and enthusiasm of memes that often resemble viruses.

Some experts claim that this “Reddit rebellion” marks the further decentralization of the stock market and the rise of non-professional retail investors. They cited Tesla stock (TSLA) and Bitcoin as two other examples of assets. The value of these assets was originally created by the support and beliefs of millions of retail traders and was constantly hedged instead of hedged. Institutional support of the fund.

What is /r/Wallstreetbets?TL; DR

/r/Wallstreetbets’ simplified strategy is to bring retail traders together and share information or catalysts that may mark a good time to buy and sell stocks. Facts have proved that the community can successfully identify stocks that large hedge funds or professional Wall Street traders have no confidence in. When traders bet that the stock will fall, when the community is enthusiastic about its stock, Wall Street investors will benefit to make it rise.

When this happens, institutional traders who “short” the stock have only one option-to buy back the stock before the price rises too high, and they will lose huge amounts of money. This is often referred to as a “short squeeze” and Gametop is currently experiencing a huge squeeze.

Why choose Gametop?

In 2020, Gametop closed many retail stores and reported a decline in retail sales. Coupled with the view that Gametop is destined to become the next blockbuster entity dinosaur, the stock fell to a historical low of $2.20 in April 2020. As a result, professional traders on Wall Street made a lot of bets that GME stock would continue to fall.

But this is not the whole story of Gametop.

User at /r/Wallstreetbets People are beginning to make convincing arguments about why GME is so much healthier than people realize. First, Ryan Cohen publicly bought 9M GME stock, and then unexpectedly increased 309% during the Gamestops 2020 holiday E-commerce sales (resulting in 1.35B of the total holiday sales in 2020). As Gametop announced its shift to a hub for e-commerce-centric businesses, Internet retailers have been sold.

“We like stocks!” Although institutional trading groups failed to bet heavily on the stock, it became a rallying cry for people supporting GME.

Memetic factors and the rise of retail traders

When Elon Musk starts posting stock tweets, everything will change. Musk once praised the online market for creators on Twitter, and Etsy (ETSY) stock rose 3.5%. Therefore, it is not surprising that Musk is also interested in the struggle between GME retail traders and institutional traders.

With Musk stepping in, all bets on the future of GME stock. This level of stock market volatility is very rare, and even experienced traders admit that they have never seen such a situation. There is a sense of elation in the attraction of Musk’s Tweet and other social media to GME. For many people, the rise in GME stock represents a transfer of power between ordinary people and large investment companies.

▲For some traders at /r/Wallstreetbets, the success of GME’s short position squeeze has changed people’s lives.

As social media communities like /r/Wallstreetbets continue to grow, their complexity and number continue to grow, and their influence and ability to challenge the unrestricted bets of institutional hedge funds continues to grow.

Reality is 93% of people in the United States are still working, and the country’s lock-in agreement has made temporary stock trading a popular quarantine hobby-what else can people spend their money on? More and more people are using their money to trade stocks online, and communities like /r/Wallstreetbets are more or less taking advantage of this momentum.

Wall Street professionals refer to these groups as “rebellious” and “wild”, which usually leads to further financial turmoil. Daringly, this new class of traders has begun to express public dissatisfaction with the speed at which large financial institutions are trying to crush their trading strategies.

▲/r/ The Wallstreetsbets community has held a meeting with media and professional traders who are trying to discredit their trading strategies

When millions of people adopt short-term tightening strategies, lack of trading experience or complexity has little meaning. According to today’s status quo, some Redditors become millionaires overnight, and short GME hedging tools are destined to suffer huge losses.

The only thing anyone can say with certainty is that the GME story continues. The most fanatical support predicts a target price of $1,000 or higher-it sounds absurd, but this is not something that anyone should completely rule out. The rise of GME and /r/Wallstreetbets are stories of human aspirations, internet memes and legitimate financial strategies that have attracted the attention of the international stock trading world.


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In less than 24 hours, PUBG Mobile India’s competitors reached 300,000 downloads on the Google Play Store | Instant News

After months of speculation, FAUG (Fearless and United Defender) was finally launched on Republic Day 2021. The first episode was finally released on the Google Play store and was downloaded nearly 300,000 times within 24 hours. In FAUG, the first episode has many five-star ratings, but there are also many one-star ratings. The review of the game also pointed out that other graphics are needed and the appearance of the game needs to be improved. Although many users gave the game a five-star rating, they emphasized several themes, such as additional graphics, fewer features, map glitches, and other aspects of the game. However, some users support the game and point out that this is only the first step of FAUG, and future updates will be better.

For some comments, Studio nCore Pvt Ltd responded to users separately.If there are any technical issues related to it error, They replied: “We are working hard to add more content to the game and improve the game experience. Hope you like our future updates.” For those who appreciate FAUG, they wrote: “Thank you for your support and feedback. Like you Such players motivate us to do better and improve the game.” There are even doubts about the aggressiveness of the battle, that is, the soldiers are just waiting for the opponent to move, which is slightly controversial with games based on real plots.

It is expected that FAUG will provide more updates, and the game environment and graphics will be improved in future versions. FAUG is one of the games made in India and has been regarded by the market as a competitor of PUBG Mobile India. After the Indian government continues to ban PUBG Mobile and 58 other Chinese apps, FAUG faces a comeback future.

How to download FAUG on mobile phones and desktops

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store and enter FAUG. You will be able to download the game directly on your phone or desktop.

Step 2: The size of the game is 400 MB, which is 270 MB less than PUBG Mobile India. It is very light and will not take up much space on your system.

Step 3: Currently, FAUG is not updated on IoS, only available on Android devices


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