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National a scandal airline of Pakistan | Instant News

Pia, the national carrier of Pakistan, has long been criticized for its instability, loss of business due to corruption and the status of “the descendants.”

The European Union (EU) suspending the operations of the Pakistan International airlines (PIA) in the countries-members of the unit for at least 6 months, starting from 1 July, is the latest blow for the airline.

Aircraft Pia is about to land at the Islamabad airport, Pakistan, in February 2007 Photo: Reuters

Before the crash the plane on may 22 and the subsequent investigation found many of the pilots due to the trial license, their driver, Pia was notorious plane with a bulky apparatus personnel, control processes.

In 2018 the Supreme court of Pakistan Musharraf Rasool dismissed from the position of Executive Director of FDI for violation of the standards of work and inexperience in aviation.

Arshad Malik, the current Director of FDI used by the General of the Pakistani air force.

Despite tireless efforts to revive the Pia, Pakistani officials say the company still loses about 6 billion rupees ($36 million) a month, citing their financial situation as a “bottomless pit”.

Speaking in the Pakistani Parliament on 24 June, the Minister for civil aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan said on 8303 flight Pia PK on may 22, “the captain and his co-pilot was not focused.

Minister Han showed that out of 262 860 pilots working Pakistani airlines hired testing for licenses and incompetent.

Pakistan pilot license test, the system was changed in 2012 and is accused of failure to comply with management standards.

False the scandal has led many airlines around the world to suspend pilots, engineers and ground staff from Pakistan.


The scene of the accident in Karachi, Pakistan, 22/5 photo: Reuters

Pakistani pilots also feel unhappy.

Hamood Alam, a former Pia employee who now works at another airline in the middle East, said that never felt so “ashamed, humiliated and angry.”

“Even competent pilots to follow the procedure of operation. However, the public only knows this situation when he leaves a tragic accident. It’s a miracle that we don’t

A former employee of the Pia to the judge that the accident occurred from “problems rooted in the society because the elites and the authorities believed that they could get rid of any troubles, and all the rules.

He noted that the flight PC 8303, the two pilots talked about the secondary theme, but as a rule, when the aircraft was below the height of 3,048 m, the crew members were not allowed to share any information.

The opposition and critics criticized the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan overcome the crisis it is unwise and humiliating Pakistan.

“The government’s claims are likely untrue and the Minister of aviation shouldn’t have been so public. His statement has confused the international community and put hundreds of people at risk.


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UAE suspends flights to Pakistan for fear of coronavirus – Pakistan | Instant News

Last Update June 29,2020 05:31 am

UAE will not take passengers from Pakistan to the special COVID-19 laboratory to test them.

Dubai (Dunya news) – the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced the suspension of all arrival and transfer of flights from Pakistan from today (Monday) until the creation of a special laboratory for carrying out COVID-19 tests for all incoming passengers, according to an official statement.

“The Directorate of civil aviation announced the suspension of passenger reception for all flights and transit from Pakistan to complete the creation of a special laboratory for testing for the new coronavirus COVID-19 for all arrivals in the state as a precaution to ensure the health and safety of all arrivals, as of Monday corresponding to June 29, 2020,” – said in published on the Emirates news Agency read.

“The Directorate of civil aviation has urged all those affected by the decision on follow-up and communicate with their airlines to make changes and reschedule your flights”, – said in a statement.


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In Pakistan plane crash: pilots were distracted by a coronavirus, says Minister | news | DW | Instant News

The Minister of aviation of Pakistan revealed that the pilots of the aircraft that crashed on may 22, killing 97 people, were engrossed in a conversation about the coronavirus and tried to land without wheels down.

Last month, a plane crash involving an Airbus A320 of the national airline Pakistan international airlines near the international airport “Genie” in Karachi, killing all but two people aboard.

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During the first attempted landing, the engines of the plane touched the ground, as the chassis was not. The plane took off on the second attempt, but the pilots were not informed that the engines already scraped the runway, the air Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan said in Parliament on Wednesday.

“The discussion was about the Corona,” said Khan, referring to the audio extracted from the speech recorder, which sheds light on the conversation between the pilot and the second pilot. “The crown was dominant over their mind. Their family was hurt.”

“Several warnings and alerts such as speeding, landing gear down and ground proximity alerts were ignored,” she added. “The landing was conducted with the landing gear retracted. The plane touched the runway on its engines”.

Air traffic control cleared the aircraft to Land, not noticing that the chassis has not been extended, the report found. In addition to this, the pilots were not informed about any possible damage to the engine from the first attempt of landing.

“When the plane took off, both engines were damaged; and when the plane made the approach to the second landing, he had no strength and fell on a residential area,” added Khan.

The Minister added that the plane was “100 percent fit to fly” and pilots who died in a plane crash, has been tested and is suitable for the condition.

Read more: Survivors of a plane crash in Pakistan tells the horrors

The plane crashed a few days after Pakistan removed restrictions coronavirus, which has been in place since March. Domestic flights were allowed to resume on the eve of the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr, but alternative seats on the plane had to be left vacant.

Onboard the airplane there were 91 passengers and eight crew members. The plane nicked residential buildings and a 13 year old girl on the ground, was mortally wounded.

The full report may be released by the end of the year.

see/RC (AFP, AP, Reuters)


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French experts completed their accident investigation | Instant News

The Airbus team inspected the crash site and runway again before they returned to France today


A worker gestures when the truck is full of debris from a crashed PK8303 Pakistan International Airlines plane, in Karachi, Pakistan May 28, 2020. REUTERS / Akhtar Soomro

KARACHI: A team of French experts, who were in the country to ascertain the reasons behind the PIA plane crash near Karachi airport on May 22, have completed their investigation and will return to France on Monday (today).

On Sunday, the 11-member Airbus team, aircraft manufacturers, again surveyed the crash site on the plane, the runway at the airport and the approach tower.

They will return to France with the flight data and cockpit voice recorder with them.

A team of the Pakistan Aircraft Accident and Investigation Agency (AAIB) will also accompany them.

Another team of experts in France will investigate the accident after the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder are translated.

Work on the device will begin on June 2 at the flight laboratory in Le Bourget, France.

The decomposition of the data recorder will allow investigators to hear the conversation between the captain and the first officer during the flight and their communication with the air traffic controller.

Once the black box is translated, they will be able to determine how the two captains used aircraft equipment from takeoff to accidents and assess how well the cockpit crew adheres to procedures agreed upon by Airbus to operate the aircraft.

Those experts will also use the pictures they took from the accident site and the sign on the runway using high resolution and drone cameras in the investigation process.

During their stay in Karachi, the French team inspected aircraft engines, landing gear, wings and avionics flight control systems. They also inspected houses destroyed in the accident.

They checked for friction marks on the runway due to the abdominal landing, reviewed the CCTV footage of the landing and observed the runway and apron from different angles of the control tower and approach tower.

French experts have also searched for complete records of aircraft that crashed from the PIA, to determine how many times the A320 landed in a year, what defects were being worked on, how many cycles the engine completed during last year’s flight, how many times the aircraft passed the inspection process, how many times the landing gear is serviced, which engineer works in the aircraft’s main technical services and what resources and parts are used to fix technical problems.

They will also take samples collected from the rubble to France.

On Sunday, heavy machinery reached the crash site to release the engine and the wings were still buried under the rubble. The wings are extracted and transported to the airport.

However, the engine will be extracted and transported under the supervision of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) construction experts on Monday.


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Today’s view: PM Khan discusses Kashmir with Turkey, Abu Dhabi | Instant News



Digital – Posted: May 26, 2020 | Last Updated: 2 hours ago

Posted: May 26, 2020 | Last Updated: 2 hours ago

Here are some news that we hope to follow today (Monday):

  • Prime Minister Imran Khan has discussed “brutality” in Indian-run Kashmir in telephone conversations with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.
  • The bodies of 41 of 99 people killed in a PIA plane crash in Karachi’s Model Colony have been handed over to their families after identification. A PIA spokesman said air traffic controllers who were talking with aircraft pilots before the accident were called in for investigation. A team from Airbus has also arrived in Karachi to help with the investigation.
  • Some people flocked to Murree, especially Malka-e-kohsar, during Eid al-Fitr despite the coronavirus locking. However, they were stopped by the police.
  • Dr Zafar Mirza, PM’s special assistant in the field of health, has warned that the government can further intensify locking if people continue to ignore the precautions needed to stop the spread of COVID-19.
  • Astronomers believe that they have found evidence of the birth of a new planet in the solar system.
  • K-Electric has warned that Karachi may face a power outage because the temperature is rising.
  • Parliamentary Prime Minister Advisor Babar Awan said Pakistan would investigate the flour and drug crisis after the sugar investigation was completed.
  • ICYMI: The father of pilot Sajjad Gul said he did not believe in the investigation report prepared by airline officials. Click here to read the full story.



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Don’t believe the investigation report by PIA officials: the pilot’s father | Instant News



television – Posted: May 25, 2020 | Last Updated: 39 minutes ago

Posted: May 25, 2020 | Last Updated: 39 minutes ago

He said they leaked the report to the media
The father of Sajjad Gul, the pilot who died in a PIA plane crash in Karachi along with 96 others last Friday, said on Monday that he distrusted the investigation report prepared by airline officials.“They themselves investigated and leaked reports,” Gul Muhammad Bhatti, the father of the late pilot, when speaking to the media with the governor of Punjab in Lahore. The statement came hours after reports began to circulate in the media and social media that there were no technical errors on PK-8303 before taking off from Lahore airport. Bhatti said officials were trying to blame the pilot for accusing him of negligence. “The day before, you said that he belonged to us a national hero,” he said, adding that Sajjad was the only PIA pilot who completed 1,000 hours in the air last year. “He was a thorough professional.” PK-8303 aircraft crashed at the Karachi Model Colony near the airport on May 22. The plane had 99 people in it, including passengers and crew, all but two people were killed.

PIA, Karachi, Plane Crash


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President Erdogan called Prime Minister Imran, expressing his condolences for the Karachi plane crash | Instant News

The two leaders also agreed to increase bilateral cooperation against the Covid-19 pandemic to jointly address this situation


In a photo file, Prime Minister Imran Khan welcomed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. PHOTO COURSE: @PPMPMO

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday received a call from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

He expressed his condolences over the tragic accident of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft in Karachi and reaffirmed the strong support of the Turkish state to the Pakistani brothers in this difficult time, according to an official statement.

On Friday, flight PIA PK-8303 fall down to a densely populated area near the Karachi airport, leaving 97 passengers and crew dead.

The two leaders also exchanged greetings on the occasion of Eid. They further agreed to increase bilateral cooperation against the Covid-19 pandemic to jointly address this situation.

PM Imran told the Turkish president about the steps taken to control the spread of the new corona virus in Pakistan.

“We lost the engine,” the pilot told the controller shortly before the PIA jet went down

He thanked President Erdogan for providing valuable medical equipment, which reflected the historical relationship between the two countries to help one another when needed.

The prime minister, while discussing the long-term economic impact of Covid-19, said that a comprehensive coordinated action plan on debt reduction and restructuring was needed to prevent socio-economic turbulence.

PM Imran also highlighted his call for ‘Global Initiatives on Debt Removal’ for developing countries aimed at helping them overcome challenges.

He gave a briefing to President Erdogan about the worsening human rights situation in India occupied by Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ & K) which was emphasized by double locking and increasing military crackdown.

The prime minister also shared Pakistan’s concerns about India’s steps to change the demographic structure of the occupied territories, while the world was preoccupied with fighting the pandemic.

He told Turkish leaders about the demonization of Muslims in India in the context of Covid-19, which must be rejected by the international community.


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Airplane tragedy: Eid surprise that never happened | Instant News

The six military officers above PK8303 hoped to surprise their families



KARACHI: Nobody in their family knew that they would fly home. They all kept it a secret, anticipating the excitement on the faces of their loved ones when they surprised them for Eid. They or anyone knows that the hope of joy is destined to turn into despair.

Six military officers, all but one of the young ones, were on board the PK8303, which had bad luck. The six – Squadron Leader Zainul Arif, Major Shehryar, Captain Ahmed Mujtaba, Lieutenant Balach Bugti, Lieutenant Shaheer and Second Lieutenant Hamza Yousaf – died when a flight crashed into a residential area in Karachi on Friday.

“We didn’t know he would go home for Eid,” Shaihaq Sher, brother of 25-year-old Lt Balach told The Express Tribune. “We only found out he was on a flight because his friend called us from Bahawalpur after learning about the accident.”

The tragedy of aircraft overshadows Eid

“None of us wants to believe it. I called the person to confirm and that’s when we learned that he wanted to surprise us. He firmly forbade him from divulging his plans, “he said.

For Lieutenant 2 Hamza, this would be the first time he would return to have an officer assigned. The last time he saw his family was before the parade passed out. “His parents really want to see it,” shared one of Hamza’s friends in a post on social media. “Because of the coronavirus pandemic, they could not attend the faint parade. So they waited desperately. “

If the trauma of losing someone so close and beloved before Eid is not enough, the families of flight victims PK8303 undergo another trial awaiting them. With the bodies of most of the victims burned in the accident, it was impossible for their families to identify them. “We only recognize Balach because of the necklace he wore,” said uncle lieutenant, famous singer Wahid Lashari. He remembered the young officer who had died with great affection.

Reuters image.

Reuters image.

“I don’t see him only as my nephew. He is my friend,” Wahid said. “Balach is always ambitious. The eldest of four children, he will pay most of his attention to his studies. But he also likes music and he makes me sing folk songs. whenever we meet. “

“He told me his dream was to move up to the rank of general. He has just completed his studies for the rank of captain and is scheduled to be promoted in the coming days, “the singer added. “His parents are also planning an engagement. This tragedy has shaken all of us to the core, but no one feels that way. “


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First landing attempt destroyed PK8303: official | Instant News

Officials say the plane’s landing gear failed to move, its engine scratched the runway as it passed first


Reuters image.

ISLAMABAD: When air crash investigators began formally looking into the tragic plane crash on Friday, new details emerged that hinted at what might be wrong with a PIA PK8303 flight.

According to sources at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), aircraft engines might have been damaged during the initial landing approach before the pilot turned it to try again.

The tragedy of aircraft overshadows Eid

Speak to The Express Tribune, Sources said the CAA had carried out a runway inspection and compiled a report that revealed important details about the sequence of events leading up to the accident.

“The PK8303 aircraft captain made two attempts to land the plane. During the first time, it appeared that the landing gear of the Airbus A320 was still being pulled as it approached the runway, “said a CAA official who asked not to be named.

Reuters image.

Reuters image.

“The runway at Karachi airport is about 10,000 feet long. Between 4,500 and 7,000 feet, inspections revealed signs of friction that showed the plane made contact with the runway, “he explained. “We suspect these marks were left by aircraft engines as they eroded the runway. At 4,500 feet, we saw a sign that we believed came from the left engine. The right engine seemed to have made contact at 5,500.”

“The pilot then stopped again to circle for the second landing approach. “It is possible that damage caused by the engine when they made contact with the runway caused failure, maybe even a fire,” the official added. “When the engine failed, the pilot tried to maintain an altitude of 2,000 feet and we know what happened next.”

According to CAA officials, the captain never told the air traffic controller that he would try an emergency landing. “The standard operating procedure in the case of an emergency landing is spreading special landing foam on the runway before the aircraft approaches. Because the pilot never told us, we never had the opportunity to make this arrangement, “another CAA official said.

Rescuers gathered at the passenger plane crash site in a residential area near the airport in Karachi. PHOTOS: REUTERS

Rescuers gathered at the passenger plane crash site in a residential area near the airport in Karachi. PHOTOS: REUTERS

Details revealed by the sources seem to confirm some of the suggestions made by amateur observers and aviation enthusiasts. An image said to have been taken from a plane on the second approach approached showed signs of what appeared to be engine failure. It also seems to show planes with moving air turbine ram (RAT). RAT is a backup wind turbine that is designed to provide electricity to the aircraft control system in case all engines are damaged.

The recording of the call between the PK8303 captain and the air traffic controller also seemed to support the suggestion that something was wrong with the aircraft’s landing gear. Some former pilots suggested that the beep heard during part of the recording was an alert signal that the Airbus A320 made when its landing gear failed to move properly.

The aviation authority on Saturday also released an executive summary of the aircraft, revealing certain facts about the history of its maintenance and operations. According to the summary, a copy available with The Express Tribune, an Airbus A320-214 aircraft aged 16 years and until now, has flown for 47,124 hours.

The last flight before the ill-fated flight between Lahore and Karachi took place only a day ago while transporting stranded Pakistanis in Muscat to Lahore. The last aircraft underwent routine inspection on March 21 this year and a large check on October 19 last year. Although it is based between March 22 and May 7, this is due to Covid-19 and not to airworthiness issues.

The summary states that the aircraft has no engine defects, landing gear or major aircraft system and has operated six flights since being pressed back to service on May 7. The two aircraft engines were installed last year in February and May. The landing gear was installed in October 2014 and is scheduled to be removed and overhauled in October 2024.

According to aviation officials, air crash investigators who had reached Karachi for an official investigation had contacted the PIA and local CAA staff for further details. The investigation team, led by an air commander, had searched all records and evidence relating to the flight, including black boxes, quick access recorders and notebooks. The black box will be sent to France for translation, officials said. The initial investigation report will be submitted to the prime minister within a month, they added.


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PM Imran, President Alvi urged the country to ensure preventive measures on Eid | Instant News

PM Imran asks the country to celebrate Eid al-Fitr in a “different way from the usual celebratory style”



Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Dr. Arif Alvi on Sunday urged countries to comply with preventive measures as the nation celebrates Eid amid a new coronavirus pandemic.

In a two-part tweet, the prime minister asked the masses to observe Eid al-Fitr in a “different way from the usual celebration style”, given the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Covid-19 accidents.

The prime minister asked the country to pray for all the families who lost their loved ones in the accident and for those whose loved ones died from deadly diseases.

The prime minister stated that the state must ensure the application of standard operating procedures (SOP), adding that social distance must be considered during the Eid holidays.

The prime minister also hopes that Eid al-Fitr specifically for oppressed Kashmir in occupied Kashmir for observing patience and courage during lockdown.

In a video message, the prime minister said we must celebrate Eid al-Fitr carefully, adding that the masses must follow the SOP, avoid crowded places, observe social distance by exchanging Eid greetings from afar and help vulnerable segments of society that have been influenced by kuncitara.

President Dr Arif Alvi in ​​his message, dedicated his wishes to those killed in plane crashes, to frontline doctors and nurses who fought against Covid-19, for patients affected by the virus, to Kashmir, for Muslims suffering in India, for refugees Palestine and Muslims throughout the world.

Alvi called on all countries to observe precautions, ensure social distance and wear masks to protect each other from viruses. He said he would pray at Eid’s house.

Alvi further stated that the entire nation would face the critical challenge of Covid-19 with solidarity and by observing preventive measures.

The President prayed that the nation would overcome the pandemic.

Army Chief of Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa also hopes the country on Eid al-Fitr opportunities.

He took to the microblogging site Twitter and prayed to God for guidance and blessings to overcome the current situation in the country.

Sindh Governor Imran Ismail, calling Eid al-Fitr “different” this year, said the nation had gone through a lot in the past few months.

The governor of Sindh said Pakistan will not be able to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with a big meeting this year, but we will get through this.

He said we must focus on those affected by the lock and reach out and help them in any way we can.

Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister Shibli Faraz on the first day of Eid al-Fitr, paid tribute to those who lost their lives in plane crashes, those affected by Covid-19 and oppressed Kashmiris in Indian-occupied Kashmir.


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