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Nintendo said Switch Piracy is another worrying international issue because it sued another hacker seller | Instant News

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It turns out that piracy on the Switch is a real problem for Nintendo, but this is the problem the company faces. Positive response.The company has Win online store resale equipment case You can “jailbreak” the Switch, One case resulted in a loss of 2 million dollars.Its efforts to protect the system also resulted in arrest, This is a positive signal, indicating that Nintendo will not fiddle in eliminating Switch piracy.

The company recently took another measure against a network where individuals provide hacking tools. It has filed a lawsuit against Amazon seller Le Hoang Minh, who is accused of selling RCM Loader, a USB device that allows users to overcome Nintendo’s copyright measures and load pirated and unauthorised copies. The authorized software enters the console.

The lawsuit was filed in Seattle court on Wednesday (by Polygon) See Nintendo’s claim that software piracy of this nature is a “serious and worsening international problem.” The lawsuit also confirmed that Nintendo initially issued a DMCA notice to the seller, and the seller subsequently (perhaps unwisely took the risk) filed a counterclaim, which made the list come alive again. The only way to delete the list for the second time is to file an infringement lawsuit, which is exactly what Nintendo did.

Nintendo is seeking compensation of US$2,500 for each infringement, which is the compensation it has received in two previous such lawsuits. In these lawsuits, the seller was accused of distributing hardware and software tools manufactured by the following companies: Xecuter team, The group from Above arrest It was made at the beginning of this year. The Xecuter team profited from its work, and even in the hacker circle, the team caused a lot of controversy. Earlier this year, the Xecuter team expressed “dissatisfaction” with its brand “Censorship” and “Intimidation Measures”.

Nintendo did not say that the seller in question was distributing Team Xecuter products, but did mention in the lawsuit that he was selling Team Xecuter’s SX OS software and other hacking programs along with the RCM Loaders he listed on Amazon.


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Pantheon of Greek Shipping – Online Introductory Ceremony | Instant News

Watch the Digital Introduction Ceremony and claim the invaluable ocean view

Epamineondas Thomopoulos’ 100-year-old painting will be presented in a competition to the audience of a special Introducing Ceremony on Monday, October 5, 2020.
Audiences attending the 2020 Digital Introduction Ceremony of the Pantheon of Greek Shipping will have the chance to win a prized Impressionist sea view by the important Greek painter Epamineondas Thomopoulos (1878-1976).
A 100 year old painting that is expected to be won by anyone who quickly and correctly answers the simple questions about Greek maritime history that will be asked at this year’s Internet Introduction Ceremony. The ceremony will be broadcast on Monday, October 5 at 18:00 Athens time.
This special event, available for free viewing, will celebrate Greek shipping, its leaders, its history and culture. In addition to the opening of two new Admissions for 2019, the event will pay tribute to the 30 “Greats” of Greek shipping that have entered the Pantheon of Greek Shipping.
“This year’s Internet Introduction Ceremony provides an opportunity to promote the Pantheon of Greek Shipping to a wider audience and to spread even more of this extraordinary shipping history”, stressed Pantheon founder and director Nigel Lowry.
The competition for Epamineondas Thomopoulos ocean views is conducted in collaboration with Greek Moore Premium Sponsor, who agrees to oversee the competition. The first person to submit the correct answer to Greek Moore will win the council. (see Competition Rules & Conditions).
We thank our event sponsors:
Main Sponsors: ABS, IRI – The Marshall Islands Registry, Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., TMS Group and Navios Group.
Premium Sponsors: Bureau Veritas, Citi Private Bank, Moore Greece, and Optima Shipping Service.
Answer: Classification Society of China, ClassNK, Deputy Ministry of Shipping of the Republic of Cyprus, Club Ecali, HSBC – Greece, KPMG, Travel Kyvernitis και Marichem-Marigases Worldwide Services.
The Pantheon of Hellenic Shipping will once again support the charity for Greek children Hellenic Hope with a portion of the sponsorship income from Online Events and we thank Julius Baer Bank for strengthening our support for Hellenic Hope.

The Pantheon of Greek Shipping is dedicated to an impressive personality introduction to the history of Greek shipping, but is also an important information center for the excellent contribution of Greek shipping in Greece and to world trade.
Tune in with us for this unique Online Event, open to all.

Visit www.greekshippinghalloffame.org on Monday 5 October at 18:00 Athens time.


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The last man standing in New Zealand is April 13, 2020 Free | Instant News

When Wicklow’s Andrew Stedman and Leitrim’s Noel Sibery packed their bags for New Zealand last October, they would never believe that they would shorten their journey in an effort to return to Emerald Isle.

The two contract fans landed in New Zealand in mid-October 2019 and have enjoyed the work life of the Kiwis since then.

After pocketing their own work at Riverlea Contractors Ltd, Noel and Andrew were busy working and traveling until the coronavirus pandemic began.


Noel explained how the couple found themselves in a loss of around NZ $ 3,000 after their flight back to Ireland was canceled two weeks ago. The second flight is now booked to return to Ireland.

“We are finished working now and we have booked another flight back to Ireland. Andrew plans to return on April 13 and I booked a flight for the 17th.

“We have heard terrible stories about people who spent five or six thousand dollars on flights just to cancel them. All work is done, so they have no work and no place to live.

“We didn’t know what to do because it was dangerous enough to fly home, but then the job dried up and our boss told us he couldn’t have us in the service shop because it wasn’t an important job, so we instead said to wait six or seven weeks until everything’s settled, we might as well leave now while commercial flights are still running, “Noel told Journal of Irish Farmers.

Luckily, they found themselves in a better situation than most – they still had accommodation even though their work had been completed this week.

Contract in New Zealand

Despite the pressure of booking a return flight, speaking to the couple was quite clear how excited they were about contracting life in New Zealand.

Andrew comes from a cattle farm and processing in Co. Wicklow and has a family contract business, while Noel comes from a sheep farm in Glencar, Co Leitrim, and has worked for local contractors for the past six seasons.

Riverlea Contractors Ltd is based in Taranaki on the North Island of New Zealand.

The fleet consists of 18 New Holland tractors, a harvester, two Fusion balers, two silage carriages and a crew of 15 staff.

Basic work is the main type of contract that is carried out when they arrive in October. Andrew is plowing, while Noel is especially troublesome.

The silage season starts from November to Christmas, followed by a straw propeller. The couple spent February traveling around New Zealand and returning to harvest corn.

The last few weeks have been spent plowing and completing silage.

Noel Sibberry and Andrew Stedman have worked for Riverlea Contractors LTD based in New Zealand since October.

Ordinary workday

The contract duo explained what that day was like.

“We will start at around half past six in the morning and we will leave for at least ten hours, your strange time will come out for an hour or two.

“It won’t be as busy at home as the weather is very good here.

“There is so much good equipment and crew, the work is done much faster. We are treated very well, the boss will bring you food if you work late, he is very good. ”

Difference between New Zealand and Ireland

Are contractors in Ireland considering installing an iPad on every tractor they own? This is one of the biggest differences that couples notice about contracts in New Zealand.

Noel described the arrangement as very professional compared to Ireland.

“Each tractor has an iPad and software called TracMap that provides the driver with a map of the farm you are headed to and what work needs to be done on the farm.”

GPS software allows their bosses to see where they are, how fast the tractor is running and how many hectares they have covered.

Noel Siberry and Andrew Stedman have worked for Riverlea Contractors LTD based in New Zealand since October.

Extra engine

Organization is the key for every business. Contractors in New Zealand tend to have more equipment than they need because of their competition and work efficiency – if they don’t finish work, someone else will.

The couple explained that “the contractors here tend to have more equipment than they actually need”.

“The contractor where we work won’t do a large amount of hectares, but he must have two everything because, here, farmers want you and they want you now, there’s no such thing as waiting.

“The work must be done immediately because there is a lot of competition. There are two large square balers although one is only really needed. If it’s in Ireland you will get away with one, but not here.

“There is a lot of competition especially in Tarinaki, there are six or seven different contractors around the area.”


Taranaki is a small village based on the North Island of New Zealand and will not be as populated as other regions.

The children describe it as a hard milk area, with every milk based farm – there are milk trucks on the road day and night.

Living arrangements

Fortunately, this couple does not need to work too far, because they live in a place with a price of $ 100 a week.

In total, there are 16 people working for Riverlea Contractors – six from abroad, three Scots and three Irish.

“We all live in places. “We all have our own room and living room, so it’s very useful,” Noel explained.

“The boss man where we work is one of the best friends we have ever met here, he treats us like family and tells us to prepare BBQ. We were very lucky, he took care of us and helped us with flights. ”

Return to Ireland

Upon returning to Ireland, Andrew hopes to return to his family contract business in Tinahely, while Noel hopes to get a job using his title from Tralee IT.

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