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Why Brazil’s Stock Market Struggles because Other Emerging Markets Rebound | Instant News

Brazil’s Chief of General Staff Walter Souza Braga Netto and Minister of Economy Paulo Guedes participated in the New Legal Framework for Basic Sanitation ceremony on July 15, 2020. Pictures of Andressa Anholete / Getty Text size Brazil showed a pulse, economically and politically, after a devastating collision with Covid-19. But the beat looks too weak to trigger a recovery in a depressed stock market. Funds traded on the Brazilian MSCI iShares exchange are inactive […]

German DAX turned positive for this year after European Union leaders approved the coronavirus recovery package | Instant News

European stocks rose on Tuesday morning, as European Union leaders finally approved a € 750 billion ($ 860 billion) corona virus rescue fund after marathon negotiations. The 27 bloc leaders have been locked in a four-day discussion about a spending package aimed at helping the economic recovery – twice the scheduled time – make investors nervous at the start of the week. But agreement news increasing European equities, sending German DAX DAX, + 1.43% into […]

The fashion industry that was hit turned to ‘anti-virus’ fabric | Instant News

Antivirus mode seems inevitable. The denim brand developed jeans that use the latest antimicrobial technology to help protect users from the spread of coronavirus, while still looking stylish. On Thursday, Diesel, which was worn by celebrities including Justin Bieber and Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper, announced the introduction of ultra-innovative denim treatments that physically “stop” 99% of viral activity in fabric. As part of the OTB Group luxury retail specialist, Diesel will implement […]

British GDP rose in May, leaving the economy almost a fifth below the pre-locking level | Instant News

A shop in the Churchill Square shopping center welcomes its customers back on June 15, 2020 in Brighton, England. Mike Hewitt / Getty Images The UK economy rose 1.8% in May, only a slight rebound after the historic fall caused by the closure of the coronavirus pandemic. The Office for National Statistics said the May increase came after a 20.3% decline in April and a 6.9% contraction in March. GDP fell by 19.1% in the […]

Online food prices have jumped as food companies struggle to meet demand | Instant News

Online food prices have risen 4.2% over the past six months according to the latest Adobe Inc. data. when grocery e-commerce accelerated amid the COVID-19 pandemic and food producers struggled to keep up with the continued high demand. “We always regard the online market as a ‘value market’ for consumers, which means consumers can get a little more money for them, and this should be a more profitable time for them in terms of price,” […]

Live Update: U.S. Banning Tourists from Brazil because of Coronavirus | Instant News

The nurse spoke through the glass door of the Covid-19 coronavirus patient room in the intensive care unit of the medical center in San Jose, California (Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images) Getty Images Text size Here’s what you need to know about coronavirus outbreaks to navigate the market today. • Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said the US would ban foreign nationals who had been in Brazil in 14 days. The South American country […]