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Plastic food packaging gets a bad reputation, but is it always worth it? | Instant News

By James Wong DigiPub/Getty Images Social media can be a powerful force for positive change, especially when it comes to environmental issues. A seemingly perfect example is the attempt to stem the tide of single-use plastic use, especially in terms of food packaging. Major campaigns – including organized groups going down to supermarkets to open and remove all packaging from their purchases and leave them at the checkout in what is known as “plastic attack” […]

Plastic Charms & Mesh Apparel: Where’s ‘Sustainable’ in Y2K Fashion? | Instant News

With global lockdowns in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the global apparel and textile industry is taking a major hit, forecasting a decline in 2021. Moreover, as anxiety around the pandemic grows, more and more people are refraining from shopping for new expensive clothes. and fashion for everyday wear and start “saving” or buying “used clothes”. Y2K fashion is claimed to have bounced back due to shifting trends in clothing consumption and is therefore […]

All the Fast Food You Love Contain Hormone Disruptive Chemicals, Study Finds | Instant News

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images) Hormone-disrupting chemicals known as phthalates were found in many of the fast foods tested as part of new research. The study’s authors found several different phthalates, as well as other chemicals meant to replace phthalates, in a variety of fast foods.ms, including fries, burritos, and cheeseburgers. Although the health effects of these chemicals are still being studied, the authors argue that more needs to be done to keep them out […]

It’s a strange time to travel | To select | Instant News

Next week we will be in Pennsylvania to visit our daughter who is at school in Erie on Lake Erie This will be one of our most unique trips as face masks are needed for almost the entire trip . Traveling is just not what it used to be. Do you remember when people smoked cigarettes in the middle of the flight? A little light came on to tell the passengers it was time to […]

Australia’s recycling crisis: is the government $ 190 million in new infrastructure worth it? | Living environment | Instant News

meslipped quite calmly amid the chaos of Covid-19, but earlier this month Coalition the government received something that was hard to come by for almost seven years in power – praise for environmental problems. Praise is eligible, and can still be withdrawn. That follows the environment minister, Sussan Ley, announcing the government will do it spent $ 190 million on new recycling infrastructure, said it would help divert 10,000 tons of plastic, paper and glass […]

Pakistani plastic surgeons lost their lives due to COVID-19 in the UK | Instant News

LONDON / MANCHESTER: A Pakistani plastic surgeon, who works temporarily at the Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI), died of the COVID-19 virus after continuing to use a ventilator for more than three weeks. Dr. Furqan Ali Siddiqui graduated from Dow Medical College in 1991-2, but specializes in plastic surgery and is considered a thorough professional in his field. The family of the deceased is still in Pakistan, including his six children who will not be able […]