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I am very happy that Bowser’s Fury has two people working together | Instant News

Even someone who has a 3D world on Wii U, *I am*

Yesterday’s trailer Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Looks great – You can almost fool me into thinking that the new cat-filled area is the world of DLC Super Mario Odyssey – But our glimpse gives us enough room for hopeful guesses. (I’m sure, partly by design.)

Today, Nintendo released much better Overview of the 2-in-1 Switch title.

Super Mario 3D World It’s related to your wish to upgrade Wii U to Switch, but I’m more interested in the second half of this video – skip to four minutes to understand Bowser’s Fury.

The new adventure activity imagines Mario and Bowser Jr. as “reluctant allies”, rushing them to the islands of Lapcat Lake (Lapcat), collecting cat light, and using him best A terrible way to resist Bowser.Not clear at first Bowser’s Fury There are two people working together, but this film confirms this.It’s ok

As for the clumsy Fury Bowser (he will always be “God Killer Bowser“For me), his anger has its ups and downs. According to Nintendo, he will “appear after a while”, change the state of the world with a falling spike, and attack the duo with violent breathing. Obviously, ” There is nowhere to escape “Hide.” But as the narrator said, “No one can stay angry forever.” Bowser will eventually take Godzilla’s sedative.

Ultimate goal Bowser’s FuryAs the previous trailer implies, it is necessary to obtain enough of these collectibles to unlock the Jiga Clock and unlock the Genjika Cat Mario Form. Let them fight.

I really want to play this independent game-far beyond the imagination based on the packaged features.Without Bowser’s Fury, I might finally back down and dip Super Mario 3D World On Switch, but everything I’ve seen so far is prompting me to prioritize in February.

Don’t be an ungrateful bastard, but… Super Mario Odyssey 2 When?


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30XX will land on Steam for Early Access on February 17, fans of “Madman X” should note this date | Instant News

This is a roguelike game, but you can avoid permadeath

When Batterystaple Games came back, it was not satisfactory-United States and Canada peopleBut resonate closely.

Follow in the footsteps of action platform roguelike 20XX, The studio is releasing a sequel, 30XX, Released on Steam Early Access on February 17, 2021. Rockman X and / or zero, Fortunately here.

30XX The Early Access version has six levels of themes. The game has local and online co-ops, a level editor, and if you don’t feel the rogue heat, then you can also use the “perathathath-free” Mega mode.

The first experience was very good – 20XX Attracted more than 200,000 players, “Early Experience 20XX Chris King, the founder of Batterstaple, said, “I am looking forward to beautiful things again.” Glauber Kotaki’s new art direction is booming.

I played it briefly 30XX Last year, and the most important point, the platform felt good.


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“Autumn People” season 3 seems to have a significant increase in 7 levels and crown levels | Instant News

The new ending Thin Ice is the “spiritual successor” of Hex-A-Gone

second season Fall guy Come and go, but I am more optimistic about tomorrow’s update. Season 3 will start on December 15th and it will bring seven levels – One of them is a brand new ending -And more than 30 kinds of clothing and another way forward called Crown Ranks.

As reported this morning Middle tone, There are seven new season 3 levels:

  • Tundra Run -Furiously dash snowballs, hole punches and flippers at the finish line!
  • Leisure peak -Use Blizzard fans and flippers to reach the top in the most epic round of competition!
  • ski facility – Cross the huge ice slide and dive into bronze, silver and gold rings to score and qualify!
  • Clothespin pursuit -Chase and keep Pegwen to score for your team!
  • Snowy scrap -Roll your team’s Snowball onto the snow to make it bigger! The last team that reached 100% was eliminated!
  • Thin ice -New finals! The spiritual successor of the full successor, the player must cross the fragile ice to avoid falling into the slime. The last remaining bean won!
  • roll over – The last round of variants introduced, increased the rising slime and made things interesting. grab!

As for Crown level, They are novices who are fussing about masters.As mentioned above PlayStation Blog, Your hard-fighting crown will increase your ranking as you win, and it has retrospective effect, so it will be counted in the crowns of seasons 1 and 2. The higher your crown level, the more exclusive items of colors, patterns and even “golden” clothing, and you can unlock them. As someone who reached the top in Season 1, this sounds like a good extra motivation to make him better and keep him in good shape.

Crown level

The third season update also includes the following improvements:

  • With the new game announcement feature, keep up with Fall Guys news and announcements.

  • You can now link your Amazon Prime account to Fall Guys to receive exclusive in-game rewards

  • The program selector will have clear instructions when new programs are available

  • Improved in-game messaging function to handle various errors and connection dialogs

  • Improved performance and visual effects of transparency when the fall guy is blocked by geometric figures

  • [PC] The Early Access version of the Private Streaming Hall is now available!At present, only invitations are accepted, and 40-60 players are required to start custom matches

  • [PS4] The camera sensitivity slider has more freedom on PS4

And bugfixes:

  • Fall Mountain: Improved the problem of sometimes failing to win the championship. We will monitor this fix by launching!
  • Royal Fumble: The invisible platform has been removed
  • Perfect match: fixed the problem next to the spinner
  • Physics: the fixed ball object shakes or does not respond at the level of the in-product
  • Item shop: fixed some items that do not enter the shop
  • Contracting parties: in some cases further improved group stability
  • UI: Missing or damaged characters in some language fonts
  • Program selector: now, searching for multiple programs will correctly display the programs logged in during the pairing process
  • Level: fixed the score and elimination UI in the game on some levels
  • Level: Bug fixes in most rounds

In order to reorganize the backlog of games before the new year, after packing several story-driven games back to back, I kind of want to stand out in a stupid multiplayer game Fall guy.


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Large adventures only include local co-ops at launch | Instant News

Online multiplayer support will be updated for free until 2021, and some levels in Sackboy are “co-op only”

Online multiplayer support has always been a tricky issue Recent games, The same can be said Sackboy: A big adventure. Although Sumo Digital plans to support local and online cooperatives by the “end of 2020”, PS4 and PS5 games will only include local cooperatives of 2 to 4 players.

“We have made a difficult decision and cannot delay the full online multiplayer functionality here Sackboy: A big adventure“, Design Director Ned Waterhouse is in PlayStation Blog. “The team has been working hard to ensure that online gaming is the best experience for players, and we just need more time to make it right so you can fully enjoy it with your friends and family.”

Whenever I hear that there will be online multiplayer games later (in this case, it will be added to the free patch for free shortly after release), I get a little nervous.When indeed Will it be stable? Need further repairs?It is also worth noting that Sack boy There will be “cross-generation multiplayer games” on PS4 and PS5.

This delay will not change my opinion-I still look forward to it Sack boy And I still think platform game fans Shouldn’t sleep on it – But for anyone who intends to take the online cooperative route, this is a pity. I have an additional DualSense controller, so whenever I finally get this game, I am more than happy to go.

It is not even a question of budget, but a question of time. I am not enough!


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Review: Super Mario Bros 35 | Instant News

Limited time entertainment

Super Mario Bros Because NES is not my first game, but this is the first cartridge I own. I take it as a sacred amulet.

In between Duck hunting For the competition, my mission is to remember the ins and outs of each level. In the end, I was over. In my life, this simplicity is never possible.

The game has changed a lot in the past 35 years or so, which makes it difficult to study in depth Super Mario Bros. 35Single board. But it must be interesting.

Super Mario Bros. 35 (switch)
Developer: Arika
announcer: Nintendo
Release Date: October 1, 2020
MSRP: Free (until March 31, 2020)

Super Mario Bros. 35 Do what it says on the tin box: You fight against 34 other Marios and try to be the last plumber. Guys, this is a battle royale.

Pursue success clearly Tetris 99 (Also developed by Arika for Nintendo), the simplified formula allows players to compete level by level from the original NES Mario They collect coins and props to avoid enemies until only one person is left.You will roam Through classics Mario map, Avoid enemies, and send the failed enemies to another screen.like Tetris 99, You can choose to attract it to specific players, or you can automatically locate a wide range of network parameters (such as successful or failed people). It’s basically a game.

The formula is more complicated than it looks, but it eventually evolved into a state of homogenization of the later game experience. In the beginning, you might wonder why it almost always starts at 1-1. Well, this is because at the beginning there were not enough people “voting” at different levels: or because they were brand new players and only 1-1 unlocked. Without tutorials, many people should do everything, from everything to how to unlock levels, to the complexity of winning more time and targeting the right people to the danger.

Sometimes, you don’t want to send easy enemies to enemies with particularly strong skills, because they will only use them as feed to spend more time.Instant decisions like this have a certain skill level, plus the pressure of actual competition Mario NES.The problem is that with Tetris, Primitive skills usually win, so at any given time, you have too many ace cards that you cannot play.

Sparks are very powerful, because although they won’t win you enough time like jumping your head continuously, if someone happens to throw a lot of danger at you, they will make you tight. The coin-based mystery cube can also clear the screen (if you hit the POW cube) or get you back on track, especially if you want to hide treasure in the rain.Part of the problem is the inherent limitations of original content Mario Instead of having more power-up features like later games.

Once you really master Mario 35, You actually start to stay there for a long time. If you happen to be attracted to a lobby where no one else knows the above nuances, then you are likely to win. But I participated in a lot of games, in which I and at least three other players kept advancing in the age of Energizer Bunny.

It may lead to many rote games in which the symbolic “Royal Royale Circle” does not end fast enough. In the end, the timer counts down quickly, so someone will fall, but when trading back and forth is dangerous, you can’t get rid of the feeling of essentially playing solitaire late in the game. After all, you are still playing a very interesting, well-designed retro platform game, but this meta game may win more bets with fewer solutions. Compared to faster bursts, it hinders the long-term viability of playing games for a long time.

There are a lot of criticisms, but Super Mario Bros. 35 It is free to download, please have a try. I have played many rounds and will jump into more rounds until the eShop removes the death date in March 2021.Hope Nintendo will change Just like Rope skipping challenge with Update the game to solve some of its shortcomings: because it has more potential than temporary fantasy.

[This review is based on a retail build of the game, downloaded for free on the eShop.]

Super Mario Bros. 35 Comment by Chris Carter


it is good

Solid, there are definitely audiences. There may be some errors that are hard to ignore, but the experience is very interesting.
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