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The Sindh government will restore Karachi’s playground to its original state | Instant News

The Sindh government spokesman said on Saturday that the provincial government would take action to restore the Karachi playground to its original state if people helped authorities identify land that was under illegal occupation or was used for any other purpose than intended. to.

Barrister Murtaza Wahab, who is also an adviser to the chief minister of law and environment, spoke at the sports festival inauguration ceremony at the Rashid Lateef Cricket Ground in the city’s Korangi District.

Wahab said on the occasion, the playground in the city was previously filled with garbage, but now the land is used for sports and other healthy recreational activities by residents.

He said that restoring Karachi’s playgrounds to their original state so that they could be used for the purposes they had built would be like gifts to the townspeople.

He also said that sports and recreation activities will continue to be held in Korangi District, adding that there is no longer an era where an environment of fear exists throughout Karachi, as urban people are now given the opportunity for wholesome recreation and entertainment.

In the past, said the supervisor, the land used to hold a sports festival in Korangi was once filled with trash, but now it is being used again to hold sports activities after being cleared.

He said that sports facilities that were restored to public use after municipal waste disposal were one recent example that administrators appointed by the provincial government to look after city government agencies had done an excellent job, given the resources available to them. .

He praised the services of the Deputy Commissioner of Korangi District Shaharyar Memon, who also held additional responsibility as the administrator of the Korangi District Municipal Corporation, for organizing a sports festival for the community in the district.

He laments that people have been less inclined towards athletics and sports activities since the advent of digital media and other modern modes of communication. An outing was also held in commemoration of World Diabetes Day.


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California will Reveal Guidelines that Allow Some Businesses to Reopen – NBC Los Angeles | Instant News

Business owners across California are anxiously awaiting Thursday’s new guidelines from Governor Gavin Newsom, which will outline broad changes to home stay orders across the state that close most retail stores to slow the spread of the corona virus.

Newsom is expected to allow businesses such as clothing stores, flower shops, bookstores and sporting goods stores to open their doors for the first time in almost two months, with some restrictions. The governor said the order would not cover other close contact businesses, such as eating in restaurants and hair salons. However, he also said some local governments could accept variants.

Guidelines for Reopening the White House Leave Room for Interpretation

For countries considering raising quarantine measures, official guidelines recommend a COVID-19 trajectory down in two weeks or a downward trajectory of a positive test as a percentage of the total test.

As shown below, when you compare the number of new cases yesterday with those from two weeks ago, the numbers are often lower, simply because the numbers fluctuate. Criteria has been criticized by some for being unclear, creating opportunities for any governor to argue that the numbers are good enough to start reopening.

Since home stay orders were issued on March 19, more than 4 million people have been removed from work in the most populous state.

The guidelines are part of Newsom’s four-step plan to reopen the country. Thursday will be phase two. The next phase, which can reopen salons, gymnasiums, cinemas and private church services, can be in a few months. Phase four will end all barriers and allow large meetings at concerts and sporting events.

The Newsom administration is tracking six indicators to determine when to reduce restrictions. They include the ability of the state to test people for COVID-19 and track who might be exposed to it and the capacity of hospitals to deal with potential spikes in new cases.

So far, Newsom said the country was on track to fulfill its objectives.

How Long Until Coronavirus Will Cause Use Of Top Hospitals Across The Country

This interactive chart uses the data model provided by Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation to predict how coronavirus will affect health care resources in various countries. The maximum use of hospital beds in some states, such as New York, has passed while in others stay a few more weeks. Most states have enough public hospitals and ICU beds to meet demand, according to additional data from The Associated Press.

Newsom’s orders have been universally accepted today.

But three northern California states with few confirmed COVID-19 cases have allowed businesses to reopen. Tiny Modoc County allowed the only cinema to open its doors. Yuba and Sutter districts allowed in-store shopping and restarted fitness centers and fitness studios, salons, spas and tattoo rooms, libraries and playgrounds.

General Manager of Yuba Sutter Mall Natasha Shelton said about 18 of about 50 stores were open Wednesday and an estimated 200 people were inside during the day. Mall has reduced hours to allow for additional overnight cleaning. Tables in the food court are 6 feet apart and food trays are prohibited.

Newsom has cracked down on rogue counties before, ordering the temporary closure of all beaches in Orange County after several local governments refused to close it or impose public health restrictions. He lifted several orders after negotiating with the local government.

In Los Angeles, regional official outlining a plan that allows some reopening starting Friday, provided safety precautions are taken. Golfers can find the link again, and the trail will open with regional employees ready to remind pedestrians of the rules of social distance, said Chair of the Board of Trustees Kathryn Barger.

Some retailers in Los Angeles County can reopen with only roadside pickups – including florists and stores that sell toys, books, clothing, sporting goods and music. The district, the largest state with 10 million inhabitants, has caused more than half more than 2,500 deaths from the California virus.

California is no. 1 destination for travelers in the United States and coronavirus has ill status. Angie Crouch reports on NBC4 News at 5 pm on Wednesday, May 6, 2020.

For most people, new coronaviruses cause mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that go away in two to three weeks. For some people, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, can cause more severe illnesses, including pneumonia and death.


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‘We Don’t Play Games:’ Lightfoot, CPD Increases Enforcement of Permanent Orders at Home – NBC Chicago | Instant News

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot delivered an enthusiastic argument on Saturday for residents to comply with social guidelines that keep their distance and stay home, even when the weather improves dramatically this weekend.

With temperatures expected to reach 70s on Saturdays and Sundays, officials told residents that the “stay at home” state order would continue to be enforced, and that individuals must continue to distance social distance and avoid gathering in large groups.

During Saturday’s press conference, Lightfoot said that city officials had been told about at least six major parties scheduled to be held this weekend, and that the Chicago police would aggressively enforce the “stay at home” state order while breaking up all potential meetings.

“We will close you, we will quote you, and if we have to, we will arrest you,” he said. “Don’t make us treat you like a criminal, but if you act like a criminal and you break the law and refuse to do what is necessary to save lives in the midst of a pandemic, we will take you to jail. Period.”

The state “home stay” order is a legal mandate, and the Chicago police have the authority to issue citations and to arrest those who do not obey orders.

“If you host a party, promote a party, or go to a party, we don’t play games. We are serious, and we will turn it off one way or another,” he said. “The time to educate people into obedience is over. Don’t be stupid. We are watching you, and we will take decisive action.”

Chicago Police Inspector David Brown said that the department would continue to increase law enforcement efforts because the city received more reports about large meetings that went against the order.

“This is not something that the CPD will underestimate,” he said. “Staying at home means saving lives. Period. CPD will look for large and small gatherings. If you are caught attending a party or gathering, you will be asked to disperse.”

In April, the police department issued more than 4,600 dissolution orders for large gatherings, according to data released Friday. The department also reported 17 arrests and many quotations for violating the “stay at home” state order.

Other officials across the state also called on citizens to remain vigilant in changing their behavior to help stop the spread of the corona virus.

“I know this is difficult for everyone, but I am encouraging
everyone does everything they can to make everyone safe, “IDPH Director Dr.
Ngozi Ezike said. “We have done extraordinary work in this state, and I am grateful
everyone in this country for your support as we move forward. ”

Even though the country is easing some internal restrictions
Modified orders, including opening several state parks and allowing golf courses
reopened, many parks and playgrounds remain closed, as does the Chicago beach
along the lake’s edge.

Although the state mandate does not explicitly require residents to wear masks when exercising outdoors, Governor JB Pritzker reminds residents that with improved weather they tend to be within six feet of other residents when outdoors, and that wearing face masks may be necessary done. good idea for that interaction.

“If everyone does it, and everyone wears a mask, then you protect others,” he said. “I notice that people don’t feel that if they walk on the sidewalk they don’t feel like they can wear a mask. You will be within six feet of someone walking towards you, so wearing face masks is extraordinarily important.”


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South Australia’s playground reopened after 11 days of coronavirus free | Instant News

The South Australia Council has been given the go-ahead to reopen the playground after the country recorded 11 days without a new coronavirus case.

South Australia’s Chief Public Health Officer, Nicola Spurrier, has recommended the reopening of parks, playgrounds and equipment starting today.

Most – but not all – councils hold playgrounds and outdoor fitness equipment during the pandemic.

In a letter to the council, Dr Spurrier said there was a minimal risk of contamination due to the low case of coronavirus in South Australia and the lack of transmission from the community.

But he advised the council to implement strict hygiene measures and display signs to strengthen distance and assembly rules.

Dr Spurrier said the reopening of the public playroom was an indication of community efforts to slow the spread of the corona virus.

The number of confirmed cases of South Australian coronavirus is 438.

Dr. Spurrier announced today the 11th day in a row without a new case.

Only seven active cases remained, with three patients in the hospital, none of them in intensive care.

Adelaide Mayor Sandy Verschoor said the city playground must be opened by Monday afternoon.

Ms Verschoor said she hoped the city would return to normal soon.

“South Australia and Nicola Spurrier and Premier have done the most amazing work to keep us safe in South Australia,” he said.

“This is the first step of many parties where they will see the lifting restrictions that we can and the City of Adelaide is really behind this, 100 percent.

Salisbury Mayor Gillian Aldridge said his council would move quickly to reopen outdoor parks and playgrounds that were closed due to fears of a coronavirus.

Aldridge said the northern suburban council of Adelaide would make sure SA Health’s advice was followed before the playground reopened.

“The first thing we will do is make sure the sign is correct,” he said.

“We have 147 playgrounds, three skate parks, and six outdoor fitness stations, so we will make sure that everything is there, that everything is fine and make sure that the right signs go up and they will open as soon as we can do that . “

The campaign advised against complacency

SA Health yesterday began a campaign called “Let’s Not Cancel All the Good” to show how society can play a role in stopping the spread of COVID-19

This urges South Australians not to be complacent about the risk of viruses and a second wave of infections.

Deputy Chief Public Health Officer Mike Cusack said people still need to work hard to prevent other outbreaks.

“It’s understandable when people look at the data and think: ‘Well, I’m safe to do things that maybe two weeks ago I wouldn’t be so confident about’, which is why I keep wanting to make that message even though we’re fine “We have seen when we have an outbreak in Barossa and at the airport that things can accelerate very quickly,” he said.

National Cabinet Meeting on Friday will explain more about whether more restrictions might be relaxed.

A board worker cuts the board at the playground
A council worker Charles Sturt removes a closed sign from a playground in Semaphore Park.(ABC News)

Health Minister Stephen Wade said that the State Government hopes to restart local football before winter.

“Competition operating within the South Australia border is more likely to be safe from a public health perspective, so I hope that SANFL will be with us before the AFL,” he said.

“Doctors literally last week and next week will work to try and lay a pathway for sports to continue at every level.”


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FBI in LA Announces $ 300 Million Stolen Funds Returned to Malaysia – NBC Los Angeles | Instant News

The US Department of Justice announced Tuesday that it had returned to Malaysia $ 300 million in funds stolen from the Southeast Asian country’s investment development fund in a case that also involved luxury real estate and a luxury boutique hotel in Beverly Hills.

Combined with other funds that the DOJ previously returned to Malaysia in May, the United States has returned or assisted the country in recovering more than $ 600 million that was misused from 1MDB investment funds, according to the U.S. Prosecutor’s Office, which said recovery efforts were continuing.

In 2019, a federal judge in Los Angeles conducted an assessment that lost more than $ 700 million in assets acquired by Malaysian financier Low Taek Jho – commonly known as Jho Low – and his family in the United States, Britain and Switzerland.

Assets include high-end real estate in Beverly Hills, New York and London, a luxury boutique hotel in Beverly Hills, and tens of millions of dollars in business investment allegedly made with funds that can be traced to 1MDB funds stolen.

Low is the alleged theft leader of $ 4.5 billion from the fund, which was created in 2009 as a government-owned development company. The US has brought 30 lawsuits over foreclosures in search of $ 1.7 billion worth of real estate, investment, art and jewelry purchased by Low and his accomplices.

To date, prosecutors have recovered or assisted in the recovery of more than $ 1 billion in assets related to money laundering and bribery schemes, according to the DOJ. This is the largest recovery to date under the DOJ Asset Recovery Kleptocracy Asset and the largest civil confiscation ever
concluded by the department.

“The return of these stolen funds to Malaysians is the result of the tireless efforts of federal prosecutors and agents to prevent foreign kleptocrats and their colleagues from using the United States as a playground where they can enjoy the fruits of the wealth they stole,” US Attorney said Nick Hanna.

“The amount of money stolen from the people of Malaysia is very surprising, and we have been relentless in recovering assets that should always be used to their advantage,” he said.


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