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According to the new report, Cyberpunk 2077 developers may face greater troubles | Instant News

It’s been a whole month since then Cyberpunk 2077 Finally on the shelf, but for CD Projekt red. After the frustrating release on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, the development studio has been working tirelessly to improve the quality of the game in the short term. And now, it sounds like CDPR members may be under more pressure to ensure that the game reaches a better state in the near future.

According to a new report from a Polish publication Benchmarks, Poland’s own Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (abbreviated as UOKIK) is now interested in CD Projekt Red and approved Cyberpunk 2077 very much. As the name suggests, UOKIK serves the general public in Poland to ensure that consumer rights are taken care of. Although UOKIK has not taken any measures yet, it may do so in the future.

For the time being, the Radiocommunication Bureau just ensures that CD Projekt Red fulfills its promise to the future. Cyberpunk 2077. The studio said that in recent weeks, it will add new updates to the game in the next two months to improve the console version of the game. If this does not happen as expected, UOKIK can use CD Projekt Red.

It is important to note that UOKIK has not issued any fines, and it is possible that the fines will never be issued. In other words, if the office believes that CD Projekt Red is unfair to consumers to some extent and the promised corrections are insufficient to satisfy customer complaints, it may fine the studio up to 10% of its annual revenue. Again, this will most likely not happen, but it may depend on CD Projekt Red’s actions in the coming weeks and months.

The biggest disadvantage of the whole situation is that this will only bring more pressure to the developers of CDPR, and they will definitely feel angry. All in all, this situation is frustrating and requires observation from many aspects, but hopefully, Cyberpunk 2077 As we move forward, the quality will continue to improve. If you want to continue to follow our reports during this period, You can do it here.

Therefore, you think that CD Projekt Red will eventually be fined for its release method Cyberpunk 2077?Let me know in the comments or hit me on Twitter @ MooreMan12 Let me know what you think of this story.


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Rust Console Edition gets ESRB rating | Instant News

The upcoming console version of the popular multiplayer survival TV game rust May be released rather than later. The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has issued a rating for the console version of its console, which usually occurs shortly before the game is released. Unsurprisingly, it was cited as blood and violence, and was rated “M”.This is not to say that the console version is from Facepunch Studios Double Eleven will be released tomorrow, but it seems more likely to be released in the next few months than at the end of 2021.

Given the recent rise in the popularity of titles, A large part of streaming media influencers, Now seems to be the time to release the console version. Double Eleven just confirmed the console version last month rust Will not be the date of 2020. Considering that Rust itself has been in Early Access for many years, it was not officially released until 2018, so the time interval from release this year to release is still relatively short.

This is the complete score summary, Directly from ESRBIn case you are curious:

“This is a multiplayer first-person survival game where players compete to survive in harsh environments. Players explore open world environments, collect resources, make weapons (such as spears, machine guns, explosives) and protect themselves from brutal attacks on animals And other players: The player can attack and kill the enemy in a frenetic battle, and a successful hit will cause a lot of blood to splash; the player can continue to shoot animals or humans on the ground (for example, die afterwards), accompanied by a lot of blood Splashing effect. Realistic gunshots and explosions highlight the combat effectiveness. When killing human enemies, they can be collected as part of the body and cooked as food.”

rust It is currently available on PC via Steam.And a version PlayStation 4 with Xbox One Announced at the end of 2019, the official release date has not yet been determined, although it is expected to be released this year.You can check out All our previous reports on popular video games are here.

What do you think of ESRB ratings Rust console edition? Do you think video games will be released on consoles sooner or later?Let us know in the comments, or contact us anytime and hit me directly on Twitter @rollinbishop Talk about everything about the game!

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“God of War” first-person mod shows the game from a new perspective | Instant News

From the beginning, Sony Santa Monica Studio’s Mars Played from a third-person perspective. But now, a user decides to mix everything and see the appearance of the game from a completely different perspective. The result is an interesting result that continues to emphasize the excellent performance of animation in the game.

Found in the new video Dedicated device, The user created a mod to show us Mars From a first-person perspective. The video highlights this view through many different characters in the game, including Kratos, Atreus, and Mimir.Thanks to this module, compared with normal situations, there are so many characters appearing on the screen and closer to the screen than usual, which makes it more obvious to see the lifelike facial animation Mars Overall

The only disappointment in the video is that we don’t see what the battle itself will be like from this perspective. Obviously, it may be a daunting task to work properly, but we only need to continue to imagine its appearance.A few key cutscenes come from Mars Is the only highlighted part in this video.

It’s also worth noting that if you did view the attached video above, there are some very important spoilers Mars included. If you still don’t want to play the game by yourself, then you may only want to view the first few scenes instead of looking at the entire scene.In addition, you should definitely play Mars If you have the ability to do so, because it is one of the best games of the past few years.

As for the future Mars, It is said that the next part of the series will be in PlayStation 5 (with Probably PlayStation 4) this year. Although it does not yet have an official title, God of War: RagnarokAs we call it, as we progress before 2021, more should be shown.If you want to continue to pay attention to our understanding of the entire franchise, you can pass Visit our dedicated page here.

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Black Ops Cold War players found strange images outside the map | Instant News

A kind Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War After breaking through the map during the campaign mission, the player stumbled upon some incredibly strange images in the game.Although we often see breakthroughs in the limits of the game area in video games, the latest discovery Black Ops Cold War It is one of the more confusing things we see in one of these situations.

It was discovered during the “breakthrough” of the campaign mission, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Players recently shared some images they found after breaking through the map. The player found some images that appeared to be taken in the real world in 2019, instead of simply finding a black void or perhaps a strange character model. This photo does not show the most things out of the open field of vision. It is worth noting the plastic bag filled with Gatorade bottles on the grass.

Therefore, I broke through the map during the “Breakthrough” mission and discovered this. Its picture is under the map. As you can see, there is a bag with Gatorade, with a dated sign on it. I think I should look at this to more people because I haven’t seen other people talking about it. From r / blackopscoldwar

So, what exactly is this picture doing in the game?Well, it seems it is being used by developers Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War To help them get the lighting needed for this task. The image found actually has a logo that specifies various statistics related to the sun and shadows in the picture, and also records the time of day. Essentially, the 3D image appears to have been brought into the developer tools to be used as a skylight before placing various other assets on the task map. It’s weird to watch it alone, but it’s basically what the behind-the-scenes research and developers sometimes have to do to make games.

Having said that, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Of course, this is not the only game in the world with this strangeness. Although I doubt whether they all contain plastic bags containing Gatorade, this may be a common practice in many film studios around the world.

If you haven’t played Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War You can use the game on PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and personal computer. If you want to know our latest report, call-of-duty In the future, You can follow this page.

So, have you found something similar in video games yourself?Let me know in the comments or message me on Twitter @ MooreMan12 Chat more.


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GTA Online new update adds hidden rewards for a limited time | Instant News

GTA online In the past few weeks, due to the Cayo Perico Heist method, the biggest update to the game has brought the game to life. Now, as we begin to enter 2021, Rock star game Today we will launch another new update for the multiplayer part Grand Theft Auto V It should encourage fans to re-enter it soon.

Detailed introduction Rockstar’s official website Today, there is a new update GTA online Today has arrived, and this will provide people who are still hanging out in Cayo Perico with opportunities to earn more rewards. Specifically, a variety of new treasure chests have been added to this area of ​​the game, which can be found in the “Scope Mission”. When conducting reconnaissance before the robbery, one can be found in a hiding place under the water and the other on land.

As for what these treasure chests contain? Well, obviously there is some money in it, but if you collect five of them, you will be able to earn an extra $100,000 in GTA currency on your own. The only drawback is that this promotion will not last long.Box has been added to GTA online This event will last a full week today and will end on January 6, 2021.

Although these boxes are the main highlight of this mini update, Rockstar Games has also added some other treats. Specifically, some new outfits have been added to your character and vehicle. GTA online And some sales of game tools such as Cheval Taipan and Armored Karin Kuruma. Like treasure chests, these sales will only last until next week.

GTA online Can now be played on PlayStation 4 Xbox Onewith personal computer.As we enter 2021, Rockstar plans to finally release Grand Theft Auto V with GTA online Applies to PlayStation 5, but we don’t yet know when the game will be officially released.Of course, as we enter 2021, we will definitely start to learn more, so Please continue to follow our reports on the gamee.

So what do you think of this new update GTA online? Do you plan to return to the title next week to try to earn these rewards?Let me know in the comments or hit me on Twitter @ MooreMan12 Chat more.


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