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Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo) and Manuel Neuer (Manuel Neuer) form confirmation FIFA 21 TOTW 9 | Instant News

EA SPORTS has released the FIFA 21 week 9 team lineup, Cristiano Ronaldo Won his first FUT21 form.

of FIFA 21 TOTW 9 includes Ronaldo’s level 93 status, Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, Dortmund striker Erling Harland, International forward Romelu Lukaku (Romelu Lukaku) and Everton (Everton) left back Lucas Digne (Lucas Digne), are the other forms with the highest ratings of TOTW 9.

arsenal Goalkeeper Bernard Leno unfortunately missed the eleventh game of TOTW 9. The German goalkeeper appeared on the TOTW 9 bench along with Andy Delort and Marcelo.

West Ham Defender Angelo Ogbonna and Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham midfielder Pierre Emile Hoiburg (TOE 9) is another Premier League player.

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The TOTW 9 team will be available from 6pm UK time on November 25, 2020 (Wednesday).The weekly EA SPORTS FIFA team will Disclosure and pack every Wednesday at 6pm UK time This season.

This is the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team TOTW 9 team confirmed by EA SPORTS on Wednesday, November 25th.

FIFA Team of the Week 21 (TOTW) 9 lineup

GK: Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich)

CB: Angelo Ogbon (West Ham United)

LB: Lucas Digne ( Everton )

CDM: Fernando (Seville)

CDM: Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg (Tottenham Hotspur Football Club)

LM: Yannick Carrasco (Atletico Madrid)

RM: Domenico Berardi (Domenico Berardi) (Sassuolo)

LM: Diego Perotti (Fenerbahçe)

ST: Cristiano Ronaldo (Piedmont Football)

ST: Erling Harland (Dortmund)

ST: Romelu Lukaku (Romelu Lukaku) (internal)


The TOTW card above will also be available this week FUT champion reward, Players can select and pack players, depending on how many victories the FUT Champions Weekend League has achieved.

You can check our The complete FUT Champions Weekend League Award Guide is here, And fully confirm the rewards of each level.

“FIFA 21” is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

The next version of FIFA 21 will be released on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5 on December 4, 2020.

In addition, fans who jump into FIFA 21 can also benefit from dual rights, allowing them to upgrade a copy of the game from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, or from Xbox One to Xbox Series X/S, without paying extra.


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PS5 Black Friday replenishment alert! Deals with discounts from Amazon, GameStop, Wal-Mart and more begin! | Instant News

The PlayStation 5 retailer has heavily replenished Sony’s inventory of next-generation consoles on its website, as well as an availability schedule for aspiring owners to monitor and watch. One of the most sought after gaming technologies in 2020 is about to join the “Black Friday” promotion with a large number of transactions and saved prices, and is expected to be held in November.

(Photo: Screenshot of @MoneyTone21’s Twitter post)
PS5 DualSense users experience major flaws; their console does not charge in rest mode

Japanese Technology and Entertainment Group Sony, And now work closely with retailers to provide PlayStation 5 inventory and merchandise for enthusiasts. PS5 replenishes its inventory with new deals provided by bundles to improve the gaming experience.

PS5 inventory availability: PlayStation 5 will be restocked on Black Friday

PlayStation 5 debuted in early September this year, and was officially released and sold on November 12. Not everyone can buy their own game console, because the inventory immediately disappeared, which triggered a large-scale game treasure hunt. Monitor retailers Even short words Social media, twitter.

PS5 online order Amazon stolen by thieves and replace them with Nerf guns, fryer and other products

(Photo: Screenshot from ASBYT YouTube)
PS5 online order Amazon stolen by thieves and replace them with Nerf guns, fryer and other products

Thanks to Xbox 5 and Xbox Series X, PS5 Stocks has now become one of the most popular technologies in the world, because the production status of these two game consoles is unclear.However, according to T3, Some retailers offer PlayStation 5 on retail websites.

Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and Wal-Mart have all surpassed Black Friday sales in 2020 and will not fall behind PlayStation 5. Retailers are now securing PS5 inventory, and three of them have noticed the scheduled launch time of their PS5. Respective websites.

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PlayStation 5 Black Friday: Retailers with PS5 inventory and schedule

Looking for a cheap PS5? This is where you can do it!

(Photo: Screenshot of @_ orezzzy’s Twitter post)
Looking for a cheap PS5? This is where you can do it!


Amazon offers PlayStation 5 and its bundles on its e-commerce website. However, the well-known e-commerce company did not disclose any timetable or availability timetable for PS5. Please rest assured that Amazon will replenish its PS5 at any time this week.Continuous use PS5 inventory tracker with Twitter PS5 stock tracker understand more.

View Amazon website Applies to PlayStation 5 stocks and trading.

Best Buy

Best Buy is the first retailer to offer PlayStation 5. Earlier today, Best Buy ensured to provide enough inventory for PlayStation 5 for customers to purchase. However, the retailer has not specified when the PS5 will be available, so please monitor its website closely. In addition, Best Buy did not mention whether its physical stores will offer PS5.

View Best Buy website Applies to PlayStation 5 stocks and trading.

Game stop

GameStop is one of the most popular and reliable stores for all gaming needs. At the beginning of last week, GameStop will provide supplementary inventory of PS5, including “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” and “NBA 2K21.” The game retailer also joined the Black Friday PS5 sale in 2020. GameStop will commemorate the replenishment of PS5 on Friday, November 27th.

View GameStop website Applies to PlayStation 5 stocks and trading.


Sony can directly buy next-generation game consoles on its website, but more are “pre-order”. The Japanese company is opening its website to sell PS5 series products. PS Plus members will get free shipping. However, if the inventory arrives early, the player who ordered the product can expect early delivery.

View Sony’s website Applies to PlayStation 5 stocks and trading.


Wal-Mart joined the Black Friday PS5 sale, and will be available on November 25 (Wednesday) at 4 pm (Pacific time); 6 pm Central Time; 7 pm Eastern Time. The retailer also pointed out that PlayStation 5 can only be purchased online, and there is no physical store inventory. Walmart is one of the most active retailers in PS5 inventory and availability.

View Walmart’s website Applies to PlayStation 5 stocks and trading.

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Steam update makes PS5’s DualSense controller more useful | Instant News

of PlayStation 5of New DualSense controller Of course it needs to be played on a new console and has many new features, such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, but if you choose to use it this way, it can easily double as a PC controller. In order to make it easier for DualSense owners to use gamepads on their PCs, Steam has continuously updated the Steam client Beta in the past week and made changes to enhance the functionality of DualSense on the platform. These updates have enabled other features, such as support for rumble support when using the controller via a Bluetooth connection.

We have seen in the past that DualSense controllers can produce some ingenious tricks when connected to PCs or other devices, and slowly but surely, the Steam platform is adding support for most DualSense features.Things like adaptive triggers are specifically for PlayStation 5 games, so we are unlikely to see this feature on Steam, but it already supports practical functions such as gyroscope controls and touchpads.

Below you can find a list of improvements made to the Steam Client Beta through several updates starting on November 12 to understand the changes that have taken place over time.

November 12

  • Added initial input support for PS5 DualSense controller. Advanced features such as rumble, touchpad and gyroscope are not yet supported.
  • Fixed an issue where the Xbox Series X controller was displayed as 2 separate controllers

November 18

  • Added additional support for PS5 DualSense controller, including LED, trackpad, rumble and gyroscope functions.
  • Added directional swipe mode for trackpad and gyroscope

November 19

  • Implement rumble on Bluetooth for PS5 controller
  • Reduce the intensity of the rumble of the PS5 controller
  • Enable rumble sound on PS5 DualSense controller while allowing haptics based on external audio

November 20

  • Fixed the occasional rumble of the PS5 DualSense controller falling

Because of Windows’ natural support for them, Xbox controllers are usually used on PC platforms through Steam and other launchers, but DualSense is still not a viable option for gamepads, especially when it is getting such updates.Using it on PlayStation 5 always allows people to take full advantage of its features, such as easy Capture and share moments From your game.


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Apple Xbox Series X and PS5 controller support via Bluetooth in Works-documentation is intended for the next update | Instant News

Apple is now developing its software and operating system across all devices to connect the next generation of console controllers with the upcoming Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 on the platform. Apple devices will soon contain new controllers from Microsoft and Sony in the next update, and can now pair with older devices via Bluetooth.

(Photo: TechTimes; Apple; Sony; Xbox)

Cupertino multinational technology company, apple, It is now biased towards gaming, because it cleverly announced that it will soon support the controller of the new game console to connect to existing and future devices via Bluetooth. In addition to waiting for Apple to cooperate with developers to create a game provider suitable for Mac and iDevices, there are other game providers.

Apple system: now widely supports controller connection via Bluetooth

according to Apple’s supporting documents, Xbox’s latest controller and PlayStation 4’s DualShock Wireless can be connected to iDevices and used on the current version of the software and operating system. The controller can control early versions of Apple Arcade and App Store.

Xbox Series X controller

(Photo: Xbox)

Apple also promised that it will work with Microsoft to bring compatibility for the Xbox Series X controller of its new game console. The statement also stated that in future updates, it may be used with Microsoft’s rival Sony and the PlayStation 5’s DualSense wireless controller.

In addition, as long as they are rated as MFi or Made For iOS, other controllers that can be connected via Bluetooth can be connected to Apple’s current system. Apple devices include iOS iPhone, iPadOS iPad, macOS Mac computer and Apple TV.

The controller connection function can command the game, such as playing on a console game, and can directly affect the process of the title like a regular controller. However, these connections and controls may still be different, as they will depend on the mobile game developer to allow external operations in addition to the existing touch controls.

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Apple’s Controller Connect: Which controllers and games do you want to play?

Apple is now promoting the use of controllers to connect via Bluetooth on its iDevice to provide a more hands-on method of gaming and navigation (in terms of Apple TV+ and certain other features). This is to see the list of devices supported by Apple Bluetooth when connected.

  • Xbox wireless controller (Bluetooth; 1708 type)
  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2
  • Xbox’s adaptive controller
  • DualShock 4 wireless controller for PlayStation 4
  • MFi (for iOS) Bluetooth controller
    PS5 DualSense controller

    (Photo: PlayStation)

After Apple completes the necessary updates to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 compatibility, this list will soon expand, and these updates will soon be released on iOS and other operating systems. Apple Arcade and App Store are the only recognized game sources from the Cupertino giant to ensure controller compatibility.

However, there may be a way to play other games and games via Mac. The first option involves subscriptions from Google and Amazon soon after. Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, Facebook gamesEtc. is an online cloud platform that can provide popular mainstream games without having to install them on a computer.

Another option is the newly updated CrossOver 20 by CodeWeavers Studio, which promises to use Mac M1 when running 32- to 64-bit Windows applications And games. The software is expected to seamlessly run Windows designated games on macOS.

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PS5 Demon Soul Players are looting boletus in search of new coins | Instant News

Illustration of an article titled PS5 iDemons Souls/i players are looting boletus in search of new coins

Screenshots: PlayStation Studios / Bluepoint Games / Kotaku

Rolling over fragile environmental objects is one of them soul The community’s favorite pastime.But in the new Demon Soul For the PlayStation 5 remake, this may actually be the secret to deciphering some lingering mysteries in the game.

Late last night, Demon Soul Discuss with Found a brand new item, A ceramic coin that can repair a small amount of HP, can only be found in the remake Fracture mode. Many people think that “fragmentation mode” is just a way to add fun to the game by reflecting the world, so this is a huge discovery, online detectives finally inferred that “ceramic coins” will only appear in fragile items, such as In boxes and jars. World trend (Change the game mechanics of the level according to your actions) At two extremes. And always in the same location.

As mentioned before soul in speedrunner Distortion2 the first of some Update In this regard, the most popular theory is that these ceramic coins are Demon Soul Remake last week.The blue dot game previously filled it The shadow of the colossus Remake Coins with unlocking new swords, So many players firmly believe that finding all the ceramic coins is the first step towards acquiring new, mysterious items behind locked doors.

Coins and doors also seem to have similar spiral patterns, indicating that there may be some connection. But just using the coin in front of the door has not produced any results.

Demon Soul So far, detectives have found that at least 10 ceramic coins have been thrown in the game world, although it is still unknown how many ceramic coins are there or what they need to be used for.

Investigations have shown that coins will accumulate and carry over during the game. If the player accidentally uses the coins, this may be a malfunction protection. Try to copy ceramic coins in a multiplayer game by throwing them to another player, disconnecting them, and converting them into broken coins, which seems useless at this time.And give ceramic coins Shiny crow, The NPC that trades the item with the player will cause her to simply return the item, but the positive message seems to indicate that she might accept it if certain other requirements are met.

The discovery that the mirror world contains strange new coins is the biggest discovery. Demon Soul Remake so far.Social media is flooded with topics about ceramic coins, and there are currently thousands of viewers watching soul Streamers like Elajaz, Distortion 2with Robles Search the game world and browse each fragile object in the path to try to find all the objects.Whether ceramic coins are related to the new hidden door remains to be seen, but for now, players are more willing to contribute to the chaos of Boletaria if it means obtaining attractive items (or items) They caught a glimpse of the other side.


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