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The steel sector is asking for approval to start operations | Instant News



KARACHI: After the announcement of a special package for the construction sector by Prime Minister Imran Khan, the steel industry has asked the prime minister to allow him to continue operations because without steel, the construction segment will not be able to move forward.

Secretary General of the Pakistan Association of Major Steel Producers Syed Wajid Bukhari praised the announcement, saying the stimulus would open up employment opportunities for the country’s workforce.

“It goes without saying that steel is the backbone of the construction industry. We urge the government to immediately open the steel sector, especially all factories which have labor colonies or housing arrangements for their workforce within their factory location, “he added.

The official pointed out that many steel companies have arrangements for their employees around the plant and that 70-80% of the industry can function through these employees in line with the safety measures needed to combat Covid-19.

“In our view that is well considered, unless the government allows the steel sector to start production, it is not possible for the construction sector to take on its projects.”

Bukhari said the delay in opening the steel plant to start production could cause delays in all government initiatives to revive the construction sector, adding that the government had allowed the cement sector to resume operations. The official lamented that the sector had already suffered and faced further decline when the rupee depreciated.

“Rupees have lost nearly 40% of their value to the dollar in the past year, and another blow came to the steel sector when interest rates skyrocketed to one of its historic peaks.” He said the withdrawal of the 2007 Special Procedure Regulations for the steel sector in the previous budget also came as a blow, which doubled taxes to around 17%.

Published in The Express Tribune, 7 Aprilth, 2020.

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The builder is ready to start a new project worth Rs1tr | Instant News

PM Imran Khan has announced a historic aid package for the construction sector to spur activity



KARACHI: Pakistan is set to see exponential growth in the housing and construction industry, because builders and developers are ready to start around 1,000 new projects worth more than Rs1 trillion over the nine months ended December 2020.

Last week, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced an industry-specific historical aid package with an amnesty scheme – subsidies and tax holidays for investors and buyers – aimed at creating employment opportunities for daily wage earners and reversing the coronavirus pandemic that hit the domestic economy.

“The housing and construction industry will not only attract local investment, but also large foreign investments under the historic package,” said the former chairman of the Pakistan Builders and Developers Association (Ages) Hasan Bakshi while speaking with The Express Tribune.

“Delegations consisting of investors and constructors from countries including Singapore, China and the United Kingdom visited Pakistan before the pandemic outbreak (in China in December 2019),” he said.

It is very difficult to estimate the volume of foreign investment at this important point in time when the world is fully engaged in the war against a pandemic. “Foreign investment will be very large, which in addition to local investment, is expected to bring the potential to get rid of the IMF loan program over the next two years,” he said.

The government is working on the package for quite a long time in an effort to fulfill promises before the 2018 elections to build five million housing units and create 10 million job opportunities during the elected five-year term ending in mid-2023.

Contrary to the promise of the Pakistani government Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs and investment remained stagnant due to the harsh economic policies, which were partially enforced under the latest International Monetary Fund (IMF) loans for 39 months. The $ 6 billion program starts in May 2019.

The current fiscal year is seen as a year of economic revival after three years of economic hardship. However, COVID-19 has extended the recovery phase.

“The share of the housing and construction industry stands at 2-2.5% in gross domestic product (GDP),” said Bakshi who is also a member of the prime minister’s task force for housing.

“GDP from construction in Pakistan increased to Rs343.19 billion in 2018 from Rs320.77 billion in 2017,” according to tradingeconomics.com.

The port city alone will see more than 500 new construction projects by the end of December, because major construction activities have been halted due to the moratorium. “Now the court has revoked the moratorium on multi-storey buildings,” said the former chairman of the Century.

“This (construction) is the only sector that can revive the economy after we have overcome the health crisis (in the coming weeks and months). This will activate more than 70 construction industries and related industries. In addition, there are investors and buyers of housing units. The housing sector remains a safe haven for long-term investors because the stock market has lost strength, “he said.

The aid package offers provisions such as not asking about the source of income from investments. The government will approve potential projects within 45 days. Projects need to obtain an NOC from about 18 departments.

“Usually it takes 1.5-2 years to get an approved project design,” he said.

An average project of 100 apartments with 2-4 bedrooms each can cost Rs 1.5-2 billion. Such projects can be built to be ready to live in 3-4 years.

New projects can be categorized in three sizes; low cost (Rs3,3,5 million), medium cost (Rs3,5-5 million) and high cost (starting from Rs5 million), he said.

Construction activities are expected to begin after Eid al-Fitr (fall late May) and pick up momentum after monsoon rains (June-July).

Published in The Express Tribune, 7 Aprilth, 2020.

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