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No need for a ‘Karachi incident’ investigation, clear events like the day: Maryam | Instant News


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Vice President Maryam Nawaz said on Saturday that there was no need for an investigation into the “Karachi incident” and what happened “as clear as day”.

However, he added that the Sindh government had the right to inquire about the arrest of Capt (retired) Safdar.

In one drama, Safdar – the son-in-law of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif – was arrested from his wife Maryam Nawaz’s hotel room in Karachi on Monday morning for allegedly disrespecting the mausoleum of the Founders of the Nation, only to be released by a court hours later.

Safdar, who was in Karachi with his wife Maryam Nawaz to attend a rally of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), allegedly shouted slogans at Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s Quaid-i-Azam mausoleum when he visited the venue on Sunday. with other party leaders ahead of the rally.

PDM leaders called it an attempt by the federal government and its agencies to “kidnap the provincial police chief and force him to sign an arrest warrant”.

Immediately after the arrest, former Sindh governor Muhammad Zubair – who is also the spokesperson for Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz – appeared on several TV channels claiming that Sindh Police Inspector General (IGP) Mushtaq Mahar was forced to arrest Safdar.

Speaking to the media in Lahore before leaving for Quetta – where the third PDM rally is scheduled for Sunday – the daughter of the convicted former prime minister said: “Imran Khan is sitting in the PM Building. You have to care about your respect. After kidnapping Sindh IG, you has been humiliated. You want to hide your mistake, but it won’t happen. “

He further stated that the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) had spread across the country. “Imran Khan needs the National Reconciliation Act (NRO), not us.”

Criticizing the prime minister further, Maryam said: “someone who is smaller in stature should take the name of the bigger person to increase his stature”.

Maryam also said that while the government is focused on the opposition, inflation is rising in the country and staples such as sugar and flour are in short supply on the market.

The day before, the PML-N leader said it had never occurred to him for a second that Captain Safdar’s arrest was made on the orders of the Sindh government.

The PML-N leader stated that the police “do not have a warrant to raid women’s rooms,” adding that if it could happen to him, it could happen to any woman in the country. “According to Islam, even during war, it is unacceptable to treat women like this.”

The PML-N leader said he believed the PTI government was panicking and may leave before January.

The panic of opponents has made it clear that the government is afraid of Nawaz even though he is not in the country, said Maryam.


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Maryam said the Karachi incident proved Nawaz’s predicament above the ANI-state statement | Instant News

Islamabad [Pakistan], 23 October (ANI): The ‘Karachi incident’ has proven the statement of “country over state” former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Vice President of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Maryam Nawaz said on Friday.
According to the Pakistani daily Dawn, Maryam was referring to the incident involving the arrest of her husband Mohammad Safdar on Monday morning – hours after the successful rally of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) – bringing law enforcement agencies and security agencies in Sindh directly. conflict.
“What happened in Karachi shows who actually runs the government … Imran Khan is not the government. He is just a puppet who occupies a chair and the doll has been silent for three days,” said Maryam, Friday as quoted by Dawn. .
“The Karachi incident has made it clear that Nawaz Sharif’s stance – on the ‘state above the state’ and Imran Khan being nothing more than a pawn – is true. Nawaz Sharif just said it, you [Imran] prove it […] show the nation what country is above the state, “he added.
With regard to the investigation into the incident – which the head of the Sindh military and government said would be carried out – Maryam said there was no need for an investigation as everything was known.
“There are a lot of video recordings,” he said, adding that the provincial government was very aware of what had happened. ” If there is an investigation, it must be transparent so that the nation knows everything and the report must be published. “
The PML-N vice president said the government looked terrified and was “hiding in the Bani Gala”. “In a democratic order, notification must be made by the government or court, not someone else. And there should also be no calls for others to pay attention,” he added, as quoted by Dawn.
Maryam again said that the police had violated her privacy when they broke into the room.
“They broke the law […] without any worries that I was in the privacy of my room with my husband, “she said and added,” You broke the lock on my door. […] You have a warrant for Safdar’s arrest, not mine. This is illegal and you have to answer it. “
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that the overall situation in Pakistan is unstable and two parallel governments control the country. He said on Tuesday, “The ‘country over country’ situation exists in a country which creates confusion and is not in the interest of the nation and the public.”
This comes after recent anti-government rallies in Karachi in which political parties under the banner of a joint opposition alliance – the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) – protested against Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ‘puppet’ government and demanded his resignation. Thousands of people participated in the rally in Karachi.
After the rally, Maryam Nawaz’s husband, Safdar Awan, was arrested from his hotel room. Safdar has now been released on bail.
Almost all police officers at the Sindh Police applied for leave in protest at the insults directed at Sindh IGP Mushtaq Mehr, during the story of PML-N leader Safdar Awan’s arrest, The News International reported.
PML-N leaders and spokespersons Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz and former Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair said that IGP Sindh was ‘kidnapped’ by Rangers who forced him to file an FIR for Safdar’s arrest. (ANI)

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Nawaz Sharif will be in prison in Pakistan on January 15: Shibli | Instant News


Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Shibli Faraz said on Friday that former prime minister Nawaz Sharif would be in prison in Pakistan on January 15.

The federal minister told the media that everything was being done to stop the legal process behind the arrest of Pakistan Muslim League supremo Nawaz (PML-N).

However, he added that the federal government is trying its best to bring back the head of the PML-N. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan would not leave him [Nawaz] get away.

The Minister of Information further said that the government was building diplomatic pressure for the return of the PML-N supremo, and that the government was also making use of diplomatic channels with Britain.

Referring to the Vice President of PML-N, also daughter of Nawaz, Maryam Nawaz’s statement, made earlier in the day, that the PTI-led government would finish in January, Shibli said that “she [Maryam] keeps repeating the same thing, but does not specify what year January “.

“The government will leave in January, but in January 2028,” the minister said.

He further stated that the opposition is not interested in the country’s economy. “When the Covid-19 outbreak occurred, the opposition did nothing. After facing defeat in the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Bill, they began to hide behind demonstrations,” said the information minister.

Referring to the arrest of PML-N leader Captain (retired) Safdar, the minister said, “What does Prime Minister Imran Khan have to do with his arrest?”

He blamed the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) for “orchestrating the drama” of Safdar’s arrest, saying it was their rule in Sindh. “They should apologize for the desecration of the Quaid mausoleum,” the senator added.

Shibli further claimed that PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto “took revenge on Maryam Nawaz for the smear campaign run by her father. [Nawaz Sharif] against it [Bilawal] mothehr – former prime minister Benazir Bhutto “.

Discussing a pandemic that has caused havoc around the world, Shibli Faraz said the PTI government had fought the virus better than most countries.

The day before, the federal minister said the opposition tries to destroy the image country. He reiterated that the opposition wanted to weaken the country and democracy.

“The opposition parties want to create chaos and uncertainty for fear that their rule will end once Prime Minister Imran Khan succeeds in carrying out his mission to take the country on the path of progress and development,” he said.


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Sindh IGP kidnapped, pressured to file case against PML-N: Shahid Khaqan – Pakistan | Instant News

Published in October 22, 2020 13:09

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi says Prime Minister Imran Khan is responsible for the whole problem.

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – Former prime minister and senior leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Thursday said the Inspector General of Sindh Police (IGP) was kidnapped and pressured to file a case against PML-N leaders and party workers. .

The prime minister previously spoke to the media and blamed Prime Minister Imran Khan for the whole problem. Army Chief of Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa can interrogate subordinate officers under the Army Law, he said.

“The federation is attacking the province. The two departments involved in the siege of the IGP home are under the federal government and were directed by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“What will happen to the country when the prime minister starts breaking the law? Where did Maryam Nawaz, Sindh IGP and the public get justice? A former PM was deposed for having a visa. A senate committee should be formed on this matter. The constitution is violated in this country. “

PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal said PM Imran Khan gave Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav a ‘super NRO’ by giving him the right to appeal. The PM is working on a revenge agenda, Ahsan Iqbal said while adding that Imran Khan has been subject to harm to Pakistan. He called inflation the biggest problem.


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The government decided to be tough on the opposition | Instant News


A day after the 11-party Democratic Movement of Pakistan (PDM) staged a show of strength in Karachi against the ruling government, Prime Minister Imran Khan has promised to bring all corruption cases to their logical conclusion, saying that the opposition will no longer get any concessions. and lawbreakers will be handled strictly.

“There will be no compromise on the rule of law,” said Prime Minister Imran while chairing a meeting of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Political Committee on Monday.

The meeting discussed the political situation in the country with PM Imran briefing party leaders on guidelines.

Sources said that at the meeting it was decided to give a firm response to the statement of opposition to the institution.

“The government will not be blackmailed,” said the prime minister, directing emergency steps to bring back ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif from London.

Meanwhile, at an awards ceremony on Monday for outstanding performance in the Green Pakistan campaign, the prime minister said, “We don’t realize our strengths… youth are our greatest asset.

“Nobody knows more than I how much desire there is among young people in Pakistan to give alms and volunteer for charity.”

The PM promised to reduce the gap between the people and the government.

“Allah SWT has blessed Pakistan with many blessings. I saw forest destruction in Pakistan with my own eyes. In Lahore, 70% of the trees are felled in the name of development, ”said the PM. The level of pollution has increased dramatically.

Describing the lost beauty of Peshawar, PM said that in the past, Peshawar was called the city of flowers. Planting 10 billion trees and cleaning the city is our main goal, he added.

“Garbage is also everywhere in Karachi. All Karachi trash is dumped into the sea. Groundwater is also polluted. We are on the brink of an environmental disaster. “

He said the deputy commissioners who will work will get allowances and those who do not work will be punished.

“We have a million Tiger Force. We will mobilize volunteers and reward those who work hard. “

According to official documents available in The Express Tribune, PM Imran at the last cabinet meeting expressed his displeasure with his economic team for not publicizing the incumbent government’s economic achievements through the media, directing them to ensure their presence in order to dispel negative opposition propaganda.

PM Imran noted that the government’s achievements in the economic sector are tantamount to not being published in the media.

He said the government’s stance did not come in response to false claims about the economy on TV talk shows by the opposition, which led to misunderstanding among the public about “our economic policies”.

PM Imran tasked Hafeez Sheikh’s Financial Advisor and his economic team to ensure their presence on TV talk shows to prevent negative propaganda and present the public with the real picture.

Furthermore, in a meeting to review the availability and prices of daily commodities, especially wheat and sugar, on Monday, PM Imran called for all administrative steps to be taken to ensure the availability of daily commodities, in addition to controlling prices.

He also wants further decisive action against the elements involved in hoarding.

The meeting was attended by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Minister of Industry Muhammad Hammad Azhar, Minister of National Food Security Syed Fakhar Imam, Minister of Kashmir Affairs Ali Amin Gandapur, advisers, special assistants, Governor of State Bank of Pakistan Reza Baqir, Utility Shop. Managing director of the company and senior officers. The main secretary attended the meeting via video link.

During the meeting it was discovered that the Punjab government had increased the release of wheat from 16,000 tonnes to 20,000 tonnes daily, which would further increase to 25,000 tonnes in a few days.

The Principal Secretary of Sindh informed that the provincial government would start releasing wheat officially in the next few days. About 85,000 tonnes of wheat were obtained for the period from 16 to 31 October in which the challans were stored.

The Chief Secretary of Punjab said that the flour mill was made to immediately release the flour without storing it for a long time.

The meeting was further informed that a full-scale crackdown on hoarders is continuing under the prime minister’s direction and that it will accelerate even further.

It was informed that proposals regarding grain support pricing had been received from Punjab, Balochistan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and the federal government. The Sindh government is being urged to advise on this in the next few days so that a support price for wheat can be announced.

The prime minister is geared towards ensuring an adequate supply of wheat and sugar in the utility shops and in this case, the Punjab chief secretary guarantees the supply of wheat to the utility shops taking into account the demand.

The meeting further investigated the progress of the arrival of imported wheat and sugar. Detailed explanations are also provided of the various administrative measures for controlling prices and eliminating hoarding.

In the fight against hoarding, full help is being sought from Rangers, customs, police and special branches.

The Punjab chief secretary learned that earlier in the day, 475 tonnes of sugar and 30,000 tonnes of ghee had been found, which were being stockpiled. (With additional input from the app)


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