The committee resumes PML-N leaders to report on Nawaz’s health and treatment


4:36 PM | February 21, 2020

The special committee formed to discuss the extension of Nawaz Sharif’s bail has summoned the PML-N leaders again, who submitted health reports on Friday.

Punjab law minister Raja Basharat said the committee granted another 24 hours to PML-N to comply with legal obligations and warned that the committee will send its recommendation if PML-N leaders do not attend the session on Friday. .

Previously, the boycott session of the Pakistan-Nawaz Muslim League special committee (PML-N) was formed to examine the health reports of Nawaz Sharif.

PML-N sent a letter to the committee and demanded that Dr. Adnan be allowed to attend the session through a video link.

The PML-N leader, Attaullah Tarar, wrote the letter to Momin Agha and stated that the meeting was convened at short notice, so it was not possible to attend the session. PML-N demanded that the committee meeting be convened some other day.

The special meeting of the committee was chaired by Raja Basharat. The provincial minister of Health and the additional head secretary of the household, Momin Agha, also attended the meeting.

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PML-N rates the government subsidy package as ‘theft’

The spokesman for the Pakistan-Nawaz Muslim League (PML-N), Marriyum Aurangzeb, has described the government subsidy package for the “day robbery” of people who deserve it.

In her conversation with the media, the PML-N leader said that the package of Rs15-18 billion would be “a form of oppression for the nation”, and that the government has been exposed by introducing such a subsidy.

“Imran Khan partners have caused shortages of sugar and wheat flour [in the markets] […] sugar export, price increase, [subsequent] the shortage and then the import were destined to benefit a mafia, ”he said.

“The same group of mafias have benefited since a ban has been imposed on sugar exports and the maintenance of high prices.”

“Despite a ban [in place] on exports of sugar and wheat flour, the Imran mafia has exported these products by providing a subsidy [in their prices], “she added.

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What is the richest political party in the country? The | Pakistan

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ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) ruling party is the richest political party in the country, according to the details of the assets published by the Electoral Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

The ECP published on Monday details of the statements of 82 political parties for fiscal year 2018-19, with PTI which became the richest party with Rs225.3 million, followed by the Popular Party of Pakistan (PPP) with Rs160 million.

Of the 125 political parties registered with the Commission, 82 parties submitted their consolidated statements of accounts with the procedure prescribed in Rule 159 of the 2017 Election Rules, which obliges any registered party to comply with the related rules.

Section 210 of the 2017 Electoral Law establishes that a political party shall submit to the Commission within 60 days after the close of a financial year, a consolidated statement of its accounts audited by a public accountant on Form D that contains income and annual expenses, sources of your funds and assets and liabilities.

The PTI has assets worth Rs225.3 million, while its expenses exceeded Rs508 million during 2018-19. This includes Rs110 million received from Pakistanis abroad in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. The party says that the financing does not include anything from the prohibited sources.

Similarly, the PPP has a bank balance of Rs160 million, which also includes Rs13.5 million of party funds. The values ​​of the assets held by the party are worth more than Rs 7 million.

The Pakistan-Nawaz Muslim League showed in its documents that its expenses remained higher than the income generated during the year, as the party shared assets worth more than Rs80 million.

The Awami Muslim League led by the Minister of Railways Shaikh Rashid Ahmad is among the poorest political parties with Rs2.5 lakhs in the banks. The Pakistan-Quaid Muslim League has Rs49.9 million assets, while the Muttahida Qaumi-Pakistan Movement has Rs41.9 million assets.

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NAB has more time to respond to statements of bail of PML-N leaders

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Monday gave the National Bureau of Responsibility (NAB) more time to comment on bail requests from the leaders of the Pakistan-Nawaz Muslim League (PML-N) Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Ahsan Iqbal, reported ARY News.

A bank of the superior court, under the direction of the President of the Supreme Court Athar Minallah, ordered the office to submit its response before February 13.

At a previous hearing on February 3, the IHC had issued notices to NAB and the federal law ministry to submit their response.

Attorney Zafarullah Khan and Jahangir Jadoon appeared before the court on behalf of the petitioners.

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“The petitioner has been detained by the NAB for 191 days and the NAB has only submitted a provisional reference against him so far,” the lawyers argued.

The petitioner and other defendants did not even receive copies of the reference so far, they said.

A copy of the judicial decision regarding the bond granted to Shaikh Imranul Haq, co-accused in the case of LNG, was also attached to the petition.

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Former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Miftah Ismail, former PSO MD Imranul Haq and others face corruption charges for the award of an LNG import contract allegedly at exorbitant rates in 2015, which caused a large loss to the treasury national.

Meanwhile, Ahsan Iqbal has been accused of using federal government funds and the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) for a sports city in Narowal. He had already submitted an answer to a questionnaire given by the office before.



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Armed men attack Lahore residence of leader PML-N

LAHORE: More than two dozen armed men sprayed Lahore’s residence of Pakistan-Nawaz Muslim League leader (PML-N) Atta ur Rehman Jatt with bullets on Sunday. However, no injuries or loss of life were reported.

Police transmitted unidentified assailants who opened fire on the house of the PML-N leader located in Misri Shah.

However, they added, there were no reports of loss of life.

Atta ur Rehman accused a person, Tipu Tarakan Wala, of being involved in the shooting incident.

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Last year, in July, the residence of PML-N leader Chaudhry Ashraf and his brother was attacked by criminals who also fired aerial shots off the property of the legislator.

Police in Gujranwala had confirmed the shooting incident by claiming that they had recovered the bullet shells from the site.



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PML-N negotiates power with powerful but far from its conclusion | Main story |


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