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San Diego Community News Group | Instant News

Ramses Alfaro Mendoza’s design won the Most Transformable Award. ALL PHOTOS BY NATASHA SACHI


Eli Andrade's design wins Most Wearable.

Eli Andrade’s design wins Most Wearable.


Melanie Ngo's designs won the Most Innovative and the People's Choice Award.

Melanie Ngo’s designs won the Most Innovative and the People’s Choice Award.


San Diego Mesa College and San Diego History Center collaborate for 10 Fashion Redux 2021 on April 16. This year they are presenting a virtual event featuring the top four designs from Mesa College’s draping classes.

The theme of this eye-catching event is “uniforms,” which are an important part of the Historical Center collection especially with the military presence in San Diego. Students view four uniforms handpicked by collections specialists in the Historical Center’s historic clothing collection. Students come up with a new contemporary design inspired by this Uniform.

The evening began with Sheila Thomas as host of the History Center. He said there would be a version of the exhibit which could be viewed by going to the History’s Center website. The digital exhibition will feature four uniforms from the Historical Center and four winning designs from students.

Thomas introduced the assistant professor of fashion, Jordyn Smiley, who gave a great presentation on the history of uniforms. Smiley talks about the many designers who create uniform-inspired fashions. Some examples given are Jean Paul Gaultier and Sacai who are inspired by military uniforms, Dior and Gucci who are inspired by school uniforms, and Moschino, Max Mara, Miu Miu, and Tommy Jeans who are inspired by fast food and sports.

Stella McCartney designed the British uniform for the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics games and Howard Greer, Dior and Zac Posen created a fashion inspired by airline uniforms.

Collection specialist Lelani Alontage Caithness provides detailed information on the four uniforms used this year for Fashion Redux. Jeremy Prince, a collection specialist gives good news that the exhibition will be visible in person at the Historical Center in mid-June and throughout the summer.

Viewers can ask questions of this year’s winners. Awards awarded: Best Design Translation for Yewon Shin, Most Innovative Design for Melanie Ngo, Most Wearable Design for Eli Andrade, and Most Changing Design for Ramses Alfaro Mendoza.

All spectators can vote for their favorite designer and the People’s Choice Award goes to Ngo. Designers will receive a one-year membership to the History Center and a gift certificate for Sewing Machine Plus. To see this exhibition, open it Sandiegohistory.org. For more information on the two-year fashion program at San Diego Mesa College, visit sdmesa.edu/academics/academic-programs/fashion.shtml.

Upcoming Events

May 21 – 40th annual Golden Scissors Fashion Show and Awards. More information will come at @sdmesafashion.

May 22 – Ugochi Iwuaba Charity Runway at The Inn, Rancho Santa Fe from 4-6pm. Donations will be sent to R. Roger School for classes with children with disabilities. For more information, visit https://bit.ly/2RVgU7P.

23 May – Bridal Bazaar-Bridal Expo and Wedding Expo from 09.30-16.00 at Del Mar Fairgrounds. Free advance tickets at BridalBazaar.com.

Diana Cavagnaro is an internationally renowned Couture Milliner based in San Diego. Learn more about our hat designers, teachers and bloggers at DianaCavagnaro.com.


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Trevor Ponting, who fought for the MIQ place after his cancer diagnosis, died | Instant News

Trevor Ponting, with his daughter, Mia, and son Toa. Photo / Provided

A seriously ill New Zealand citizen who has had to fight for emergency shelter in managed isolation has died in Christchurch.

Trevor Ponting was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in Japan in late 2019 and wants to spend his last days with family and friends.

However, in January she was told she had been denied a place in the MIQ because the situation was not urgent enough for a medical emergency, according to her younger sister Yvonne Ponting.

The Wiggles entertainers’ boys were given MIQ spots at about the same time.

Ponting was finally given a place and was able to return to New Zealand with his wife, Aiko, and their two children.

The couple worked in snow sports in Japan and had been traveling between the two countries for years before Ponting received his diagnosis.

Trevor Ponting with his wife Aiko and daughter Mia.  Ponting is battling brain cancer and tried to return to New Zealand last year and had to fight for an MIQ spot.  Photo / Provided
Trevor Ponting with his wife Aiko and daughter Mia. Ponting is battling brain cancer and tried to return to New Zealand last year and had to fight for an MIQ spot. Photo / Provided

His older sister, Yvonne, said she died in the early hours of Thursday.

He told RNZ in January that he hopes his family’s experience will drive some changes to the MIQ process as it is a “kick in the guts” for families with relatives who are very sick to face the possibility of never seeing their loved ones again.


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Inam won bronze but failed to claim an Olympic place | Instant News

KARACHI: veteran Pakistani wrestler Mohammad Inam maintains Pakistan’s prestige when winning the bronze medal despite sustaining a serious injury, beating Symbat Sulaimanov of Kyrgyzstan 10-7 in the battle for the 97kg bronze medal in the Asian Qualifiers round for the Tokyo Olympics in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Sunday.

However, Inam’s achievements were not enough because she failed to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. So was the fate of his comrades, Mohammad Bilal and Haroon Abid, who also failed to escape after losing the battle. The top two in each weight category will qualify for the Olympics in the continental qualifiers.

Now Pakistan has one chance to fight for an Olympic seat and it is the World Qualifiers for the Olympics which Bulgaria will host in Sofia next month.

It is the first time that Pakistan has won a medal at an Asian qualifier in the country’s wrestling history. Inam’s cousin, Mohammad Bilal, has won bronze at the World Qualifiers round for the 2016 Rio Olympics held in Turkey.

“It is a great blessing from Almighty God because I can win a medal. I was injured in the quarter-finals but I think we have come here and the people at home have placed their hopes on us, so I tried and God gave me a prize, “said Almaty’s Inam ‘The News’.

“You know for the last two years the federation didn’t get a penny from the state. Even then it helps us and we also give money and organize some training and through that we get medals, ”said the two-time world beach wrestling champion.

“Since two in each class will qualify for the Olympics, we can’t do it but we still have a chance in Bulgaria in the world qualifying round and we will press for an Olympic seat there,” said Inam.

Earlier in the day, Inam lost to Rio 2016 Olympic bronze medalist Magomed Idrisovitch Ibragimov of Uzbekistan in the quarter-finals. Inam appeared to feel excruciating knee pain during a fight led by the Uzbek, who is also a two-time Asian gold medalist, leading 8-0 in the first half. The second half turned out to be a cool affair with the Uzbekistan winners finally emerging with the same score.

However, her battles with top players allow Inam to fight for the bronze medal.

Pakistan Wrestling Federation (PWF) Secretary Arshad Sattar was pleased with Inam’s achievement. “It is the morale that boosts the bronze medal victory for Pakistan,” he told The News.

“Despite the injury, such a good performance can only be expected from a wrestler like Inam, with a lot of experience. Inam didn’t want to fight but I pushed her and told her if she still has something still in her to fight then she should take the opportunity herself and she’s doing a commendable job, ”said Arshad.

He said he would ask the Director General of the Pakistan Sports Council (PSB) to hold a month-long camp for top wrestlers ahead of the Bulgaria event.

Bilal fought against Bekbolot Myrzanazar Uulu of Kyrgyzstan in the 57 kg quarter-final. Kyrgyzstan led 4-0 in the first half. Bilal in the second half made a stunning comeback, making it 4-4 before Bekbolot, also an Asian bronze medalist, secured two points to seal a narrow win.

“Bilal did well and we will remove his weakness during the month-long camp before sending him to Bulgaria,” said Arshad.

The Japanese-looking Haroon Abid showed courage before falling in both of his fights in the 125kg weight category.

Haroon, the nephew of the great Jahara, lost 10-15 in a qualifying battle against Munkhtur Lkhagvagerel of Mongolia. He was then defeated by Lazarev Aiaal of Kyrgyzstan 13-2 in a repechage battle.

Haroon seemed to have had a stamina problem as he led a 6-0 repechage fight at one stage but he was not at his best in the second round where his opponent took him to the sword with a superb display.

“I don’t think he gets standard training in Japan. We will hold him for one month during the camp ahead of the world qualifiers and I hope we can overcome his stamina problem, “said Arshad.

The three of them will now perform at the Asian Championships which Almaty will also be hosting from April 13-18.


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Qaim’s daughter appointed Pro-VC indefinitely | Instant News

KARACHI: The former chief minister of Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah, the daughter of Prof. Nusrat Shah, has been appointed, on political grounds, as Deputy Chancellor of the Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi, for an indefinite period of only one month before she retires. He will retire on May 5. Nusrat Shah’s tenure was not specified in a notification issued by the Council of Additional Secretaries and Alamuddin Bullo University. According to the rules, the notice must state the age or retirement. The Sindh government fired 11 vice-chancellors of Sindh colleges in January 2020 on the grounds that they had retired because when a legal opinion was sought, it was contrary to the College Law. According to the Act, only serving professors can become vice chancellors. On the same basis, the Deputy Chancellors of Dow Medical University Prof. Kartar Diwani and Prof. Zarnaz Wahid were also removed but they went to court and obtained residency permits. When asked about Nusrat Shah’s appointment and tenure, the senior member of the Revenue and Additional Council Head of the Secretariat and University of Alamuddin Bullo did not respond.


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Dr. Spot, a mobile robot used in hospitals to reduce the spread of COVID-19 | Instant News

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), along with robotics company Boston Dynamics, deployed quadruped mobile robots in hospitals to fight COVID-19.

Dr. Spot, by Boston DynamicsThe flagship quadruped mobile robot is now able to provide triage services for hospital patients, making it the latest front-line member of the ongoing work on highly infectious diseases.

(Photo: Giovanni Traverso YouTube channel)

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(Robot) The doctor is

Founded Doctor Spot in collaboration with Boston Dynamics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brigham Hospital and Women’s Hospital.In an article New York PostMarco da Silva, chief robotics expert at Boston Dynamics, explained that it takes months to build a robot. He added that it took another six weeks to develop the payload for Dr. Spot, enabling it to perform various healthcare tasks.

Dr. Spot is equipped with various sensors that can measure vital signs, skin temperature, pulse and respiration rate, and even blood oxygen saturation. The mobile robot is also equipped with an iPad tablet computer, allowing patients to talk to medical professionals without personal contact. Dr. Spot can be controlled remotely via a wireless handheld controller.

On its product website, The Massachusetts-based robotics company shared the price of Spot Explorer, a flexible robot that can be operated flexibly, starting at $74,500.00, and the additional customization fee is about $20,000.

Although Dr. Spot provided the required performance during the test COVID-19 pandemic, The question of how patients respond to mobile robot medical staff still exists.

“Usually, as engineers, we will consider different solutions, but sometimes we may not adopt these solutions because people have not fully accepted them.” MIT Press Release.

Public reception for robotic healthcare providers

The research that led to Dr. Spot was led by Giovanni Traverso, Peter Chai, Henwei Wang, and colleagues from MIT, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Boston Dynamics. Researchers conducted surveys to assess patient acceptance in order to obtain medical care from mobile robots. In an item titled “Evaluation of the acceptability and feasibility of patient evaluation using mobile robotic systems“Researchers published on “JAMA Network Open” found that people generally accept a non-contact method to analyze medical procedures for robots designed to analyze COVID-19 symptoms.

Traverso, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at MIT and a member of the Gastroenterology Department of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, said: “People are very active and accept robotic systems in the healthcare field, especially during the pandemic.” Accepted “New York Post” interview.

He explained that patients are even willing to let mobile robot doctors such as Spot Doctor perform minor medical procedures on them: assess vital signs, insert intravenous catheters, and even perform nasal swabs.

In their national survey, approximately 1,000 participants answered questions about acceptability and observed that during COVID-19, American respondents can use mobile robots for various healthcare tasks.

Traverso added: “We have found that people across the country are willing to use robots, especially systems that promote telemedicine and systems that facilitate the measurement of vital signs (such as heart rate, respiratory rate, and oxygen level).”

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See more news and information on robot technology In the “Science Times”.


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