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The UK extends the coronavirus quarantine | Instant News

Britain on Thursday extended the coronavirus self-isolation period from seven to 10 days, as concerns grew because of a surge in cases.

The head of the British medical officer said scientific evidence now shows that people with the virus have “the possibility of an actual infection between seven and nine days.”

“Now this is the right balance of risks to extend the period of self-isolation from seven to 10 days,” they said, as ministers signaled they would take new preventative measures to try and overcome the pandemic.

On weekends, the UK introduces a 14-day quarantine period for anyone returning from Spain, the most popular tourist destination in the UK.

Britain suffered the highest rate of excess deaths – deaths from all causes that exceeded the five-year average for this year – during the COVID-19 pandemic compared to 21 European countries, an analysis from the UK statistics office showed Thursday.

Epidemiologists say excess mortality is the best way to measure deaths from epidemics because it is internationally comparable.

Analysis of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) confirms Britain’s place as one of the worst-hit pandemic countries that has killed more than 666,000 people worldwide.

Around 65,000 more people than usual have died from all causes in the UK so far this year, the highest number in Europe.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned of a “second wave” of cases in Europe and health secretary Matt Hancock said on Thursday that the government would announce measures similar to those applied to Spain elsewhere, if necessary.

The latest official figures showed 753 people were infected with the virus Wednesday.

The UK recorded daily highs of more than 8,700 cases in early April.

However, opposition MPs have accused the government of panicking over the latest infection rates across mainland Europe.

Britain has become the country most severely affected by the virus in Europe, officially registering nearly 46,000 deaths.

The large death toll has sparked criticism over the handling of Johnson’s pandemic, with opposition parties and some scientists saying Britain is too slow to impose closure or protect the elderly in nursing homes.


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Law, the government will not declare greater Sydney point coronavirus… more | Instant News

The act government not to follow the example of Queensland in the Declaration of the suburbs of Sydney COVID-19 point.

The Queensland Border will be closed to anyone from a large Sydney Saturday 1 Augustafter 19 cases of coronavirus was confirmed yesterday in New South Wales.

But the servant of the law On health protection Rachel Stephen Smith said that the territory won’t be around this weekend their borders to anyone from a large Sydney, despite a further 18 cases were recorded in New South Wales with an overnight stay.

“We believe the answer is Victoria, but we just don’t know what is happening in NSW and especially in Sydney,” she said.

“This is one of those situations where we always seven to 10 days for knowing exactly what is in society.”

Although the government has announced Sydney point, Ms. Stephen Smith asked Canberrans to reconsider their need to travel to the area at the moment.

“Just postpone this trip for a couple of weeks until we know exactly what we see in New South Wales and can then make the decision that is completely under control, or they do have community transmission and then we would have begun to react to it,” she said.

She also said that it was about the fact that the situation in Victoria is not improving, and these figures the case will affect the next move of this act.

“Today the checkpoint from the perspective of easing restrictions, so Dr Kerryn Coleman [Chief Health Officer] let’s look at the situation today, and probably have more to say tomorrow,” Ms. Steven Smith.

And, although no active cases of coronavirus in Thredbo and Perisher, traces COVID-19 was detected in the wastewater at the plant Perisher treatment.

The New South Wales government has advised anyone who visited those places and who has symptoms to get COVID-19 test.

Is self-isolation measures still in place?

Isolation measures are still applied in the law — depending on where you are returning from.

The newest direction of health demanding those who took part in the Batemans Bay soldiers club on Wednesday 15 July Friday 17 July in a private isolation within 14 days of the date when they were there, even if they don’t have any symptoms, still stands.

Self-isolation is also required for individuals returning to Canberra from Victoria or from Fairfield, Campbelltown or in Liverpool NSW.

“Pandemic is not over and we must remain vigilant,” act chief health officer Dr Kerryn Coleman said.

“We only need to look at what is happening in Victoria and New South Wales to see how the situation can change quickly if people are not doing the right thing.”

Close contacts of confirmed cases of coronavirus are still required to quarantine at home for 14 days after their last contact with an infectious person.

Act remains at the 2.2 recovery plan coronavirus.

The eighth drop-in clinic opens today

Due to the growing demand for testing, the government opened the eighth in the clinic of the syndrome.

In COVID-19 drive-through clinic opened this morning at Kambah, Jenke circuit on.

MS Stephen Smith said the drive-through model proved popular in the epic, and she hopes the new clinic will reduce the pressure on other centres and encourage more people to get tested.

“Therefore, we expect that some people will go and drive at Kambah, which would otherwise have gone for example in Weston Creek or … to the center of the splash Garran” she said.

Woman in glasses standing and smiling.
The Minister of health Rachel Stephen-Smith says that this law the government is not announcing great Sydney point.(ABC news: Ian Cutmore)

More than 50,000 people have tested negative to COVID-19 in law, and currently there is one active case of the coronavirus.

The law On police investigating fake COVID-19 flyer

The law On the police are still investigating the origins of fake leaflets were distributed to Garran residents two weeks ago.

The letter shows false information about the coronavirus.
The law On the protection of health condemned the letter with misinformation about the coronavirus.(Comes)

The leaflet purports to contain important COVID-19 a warning about the dangers to health, but instead argues that the coronavirus spreads to the government, through the water, and that vaccination against a virus can include a tracking device.

Act police said they cooperated with the health authorities after similar fliers popped up in Watson, too.

Chief inspector Jason Kennedy from COVID-19 task force asked residents to check their surveillance video and dash camera to anyone for mail delivery.

“Just a reminder that the letter is not from the official agencies of health and contains approved medical information. It’s just straight disinformation,” he said.


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EKU added transfers from Italy Sports | Instant News

The Eastern Kentucky University women’s basketball team has announced the addition of Clara Rosini for the 2020-21 season.

Clara Rosini is a 5-foot-10 guard from Trieste, Italy.

“We are very pleased to welcome Clara and her family to Eastern Kentucky University,” said head coach Samantha Williams. “Clara is a great addition to our program as a basketball player, personal and exceptional student. He has gained much experience representing Italy on the national scene and competing against elite talent. Clara’s competitive impetus to improve her game and her talents in guard positions will benefit the program in the direction we are going. “

Rosini has represented Italy at various FIBA ​​events, taking home the gold medal in 2019 as part of the F18 U18 Women’s European Championship in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She participated in the 2019 FIBA ​​3×3 U18 European Cup Qualification in Rieti, Italy and the 2019 FIBA ​​3×3 Women’s Series in Udine, Italy with the U23 Italia team.

Rosini grew up in Trieste, Italy, spending almost 10 years playing for the Futurosa Basket Trieste club. During the 2018-19 season with Futurosa Basket Trieste, he averaged 11.2 points per game during the regular season and 15.7 points per game during the playoffs in Division B. Recently in 2019-20, he played for Umana Reyer Venezia in Division A1 and Ponzano Basket in Division A2. As a member of Umana Reyer Venezia he competed in Division C U20 Championship and U18 Championship.


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News Group The San Diego Community | Instant News

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Dr. Alessandro Sette and Dr. Daniela Weiskopf, La JOLLA Institute of immunology.

Dr. Alessandro Sette and Dr. Daniela Weiskopf, La JOLLA Institute of immunology.


A new study by scientists from the Institute of La JOLLA immunology (LJI), and the medical center of Erasmus University (Erasmus) shows that even the most ill COVID-19 patients to produce T cells that help to fight the virus. The study offers new evidence that COVID-19 vaccine is necessary to cause T-cells to work together with the antibodies.

A study published June 26 in science Immunology, also shows that both Dutch and American patients have the same reaction to the virus. “This is the key to understanding how the immune system fights the virus,” says Professor LJI Alessandro Sette, Dr. Biol. Ekon. Sciences, who Co-led the study with Erasmus virologist Rory de Vries, Ph. D. “required vaccine approaches should be based on observations with different conditions, to ensure that the results are generally applicable.”

For the study, the researchers tracked ten COVID-19 patients with the most severe symptoms of the disease. All ten of them were hospitalized in the ICU of the Medical center of Erasmus University in the Netherlands, and put on the fans as part of their service. Two of the patients eventually died from the disease. An in-depth look at their immune system showed that all ten patients produced T-cells that target SARS-cov-2 virus. These T-cells work together with antibodies to try to clear the virus and stop the infection.

These findings are in line with the results of recent studies of cells from Sette, Professor LJI Shane crotty, Ph. D., LJI and colleagues, which showed a robust T cell response in patients with moderate cases COVID-19. In both studies, T cells in these patients deliberate emphasis of the spike protein in SARS-cov-2. The virus uses the spike protein to enter host cells, many vaccine efforts in the world aimed at getting the immune system to recognize and attack the protein. A new study offers new evidence that the spike protein is a promising target and confirms that the immune system can also mount a strong response to more virus.

“This is good news for those who make vaccines, using spike and it also offers new opportunities for potential increase potency of the vaccine,” says Daniela Weiskopf, Ph. D., research associate Professor at LJI and the first author of the new study.

Cooperation between scientists in La JOLLA and the Netherlands are also part of the overall picture and highlights the close cooperation of the philosophy adopted by the group LJI. Sette is a world leader in understanding what specific pieces (or antigens), the immune system recognizes when he is facing new germs. Work in the laboratory of Sette in the definition of epitope sets that allow you to measure SARS-cov-2 T-cell responses is a key element of the study.

In fact, LJI has become the center COVID-19 T cell research, and Sette sent reagents for more than 60 laboratories around the world. “The study is also very important because it shows how the science has no borders,” says Sette. “To truly understand a global pandemic, our approach must be global, and we need to study immune responses in people with different genetic backgrounds, living in different environments.”

Despite the cell paper, followed residents of San Diego, the new document follows the Dutch patients And T-cell responses were consistent in both populations. “This study is important because it shows that the immune response in patients thousands of kilometers away from each other,” says Weiskopf. “The same observation was heavily played on different continents and different research.”

In a study titled “phenotype and Kinetics of SARS-cov-2-specific T-cells in COVID-19 patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome” was supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreements No. 874735) National institutes of health (contract # 75N9301900065.)

Additional studies include Katherine C. Schmitz, Mathis P. Raadsen, Alba Grifoni, Nisreen A. M. Okba, Henrik Endeman, P. S. Johannes van den Akker, Richard Molenkamp, Marion P. G. Koopmans, Eric C. M. van Gorp, Bart L. Haagmans and Rik L. de Swart.


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CM Usman Buzdar slams the Opposition to score points on the virus | Instant News

LAHORE: Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said that opposition parties put forward their agenda to save themselves instead of taking steps to eradicate coronavirus.

He lamented that opposition leaders by politicizing important national issues such as coronaviruses had shown their apathy and proved their lack of attention. He condemned that opposition parties indulge in rating points on important national issues such as coronavirus.

Usman Buzdar stressed that it was time to avoid politics and support a depressed and grieved humanity. The PTI government under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan stood with the affected residents, he added. He commented that the dreams and aspirations of opposition parties have not been fulfilled and will not be realized in the future.

The chief minister stressed that Prime Minister Imran Khan was a ray of hope for 220 million Pakistanis and those involved in propaganda must know that public service is not done simply by raising empty slogans or making false claims. He underlined that the country clearly knew the elements that enjoyed the London trip and further admonished that such elements always continued overseas by leaving their people when needed. The masses have fully recognized their faces, concluded Usman Buzdar.

security measures: Usman Buzdar urges the masses to change their lifestyles to save themselves from coronavirus. We can save ourselves from the corona virus by bringing changes in our social behavior. Usman Buzdar advised the masses to cover their faces and noses when they left their homes. He emphasized that by covering our faces and nose, we not only keep ourselves safe but also our families from this contagious disease. He told us that we were working permanently to save the masses from the dangers of coronavirus. He underlined that preventive measures are very important for a healthy life. The chief minister asked the masses to ensure adopting preventive measures to save themselves from the corona virus. Usman Buzdar urged that we can save our children and parents from contracting the corona virus by wearing masks.

minister: Usman Buzdar summoned his cabinet member who holds the office of King Rashid Hafeez’s Non-formal Elementary Literacy and Basic Education who was in quarantine at his residence because of Covid-19. The chief minister asked about his health, expressed good wishes and prayed for his initial recovery.

Message: Usman Buzdar says that every day we are filled with love and respect for parents. In his message on Global Parents Day, he said that success can only be achieved in the world and the hereafter by serving and paying respect to parents.

sad: Usman Buzdar has expressed deep sadness over the loss of precious human lives in a bus accident on the Rangho bridge in Khanewal. The CM sought reports from the Commissioner’s Multan Division and ordered to provide the best medical care facilities to the injured person. He expressed his heartfelt condolences with grieving families and prayed for the initial recovery from the wounded.


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