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PM Imran Khan proposed a 5-point agenda to raise developing countries in the world hit by the corona virus | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan addresses the International Fund for Agricultural Development in Italy, on February 17, 2020. – YouTube / Hum News Live

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday proposed a five agenda item to lift the agricultural sector in developing countries which is facing setback due to the coronavirus.

The prime minister mentioned the five-point agenda during his speech at the forty-fourth session of the Governing Council of the International Fund for Agricultural Development.

The conference, which takes place on February 17 and 18, 2021, will focus on the overarching theme “Rural development: a precondition for global resilience,” said IFAD.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, addressing the conference, said that more than 20 countries are food insecure, adding that the World Food Program has warned of hunger in the poorest countries and conflict zones.

He said that the world faces many challenges in recovering from the pandemic and achieving the vital sustainable development goals of no poverty and no hunger.

There is a lack of financing, a lack of investment, a distortion of trade, unsustainable consumption patterns, degradation of agricultural land and forests, an impending water crisis, loss of biodiversity, and polluted rivers and oceans, he said.

“We need a revolution and a vision for the future. The COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis must convey a message to all – rich and poor and weak or powerful – that we will perish or survive together,” the prime minister said.

PM Imran Khan noted that the concepts of geostrategic adversary, regional or global domination, political gain from foreign intervention and occupation, and oppression of people are outdated and will soon be seen as irrelevant.

“We need a joint global plan for the survival and prosperity of all humanity, said the prime minister, adding that he had proposed a debt deferral program last year.

The prime minister went on to say that global lenders have helped developing countries, however, citing reports, he said developing countries need billions of dollars to recover from the pandemic and achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs).

Going forward, the prime minister proposed a five-point agenda to lift the developing world and help it recover from the pandemic.

1. We need to install a sustainable agricultural infrastructure to facilitate the transportation, production and distribution of agricultural products – the green route prepared by China is a good example.

2. Governments, more actively, need to ensure adequate and fair prices for agricultural products and food. The so-called market miracle must be balanced with state assistance. Farmers should not rely on the mercy of cooperatives, and at the same time, international agricultural trade must be rationalized.

3. Breakthrough technologies must be consciously applied to increase food production, ensure efficient use of water and soil, and most importantly, improve seed quality.

4. The adoption of digital technology in agriculture is as important as it is in other sectors of the economy. Ensuring internet and broadband access to rural areas will be critical to their international and global supply chains.

5. Most importantly, we have to rethink [of] our consumption patterns and food production. We can eat better, and many of us would do well to eat less.


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Pakistan takes 5th place in the ICC Test rankings of South Africa | Instant News

Pakistani players celebrate after the sacking of South African Keshav Maharaj (right-back) on the fifth and final day of the second test cricket match between Pakistan and South Africa at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium in Rawalpindi on February 8, 2021. – AFP

KARACHI: Pakistan takes 5th place in the ICC Test Team Rankings of South Africa after a historic 2-0 draw in Rawalpindi.

According to the details, Pakistan received 8 rating points after beating Proteas in Karachi and Rawalpindi. The hosts are in 7th place on the chart before the start of the series while South Africa is in 5th.

This is the first time since January 2017 that a Pakistani team has been ranked among the top 5 Test teams in the ICC ranking.

New Zealand is currently at the top while India is in 2nd place followed by Australia and UK in 3rd and 4th place.

It is Pakistan’s only second Test series win over South Africa in 12 attempts, having lost eight and drawn three.

Pakistan last beat South Africa 1-0 in two draws at home in 2003.

Pakistan won the first Test with seven goals in Karachi.

The draw against South Africa – which is touring Pakistan for the first time in 14 years – is the largest organized by the home team since militants’ deadly 2009 attack on Sri Lankan forces in Lahore halted international tours.


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New Zealand again sits at the top of the list of the world’s most democratic countries | Instant News

The Economist’s annual Democracy Index has placed New Zealand fourth out of 165 independent countries and territories. Photo / Mark Mitchell

New Zealand was once again in the top five list in the international ranking of the world’s most democratic countries, but failed to improve last year’s position.

The Economist’s annual Democracy Index has placed New Zealand fourth out of 165 independent countries and territories, giving it an almost perfect score of 9.25 / 10.

But, for the first time in a decade, New Zealand’s score has slumped – albeit only slightly.

Between 2010-2019, New Zealand scored a consistent figure of 9.26 each year. But 2020’s 0.01 percent drop has no impact on New Zealand’s overall ranking on the list.

Scandinavian countries dominate the top ten, with Norway at the top, followed by Iceland and Sweden.

Australia is ninth, with a score of 8.96 and Iran is the least democratic country on the list, with a score of only 2.2.

New Zealand’s ranking places it in the “full democracy” category on the list – in contrast, a US score of 7.92 places it in the “flawed democracy” category.

The report noted that New Zealand and Australia have always enjoyed “full democracy” status – “although their scores have dropped slightly over the year”.

He also noted the fact that New Zealand had a “peaceful democracy” last year – a year the report described as “chaos”.

But apart from this brief reference, this 75-page report provides few details on New Zealand.

This gives the country a perfect score of 10 in terms of electoral process and its pluralism, but 8.93 when it comes to scores of a functioning Government.

However, this figure is still higher than most of the other countries on the list.
The main focus of the report is on a tumultuous year in the US.

Although the overall score did not change dramatically, the report said the overall score appeared stable and the US position was “deceptive”.

The US political engagement score rose but its overall performance was held back by a number of weaknesses.

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These include a very low level of trust in political institutions and parties; severe dysfunction in government functions and increasing threats to freedom of expression.

“What is more worrying is that public confidence in the democratic process will be further hit in 2020 by the refusal of the outgoing president to accept the election results,” the report said.

“Trump and his allies continue to accuse voter fraud long after the elections are over, without producing plausible evidence to support their claims and in the face of court rulings against them.”


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Covid 19 coronavirus: Dying men are denied last chance to return home as emergency-run isolation areas are denied | Instant News

Trev Ponting is dying of brain cancer overseas – and all he wants is to go home to his mother.

This is the last wish of her family here in New Zealand and her friends in Japan, where she lives, are trying desperately to fulfill.

But this is one that too many officials seem to be asking for; After applications for emergency shelters in managed isolation for the 46-year-old man, his wife Aiko and their two young children, aged 3 years and 18 months, were rejected yesterday.

Sister Yvonne Ponting said the family from Christchurch could not understand how a dying New Zealander trying to return home did not guarantee acceptance of an emergency shelter in a managed isolation and quarantine facility.

It was even more unexpected when news appeared on the children’s entertainment group Wiggles hastily applied the MIQ a place for their 12 crew ahead of the national tour.

“I don’t believe it. This is New Zealand – we care for each other in this country,” he said.

‘I just want to be with my mother’

She admits that her children loved The Wiggles growing up and appreciates that many people across the country are looking forward to seeing them.

“But my brother is dying and he has a young family who desperately need our support.

“We just want to fulfill his dying wish – and that is to be with his mother. He has said to us: ‘I just want to be with my mother’.”

Trev Ponting, 46, carries daughter Mia and son Toa.  Photo / Provided
Trev Ponting, 46, carries daughter Mia and son Toa. Photo / Provided

Trev Ponting.  Photo / Provided
Trev Ponting. Photo / Provided

Trev Ponting has lived in Japan for the last few years, where he works as a ski instructor.

In 2019, around Christmas time, he received the bad news that several tumors had been found in his brain.

He underwent surgery to remove the tumor and spent 72 days in hospital that year.

A long process of recovery awaited him and his family trying to move to New Zealand after a new tumor was discovered around September last year – but then of course the world has turned upside down because of Covid-19.

His doctor had now informed him that he would only have a few months to live.

Access to emergency managed isolation is denied

Yvonne said it was a devastating blow to family and friends involved in preparing the paperwork – including letters from their doctor’s relatives in Japan, hospital staff in Japan and important destination visit visas for Trev’s wife and two children, Mia and Toa.

Everything was arranged and Trev and his little family were packed and ready to fly as soon as the news was removed.

“I thought the visa was quite difficult and this part would not be that difficult. I couldn’t believe it when it was rejected.

Ponting family in Japan.  Photo / Provided
Ponting family in Japan. Photo / Provided

Trev Ponting, 46, with daughter Mia, 3. Photo / Provided
Trev Ponting, 46, with daughter Mia, 3. Photo / Provided

“Looks like there’s no mercy or anywhere else we can ask them to reconsider.”

A letter sent to the family said the application was rejected because it did not fit the “serious risk to health” category.

There are currently two categories for emergency allocation applications that MIQ offers to residents or New Zealanders trying to fly home.

Category 1 covers people with serious health risks requiring urgent travel to New Zealand.

Mother and father ‘beside themselves’

Category 2, however, includes anyone trying to enter New Zealand to visit a dying close relative and where timely travel is not possible if the person books through normal channels.

In this case, the latter was reversed – that the villagers trying to return home were dying.

Yvonne said their parents – mother Linda, 71, and father John, 74 – were “other than themselves” and she and her older brothers and their families were trying to keep them positive.

“We’re just a family trying to bring our dying brother home. There aren’t many of us here, but we’re doing everything we can to get Trev, Aiko and the kids.

“They are our family and we need to help them.”


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BASKET ROUNDUP: Red Devils defeat the Stars | Sports | Instant News

BEDFORD – Will Lovings-Watts scored a game-high 22 points to guide Jeffersonville to a 54-49 win at Bedford North Lawrence in Friday night’s Hoosier Hills Conference men’s basketball game.

The Stars led 16-14 at the end of the first quarter before the Red Devils rose up in the second, outperforming BNL 17-8 to lead 31-24 to the dressing room in the first half.

The Stars beat Jeff 25-23 in the second half, but that wasn’t enough.

Kobe Stoudemire added 15 points and Jaylen Fairman chipped in with 10 for the Red Devils (6-5, 2-2), who visit No. 4A Class. 2 Lawrence North at 3pm today.


Jeffersonville 14 17 7 16 – 54

Bedford NL 16 8 8 17 – 49

Jeffersonville (6-5, 2-2): Will Lovings-Watts 22, Kobe Stoudemire 15, Brandon Rayzer-Moore 7, Jaylen Fairman 10.

Bedford NL (6-8, 3-2): Gasher 18, Staley 9, Pemberton 2, Jones 2, Staggs 6, Leach 10, Minade 2.

Field goals 3 points: Jeffersonville 8 (Stoudemire 5, Fairman, Lovings-Watts, Rayzer-Moore); BNL 7 (Staley 3, Gasher 2, Staggs 2).


NEW WASHINGTON – Matthew Arthur scored a game-high 28 points to guide New Washington to a 50-44 win over visiting Swiss County on Friday night.

A level two keeper is 11 for 14 from the course, including 4 of 4 from 3 points, and 2 for 2 from the free throw line for Mustangs.

Arthur scored 11 points in the first period, helping New Wash lead 16-7. The Pacers cut it to 23-17 in the first half, but Mustang edged the visitors 14-9 in the third. Switzerland County strengthened in the last frame, but that’s not enough.

Freshman Paul Giltner added seven points for New Washington (6-11), who host Medora at 7:30 pm Thursday evening.


Swiss territories 7 10 9 18 – 44

New Washington 16 7 14 13 – 50

Switzerland County (2-12): Nate Geyman 4, Bryce Wrightsman 10, Mason Covington 2, Ben Hicks 14, Canaan Johnson 1, Jacob Williams 11, Zach Stout 2.

New Washington (6-11): Paul Giltner 7, Matthew Arthur 28, Mason Thompson 6, Bo Giltner 6, Logan Cooper 2, Jayden Buford 1.

Field goals 3 points: Swiss County 2 (Hicks, Wrightsman); New Washington 6 (Arthur 4, P. Giltner, Thompson).


EVANSVILLE – Tucker Biven and Kaden Stanton combined 39 points to lead New Albany to a 57-52 win at Evansville North on Friday night.

Biven had 21 points and Stanton scored 18 for the Bulldogs.

The Huskies led 13-10 at the end of the first quarter before the Bulldogs beat them 23-10 in the second to lead 33-23 in the dressing room in the first half. Biven scored three of his four three-pointers in the second period to lead New Albany.

Tommy Devine added 10 points off the bench for the Bulldogs (10-5), who visit Jasper at 7.30pm.


ORLEANS – Class A No. 10 Orleans beat Borden 59-48 on Friday night.

The Bulldogs led 15-9 at the end of the first quarter and 25-17 at half-time before the Braves cut it to seven (36-29) heading into the final frame. Orleans beat the visitors 23-19 in the fourth quarter for the win.

Kasym Nash and Cruz Martin each scored 14 points, with four three-pointer strength, to match Borden while Sterling Mikel added 13.

The Braves (8-7) visit Christian Academy at 7:30 pm tonight.


Borden 9 8 12 19-48

Orleans 15 10 11 23-59

Borden (8-7): Sterling Mikel 13, Kasym Nash 14, Mason Jones 6, Ethan Eurton 1, Cruz Martin 14.

Orleans (11-1): Devyn Martin 23, Gavin Morgan 5, Griffin Deckard 10, Brayton Clipp 9, Ian Hall 5, Xavier Alston 2.

Field goal 3 points: Borden 9 (Martin 4, Nash 4, Mikel); Orleans 6 (Martin 3, Deckard, Hall, Morgan).


SALEM – Class 3A No. 2 Salem held off a visit to Charlestown for Friday night’s 50-46 win in the South-Central Conference clash.

The Lions led 12-10 at the end of the first quarter before the Pirates leveled the score to 25 in the first half. Salem took a 40-39 lead at the end of the third period before beating Charlestown 10-7 in the final frame.

Freshman Maddie Nipper scored a game-high 19 points to match the Pirates record, while Laney Hawkins added 11 and Demaria King nine.

Charlestown (8-10, 2-6) takes on Silver Creek at 6pm Wednesday night in the first half of the 3A Madison Sectional.


Charlestown 10 15 14 7 – 46

Salem 12 13 15 10-50

Charlestown (8-10, 2-6): Laney Hawkins 11, Skylar Cochran 2, Maddie Nipper 19, Kennedy Coleman 5, Demaria King 9.

Salem (18-2, 8-1): Callie Backherms 4, Karly Sweeney 8, Bailey Hypes 18, Olivia Weber 2, Natalie Noel 4, Abigail Ratts 14.

Field goal 3 points: Charlestown 7 (Nipper 5, Hawkins 2); Salem 2 (Hypes, Ratts).


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