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Memory Pak: Bring my first entry Pokémon all the way to the elite four | Instant News

Game freak

My first Pokémon was a Chikorita named Chicky, and I love that little green horse with all my heart.I missed many opportunities and came a little later than many friends and colleagues Pokémon red and blue By not owning a game boy, but I spent a lot of time watching other people wandering in the creepy little cemetery in Lavender Town, or showing off Pikachu’s smiling face outdoors. Pokémon Yellow.

I know I want to be part of this craze, so when I finally get into the Game Boy Color, I must tell my parents to let me Pokémon Gold. My brother got Pokémon Silver, and we shared the ownership of Link Cable.That is magical time.

This is not Chicky. This is some small thousand korita in the anime
This is not Chicky. This is some small thousand korita in the anime Picture: Pokémon Company)

At that time, I didn’t know much about the advantages of type-and I didn’t care. For most children, Pokémon is a game where you can keep pets and make them fight other people’s pets, even though it’s the basic rock-paper-scissors game of “scissors to hit water, water to fire, grass to hit water”. The basic understanding will leave you behind, and the situation becomes more complicated when you try to come up with the wrong type of reasoning that defeats the mental type or the fighting type to defeat the ordinary type. It’s best to just ignore all these things and make sure that many actions are hit hard.

My dear Chicky soon joined many other Pokémon that I kept mainly because they are cute. One of my favorite games is your favorite Togepi, called “Eggy” because it’s scary for kids to come up with creative names.He has a metronome, and this move is randomly withdrawn from every available move, even though the metronome is Is not This is a good move for Pokémon tactically, and it makes my battles unexpected and surprising every time.

Boy, these are many steps.
Boy, these are many steps. Picture: Game Freak)

I also have a Mareep named-the main points that can be guessed correctly-“Sheepy” and a Golduck, “Ducky”, the purpose is to make my party more powerful. My favorite is-and still is-Swinub, a pig slime, let’s be honest, I might call it “Little Pig”. When he turned into an ugly Piros, I was very disappointed, but this at least means that we may be more intense in the fight.

Indigo Plateau is a bit anti-climax
Indigo Plateau is a bit anti-climax

When I reached the seemingly endless maze of tunnels and formed the road to victory for the last step in the Pokémon League, I had a level 70 millionaire (Chicky), plus I just caught Ho-Oh and my brother’s Lugia, I let him trade me because I am a terrible sister. I challenged the Elite Four for the first time-well, you might not be surprised to hear that the team of Pokémon that my team was selected for Pokémon did not go too far.

Go back to the road to victory and rush some Onixes, a few hours later-still no joy. I spend all my money on Revives and Hyper Potions, but I have almost no time to use them between the elite four-person elite one-strike nirvana. For my team, the situation is not good-we are eliminated over and over again, and I can’t help but imagine that each of the elite four sees this idiot kid entering their room over and over again and feels a little sorry for me but I I don’t want to give up. This is an era before “playing other games” becomes an option.This is my game, I plan to hit Even if it took forever.

So, it’s time to be serious. Cue montage music.


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Should Pokemon go beyond its roots of all ages? | Instant News

As original Pokemon The game celebrated its 25th anniversary, and the first fans entered the 30s and 40s. Many fans wondered if the “Pokemon” company should make a more difficult Pokemon game. The Pokemon franchise (and continues) is geared towards children, but in its 25 years of development, it has delighted millions of fans and has become an intergenerational phenomenon. Many of the earliest fans of the franchise are Keep playing games as they grow up or rediscover games as adults.This week’s announcement The Legend of Pokemon: Zeus Some fans wonder if this represents a decisive step towards a truly challenging Pokemon game that is more suitable for adult players than the traditional core audience of the series.

The Pokemon series, especially the main series of games developed by Game Freak, has developed in the past 25 years. With the addition of new mechanisms, functions, and combat types, Pokemon games have become more and more complex over time, but Game Freak also seems to lighten some of the more challenging aspects of Pokemon games. The difficulty of the level has been eliminated, the difficulty of the battle seems to have been reduced, and even the dungeons in the game are as pale as before. Although the “Pokemon” game still retains the charm of the original game, many old players complain about how challenging the new game is compared to the original game. None of the recent Pokémon games have Whitney’s Miltank or Cynthia’s Garchomp moments, and these battles are the kind of universal experience that really brings fans to the game.

Since the fan base of “Pokemon” has been aging with the development of the franchise itself, it may be time to consider providing a more challenging experience for adult “Pokemon” fans. Many fans will like the more traditional Pokemon RPG experience, which can bring back the punitive aspects of the original Pokemon game, such as a stadium that requires actual training to beat, or an AI that can bring players battles instead of continuous Use useless debuffs for three rounds. Game Freak can bring back opponent characters who cannot heal your Pokémon before starting the battle, or make dungeons a challenging and memorable experience. These are all the components of a Pokemon game, and long-term fans will remember that these parts were eventually deleted or reduced to make the game easier for children to use. However, adult Pokemon fans will notice that ease of play does not necessarily make the game more memorable or a better experience.

If Game Freak doesn’t want to impose a more difficult Pokemon experience on all fans, they can also consider making New Game + mode or optional difficulty mode in the next Pokemon game. This is the “eat cake and eat” option. It may require developers to do more work, but will provide more general options. Experienced Pokemon players can challenge more difficult Pokemon challenges, and new players who join the series can grind their teeth on a more relaxed journey. Other options may include providing official support for the challenges raised by fans, which can make the game more difficult. Provide fans with the official version of the Nuzlocke Challenge. In this version, Pokemon will be discarded (or sent into a box) after fainting, or run when the player uses only one Pokemon throughout the game. This may Will satisfy very satisfied fans. The difficulty level of the game.

Of course, some Pokemon game fans want a different Pokemon game that incorporates the weird elements of the Pokemon series. After all, the core experience of Pokemon involves pitting intelligent animals with magical powers against each other in an approved battle, plus hundreds of Pokemon entries have a terrible effect on the origins, abilities and habits of certain Pokemon. Although I admit that it would be interesting to see a Pokémon game that can really pull the face of the franchise and reveal the terrible truth behind it, I doubt that we will see that the Pokémon company is truly committed to something that might undermine its brand. However, we have seen auxiliary games for older fans before. If we can get a game that allows players to fight against Japanese historical figures to conquer the entire region, then there must be a market for Pokemon horror games, or some kind of Pokemon food cycle, the impact of pollution on some Pokemon , Or even a Pokemon game that presents Pokemon villains as more threats than cartoons, which can be defeated by 10-year-old kids who can resist for weeks under Pokemon training.

In the final analysis, I don’t think the “Pokemon” series will “surpass” people of all ages. The core experience of Pokemon is for kids, which is something adult fans must face. However, I do believe that the “Pokemon” series can and will benefit from pushing boundaries and creating Pokemon games or modes that appeal to old Pokemon fans.announcement The Legend of Pokemon: Zeus Can represent the emergence of a more challenging gaming experience-a gaming experience that does not sacrifice all ages of the game but still manages to inspire and promote adult gamers.After all, from The Legend of Zelda The franchise has reached a relatively friendly level for all ages without sacrificing difficulty or challenge. We will see if the Pokemon franchise finally tried a more challenging Pokemon experience because its fan base continues to retain more and more fans.


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Nintendo Switch blocked games such as “Pokémon Legend: Asius” | Instant News

This week, in a new Pokémon event, Nintendo launched a game that everyone has been waiting for for twenty years. This is an open Pokémon game.it is Called the Pokémon Legend: Arceus, Although we don’t know its full scope, we know that it has some basic features that players have always hoped for, an open world where you can sneakily play magical Pokémon, throw balls and fight in real time.

There are a lot of comparisons between Pokémon Legends and Breath of the Wild, because the game sometimes shares similar scenery and even trailers, but I have watched it a few times, so I can’t shake the feeling it just looks…no Great.

I’m not saying that the concept of open world Pokémon games is terrible, but literally It looks like Oops, at this point, Nintendo Switch has indeed begun to show its times. In terms of power consumption, the Switch is actually two generations behind Sony and Microsoft. Although not, it does not need to match Series X and PS5, and it does a good job. Is not Focusing on power has limitations. We are very clearly at that limit.Hell, Nintendo was even Mobile In terms of visual effects, games like Genshin Impact.

Games such as “Breath of the Wild”, “Mario Odyssey” or “Animal Crossing” can hide the graphics defects of Switch to some extent through cartoon graphics or artistic design. Despite the lack of power on the Switch, Breath of the Wild is an excellent game, but despite the comparison with the Legends here, I definitely can’t see this carryover. Legends look outdated and low quality in terms of graphics, with fuzzy textures, and sparse landscapes dotted with fuzzy trees. Despite the powerful features of the Switch, it lacks the key factors that make BOTW gorgeous, and the style does not work here.

Fans of Nintendo usually give Nintendo a graphics pass, as far as I know, but I certainly don’t think its games will hurt By investing more money to keep Switch with its competitors, or at least be able to see their emergence.why Can’t We have a Pokémon game. Even if the animation style is different, it also has games with gorgeous scenery such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or The Witcher 3? But this? This is not good.

I don’t think I am here alone. After the debut of “Pokémon Legends: Arceus”, “Switch Pro” immediately became popular on Twitter because players seemed to think it was time to upgrade the Switch’s power supply, as the basic system has now apparently begun to show its age of four years of use. . There are rumors that we can see Switch Pro or Super Nintendo Switch or whatever you want to call it this fall, but this is not a guarantee, and it is not known what its specifications might be when it arrives here. Furthermore, no one expects the PS5 and Series X to be commensurate or even close, especially as Nintendo continues to focus on portability. However, the age and functionality of the Switch has weakened people’s enthusiasm for even the expected new games, and it’s time for change. We will see here in the next few months.

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Pokémon Diamonds and Pearls are being remake for Nintendo Switch | Instant News

For the Pokemon fans there, by adding a brand new platform to the popular Pokemon game, the entire franchise will be more developed. Basically, fans will gradually get Pokemon Diamond and Pearl on Nintendo Switch!

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Nintendo Switch release date

The Pokemon Company announced the remake during a recent special Pokemon gift broadcast. It is said that “Pokemon Brilliant Diamond” and “Shiny Pearl” will be released in the second half of 2021.

The original “Pokemon Diamond and Pearl” game was launched in 2006 as the famous Nintendo DS. According to reports, the game introduces a famous Sinnoh area, which is basically the location of certain Pokémon, such as Luxio, Bidoof, Drifloon and even Arceus. The updated version will have a cute and chibi-like appearance and will reportedly remain a “faithful copy” of the original game.

The new trailer released along with the current news mocked some familiar locations and faces in some Switch versions. According to reports, it is also accompanied by an improvement in the quality of life.

It is said that Ilca, the well-known developer of “Pokemon House”, works with Junichi Masuda, the director of Game Freak for a long time.

Pokemon 25th Anniversary

according to The Verge’s articlesAccording to reports, there have been many rumors about Pokemon Diamonds and Pearls that have been circulated online for several weeks.

Since the game was released, this year will actually be an important 15 years and also the 25th anniversary of the founding of Pokemon.

According to reports, the company has been holding some gorgeous virtual concerts, including Post Malone and Katy Perry.

The surprise may not be over, because the company may still stand by. The company once again announced another open world RPG called “Pokemon Legends: Arceus”, which was released today for Nintendo Switch.

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Pokemon diamond and pearl repair

One CNet articles It also pointed out that as fans of “Pokemon” received a brand new remake of one of the classic games, the announcement surprised the audience.

Although “Pokemon Go” deviates from the classic “Pokemon” gameplay, which is both a good and a bad thing, gamers will be happy to see that Nintendo Switch will remake the old classic game format.

Although “Pokemon Diamond and Pearl” brings players back to the classic gameplay, when performing most remakes, players will still experience the original gameplay, which is optimized for the way people play today.

In addition to the graphics itself, it remains to be seen what changes the Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl will introduce for players.

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According to a Japanese Twitter vote, Pokémon has announced the top 30 pocket monsters | Instant News

You may have heard that this is the 25th anniversary of Pokémon on February 27 (this weekend). Prior to this, the Pokémon Company conducted a poll that asked Japanese trainers to vote for their favorite Pokemon through Twitter. In order to vote, participants must share the name of any Pokemon in Japanese on social media platforms.

In the end, there were more than one million votes-the Pokémon with the highest number of votes won nearly 69,000 entries. So, who is the first choice? The first place is Dedenne, the second is Cinccino (54,444 votes), and the third is Sableye with 45,562 votes. Franchise (Pikachu) ranked seventh.

This is a complete summary of the top 30, by Nintendo everything:

1. Dedenne 68,398 votes
2. Cincino 54,444 votes
3. Sableye 45,562 votes
4. Snivy 41,894 votes
5. Magnet 35,206 votes
6. Swadron 34,204 votes
7. Pikachu 33,125 votes
8. Buzzwole 33,077 votes
9. Oshowater 32,191 votes
10. Flygon-22.08 votes
11. Whismur – 21,529 votes
12. Piplup – 18,190 votes
13. Chandler – 18,095 votes
14. Empoleon – 17,989 votes
15. Luxembourg (Luxray)-17,773 votes
16. Greninja – 17,337 votes
17. Gilaki – 17,254 votes
18. Charizard – 16,243 votes
19. Mimikyu – 15,797 votes
20. Inteleon – 15,540 votes
21. Eve – 15,524 votes
22. Barbarians – 15,128 votes
23. Glaceon – 14,923 votes
24. Sfeier – 14,783 votes
25. Scolipede – 13,806 votes
26. Lilligant – 13,677 votes
27. Bulbasaur – 13,424 votes
28. Sliggoo – 13,417 votes
29. Lucario – 13,286 votes
30. Jadhwa-12,534 votes

In related news, later today, the Pokémon company will adopt the Nintendo Direct style Pokémon Gift Broadcast. We will introduce the whole event on Nintendo Life.You can also Pokémon Sword and Shield.Learn more on our website Previous post.

Is Dedenne your number one pick? What do you think of the rest of this list? List your preference below.


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