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More than 90 German policemen were injured in the May Day riots | Top-ap news | Instant News

BERLIN (AP) – At least 93 police officers were injured and 354 protesters were detained after traditional May Day protests in Berlin turned violent, city security officials said on Sunday.

More than 20 different rallies took place in the German capital on Saturday and were mostly peaceful. However, the left march of 8,000 people through the urban neighborhoods of Neukoelln and Kreuzberg, which has seen clashes in recent decades, turned violent. Protesters threw bottles and stones at officers, and burned trash cans and wooden pallets in the streets.

“Violence against police officers and indiscriminate anger has nothing to do with political protests,” said Berlin interior minister Andreas Geisel.

Geisel condemned the throwing of bottles and stones, burning barricades in the streets and especially violence against police.

“The number of injured officers makes me dumbfounded. I hope those who are injured while carrying out their duties get well soon, “he said.

There are curfews in most parts of Germany due to the high number of coronavirus infections, but political protests and religious gatherings are excluded from curfews.

In France, May Day marches in Paris and the southern city of Lyon have also been marred by widespread violence, with riot officers being targeted by small groups of demonstrators throwing projectiles and trash cans. Police made 56 arrests – 46 of them in Paris, the Interior Ministry said on Sunday. It said six officers had suffered injuries, three of them in Paris.

The CGT trade union which organized the main Paris march said the violent demonstrators also targeted the demonstrators at the end of the demonstrations, showering them with projectiles, beatings and homophobic, sexist and racist insults. The union said 21 of its participants were injured, four seriously.

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Robbers disguised as food delivery boys are captured in Karachi | Instant News

KARACHI: Residents on Saturday arrested two robber suspects who used to loot people under the guise of food deliverymen from the Gulshan-e-Jamal city area, ARY NEWS reported.

According to the police, the residents arrested the suspected robbers as they tried to run away after seizing valuables from residents in the Gulshan-e-Jamal neighborhood.

“They were beaten by angry mobs and then handed over to the police,” they said, adding that two pistols, a motorbike and a cell phone were recovered from their possession.

The suspects have been identified as Syed Tehseen Ud Din and Khuda Dino because police said they used to carry out robberies under the guise of food delivery to evade law enforcement authorities (LEA) during rapid inspections.

This is not the first incident in Karachi in which robbers have been seen using disguises as food delivery to avoid arrest and commit street crimes.

In one such incident just, a street criminal dressed in an online food delivery driver looted a resident sitting in his car in the Gulzar-e-Hijri neighborhood of Karachi.

In the footage obtained by ARY News, the criminals are seen roaming the road in the clothes of a delivery driver and seeing a white car pull up outside the house.

Read more: Man arrested in Karachi for looting residents posing as an online food deliveryman

The suspects turned the motorbike towards him and then one of the men approached the driver of the car and pulled out a gun. The gunman was also wearing an online food delivery service bag.

Initially, the residents tried reject armed robber from inside his car, but the criminal took cash, cell phone and other valuables from him and fled from the scene.




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Police recovered the toddler hours after being kidnapped in Karachi | Instant News

KARACHI: Police on Saturday claimed to have found a one and a half year old child, hours after being kidnapped from the Ibrahim Hyderi area of ​​Karachi, and arrested two suspects for their roles throughout the episode, ARY NEWS reported.

According to details, the three robbers entered a house in the Ibrahim Hyderi neighborhood in the early hours of Saturday, where they looted Rs300,000 and gold.

When the suspects moved out of the house, they took Tauqeer, who is almost two years old, away.

After obtaining this information the Malir police took action and recovered the child within six hours, as well as arresting the two suspects.

The police, after recording the suspect’s and family’s statements, claimed there were contradictions in the statements of the two parties.

“We have to determine whether the child was kidnapped or the whole episode has been staged,” they said, adding that a case would be registered after a thorough investigation would be carried out in this regard.

Child kidnapping incidents have been reported in the city, some by families, with police successfully recovering children and arresting those behind these heinous acts.

In one such incident justPolice said they had arrested a rickshaw driver who was suspected of being involved in kidnapping a toddler from near Karachi airport.

Police said two-year-old Aman was found in the raids as well as arresting the rickshaw driver who admitted to taking the child because he did not have a son.

“We have handed Aman over to his parents,” they said adding that the suspect was transferred to the police station, where he will be further interrogated to find other points of view on the ground. story.




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A sense of betrayal in Pak police grew as Imran Khan’s government negotiated with a banned TLP | Instant News

30 Apr 2021 14:57 I S

Islamabad [Pakistan], April 30 (ANI): Several members Pakistani the police have said that there is a growing sense of ‘betrayal’ among their peers after the government negotiated and agreed to the Tehreek-e-Labbaik demands Pakistan The Party (TLP) despite its officers “was killed, tortured and humiliated” by the group’s supporters during protests earlier this month.
During the three days of protests across the country, hundreds of protesters and police personnel were injured and thousands of TLP activists and supporters were arrested and detained for attacking law enforcement personnel and blocking main roads and highways in protest against the arrest of their leader Saad Hussain Rizvi.
Several police vehicles were set on fire, buildings were attacked and police were kidnapped and tortured by TLP activists across Punjab province.
Arab News reported that at least six policemen were killed and more than 800 injured, citing official figures.
Despite saying they would ban TLP for such violence, the ministers negotiated with the party and eventually accepted his request to end the criminal cases against them and also relinquish hundreds of TLP support who were arrested after the protests became more deadly.
The government also requested a parliamentary vote to expel the French ambassador as requested by the TLP, after that
“There is no problem in negotiating with the protesters. But how can you free those who have killed, tortured and insulted law enforcement?” a policeman, who was held hostage by the TLP and eventually released, told Arab News.

He further said it was “very demoralizing” that the government had released the rioters who had attacked the police.
“The police see no point in carrying out their duties after what has been done to us,” said a senior police officer in Punjab.
Meanwhile, Saleem Vahidy, a former deputy inspector general of Sindh police, said confidence in the troops had “hit rock bottom”. “When you release criminals who have been arrested for serious violations of the law, you are setting a dangerous precedent and sending the wrong message,” he said.
The TLP first rose to prominence as an organized force when it protested the release of Mumtaz Qadri, a bodyguard who shot dead Salman Taseer, then governor of Punjab province, for seeking justice for a poor Christian woman who had been jailed for blasphemy, reports Arab News.
Zoha Waseem, a researcher at the Institute for Global City Policing, said the latest protests and violence have highlighted restrictions on viewing unrest as a “matter of law and order.”
“This is not a police failure; it is a failure of an inadequate and narrow-minded state policy that imagines that such a challenge can be dealt with by force by law enforcement agencies. You can’t just ‘police’ (your way) out of this,” he said. .
Analysts believe that PakistanInaction towards forbidden terror suits can lead Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) is functioning under a new name, after being banned on April 15.
The Counterterror Financial Action Task Force (FATF) watchdog has criticized Pakistanindolence towards forbidden terror clothing that continues to function under a different name. (ANI)


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Alleged extortionist ‘linked to political party’ was arrested in Karachi | Instant News

KARACHI: Ranger and police personnel have arrested a suspected blackmailer ‘linked to a political party’ during joint raids in Karachi, ARY News reported on Thursday.

A suspected target killer, identified as Muhammad Faizan alias Farhan alias Faizee Mama, was arrested in a joint attack by Rangers and police officers in Godhra Karachi Colony. The suspect faces charges of target murder, extortion and robbery.

A Rangers spokesman said the suspect was linked to a political party and he was Rajuddin’s nephew, who was killed during a gathering in 2013.

karachi police guard extortion target

The spokesman detailed that the wanted criminals were involved in collecting extortion money since 2015 who used to get extortion from shop owners and fruit sellers in New Karachi.

In 2019, Faizan demanded extortion worth Rs3 million from a hotel owner in the Gulistan-e-Johar area of ​​the metropolis. After the hotel owner refused to provide the extortion money, Faizan and his accomplices opened fire, leaving a passerby dead and three injured at the scene.

The arrested ‘target killer’ has been turned over to the police for further action.




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