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Conman is behind the fraud which cost £ 21 million to be hunted by police in Brazil | Instant News

The boss driving a Ferrari behind a fraud that cost £ 21 million was hunted by police in Brazil.

Anthony Jon Domingo Armstrong-Emery disappeared when 850 investors who usually paid £ 23,000 were eliminated.

They raised money into the Ponzi scheme run by EcoHouse Developments Ltd.

It is claimed to sell affordable social housing in South America. But nothing was sold and after Brazilian police stepped in an investment company – based in Richmond, South West London – it went bankrupt.

Police have issued a warrant for the arrest of Armstrong-Emery, who has links to Gibraltar, and his sister, Gabriela Madeiros.

Londoner Armstrong-Emery, 41, was banned from running the company for 14 years last year.

He is thought to have made his fortune by selling homes to expatriates in Spain.

Fraud police in Brazil hunt for Ferrari boss boss Armstrong-Emery, who is behind the fraud which cost £ 21 million

In Monte Carlo he was known for driving a red Ferrari 458 Italia for £ 175,000. And on a visit to Brazil he was ushered in 4×4 with armed guards.

EcoHouse is claimed to be part of a legitimate government project called Minha Casa, Minha Vida (My House, My Life), which aims to move families from slum cities to homes with water and electricity.

British lawyer Charles Valentine Fraser-Macnamara is a director at the company, which was founded in May 2010.

He was shocked after the Attorney Regulations Authority ruled that investment was a fraud.

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Headlines from Mirror Online

Only £ 5 million was paid to investors – often approached via a timeshare mailing list. They expect their money back plus 20 percent profit after one year.

Victims were alerted in 2013 when concerns were posted online.

Brazilian police moved and EcoHouse ceased operations in November 2014.

That was put into liquidation after a statement filed at Companies House in January 2015 recorded a debt of £ 21.4 million.

Tory MP Nigel Evans has written to the Attorney General and Attorney General asking for help for investors.


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Islamabad police attack a fake beverage factory | Instant News

Islamabad: Tarnol police on Friday raided a fake beverage factory in his area and seized thousands of empty bottles and filled with various brands, a police spokesman said on Friday.

Following Islamabad’s IGP directives and guidelines Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar, a police spokesman said that new efforts were being made to ensure effective oversight and examine the activities of those involved in fraudulent activities.

DIG (Operation) Waqar Ud din Syed had a special meeting with the head of the police station and directed them to accelerate efforts against anti-social elements.

In a clue, he said that SP Saddar Sarfraz Ahmed Virk formed a team under the supervision of DSP Khalid Mehmood Awan along with SHO Inspector Tarnol Arshad Ali, ASI Muhammad Ishaq and others. The team raided an unlicensed beverage factory in the Dhoke Ramzanian region of Tarnol and arrested a suspect named Tufail, a resident of the Kasur District.

The police team has also recovered a large number of substandard drinks. The accused produced fake drinks from various popular brands and supplied them in Islamabad & Rawalpindi.

Meanwhile, the Shalimar Police team under the supervision of ASP Rana Abdul Wahab was led by SHO Shalimar Sub-inspector of the Suleman Shah Police Station and the others arrested two robbers who were identified as Altaf and Tanveer Alias ​​Tano. The police team also found weapons, looted goods including cash, jewelry, watches and cellphones from them. The accused admitted their involvement in various daco incidents in the twin cities.

DIG (Operations) Waqar Uddin Syed has appreciated this performance and directed further effective steps towards those involved in anti-social activities.


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The toll road police are asked to ensure safety | Instant News

LAHORE: Zonal Commander Motorway Police (M-4) DIG Sultan Ahmad Chaudhry is very concerned about the safety of the travelers. Main figure Majid Rafiq Minhas said that DIG Sultan Ahmad had issued directives to the two sectors for an effective campaign for the safety of travelers.

By maintaining a soft lockdown, more vehicles are expected on the highway.

The M-3 sector has done many things by conducting various awareness sessions. The beat commanders have also been directed to focus on controlling the speed at different hours. Police officers have been directed to control crime and maintain relations with local police.


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Police censored, asked to return BISP money | Instant News

PESHAWAR: A number of police were criticized while some were directed to replace the amount they collected from the Benazir Revenue Support Program. Investigations were carried out in all districts of the police who were the beneficiaries of the BISP program, which was intended only for eligible families. In Bannu, more than 100 police were fired from their posts. However, police in other districts filed an appeal, saying no other department had taken strict action against their employees despite the involvement of their senior officials. They argued that the police who received this amount were mostly contract employees or regular police. In addition, in newly merged districts, those who receive cash assistance are Khassad or Pungutan personnel who get a small salary on the days they submit an application for BISP. Those who were fired in several districts have also asked the police inspector general to reconsider their decision to dismiss.


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KP police arrested more than 10,000 drug sellers in four months | Instant News

PESHAWAR: Under the direction of Police Inspector General Sanaullah Abbasi, Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has intensified actions against drug traffickers and arrested 10,741 in the past four months.

In addition, troops have eradicated poppies on 104 hectares, the press release said. During the special campaign, 9703 cases were registered, 10741 narcotics dealers were arrested and a total of 7086,938 kg of narcotics were found. Medicines recovered in the campaign included 6210,285 kg of charas, 503.88 kg of opium, 324,656 kg of heroin, 48,158 kg of ice and 17,163 bottles of liquor. During the campaign, a large number of defendants were convicted by the court. In the newly merged districts, police arrested 82 suspects in addition to eradicating poppy plants in 104 hectares of land. A total of 60 cases were registered against poppy farmers in NMD and of the 89 nominated, 82 were arrested.


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