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Travel Amsterdam through movies, music, food, and more | Instant News

In the new “Wish You Were There” series, we take a virtual tour to a beloved destination asking locals and insiders to recommend movies, books, music and podcasts, as well as some drinks and food. ultimate. Have a nice trip! IF YOU ARE the kind of traveler who appreciates small pleasures rather than spectacular sights, the Dutch capital Amsterdam is a place you visit more than once. You are drawn again and again, to cycle along glistening canals, sip tiny beers in charming old “brown cafes”, and enjoy a pleasant ambience. Find a quiet place away from the crowds and you will feel right at home. It’s easier in winter. You’ll miss the festive summer street scene, but with long nights and cold rains chasing away casual tourists, it’s a cinch to find a cozy corner at the cafe. And with vaccines slowly rolling out across the world, it might not be too early to plan a trip for next winter. As we dare to fantasize about the trip again, here’s some fuel: a virtual tour of Amsterdam via music, food, books, movies, and a good drink. We’ve compiled lists of recommendations and even recruited a handful of distinguished locals and experts to suggest artifacts and recipes that will bring the city and its history into your home, from Dutch comfort food to classic reading. the city’s most famous former resident. THE READS / First choice of a notable scribe of American origin Russell Shorto, author of the famous volume “Amsterdam: a history of the most liberal city in the world”, won the title of Dutch knight for having strengthened relations between Netherlands and the United States through his writings. (His latest book, “Smalltime: A Story of My Family and the Mob,” comes out February 2.) Here, Mr. Shorto talks about four other must reads for visitors and aficionados of Amsterdam :.

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At the Biden-Harris Inauguration, New Fashion Designers Win Big | Instant News

FASHION at the inauguration on Wednesday Front and center American designers, including several emerging American designers – specifically looking to benefit from the attention. President Joe Biden’s Ralph Lauren suit received respectful reviews, but a suit designed by Sergio Hudson and Alexandra O’Neill, a less well-known name, was chosen to earn special praise. This level of exposure can make a big difference, said Ikram Goldman, a Chicago retailer who was drawn to the work of many undersung designers while helping to style Michelle Obama during the Obama administration. “It’s an unknown designer worn by people in the limelight,” he pointed out, “and the combination … makes an impact on many levels.”

Chief among them, sales. Batsheva Hay, who designed the high-neck burgundy dress worn by Ella Emhoff – the stepdaughter of Vice President Kamala Harris – said her e-commerce deals started hitting record highs after the inauguration: “Compared to a typical day, I do it at least five times as much lots of sales on my web site. “Miss Hay saw an unprecedented level of interest manifest in other ways too. A photo that he posted on Ms. Emhoff in her dress received more than 12,000 likes, thousands more than her usual post.

Online interest has also surged for the family team behind the bird-embellished ring worn by poet Amanda Gorman. “We had the most people we visited on our website yesterday,” said Octavia Giovannini-Torelli, who runs the Of Rare Origin jewelery line with her mother and sister. “We respond to every client who has contacted.” Since Wednesday, their website has displayed a banner that reads: “We are honored (and panicked) to see the view from above at this historic Inauguration.”

Sergio Hudson, the Los Angeles-based designer who created the plum outfit Michelle Obama wore at Wednesday’s inauguration and the black cocktail dress Vice President Harris wore that evening, said her Instagram following doubled from about 50,000 to more than 130,000 in the hours after inauguration. He said he barely had a chance to check sales and web traffic among all the resulting interviews.

This increase in attention is very welcome after a year, thanks to the impact of the pandemic, into one of the worst fashion businesses. “It means validity in the industry at a time when I feel the industry is struggling,” said Hudson. “Last year was terrifying. You want to be a designer all your life and then in one year you’re like, watching the entire industry crumble…. This shows that people still believe in fashion. ”


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Fashion at Biden-Harris Inauguration Showcases Commitment to American Designers | Instant News

AMERICAN The fashion industry suddenly came back to life. For today’s inauguration, President Joe Biden, first lady Dr. Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and second man Douglas Emhoff all chose to wear work by American designers or labels, including Ralph Lauren, Christopher John Rogers, and Markarian. “These moments on Day One are very important for an industry that has been hit hard and hit by the pandemic,” said Steven Kolb, chief executive of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. “By wearing these American designers, they are not only increasing the businesses of those individuals, but they are actually raising a $ 373 billion industry … We have a new government that clearly welcomes and wants to support our industry. “

Whether you realize it or not, the color purple – which can be seen as a symbolic marriage with red and blue – is also the theme, with Ms. Harris, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama all loved the colors for today’s ceremony.

VP Kamala Harris and First Lady Jill Biden Display Intention to Support American Designers

For today’s inauguration, the upcoming first lady, Dr. Biden, wearing a custom blue woolen dress, coat and matching face mask from the New York Markarian brand, designed by Alexandra O’Neill. Ms. Harris wore an elegant purple coat and dress by Christopher John Rogers, a black New York designer known for his striking use of color. Mr. Rogers has recently been in the spotlight for making the structured blue suit the Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez in her December 2020 Vanity Fair cover story about women congressmen. Ms. Obama, whose fashion choices as first lady were covered in breathless media coverage and in the J.Crew case, increased sales of certain items, also selected a black American designer for today’s inauguration. The former first lady wore a burgundy ensemble by Sergio Hudson.

At the pre-inauguration ceremony of the Corona virus last night, Dr. Biden and Mrs. Harris also gave a firm statement in choosing a designer. Dr. Biden wore a purple dress, coat, and mask from up-and-coming New York designer Jonathan Cohen, whose parents are Mexican. Ms. Harris wore a custom camel coat from Pyer Moss, a label founded by Kerby Jean-Raymond, a socially conscious black designer of Haitian descent.

Ms. stepdaughter. Harris, Ella Emhoff, an art student who is interested in fashion, got buzz on social media for her experimental looks. Yesterday she was wearing a sophisticated skirt and tie suit from American designer Thom Browne. For the inauguration, she wore a plaid coat emblazoned by the Italian label Miu Miu.


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Photo of the Week: Trump Reported for the Second Time, Arizona Becomes America’s Covid-19 Hot Spot, Indonesian Earthquake Kills Dozens, and More | Instant News

Jan 16, 2021 4:30 PM ET

River Bailey, a 41-year-old software developer, said he doesn’t know if he would have gone into a trance at work if it weren’t for his ability to work from his home in central Texas. “It gave me the freedom to just live,” he said. Read more.

“If you can make a better battery, you can make a better car,” said QuantumScape Chief Executive Jagdeep Singh. The two biggest drawbacks of electric cars – limited range and slow charging – will likely last until the battery maker can fix the dendrite problem. The QuantumScape battery appears to have solved that problem. Mr Singh said the company has spent the last five years figuring out how to efficiently manufacture solid-state battery separators. Read more.

‘In life, we follow our conscience, we follow our principles, we do what we think is right, we try not to be intimidated or coerced,’ says John Clancey, whose New Jersey accent is still visible despite decades in Hong Kong. Clancey is one of dozens of activists arrested in an opposition group of figures – the largest since Beijing enacted a national security law in Hong Kong six months ago. Read more.

Sasha Halpern, 6, drew artistic inspiration from the ocean at her grandmother Loida Lewis’s home in East Hampton, NY, a haven for her and her family during the pandemic. From New York to San Francisco, city dwellers have fled to rural second homes and are finding a deeper connection with the nature around them. Read more.


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The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on business travel hits local economies | Instant News

The coronavirus pandemic has inflicted a lingering, and possibly permanent, impact on business travel that is likely to weigh on jobs and economic growth in some communities for years. Beyond the blows to airlines, hotels, travel agents and car rental companies, the decline in business travel is rippling through entire ecosystems of related commerce, including airport stores, downtown bars and restaurants, construction companies building convention stages, artists, taxi drivers and aircraft parts makers. Domestic and international business travelers to the United States directly spent $ 334.2 billion in 2019, supporting 2.5 million jobs, according to the US Travel Association. But when you consider the follow-up effects, he estimates that the economic output and jobs supported by business travel were about double those before the pandemic. “When a big convention or event takes place, the whole city is involved,” said Tori Emerson Barnes, the association’s public affairs and policy manager. “The florist who supplies the flowers, the dry cleaner who prepares the linens, the cafe which serves travelers. Entire city centers have been revitalized as a result of meetings and events, and they’ve really struggled this year. When global restrictions to control the spread of Covid-19 were put in place last spring, businesses and road workers were forced to adapt, make sales calls and attend meetings of the board of directors by videoconference rather than on-site visits, and adapt to virtual training. and networking instead of seminars in conference centers. .

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