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Soapbox: “I will play on the game pass” is already very common, but will this affect the Switch eShop? | Instant News

©Nintendo Life

Although Nintendo Switch is the system I play the most, but dear readers, I have a confession. I also played a pretty big role on Xbox Series X, and I somehow pre-ordered it in the distant time of 2020, Actually arrived. Indeed, the devil is knocking on the door, demanding compensation for my soul, but I just continue to play the game and ignore the noise.

On sister site Pure Xbox Welcome me with open arms Halo (Or something), but when I ask Push side The folks gave me cold shoulders. Of course I was joking-we are all a happy family-but I have “changed the team” and I have Nintendo hardware with PS3 and PS4 for the past few generations.

I switched to the Microsoft console for two main reasons.The fact is that I realized I didn’t genuinely Since I started enjoying Sony’s unique game console Death strandedAnd has basically become Major League Baseball (MLB) performance machine. I was obsessed with real baseball and replayed it in the Sony San Diego series, so I considered confirming that it was running cross-platform after using it for two years and pretending that the “next generation” machine would be American professional baseball It became a reality for the position held by the Grand League. Fortunately, I was right, but when Major League Baseball (which apparently has full contract release control on Xbox) made Sony look stupid and reached an agreement to implement it, he was frightened. Game pass. That’s still a real weirdness. I can only assume that Sony dreams of going to sleep and embarks on a cunning contract and can’t do anything about it.

Major League Baseball (MLB) performance© Major League Baseball

However, this requires me to cleverly provide reasons for two exchanges: Xbox Game Pass. If I lose interest in games dedicated to PlayStation, frankly speaking, switching to Xbox is an economically wise choice. I also like Phil Spencer’s general attitude towards the game, he stands out from the arrogance of his predecessor. Game Pass is so good, unbelievable, and in the end, there is no doubt that it will rise by $1 every six months in the style of Netflix.But when things are going well, when you put in various things, I will use my advantage “Game” subscription service method, And even use Microsoft Reward points to redeem free months, which is definitely a breeze.

Game Pass currently surpasses its competitors because it always offers brand new games, including all major first-party games (recognized that this will be a bigger deal in the future), as well as older games that are generally attractive combination. It is also very important in indie games. Even if my bank balance allows me to choose under normal circumstances, I like to play a series of indie games. You don’t “own” the game, no, but nothing prevents you from finding the game through the service and then buying it as an extra support anyway. Frankly speaking, since the Wii era, if you really read the terms of service, the number of downloads we “own” is worth discussing-it’s better not to discuss too much.

In the publishing world, I have also witnessed the value of “selecting” Game Pass to small companies. For publishers and developers looking for financial stability and comfort, it definitely becomes a real goal.This is the key point; many critics of the model think it will harm Indians, but the service staff politely pointed out that they are paid very high and therefore feel very happy with Xbox sometimes thinks that Game Pass subscribers are actually increasing sales on other platforms. Spend more Buy game. I can say from experience that visibility is very important for smaller games, and although Nintendo has commendable plans such as Indie World, from a UI point of view, the eShop itself is not very well designed. Sony stores have similar problems. Given that the Game Pass service is a carefully planned service, its visibility can only be positive.

Narita Boys is a fashionable game
Narita Boys is a fashionable game Picture: Team17)

I have been reading many opinions from publishers and developers on Game Pass, On these pages In recent excellent articles, such as This on Eurogamer, And you can see how economics actually accumulates.As an example, I have played Narita Boys, Garden between, Spirit warrior, Network shadow, Turist And all the information obtained through Game Pass, otherwise I will buy or consider all the games on the Switch. Sometimes I feel guilty, because I didn’t give these developers a sale, which again limits the money I can spend on the game—but please keep in mind that there is evidence that these companies will actually do a good job.

Interestingly, I may have discovered that I have already spent a portion of the money I would have spent on newly downloaded games and invested it in old games on the faithful old Switch.This will be part of the argument that people with subscription services still spend similar amounts on games, but they are only playing games more The result is the game. I always like to look for various e-shop titles on my wish list, and I am eager to participate in them.

Interestingly, although many people are upset about whether Sony will “retaliate” for a similar service (beyond PS Now), I don’t see anyone asking Nintendo any questions. Should we be? I’m not sure-on the one hand, Nintendo is in its own bubble in the gaming industry, and is currently at a climax, and sells a ridiculous number of systems. At least at this stage, the company has no incentive to change its approach. It’s not that this will not change in the next few years, but for now it may remain in its current state with Nintendo Switch Online, although it will occasionally increase (yes, I know, everyone Hope to include more retro system libraries).

Switch online© Nintendo

Even if most of the more than 30 games released every week are difficult to break free, eShop revenue can maintain a good growth momentum.In its Most recent quarterly earnings Nintendo stated that its download revenue was “256 billion yen (a year-on-year increase of 104.9%)”, which is approximately US$2.35 billion. Even considering the fact that by 2020 download sales will be artificially elevated due to world events, this is still a large number.

Therefore, although there is no doubt that it closely monitors trends and data, now Nintendo may be happy to continue its download business specifications. At the same time, Microsoft is furious and-potentially showing that subscription services are a wise choice for a large company in the gaming space. Time will prove everything, but in the world of downloading games, these are interesting and indeed turbulent times.

Let us know what you think about Game Pass in the polls and comments, and whether you think Nintendo will eventually adopt a similar approach.


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Voting: What is the best 2D Mario game? | Instant News

As early as September 2020, Nintendo began a celebration season to commemorate Super Mario Bros35th anniversary, Super Mario 3D All Star We ask readers of Nintendo Life to rank Each mainline 3D Mario game.With release Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Coming soon, Nintendo’s stipulated anniversary will come to an end at the end of March, and we think it’s with anyone to find out which 2D Mario games are also the best. You know, to complete the setup.

Below you can find a list of candidates for each 2D Mario platformer. Registered Nintendo Life users can click the star to rate any or all of the 10 games.Very like us Top 50 platform polls And other reader ranking lists, our user ratings control the final ranking list in real time, so the order may change Even after publication.

If you have previously rated these games in our database-and most likely have them-thank you! If not, why not scroll down and give you a score of 10 points? You know, For science!

New Super Mario Bros©Nintendo

note: For this ranking, we have omitted some handheld ports and re-released versions.This includes impressive Super Mario Bros. Luxury Hotel For Game Boy Color, various confusing GBA ports, and Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS.We also chose the deluxe version New Super Mario Bros Representing the game on Switch, we have given Yoshi Island with Wario Land Boots-there may be “Super Mario” in their titles, but those derivative products have spawned new branches of platform games with unique flavors.Thirty-five people in a limited time escape Super Mario Bros. 35 Was also shown out.Finally, we include the autorunner Super Mario Run Because, hey, this is a platform game! File a complaint to the usual address.

Rate each 2D Super Mario game:

Click on the stars below to rate each Super Mario game you have played (out of 10 points):

Thank you for your rating! We will publish the results in due course, but please remember that the list of results will be variable, so even if you miss the “vote” before the ranking is displayed, you can still affect the ranking after it is published.


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6 major video game franchises that Nintendo Switch lacks-features | Instant News

Unless you have lived on a desert island for the past four years (hey, luckily, I hope you stay there now, right?), it’s hard to miss how Switch brought Nintendo back to the mainstream success achieved by the two-generation Wii console. Wii U may have been bombed commercially (although A very spectacular game library), but its hybrid successor product makes Nintendo top again, attracting the most talented developers and celebrities in the industry to put the game on the console.

However, there are some famous franchises and lighting studios that have not yet come to Switch. No, we are not talking about ports from PC developers or mobile gaming giants, these ports bring the unlikely ports of MOBA and clickers they conquered the world; instead, developers and publishers with a long history of consoles The business (including the Nintendo system) did not appear on the Switch Party for some reason.

When you consider how Nintendo has attracted various third parties in the Wii and DS era, even if it means creating customized, lower-spec tentacle game versions, it’s a bit strange.Switch is Keep up with Wii sales At the same moment in its life cycle, there are still some huge obstacles. We are talking about the giants of the gaming world-some of the most profitable franchises in media history.

Maybe the publisher is living by Wii Us, but this time he missed the opportunity. Maybe they don’t see the benefits of investing in Switch at all, but they have made billions in other places. Maybe they don’t believe that Switch players will buy the type of games they produce…

For whatever reason, we have selected six world-renowned franchises, which are not found on Nintendo’s latest game consoles. You can tell us what you most want to see on Switch in the bottom poll.

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid©Konami

Due to the iconic influence, we forgive you for treating Metal Gear as a “Sony” series Metal Gear Solid When it was launched on the PlayStation in 1998, the invisible series led by Hideo Kojima (Hideo Kojima) owned by Konami had appeared on multiple Nintendo platforms over the years, including Game Boy Color, 3DS and Wii (if you calculate Is the Virtual Console version) last one). “Metal Gear” itself is ported to GameCube in the following form: Double snake And very The first game of the Metal Gear Solid series Entered NES after MSX2 debuted. The mainline series may have established camps elsewhere, but Nintendo gamers have had a glorious time on Snake, even if they missed some big issues.

So, why isn’t Snake on the Switch?Ok don’t forget him Yes Playable characters Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition -He even has his own amiibo!

Nevertheless, the “Metal Gear” series is still a strange absence on the Switch.Since the series creator Kojima and the IP owner parted ways in 2015, the future direction of the series has been in doubt (many important team members also left to work with him Death stranded At Kojima Productions, Konami is clearly taking the time to decide how best to continue making the series without its creators and original staff.

In our opinion, this sounds like the perfect timing for one or two old series switch ports, but Konami has no guesses.For each Pure gold vintage release They put Turkey Or an authorized pachinko machine, so it is difficult to tell the content on the card.

However, we do miss being sneaky with Snake.There are many others Invisible games on Switch, But in terms of tactical espionage operations, Metal Gear is still the number one dog. Are we a solid Konami? You let us wait long enough, don’t you?


COD modern warfare©Activision

Since 2004, Activision’s film-level first-person shooter series has appeared on Nintendo consoles in some form. Call of Duty: Best Time Launched on GameCube, GameCube arrived only a year after the “Call of Duty” series was first locked and loaded. GameCube also hosts Red One Before we see the version Call of Duty 3, modern war, Black operations with Modern warfare 3 On the Wii. Then there are a large number of DS ports and derivative products.

Although Nintendo ports (usually running on more modest hardware than competitors’ platforms) cannot be considered “premium” versions, the fact that Activision supports these systems illustrates their commitment to the Nintendo audience and their importance on the platform .

So why did they give up on AWOL on Switch, despite not investing two The port format on Wii U is Black Ops II with ghost? Well, shocking these two products due to Wii U’s low installation volume may be a factor-you give the impression that Activision may be using the reactionary decision of the same brand that plagues EA these days.

Maybe the real reason lies in the game my world with Fort night Compared to the Wii and DS era, the demographics of PlayStation and Xbox are much younger. Activision may previously considered the Nintendo version to be a valuable investment in platforms that have historically attracted young gamers-before they graduated from one of the more powerful “adult” consoles. , The audience has moved these days, and they can win the favor of young people without leaving the Sony and Microsoft ecosystems. Everyone is a winner.

In other words, except for Switch gamers who do not own an aniter console.It took some time, but Switch has accumulated High-quality first-person shooter game library In the past four years.In fact, we don’t want to War zone Or the next downgrade version, but we are still happy to have the opportunity to join Captain Price again.

tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider©Square Enix

It’s okay, Lara Croft made her debut on Sega Saturn-just like a metal gear (Core Gear tomb Raider As early as 1996, the player on the PlayStation made Lara seem to belong to the Sony star stable.Similarly, the fact is that the game “Tomb Raider” has been on the Nintendo system since ancient times. tomb Raider On the Game Boy Colour in 2000, there was even a Nintendo 64 port Sony signed an exclusive agreement And tied Lala with PlayStation until the millennium.

Although Wii U did not receive any Tomb Raider, we saw several games in the series during the GameCube/GBA and Wii/DS era. Crystal Dynamic’s game trilogy- tomb Raider (2013), Tomb Raider: Rise (2015) and Shadow of the Tomb Raider (2018)-Everything comes and goes on other platforms, but Crystal Dynamics obviously doesn’t want to do this Half-hearted work Integration with GamePad on Wii U.

Will we see Lara Croft on Switch?Well, the last trilogy was released by Square Enix, the company Everywhere Speaking of Switch.On the one hand, you get great games, such as Eight Way Traveler; On the other hand, undoubtedly like Person 5 Inexplicably absent.

If there is a choice (if no new game is provided), we will follow the packaging of “Crystal Power Trilogy” Borderlands Collection or BioShock Series, please.

The Sims

The Sims 4©EA

The life simulation series published by EA is derived from Will Wright’s novels Simulated city game, The Sims It seems very relaxed and happy outside, but it is big, huge The visibility and profit of the transaction. Since 2000, they have now risen to fourth place, but this IP comes with metric tons of derivative products and alternate ports and versions.

The series of games developed by Maxis have appeared (in some form or other form) on GameCube, Wii, GBA, DS and 3DS, but not on Switch. The Sims 4 It can be found on PS4 and Xbox One…but no Switch.

Why are you asking? Well, did you see that we mentioned EA? This is probably the reason.Although Wii U (gaming Mass Effect 3 And excellent Need for Speed: Most Wanted Reminds me), it seems that EA’s top brass company was caught off guard by Switch, and they stubbornly refused to believe that there would be any meaningful return on investment. There is no doubt that they will jump on Nintendo’s next console, then dump it into the tank, and the whole stupid cycle will repeat again.

Games like this Rekindle burnout heaven with Need for Speed: Hot,we Have Saw some belated efforts to attract Switch gamers (Apex Legend Will be with us soon), but for companies that throw away scraps, it’s hard to arouse people’s enthusiasm (three “old editions” FIFA Continuous) and hope you will be grateful.

Now, if we can play the physical game of “The Sims 4” on Switch, and maybe call one of the Sims’ lives “Ernie Arts”, or lock them in a room without a toilet, power Be prepared to forgive and forget. The ball is on your court, EA.

Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto 5©Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Battle The effect on DS is great, Game Boy Color received the original 2D port Grand Theft Auto And its 2D sequel Grand Theft Auto 2; However, the latter is the last time the mainline GTA appears on any type of Nintendo console.

year 2004 Grand Theft Auto This is the only other product in the franchise that Nintendo fans have acquired over the years, which is shameful, because GTA is one of the franchise in the definition of the media, whether you like it or hate it. We would love to see it appear on the Switch in some form-if it’s just an HD collection of some old entries ( Sin City with San Andreas, For example, this will be a very popular proposition).When you seem to be obviously scalable Grand Theft Auto 5 -A game that can be used on PS3 and Xbox 360, and plans to release PS5 and Xbox Series X versions by the end of this year-Disappointingly, Rockstar has not used a small part of its huge resources for Nintendo players . The desk at Rockstar headquarters must be filled with dozens of Switches! Someone within the company must have some idea about this idea.

Unfortunately, great financial success GTA online Regardless of the format used, this may be the reason Rockstar was unable to find the enthusiasm for bringing GTA to Switch. However, we still need to work hard. Nintendo’s nostalgia may prevail in Rockstar’s food chain.

Ridge Racer

Ridge Racer 4©Bandai Namco

Although Namco’s classic arcade racer is not a cash cow for some of these franchises, it holds a special place in our hearts. This is the last series we are eager to see somehow returning, preferably the Nintendo game console.The series may have skipped Nintendo’s home system afterwards Ridge Racer 64 And split R: Racing evolution On GameCube, but there are also entries on DS and 3DS.

It can be said that Ridge Racer is another of them “Wait, isn’t that the PlayStation series?” Game, but we don’t see the reason why Bandai Namco (the best relationship with Nintendo recently) was unable to bring Reiko Nagase and her super shiny team to Switch and add a small amount of RR’s trademark drift and smooth performance to The Switch’s growing garage of racing games.The last chance to enter the game console field was 2012 Ridge Racing Unbounded, So the series is about to revive.

We can also name other large video game attributes, although none of them looks like Warcraft Or the very popular MOBA, for example League of legends Less noticeable because they traditionally do not take up console space.

Let us tell you below which hold you want to see on Switch, and other hold you want to play anytime, anywhere on your favorite handheld computer.


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Vote: Box Art Brawl #75-Resident Evil: Deadly Silence | Instant News

Welcome back Boxed art fight, This is our regular poll to understand which region has the best vintage album cover art.

Last time, We looked at Capcom’s DS gem Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective To commemorate its tenth anniversary (in the West). The cover of North America swept it with more than 60% of the vote, leaving a quarter of Japan and the rest of Europe.

This week we will continue to use Capcom and Nintendo DS another Anniversary round. Yes, Resident Evil: Deadly Silence The game was launched 15 years ago on January 19, 2006, bringing authentic Sanshang original PlayStation games to Nintendo’s handheld computers to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the series.Using the system’s touch screen and adding some mechanics to the original frame, Deadly Silence is an underrated port, and still a must for revisiting the crumbling B movie horror and mid-90s visual effects in the game with its original appearance. The best method (such as reimagining the Remake).

Resident Evil Series Of course he is a frequent visitor of’Brawl’, so far no less than four times.Variants of Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Resident Evil 2with Resident Evil 4 Have been seeking your approval in the past.

So, pack your (Jill) sandwiches and let’s go back to Spencer Mansion…



The European cover puts the fierce tyrant on an appropriate blood-red background, with its mutated claws visible, albeit largely covered by the logo. However, we can see the explosive abdominal muscles below him and the impressive set of pliers above him.

There are not large numbers here. We like the overall impression of crimson and the villain, even though it resembles your face, and it does not convey the great tension you will feel when exploring the monotonous corridors of a mansion. However, you will love the yellow splash of the Capcom logo.

North America

Not applicable

The cover of North America adds more action, Jill Valentine (Jill Valentine) has two guns in his hand, one shot. When the tyrant enveloped the entire collage, she was flanked by a group of zombies (and a nasty reptile boy and yellow eyes). Although we are not sure what he is doing, his big claws envelope the picture. Throw shape, maybe?

The logo is the same, but reduced to show more artwork.In general fine, But it is more versatile and less focused than the European version.



Think carefully about the Japanese cover. Evoke the evil things of residents without showing the game’s final boss or gung ho hero gung ho. An ominous crow puts the focus on the stage, against the burning orange-red light, in the darkness of its outline, you can distinguish the zombie’s glazed face from the blurred outline of the Spencer building.

Remember, this is a game released on the tenth anniversary of the iconic original, so it is reasonable to assume that everyone already has the new name “Biohazard”, so this more enlightening cover will be very interesting. Works well. Although it is not so noticeable, we admire how it avoids this situation.

So you have seen these choices, but which one exists in your mind? Choose the one you like and click “Vote” to notify us below:

fifteen years! Please feel free to share your memories of the smaller REmake below. We want everyone to stay safe and healthy -hI wish you a happy week, and we will see you again for another Box Art Brawl.


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Lily Allen (Lily Allen) in New York… | Instant News

release: Greenwich Mean Time, November 8, 2020, 00:21 | Update: 01.06 GMT, November 8, 2020

Due to busy work, they recently reunited after only three days in a two-month marriage.

Lily Allen appeared relaxed when she left New York on Friday after being reunited with her husband David Harbor in New York.

The 35-year-old singer was wearing a white longline coat, wrapping himself warmly and resisting the cold of autumn.

Chic: Lily Allen looked relaxed when she reunited with her husband David Harbor in New York on Friday.

Lily (Lily) celebrated her wedding happiness and decorated her appearance with Mrs. Dior’s handbag. She has appeared many times since getting married in September.

The star wore a brown turtleneck sweater and comfortable loose black pants to perfect her look.

To add the finishing touch, Lily chose white platform sneakers and black stitched handbags.

The singer took cautious measures during the coronavirus crisis, wearing a mask when going out.

MS H! The 35-year-old singer wore a long white linen coat to keep her warm in the cold of autumn and decorated her appearance with Ms. H. Dior's handbag.

MS H! The 35-year-old singer wore a long white linen coat to keep her warm in the cold of autumn and decorated her appearance with Mrs. H. Dior’s handbag.

Details: The star wore a brown turtleneck sweater and comfortable loose black pants to make her look more perfect

Details: The star wore a brown turtleneck sweater and comfortable loose black pants to make her look more perfect

Fashion: Lily chooses white platform sneakers and black stitched handbags

Fashion: Lily chooses white platform sneakers and black stitched handbags

Details: The star wore a brown turtleneck sweater and comfortable loose black pants to make her look more perfect

Lily locks her black hair into a swept hairstyle, and she doesn’t seem to have makeup.

Last month, Lily announced that they had not seen the movie star for 45 days since they were married for 48 days.

In an Instagram live broadcast with New Zealand singer Benee (20), the author talked about their long-distance romance.

The daughter of actor Keith Allen got married at a wedding in Las Vegas. Her partner accidentally bombed their questions and answers with a bomb, who was sitting at a table in her house.

Note: Singer is taking cautious measures during the coronavirus crisis and wearing a mask when going out

Note: Singer is taking cautious measures during the coronavirus crisis and wearing a mask when going out

Note: Singer is taking cautious measures during the coronavirus crisis and wearing a mask when going out

The media person described the marriage that was busy dating for two months in reality. She said: “I got married 48 days ago. I haven’t seen my husband again 45 days after getting married.

The surprise wedding of Lily and David was hosted by an Elvis Presley imitator at Graceland Wedding Chapel in September.

According to TMZ, the two signed a license to marry in Sin City, which is valid for 12 months.

Public records obtained from the website indicate that the expiration date of the license is September 6, 2021, which means they should get married within one year.

Newlyweds: The surprising wedding of Lily and David (Lily) and David (Elvis Presley) imitators held at Graceland Wedding Chapel in September The wedding hosted (pictured).

Newlyweds: The surprising wedding of Lily and David (Lily) and David (Elvis Presley) imitators held at Graceland Wedding Chapel in September The wedding hosted (pictured).

Newlyweds: The surprising wedding of Lily and David (Lily) and David (Elvis Presley) imitators held at Graceland Wedding Chapel in September The wedding hosted (pictured).

These are the details of the news that Lily Allen was carrying a Ms. H. Dior handbag in New York City after that day… We hope to provide you with complete details and information and thus succeeded. To follow all our news, you can subscribe to the alert system or one of our different systems to provide you with all new content.

It’s also worth noting that the original news has been released and is available in de24.news And the editorial team at AlKhaleej today It has been confirmed and modified, and it may have been completely transferred or quoted, you can read and follow this news from its main source.


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