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“Tekken 7” Polish Prime Minister Lidia Sobieska (Lidia Sobieska) kicks her ass in her new trailer | Instant News

Madam is on the floor, she is wiping your face

Bandai Namco released the first game trailer for the mysterious Polish Prime Minister Lidia Sobieska (Lidia Sobieska). Tekken 7. This brand-new DLC fighter will be available on March 23. This is the latest product of the 4th season of the 3D fighter.

The new video allowed us to see this fashionable martial artist and top politician for the first time, who joined the Iron Fist Championship with the purpose of destroying the Ping Pak Empire and removing it from her beloved homeland. From the trailer of her tough guy, you can see that Miss Sobiska is equally domineering in politics. Before dealing with Delanov, Brian Free and Wu Lang, she personally fought Mishima Heihachi.

Lidia Sobieska (Lidia Sobieska) will bring a new battle environment: sunny, fascinating “island paradise” stage. Don’t spend too much time admiring the beauty, because Lydia is here to fight for her people-put down the pen and red tape, then raise her fist. The Prime Minister has a chair. She may just wrap the chair around Dangdang’s skull.


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Popular stories: Apple incident on March 23, discontinuation of iMac Pro and HomePod, etc. | Instant News

As we approach the time when Apple regularly organizes events throughout the year, rumors about potential Apple events begin to heat up, so stay tuned for more information on this in the coming days and weeks.

Apple also confirmed this week that it has stopped the release of iMac Pro and the original HomePod, and rumors continue to look forward to the launch of new Apple silicon MacBook Pro models, 2022 mixed reality headsets, 2025 augmented reality glasses and even later this year. Some kind of augmented reality contact lenses may be used in the 2030s. Read details about these stories and more below!

Rumored to be the next Apple event on March 23

March is a common month for Apple to announce new or updated products, and this year is likely to be no exception.

Screenshot 2021 03 08 at 1

Reliable Chinese leaker known as “Kang” this week Indicates plans to hold an Apple event on Tuesday, March 23, And potential new products including Apple The long-awaited AirTag Item tracker New iPad Pro with Mini-LED display, Third-generation AirPods, And the new Apple TV. The possibility of a wildcard is the redesigned iMac using Apple’s silicon chip.

If the rumors are accurate, Apple should officially announce the incident early next week. As the epidemic continues, the event will definitely be another virtual event, which will contain pre-recorded videos from Apple Park.

Apple will stop iMac Pro after confirming that the consumables are used up. It is recommended to use 27-inch iMac

Rear Added a “End of Sale” notification on its iMac Pro product page And later last week removed all upgrade options for the computer, Apple confirmed to MacRumors After the consumables are used up, iMac Pro will be discontinued. The computer is still available for the time being, but the estimated delivery time is several weeks.

Buy iMac Pro, while providing the latest features3

Apple said that the latest 27-inch iMac launched in August is the first choice of most pro iMac users, and that customers who need higher performance and scalability can choose Mac Pro.Of course, it’s worth waiting patiently, because there are rumors that Apple is working hard Redesigned iMac with Apple silicon chip It will be released this year, and the performance should be impressive.

Apple previously confirmed that it will complete its transition to Apple chips on the Mac around June 2022.

Apple terminates full-size HomePod to focus on HomePod Mini

iMac Pro is not the only Apple product that has been discontinued in the past week. Apple also announced Discontinued the original HomePod, To provide orders only when the supply continues. Apple said it will focus on the smaller and cheaper HomePod mini launched in November last year.

HomePodandMini function orange

Apple had hoped that the high-quality sound quality of HomePod would make it stand out from competing products, but the sales of HomePod have been underperforming, and there are more affordable options on the market. Apple has been selling ‌HomePod‌ for US$299, but it was initially priced at US$350. ‌HomePod mini‌ sells for US$99.

Should you buy a super cheap refurbished iPhone from Amazon?

Amazon maintains a list of its best-selling products. Currently, the best-selling smartphone on Amazon is Amazon’s “renewed” iPhone 8, which is usually less than $200.

Refurbished thumb 3

For the iPhone, it’s super cheap and cheaper than Apple’s own refurbished price for the same device, so in our latest YouTube video, Pick up one of the Amazon Renewed iPhones and see if it’s worth saving.

Amazon’s “updated” devices are all second-hand devices that are not certified by Apple, but Amazon stated that these devices have been professionally “inspected, tested and cleaned” by Amazon’s qualified suppliers. Please note that the iPhone comes from a variety of third-party vendors, not necessarily directly provided by Amazon.

Two new Apple Silicon MacBooks are expected to begin mass production in the second half of 2021

According to well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is planning to redesign 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models powered by Apple chips, which will be released in the second half of 2021. Nikkei Asia Report this week’s credibility within that time frame.

2021 Mbps HDMI slot 3D

In the focused report Apple slashes orders for iPhone 12 mini From the supplier, the publication briefly stated that Apple has From May or June, the mass production of the two new MacBooks will be postponed to the second half of the year. The report refers to these laptops as “MacBooks”, but this most likely refers to the upcoming MacBook Pro models.

The second half of the year starts in July, so Apple’s suppliers should have enough time to increase production in order to launch later this year.

Kuo expects the new MacBook Pro models to have a brighter display with Mini-LED backlight, and a new design with flat edges on the top and bottom. HDMI port and SD card reader, Classic MagSafe charging using magnetic lines of force and physical function keys instead of Touch Bar.

Guo: Apple will launch mixed reality headsets in mid-2022 and augmented reality glasses before 2025

Apple plans to release its long-rumored mixed reality AR/VR headset in mid-2022, and then release augmented reality glasses by 2025. Analyst Guo Mingchi said this week.

Apple mixed reality headset prototype features

Guo also looked forward to the future and predicted that Apple will To launch “contact lenses” sometime after 2030. He said that the product will bring electronic products from the “visible computing” era to the “invisible computing” era, but the product has no “visibility” yet, and he did not provide more details.

Kuo said that Apple is highly committed to AR/VR technology and he has a “positive view” of Apple’s future in this field.

Apple accuses former employees of stealing trade secrets and leaking them to the media

Apple this File a lawsuit Opposing former employee Simon Lancaster, who allegedly used his position at the company to steal “sensitive trade secrets” of Apple, which was then leaked to reporters and published in rumors.

Item x function yellow

Lancaster has worked for Apple for more than a decade, using his seniority to attend internal meetings and access documents that Apple considers “out of the scope of his duties.” The detailed information he obtained was published in a media article, “quoting Apple’s “source”.

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Google uses separate web tracking data to terminate advertising sales | Instant News

Google said that after eliminating the existing ad tracking technology in its Chrome browser, it will not develop new ways to track individual users on the Internet. This change may shake up the online advertising industry.

Google said it is taking action to protect user privacy. This is part of a broader shift in the industry, as marketers such as Apple and regulators in the UK, the US and other regions are increasingly seeking ways to phase out worse data collection practices.

However, there are still concerns that this will increase the power of the tech giant’s already dominant position in online advertising. This change will not affect Google’s largest advertising money-making agencies: search and YouTube.

Brian Wieser, president of global business intelligence for media agency GroupM, said: “The growing idea is that if you can’t persuade consumers to give up their data voluntarily, then you shouldn’t get it.” “Consumers are more aware of themselves. Data is used inadvertently. The brand (long-term consideration) asks: “Do you really want to stimulate consumers by generating some form of privacy-intrusive information? ” Do not.”

Microsoft has stated that it will delete so-called third-party cookies from the Chrome browser. These are code snippets used by advertisers to record the user’s web browsing history to target personalized ads. For a long time, third-party cookies have been a key tool for marketers to place targeted advertisements, but because they track users on the Internet in ways that may not be known, they have also become a source of privacy issues.

The company said on Wednesday that it will not replace these cookies with another way of tracking individuals. Instead, Google recommends grouping web users with similar interests together and keeping web history private on user devices. Google can still track users through its own search or map services.

David Temkin, Director of Google Advertising Privacy Product Management, said: “If digital advertising cannot solve people’s growing concerns about privacy and how to use their personal identities, then we will risk the future of a free and open web. And trust, in a blog post Say.

Temkin said that whether the company will continue to have questions about other people in the ad technology industry who plan to join the program to replace third-party cookies with user-level identifiers.

He said: “Today, we made it clear that once third-party cookies are eliminated, alternative identifiers will not be established to track the identity of individuals when they browse the Internet, nor will they be used in products.”

Chrome is the world’s main web browser, and many rival browsers (such as Microsoft’s Edge) are based on Google’s Chromium technology.

A group of media and advertising companies are lobbying against this change, the CEO of Open Network Marketing, James Rosewell (James Rosewell) said that although these changes are aimed at enhancing privacy protection, Google will still be able to track users of its own services .

Rosewell said: “They are not saying that’people are logging into our products all the time’, so they agree to track when they use search, maps, Gmail or YouTube.” “They are not saying,’we will block all of these.’ “

Another key point of the background: Apple is preparing to build a new barrier to monitor the activities of more than 1 billion iPhone users online.

Its new privacy tool is expected to be launched in a software update early this spring, and it will require mobile apps to explicitly ask for permission from iPhone users to collect information about what they are doing and where. This protection is a change to Apple’s long-standing requirement that iPhone users enter settings to prevent apps from tracking their settings.

The increased privacy protection on the iPhone has paralyzed Facebook, which relies on extensive tracking to build the second most profitable digital advertising network after Google. Facebook repeatedly attacked Apple’s anti-tracking tools as an attack on small businesses that rely on personalized digital advertising to subsidize most of its free services. It is also recommended that iPhone manufacturers are most interested in forcing more apps to charge consumers of their products so that it can charge 15% to 30% commissions in its app store.

Analysts say that if most iPhone users do not grant social networks the right to track them, Facebook will lose billions of dollars.

Google has acknowledged that Apple’s new privacy tools may reduce the revenue of certain applications in its digital advertising network, but plans to modify its own iPhone applications so that they will not be affected by the upcoming changes.

Unlike Facebook, Google has a vital business relationship with Apple. Google pays approximately US$9 billion to US$12 billion to Apple each year as the default search engine on the iPhone.

Aram Sinnreich, a professor of communications at American University, said that moving the mechanism of analyzing online behavior and purchasing patterns from third-party tracking cookies to other places may at least make people less susceptible to privacy abuse. He said that to some extent, this is also a shot against Facebook. Facebook has vigorously promoted measures to improve privacy, but in fact “still relies heavily on tracking its business model.”

Hinrich said: “Apple, Amazon, and Google have more diverse business models. In these business models, tracking is important, but not important.” “This is a reimagining of the digital marketing field that weakens Facebook’s Relative strength.”


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Top stories: MacBook Pro, iMac and AirPods Rumors, macOS 11.2.2, MagSafe Wallet revisited | Instant News

March is approaching, which means that we will release Apple products for the first time in 2021, because the company often makes major releases in March or April each year. We heard rumors about MacBook Pro, iMac, AirPods and other products, although many of them will be released at different times of the year.

I also saw macOS updates this week to resolve major issues with some of the latest MacBook Pro models when connected to certain USB-C hubs and docking stations, and our photographer Dan Barbera once again paid attention to the MagSafe released with the iPhone 12. Leather wallet. Role model. Read all the details!

New MacBook Pro models with HDMI ports and SD card readers are expected to be launched later this year

Last month, well-known analyst Guo Ming-said that Apple plans to launch New 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models launched in the second half of this year Equipped with a brighter Mini-LED display, a new design with flat edges on the top and bottom, an additional port and MagSafe charging cable and physical function keys are returned instead of the Touch Bar.

2021 Mbp HDMI slot 3D peach

This week, Kuo introduced these other ports in more detail, claiming these two new MacBook Pro models Will be equipped with an HDMI port and an SD card reader at the lowest limit.

If these rumors spread, this may be one of the most significant reforms that the MacBook Pro has experienced, and many fans’ favorite features are back. Given that the performance of the M1 chip in low-end machines such as MacBook Air and the base model 13-inch MacBook Pro has been impressive, there are many expectations for the next generation of Apple silicon chips.

Mini LED backlight Can be expanded to the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro It is rumored to be released in March at the earliest.

In 2021, the iMac is said to have five colors, and the Apple Silicon Mac Pro is similar to a “stacked” Mac Mini

Apple’s next-generation iMac Will provide the same colors as the latest iPad AirAccording to Front Page Tech leaker Jon Prosser, these include silver, space gray, green, sky blue and rose gold.

Plane imac 3d 3

BloombergOf Mark Gurman previously reported that The new iMac will be redesigned with slimmer bezels There is no metal chin under the display, and the back cover is similar to Apple’s high-end Pro Display XDR. This will be the first redesign of a multifunctional desktop computer since 2012.

Gurman also reported that Apple Develop a smaller version of Mac Pro Prosser claimed last week that this machine looks like a stack of 3 to 4 Mac minis. The design may be reminiscent of the Power Mac G4 Cube released in 2000.

The third-generation AirPods may be shown in the leaked image

There are rumors that Apple is developing the third generation of AirPods, which will be released later this year. Images of the suspected headset and its charging case surfaced this week On the Chinese website 52 audio.

Leaked images of new airpods 52audios

The new AirPods are expected to adopt the design cues of the AirPods Pro because it has a smaller stem and silicone earplugs, but it is reported that they will lack high-end features such as active noise reduction, so the price is lower. The current AirPods with a wired charging box is priced at $159, with a wireless charging box at $199, and the retail price of AirPods Pro is $249.

Japanese website Mac Otakara It was previously claimed that the second-generation AirPods Pro also Scheduled to be released in April.Apple is Designed to make the second-generation AirPods Pro more compact It is said that by eliminating the stems protruding from the bottom, the design can be made more compact, such as Google’s Pixel Buds. BloombergIt’s Mark Gurman.

Apple released macOS Big Sur 11.2.2 to prevent MacBook from being damaged by third-party incompatible docks

a new one macOS Big Sur 11.2.2 software update has been released Apple stated that it is suitable for Mac users and can prevent MacBook Pro models of 2019 or later and MacBook Air models of 2020 or later from being damaged when connected to certain third-party, incompatible active USB-C hubs and docking stations. .

macOS Big Sur Feature Triad

There are reports from Mac users on Reddit who have connected USB-C hubs and docking stations to their computers, causing the computers to fail. Soon after connecting the docking station, the affected Mac computer appeared to be blank and unresponsive. Many users who have encountered problems are using hubs and docking stations that are not purchased from well-known companies.

You can use the “Software Update” section of “System Preferences” to download the new “macOS Big Sur‌ 11.2.2” update for free on all eligible Macs.

Revisit Apple’s MagSafe leather wallet after 3 months

On our YouTube channel this week, Mcrums Photographer Dan Barbera (Dan Barbera) Revisited Apple MagSafe Wallet for iPhone 12 After using the accessory for three months, after long-term use, his impression is more satisfactory.

Apple leather wallet magsafe

Dan initially disliked the MagSafe wallet because he found that the magnetic connection of the device was weak and it could easily fall off the iPhone when putting the device in his pocket, but he learned to do it in a better way for him To adjust its usage habits.

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Top stories: More iOS 14.5 Beta changes, iPhone 13 rumors, Apple Watch charging issues have been fixed | Instant News

Apple continues to make adjustments during the iOS 14.5 beta test, and when it is released to the public within a month or so, there seems to be some good changes.

This week also released a watchOS bug fix update for Series 5 and Series SE owners, solving a serious problem that the watch may not be able to charge after entering Power Reserve mode, and certain iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini hardware repairs will no longer be required Replace the whole machine. Read more about these stories, iPhone 13 rumors, iPhone tips and tricks and more below!

All new features in iOS 14.5 Beta 2

Apple this week seeded the second Beta of iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 to developers and public Beta testers.The second beta version adds some new features, including new emojis, Apple Music subscribers can choose Share song lyrics on platforms such as iMessage and Instagram, Used for new operations of taking screenshots in the “Shortcut” application, etc. We have aggregated all the new features in this Beta, Including hidden code changes.


iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 include many other features, such as Use Apple Watch to unlock iPhone while wearing a mask, stand by 5G in dual card dual standby mode On the iPhone 12 model, New features similar to Waze in Apple MapsAnd AirPlay 2 stream for Apple Fitness+ workout, where Started operation in the second Beta.

iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 should be released to all users in late March or early April, but anyone can register as a public beta tester for free to use all these new features as early as possible.

watchOS 7.3.1 is released with Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch SE charging issues fixed

Apple said in a new support document this week that “very few customers” use Apple Watch Series 5 or Apple Watch SE models running watchOS 7.2 or 7.3 that cannot be charged after entering Power Reserve.

Apple Watch power reserve

Apple says that customers who have an Apple Watch and have this problem can Contact Apple support to set up free mail repair.Apple also Released watchOS 7.3.1 to prevent this problem Occurs from Apple Watch Series 5 or Apple Watch SE devices that have not been affected.

This The second beta of watchOS 7.4 with TV operating system 14.5 Seeds have also been provided for developers and public Beta testers.

Rumor has it that iPhone 13 includes a normally-on display with 120Hz ProMotion, astrophotography function, more powerful MagSafe, etc.

Although we are still many months away from the so-called iPhone 13 product line, rumors about the device’s potential capabilities are beginning to surface.

iPhone 13 is always on

The latest news comes from leaker Max Weinbach, who collaborated with the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro Share some so-called iPhone 13 features, including always show Compared with the iPhone 12 model, it has the long-awaited 120Hz refresh rate, improved camera functions for astrophotography, stronger MagSafe magnets and improved frosted glass surface, which can be more “grip” and “grip” More comfortable”.

Weinbach has repeatedly failed in Apple rumors. He is one of several sources who falsely claimed that the iPhone 12 model will have a 120Hz display. His rumors about 4K recording at up to 240 fps also failed to materialize last year, but he did accurately reveal the iPhone 12 Models will be available. It is dark blue.

Apple says that certain iPhone 12 hardware issues no longer need to replace the entire device

In an internal memo obtained by MacRumors this week, Apple informed the service provider that it would Introduced a new same part repair method for iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 models There are some problems that usually require replacement of the whole machine.

iphone 12 blue aluminum

Apple said that starting from Tuesday, February 23, technicians will be able to provide repair services in the same unit for iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 models that cannot turn on or have problems with the logic board, Face ID system or case. Equipment, such as cracked rear glass. The new repair method will be available in all countries and regions where the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 are sold.

Genius Bars and Apple Authorized Service Providers will provide it with a new “iPhone Rear System” component, which consists of the iPhone’s rear shell. Except for the display and rear camera, all components include battery, logic board, and Taptic Engine, Face ID system, etc.

For example, if the rear glass of the iPhone 12 mini used by the customer breaks, the technician will be able to fix the original display and rear camera with a new case to replace the entire rear of the device. Therefore, the customer’s display and rear camera must not be damaged or malfunctioning in order to qualify the equipment.

Useful iPhone tips you may not know

In one of our latest YouTube videos, Summarized some useful iPhone tips and tricks, For new and old users, it is worth a try.

Airdrop thumbnail function 2

For example, did you know that you can create a quick shortcut to turn on “low power mode” when the battery charge drops to a certain percentage? Or do you know that Apple Watch can be used as a viewfinder when recording video with iPhone?Look at our Full list of tips and tricks.

According to reports, Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) told Facebook employees that the privacy dispute “caused pain” to Apple

Starting with iOS 14.5, iPadOS 14.5 and tvOS 14.5, Apple will enforce a new privacy measure that requires apps to request and obtain user permission to track their activities on other apps and websites for use For targeted advertising purposes.

Apple vs Facebook features

Facebook has always been critical of this action, saying that Apple’s tracking changes will economically harm small businesses. Actually, Wall Street Journal This week it was reported that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told internal assistants and team members that his company Need to “cause pain” on Apple In response to tracking changes.

Some other advertising companies have decided to continue accepting Apple’s changes. Form a new “Post-IDFA Alliance” Help advertisers understand how to use user data in an “Apple-friendly way.”

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