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4 people escaped from the wreck in the Vung Tau sea | Instant News

The fishing boat that arrived in an area about 11 nautical miles from Vung Tau, suddenly broke the water, sank causing 4 people to hold plastic cans in the sea before being rescued by foreign ships.

Four fishermen were given life jackets by the Vietnam Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Center in Vung Tau City after being taken ashore. Picture: Truong Ha.

On the afternoon of 21 November, after 4 days of fishing to catch crabs, Mr Thach Luong from Long Dien district (Ba Ria – Vung Tau province) drove a boat of less than 100 CV with 3 fishermen running back to shore and having an accident. The boat sank very fast, Mr. Luong was just in time to shout and jump into the sea with everyone.

They clung to plastic cans, trying to swim close together so that no one was hit by the waves. After 30 minutes of afloat, fishermen struggled to call for help when they saw a large cargo ship traveling about a nautical mile. “We were very happy when we saw the ship turning,” said Luong.

Cape Paro ship (Marshall Islands nationality) from China bound for HCMC. After being rescued, the fishermen handed over the SAR boat 413 from the Vietnam Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Center in Vung Tau City and took it ashore, the same evening.

Truong Ha


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Tulsa City’s 10th annual food drive: Seeking donations for this year’s Food Bank | Local News | Instant News

“The team in the city and the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma have worked hard to coordinate this online alternative, and I want to thank our community for their continued support year after year by providing food to the Tulsa family in need.”

Since March, Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma has distributed 35% more food than last year at the same time, the release said.

“This annual rally by the city of Tulsa demonstrates that we must all work together to help our neighbors who are struggling with food insecurity this time of year,” said Lori Long, chief executive of the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.

The money raised during the raising will help buy food for 111 food bank partner programs in Tulsa, the release said.

“We need your help to spread the word about the city’s annual food drive! Please share Station Food Drive (Youtube video made by the city of Tulsa, ”said the release.

Galleries: Photographers discover the color of fall foliage around Tulsa


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‘Wiped from Map’: Small Italian Villages Curled Up Due to Covid Threat | World News | Instant News

When the mayor of Roccafiorita received a phone call in October informing him that an employee at his office had tested positive for Covid-19, his heart broke.

Located among the forest at the foot of Mount Kalfa, Roccafiorita is the smallest village in the south Italy. The average age of 187 residents was over 60 years. If Covid spreads among the population, the village could disappear.

“When the phone rings, it’s like lightning on a clear day,” said Concetto Orlando, the mayor. “With this second wave on its way, I thought for a moment that we might be completely wiped off the map.”

Last week, the Italian government imposed a semi-lockdown to combat the spread of the coronavirus, after averaging more than 30,000 new cases a day. Much of the attention has been directed to big cities like Milan and Naples, but across the country thousands of small villages are struggling to survive.

Mayor of Roccafiorita Concept Orlando. Photo: Alessio Mamo / The Guardian

From 8,000 villages, towns and cities in Italy, nearly 70% have fewer than 5,000 inhabitants. Two thousand have less than 1,000 inhabitants, and in some places the birth of a baby is very rare village bells ring to celebrate the news. Dozens of these villages have been declared the coronavirus “red zone” – meaning the risk of infection is very high and people cannot get out or enter.


“Demographic desertification had affected these cities before Covid,” said Mario Alvano, secretary general of the National Association of Italian Cities in Sicily. “These are small villages destined for ghost towns for decades, where the birth rate is 30 times lower than the death rate. Now Covid risks hastening their deaths. “

Salvatore Occhino, born and raised in Roccafiorita, probably never imagined that after the second world war, another terrible experience awaited him, this time in the form of a pandemic. Occhino is a living monument in the city, not only because at 93 he is the oldest person, but above all because despite his age, he continues to care for his fields.

Salvatore Occhin near his home where he lives alone.

Salvatore Occhin near his home where he lives alone. Photo: Alessio Mamo / The Guardian

“I’m worried,” he said. “If Covid strikes hard, there will be nothing left in Roccafiorita. My heart cries as I think of all the sacrifices we have made to keep this village alive. Now we can only place ourselves in God’s hands. “

In at least four regions, Covid-19 has hit small villages, among them Galati Mamertino in Sicily, which was designated a red zone on November 1 after 157 of its 2,400 residents tested positive. Experts agree that such outbreaks are the result of close proximity between city dwellers, which is a hallmark of social life in this area.

“In small villages, the relationship between relatives and friends is very close,” said Tullio Prestileo, an infectious disease doctor at the Benfratelli hospital in Palermo. “Here the impression that friends or relatives can infect us is much lower than in big cities. It is often believed that the remote location of these villages is itself a form of protection against infection, and the problem is urban. That’s why when the plague broke out in these cities, the transmission was even wider. “

After the second world war, Roccafiorita started a trend of depopulation as many of its residents went to the US in search of work. In 2020, three people died and one child was born in Roccafiorita.

The phenomenon is not limited to rural areas – national births are at an all-time low since the unification of Italy. For the first time in 90 years, Italy’s population (excluding foreign populations) has fallen to around 55 million, according to the national statistical agency. Globally, Italy ranks only behind Japan in the proportion of elderly people among the general population. The result is an increase in the number of ghost towns, where most houses are abandoned. In Roccafiorita, 40% of the houses are unoccupied.

Over the years, in an effort to resuscitate these small towns, mayors have adopted various strategies. Several villages have opened empty houses for asylum seekers. Others practically give abandoned homes to anyone who wants to move.

Last year, the mayor of Sambuca – with a population of 5,000 – received more than 94,000 emails from around the world after they were published announced the sale of abandoned homes for € 1. Sambuca, in the province of Agrigento, has just been declared a “red zone”, after the outbreak resulted in 130 positive cases and eight deaths.

Sambuca at sunrise.

Sambuca at sunrise. Photo: Alessio Mamo / The Guardian

“The sale of our house for € 1 is a symbolic gesture to bring people back to Sambuca, because villages are made of people, not houses,” said the deputy mayor, Giuseppe Cacioppo. “Trust me, the loss of one person in a small, aging town is more pronounced here than in the city.”

“The death of one of our own is not just a number,” said Fabio Orlando, chairman of the city council in Roccafiorita. “It’s a lost history, an abandoned house, and a pathway closed and forgotten forever.”

Fortunately the threat of an outbreak in Roccafiorita has been avoided, for now. The most recent rounds of swab tests carried out on the entire population all came back negative.

On November 4, Rome designated Sicily as the “orange zone”at high risk, mainly due to a lack of health facilities and beds in the intensive care unit. Small towns have paid the highest prices for cost-cutting in the health system in the south, where more than 40 hospitals have closed in recent years.

The nearest Covid hospital is more than 1 hour 40 minutes from Roccafiorita.

From the village’s perspective, the light at the end of the tunnel seemed far away. The elderly in the village are expecting a vaccine. But Salvatore Occhino knows a long, hard winter is coming. He said it in his own way, in a recent poem. It’s about how Roccafiorita changed, how the streets were once dark, and now they’re lit. It ended like this:

“Now I greet you all, Good evening / We’ll see who survives the Spring”

(“Now I say goodbye to you, good night. Those who survive will be seen in the spring”)


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New Data Reveals About Global Height Trends and BMI | Instant News

A new global study reveals unhealthy growth trends in several countries, including the United States. Overall, these studies show wide variations in height and BMI among school-age children in 200 countries from 1985-2019.

Researchers from the Non-Communicable Disease Risk Factors Collaboration collected data from 2,181 population-based studies to assess height and BMI trends among individuals aged 5-19 years. Overall, the data includes 65 million participants worldwide, thus covering 98.7% of the world’s population for 2019.

Using the Bayesian hierarchical model, they estimated the mean height and mean BMI by country, year, sex, age.

So, in 2019, the countries with the highest population aged 19 were the Netherlands, Montenegro, Estonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina for boys – and the Netherlands, Montenegro, Denmark and Iceland for girls. The countries with the shortest populations were Timor-Leste, Laos, Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea for boys – and Guatemala, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Timor-Leste for girls.

The estimated mean difference between these countries is ≥20 cm.

The countries with the highest BMI are the Pacific island nations, Kuwait, Bahrain, Bahamas, Chile, USA, and New Zealand for boys and girls – South Africa for girls. The countries with the lowest average BMI were India, Bangladesh, Timor-Leste, Ethiopia, and Chad for boys and girls – as well as Japan and Romania for girls

The estimated mean difference between these groups is about 9-10 kg / m2 (or about 25 kg).

They also reported that children aged 5 years tended to have a healthier BMI or weight compared to subsequent years as they got older.

“In some countries, children as young as 5 years old start with a height or BMI that is healthier than the global median and, in some cases, as healthy as the best performing countries, but they become less healthy than their comparators as they increase. their age by not growing. are tall (for example, boys in Austria and Barbados, and girls in Belgium and Puerto Rico) or are overweight for their height (for example, girls and boys in Kuwait, Bahrain, Fiji, Jamaica , and Mexico; and girls in South Africa and New Zealand), ”they wrote.

In contrast, they noted that children in other countries overtook their peers in terms of height or weight gain with age.

The least healthy changes, defined as gaining too little or too much weight compared to other countries, were most pronounced in many countries in sub-Sabaharan Africa, New Zealand, and the United States for both boys and girls.

The authors comment on the implications of their findings and what could potentially be revealed about child nutrition.

“The finding that children in some countries grow up healthy up to 5 years of age but do not continue throughout the school years suggests an imbalance between investing in improved nutrition and growth before age 5 and doing so in school-age children and adolescents,” they write. .

They conclude by suggesting that these findings should motivate further investment in policies and interventions aimed at supporting health growth in individuals from birth to adolescence. These measures can include improved nutritional quality, a healthier quality of life, and the provision of high-quality preventive and curative care.

Learning, “Trajectories of height and body mass indexes of school-age children and adolescents from 1985 to 2019 in 200 countries and territories: a combined analysis of 2,181 population-based studies with 65 million participants, “Published online at Lancet.


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Column: Combating food insecurity | Column | Instant News

The level of food insecurity in Massachusetts has more than doubled since the start of the pandemic, and the number of Salem residents seeking food aid has tripled. With many struggles in our community, the Salem for All Ages task force wanted to share this available food source with the residents of Salem. We would also like to thank all the organizations listed below for ensuring that none of the residents of Salem went hungry during this crisis:

For children and adolescents, the Salem Public School food and nutrition service serves breakfast and lunch for all children and adolescents aged 18 years and under during school closings. Some food was provided to cover non-distribution days.

Meals can be picked up on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at this school location from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm: Bates Elementary School, Carlton Innovation School, Collins Middle School, Horace Mann Lab School, Saltonstall School and Witchcraft Heights Elementary School. Farmers for Families production boxes will also be available at the school premises on Wednesday and Friday through December.

Meals can be picked up on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the following residential locations:

Loring Towers, 1000 Loring Ave., 11am to noon;

Pequot Highlands, 12 First St., 9:30 to 10:30;

Rainbow Terrace, Loring Avenue, 10am to 11am;

Salem Heights, 12 Pope St., 10 to 11 a.m.

Salem Academy Charter School serves meals for all adolescents aged 21 and under. Some food was provided to cover non-distribution days. Breakfast and lunch can be picked up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am to 11am at the end of Lynch Street.

For more information: salemlearns.org/foodandnutrition/

For all residents of Salem, the Salem Pantry provides groceries at the following locations:

Monday: Salem Academy Charter School from 10 am to 11 am; Bates Elementary School, Carlton Innovation School, Saltonstall School and Witchcraft Heights Elementary School from 3 to 4 pm

Wednesday: Salem State University, 68 Loring Ave., from 10 am to noon.

Friday: Loring Towers, Pequot Highlands, Salem Heights from 9 am to 10 am

Saturday (twice a month): Espacio / Palmer Cove Park (end of Congress Street) from 10am to noon on November 7 and 21 and December 5 and 19.

978-552-3954 / www.thesalempantry.org

Haven from Hunger at Citizens Inn, 71 Wallis St., Peabody, has kitchen hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm. Senior hours are 9-10am on the same day.

Call at 978-531-1530 or citizeninn.org/haven-from-hunger.

Root offers prepared community meals, in partnership with the Salem Pantry, the Salem Housing Authority, the Girls & Boys Club, Lifebridge, Plummer Home and Council on Aging. Contact www.rootns.org.

The Salvation Army, 93 North St., Salem has kitchen hours from 9 to 11 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Call at 978-744-5181 or salvationarmyMA.org/NorthShore.

Food for the World, 8 North St., Salem, has kitchen hours on the first and third Saturdays of each month from 10 a.m. to noon. Call 978-683-9949.

Spur Grocery Delivery has your requests made at www.spur.community or leaves a message at 781-451-7787. There are no shipping costs, but volunteers do not cover groceries.

For residents 60 years and over (or 55 years and over people with disabilities), there is a Commodity Supplementary Meal Program at 401 Bridge St. Call Joe Ericksberg at 978-744-0924, Ext. 43014. Held on the first Monday of each month at the Community Life Center for eligible seniors. Participants receive two grocery bags and must register first.

The Salem on Aging Council provides free produce at the drive-up farmers market every Tuesday from 10-11 at the Community Life Center Parking lot, 401 Bridge St., through November 24. Call at 978-744-0924.

Meals on Wheels offers food delivery for adults aged 60 and over who live at home. Call at 978-750-4540 or nselder.org/service-area/nutrition-programs-for-north-shore-elders/

The North Shore Moving Market offers grocery deliveries for adults aged 55 and over or for those with disabilities who are unable to travel to soup kitchens. Call at 978-744-2532 or nsmm.org.

Kerry Murphy is the health and wellness coordinator for the Salem Health Council and a member of the Salem Task Force for All Ages.

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