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“Brave Default II” adds innovation to rigid types | Instant News

It is difficult to achieve innovation in Japanese role-playing games. This type of turn-based combat and class system is still stubbornly fixed. The developers tried to add action elements to the gameplay, or introduced a new progress system, but achieved varying success.

Therefore, when the studio encounters wrinkles, it pushes the style forward, so it becomes a feature worth celebrating. In the “Brave Default” series, innovation is so important that it appears in the title. The series proposes a “brave” and “default” system, which is a technique based on turn-based combat. Players can be “brave” and use future moves to launch attacks in advance, or “default”, which can prepare them for future defenses and turns.

This concept is very popular, and the effect is very good, Square Enix turned it into a series. “Brave Default II” hosted by Claytechworks inherited the iconic combat system, but introduced new actors and stories. It mainly occurs on continents with five kingdoms, these kingdoms are Halcyonia, Savalon, Wiswald, Rimedhal and Holograd. The sixth kingdom called Musa was destroyed, and its elemental crystals were stolen.

Some locales in “Bravely Default II” seem to be hand-painted and look unique. (Nintendo)

The story so far…

The focus of the event is Gloria, the princess of Moussa, who is trying to recover the lost treasure. She met a male protagonist, the player can name him, and two others: Adelle and Elvis. The four people embark on an adventure together to collect wind, water, earth and fire crystals, which are the core of internal conflicts in several kingdoms.

In the traditional JRPG style, the team travels to each kingdom and solves the problems there, while also discovering the background story behind each hero. Despite the cute character design and bright colors, “Brave Default II” is still a dark story. Players will encounter a large number of corpses, religious fanaticism and political murder. For games that look like statues of precious moments alive, this is a strange contrast.

In terms of structure, the first three chapters are linear and sporadic, but “Brave Default II” will be opened in later chapters, because Gloria’s Heroes of Light staff have to seek help from other kingdoms and cooperate with other kingdoms. Fight against big threats. Players can also get more content through marginal missions and party chats, thereby making the story and characters more in-depth. The only problem is that many missions are trivial acquisition missions or jobs to eliminate certain monsters.

Although this part of the game may be disappointing, the combat and character upgrades are top-notch. “Brave Default II” is JRPG, which embodies the flexibility of its system. Up to four actions can be used or the ability to save them creates a fascinating dynamic effect where players can go all out to eliminate enemies or save rounds to save the eliminated party.

Brave default II battle
The brave and default system is the sign of “Brave Default II”. The player can use up to four actions in a round, but it will take longer to recover the points needed to move again. (Nintendo)

Making characters

On top of this is an operating system built on the concept of artifacts called “asterisks.” Throughout the course of the battle, players will defeat the enemy and obtain these artifacts that can create job opportunities. Then, players must upgrade these jobs to get more powerful spells, abilities or attacks. Players can choose two occupations and up to five passive abilities from the upgraded occupations.

The advantage of this system is to find the best combination of each. “Brave Default Settings II” provides a rich workspace for players who love Theorycraft. The game creates tempting opportunities to create gatherings where different abilities can work together. Players can test them against rare bosses or tougher enemies.

In the case of equal roles, the player decides the role of each member of the party. Players have 20 kinds of jobs to choose from, and they can try and master a variety of ways. “Brave Default II” will test the player’s mastery and knowledge of these occupations, because the ultimate boss is very difficult.

The only problem is that the game forces players to perform a lot of running-in to achieve these lofty goals. Political parties sometimes fall into conflicts with insufficient power, and players will have to be promoted and increase their workload to fight opponents. In other places, some job skills are the key to difficult battles, and players need to upgrade them to have a chance.

Claytechworks tries to alleviate this situation with an online compatible system, in which players can use the spacecraft to collect valuable items when not playing games. This is a slow process and may be a slogan, but “Brave Default 2” is a reward for those who find its complexity.

This is a JRPG with more than 60 hours. It requires more strategies than its peers, and it can keep the player indulged in its dark story. This also shows that when the genre offers easy depth and compelling complexity systems, it can still surprise players.

“Brave Default 2”

3½ stars, up to 4 stars
platform: Nintendo Switch
score: teens


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Pepsi Mango will become the company’s newest permanent flavor within 5 years | Instant News

Salt Lake City-Pepsi is gradually getting results and is preparing to introduce its latest long-lasting flavor to carbonated beverages: Pepsi Mango.

The new tropical flavor is scheduled to be available in stores on Monday, and it will be the brand’s first new flavor to continue to use in five years.

Pepsi said the drink will have “bright citrus flavor and the rich caramel flavor of iced Pepsi, creating the perfect cola base for the ripe, juicy flavor and making mango irresistible.”

The new flavor will also be the first time that PepsiCo has released both regular and zero-sugar versions. Some of what they said was due to people’s increasing preference for sugar-free products.

Todd Kaplan, Pepsi’s vice president of marketing, said: “Our consumers are always looking for new and exciting flavors, so we are happy to introduce them to Pepsi Mango.”

“Mango is one of the most popular fruits in the world. It is the perfect complement to Pepsi, creating an irresistible combination that our fans can enjoy throughout the year.”

Are you planning to try Pepsi Mango?

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Girls take top positions in the KMDC annual exams | Instant News

Karachi Medical and Dental College (KMDC) female students took top positions in the first, second and third BDS Professional Annual Examination 2020.

Karachi University Exam Supervisor Dr Syed Zafar Hussain on Tuesday announced the results. A total of 103 candidates were registered and all of them took the BDS first year examination, 66 of whom passed. The overall passing percentage remains 64.08 percent.

Nida got 572 points out of 700 points and took first place overall, Muqqudas Iqbal was declared second with 555 points and Javeria Faisal stood third with 553 points. For the second year BDS examination, 103 candidates were recorded and 102 students appeared, of whom 87 candidates passed. The overall passing percentage remains 85.29 percent. Abida Fatima bagged 632 points out of 800 points and took first place overall. Muhammad Muthar Shaikh received 621 points and finished second while Mariam Habib got 619 points and secured third place.

A total of 119 candidates were registered and all of whom took the BDS third year examination, 85 students passed. The overall passing percentage remains 71.43 percent. Talha Ahmed took first place with 613 marks, Muhammad Taimur took second place with 598 marks and Areeba Ahmed bagged 597 marks and secured third place.


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Karachi residents were asked to work with JI to resolve a longstanding problem | Instant News

Jamaat-e-Islami chairman Senator Sirajul Haq launched the JI Karachi branch website to register public complaints on Monday, saying that every Pakistani lives under pressure, while the government and the opposition have put people’s interests aside.

“Pakistani ruler Tehreek-e-Insaf [PTI] and opposition parties have struggled primarily to appease the International Monetary Fund and other international monetary bodies, “claimed Haq as he addressed a ceremony in Idara Noor-e-Haq (JI city office) to launch a website (JIPublicAid.com).

He said that during his 900 days in office, the PTI-led federal government had not even been able to clear the Karachi roads, roads and rainwater drains of dirt, so how could anyone expect it to solve the problem of 220 million Pakistanis.

“The task of the government is not only to collect revenue but is also the responsibility of the authorities to provide the people with basic constitutional rights to education, health and safety.”

The JI chairman said that the state was run by certain clans and classes from one generation to the next, but now is the time for the masses to defend their rights. He said that instead of government offices solving mass problems, they became the center for looting public money, while every state institution was damaged.

“The working class in this country has the right to ask the government to solve their problems and give them assistance, but there are only two classes: one is cruel and the other is oppressed, and the masses belong to the second.” JI Karachi chairman Hafiz Naeemur Rehman said that the townspeople have high hopes from his party, which will work for the people’s welfare and help solve their problems.

He said that none of the basic facilities of any government office were available to the public, because they had no public transportation facilities, had handled water and sewer issues, and had few public health and education opportunities.

He also said that JI would continue to hold rallies to fight for city rights, and asked citizens to cooperate with the party to resolve longstanding problems. JI People’s Aid Advocate President Karachi Saifuddin said the city had become a messy problem because government officials and institutions had become mafia. He said his party would do everything in its power to solve community problems, which they have launched their website.

PSM problem

The day before, Senator Haq asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to meet face to face with dismissed Pakistan Steel Mill (PSM) employees who have been holding sit-ins in front of the Chairman’s House in Baja City for the past two weeks.

Speaking to dismissed employees and their families during his visit to the sit-in, Haq called for the recovery of more than 4,000 workers and the withdrawal of institutionalized police cases against the leaders of the Employee Action Committee.

He also called on the federal government to pull back a recently proposed privatization decision from nine state-owned companies. Privatization and contract systems in these institutions are not the right strategy to solve the economic crisis, he said.


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The government supports Hazaras, said Firdous | Instant News

LAHORE: CM Punjab Special Assistant for Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said the victims of the Machh incident had won the hearts of 220 million people by recognizing Prime Minister Imran Khan’s stance.

He took to Twitter Saturday and said the government is supporting the Hazara community. He said JIT and the independent commission would soon submit a report regarding the perpetrators who would be punished.

He said the enemy wanted to destabilize Pakistan while the opposition continued to do dirty politics. The national interest is the PM’s priority and it is the duty of every citizen to protect national interests above personal interests, he added.

Meanwhile, Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said the various initiatives including awarding scholarships to Baloch students at Punjab university, establishing a 100-bed hospital in Turbat and funding of Rs1 billion for worshipers in Taftan are proof of Punjab’s love for Balochistan society.

He said this during a speech at a ceremony under the auspices of the Hamdard Foundation at a hotel here on Saturday.

SACM also distributes scholarships and degrees to students on behalf of the foundation.

He said the late Hakeem Saeed had played a major role through the Hamdard Foundation magazines, institutes and welfare organization to create a new generation of useful citizens.


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