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PPP, members of the PTI parliament exchanged verbal blows at the Sindh Council | Instant News

KARACHI – The Sindh Assembly process took a turn for the worse on Friday as lawmakers from the Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf exchanged heated arguments before meeting face-to-face over MPA Khurram Sher Zaman’s remarks about the dog bite case displeasing the ruling party.

It all started when Sherzaman prayed for a two-year-old girl who was reported to have died after being bitten by a dog in Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah’s constituency in Jamshoro and said, “There seems to be a dog rule in the province.” PPP legislators including Minister of Parliament Mukesh Kumar Chawla and Minister of Information, Science and Technology lost their cool at the welcome and moved aggressively toward the PTI bench. Arsalan Taj Ghuman and several other PTI members also responded, meanwhile, PPP’s Fayyaz Butt and Burhan Chandio also moved towards the PTI bench. “Hero Ban Raha Hai Tu Mar Khayega (You become a hero, you will be destroyed),” said Talpur to Ghuman who replied, “Kon Hai Tu, Jaa Yahan se (Who are you, get out of here). “Bahar Aaa, Idhar Aaa, (come out, come here), said Burhan Chandio while asking the PTI members to fight with him. “They (PPP) were crushed in the National Assembly and are now being pulled back,” said a PTI legislator.

Agha speaker Siraj Durrani tried to calm the situation and asked members from both sides to maintain courtesy. “This is not the way to behave in an assembly and especially during Friday prayers,” he added.

Durrani asked his members to leave if they were attracted by the violence. While erasing all the non-negotiable words, he asked lawmakers not to use ‘Bazaari Language’ at home. Cajoling members from both sides and stepping in to control the quarrel which lasted several minutes. When Sherzaman continued his Dua (prayer), he said that too many wine shop licenses were issued by Chawla, who is also the holder of Excise Tax and Narcotics Control.

The remarks once again sparked chaos in the assembly, when the minister replied “He (Sherzaman) also served substandard food in his restaurant.” While the quarrel was controlled, chaos remained throughout the trial process as Talpur, who answered during the Question Hour, continued to criticize the Central and the provincial government of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa most of the time instead of responding to questions relating to his department.

During question and answer hours, the Speaker asked ministers and ministers not to go “out of context.” “If it goes off track, I will not allow it,” he said. Durrani also reminded to expel members who do not wear masks. “Please wear a mask, otherwise go outside,” the speaker who looked annoyed added.

‘Rs 100 billion short of federal transfers’

Separately, Regional Government Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said that despite a shortfall of more than Rs 100 billion in federal transfers in the current fiscal year, development work is “underway” in Sindh province.

Responding to PTI MPA Sidra Imran’s request for attention regarding the Karachi development scheme, the minister added that Sindh was only the province where development projects were continuing, adding that Prime Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah was focused on provincial development despite major cuts in the current financial year.

He added that 19 of Karachi’s mega projects were nearing completion, while work on 23 of them would begin soon. Additionally, work is in progress on 7 Lyari Development Authority projects, 44 Karachi Water and Sewerage Agency projects, 50 Karachi Development Authority projects and 15 Karachi Metropolitan Corporation projects.

“A total of 62 new KMC schemes have also been approved covering roads and flyovers,” added the Minister.

Nasir said a tender worth Rs one billion had been awarded for the Karachi site area and work had begun on the industry for infrastructure improvements. “Work is being done on projects funded by the World Bank, but have been postponed due to COVID-19,” he added.

Later, the house was postponed until Monday.


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Murtaza rips up Haleem’s claim of a cobra, a gang war raid | Instant News


Sindh Murtaza Wahab Siddiqui’s Chief Advisor to the Minister of Law and the Environment on Monday denied the Opposition Leader ‘s claim in the Sindh Haleem Adil Sheikh Assembly that he was tortured in the Karachi Central Prison.

Sheikh’s spokesman had claimed on Sunday that 60 to 70 criminals belonged to “[Lyari] gang wars ”have attacked PTI leaders in Karachi prison.

Haleem Adil Sheikh was transferred to the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD), Karachi – a hospital where he has relinquished past corruption charges – from prison after an episode of “mob assault”.

In a request to the Sindh government, Sheikh – who was arrested by Sindh Police on charges of interfering in the electoral process in last week’s PS-88 Malir by-election – said he had angina and hypertension and doctors had advised him to do so. undergo angiography.

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“The Sindh government has been mistakenly held responsible [by PTI members]. He [Haleem Adil] not tortured in prison, “Murtaza said during a speech at a press conference in Karachi today.

He questioned how someone who was beaten by several people immediately became active in the hospital. “You can see [in the video] he even made a victory sign [upon reaching the hospital], meaning he succeeded in what he wanted to achieve, “he added.

Murtaza, who is also a spokesman for the Sindh government, said PTI leaders regularly met with the sheikh during his stay in prison.

Lamented the statement made by PTI members, including Sindh Governor Imran Ismail, he said that people as tall as himself should not threaten the police.

Even Ali Zaidi threatened [the police] in twitter. He said he spoke to Haleem Adil on the phone, but it would be against the law to talk to prisoners, ”he said while urging PTI members to let the police do their job.

Murtaza said that Haleem Adil had been removed from the constituency of Malir PS-88 Karachi following an order from the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

“The ECP itself wrote that Haleem Adil Sheikh roamed various constituency areas with guns in cars,” he said, adding that even media reports showed footage of the shooting during the polls.

“Should the police be silent in such a situation? The police do what they need to do. Then ask the court for the remand to be granted,” added the PPP leader.

‘Deadly cobra’

Speaking of claims of the presence of the deadly snake in the cell where the Sheikh was held after his arrest last week, he said that the entire cabinet including the chief minister condemned the incident.

He questioned how the Shaykh killed “four foot long cobraHimself, added that it must be investigated whether the snake came by itself or was brought to the cell. “10 people came to see Haleem Adil between 19 and 20 February. The police did not check their bags.”

The Sindh government spokesman further said that the federal government appointed a police inspector general in consultation with the provincial government based on an agreement reached in 1993. However, he added, that the federal government should avoid interfering in provincial institutional matters.

“If anyone wants to remove or appoint an IGP, it must be consulted with the provincial government,” he said.


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‘Imran’s golden words, economic charter and eggs’ | Instant News


Former prime minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf challenged the treasury to bring up something other than rhetoric of blaming the previous government for the country’s grim economic conditions.

The challenge comes when Federal Energy Minister Omar Ayub, after giving the opportunity on Friday, more emphatically blames the previous government for all the economic ailments; and said the opposition shed crocodile tears.

The National Assembly, held at the request of the opposition parties, does not debate whether the chicken comes first or the egg. However, Planning Minister Asad Umar asked the opposition to make the treasurer understand why PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz said eggs are sold per kilogram, not per dozen.

Ashraf repeated Prime Minister Imran Khan’s “golden words” spoken before coming to power and PML-N lawmaker Qaiser Ahmed Sheikh drew the bench of the treasury’s long-forgotten “Economic Charter,” but the government’s response to all criticism of the opposition party was rhetoric. and comments on trivial matters.

Ashraf reminded the House of Imran promises made to the people before coming to power, saying that “the people are being fooled” like what PTI did is the opposite of what was promised. He said debt, inflation, poverty, unemployment had risen and just criticizing the previous government would not serve that purpose anymore.

In a polite tone, Ashraf’s “have you heard this” speech consists largely of statements made by PM Imran before the 2018 election and how he failed to deliver on what he promised.

He reminded the DPR that PM Imran had said that he would rather commit suicide than ask for money from other countries; but he did that.

In “Aap farmaya krtay thay [you used to say]In his speech, Ashraf mimicked the PM’s actions of tearing up electricity bills during the 2014 sit-in by simply tearing up a paper asking NA Chair Asad Qaiser whether he and his constituents should continue to pay bills in the face of continuous electricity tariff increases. .

The speaker clearly replied: “You have to keep paying the bills.” He also spoke of increasing circular debt, saying accusations of leveling the opposition would not bring the government forward.

The sheikh, on the other hand, tried to shake the conscience of the government by explaining how the economy was in freefall in the first few years of the ruling party and how the economic revival through chickens, eggs, milk, buffalo was delusional.

Sheikh said the size of the economy was $ 320 billion in 2018 when PML-N left and is now $ 290 billion after two and a half years of PTI in power.

Oil levies have increased from Rs135 billion to Rs275 billion in a six-month ratio – July to December 2019 to July to December 2020 – according to Sheikh, adding Opposition Leader Shehbaz Sharif, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto and former president Asif Ali Zardari have called on the government to vote ” economic charter “but the government prefers Chor, Daku and corrupt debate about it.

Sheikh said India provides 75% of loans to industrialists and 25% to small and medium enterprises; The ratio of Bangladesh is 82 to 18% respectively Pakistan the ratio is 93 to 7%. He asked the government to shift from imposing sales tax to raising income tax.

The mother of all economic crimes is the budget deficit, he said, adding last year’s budget deficit was the highest in the country’s history: Rs3,500 billion, which is nearly 8.5% of the country’s GDP. He estimates it will pass Rs4,000 billion this year.

For the Shaykh, ending trade with India is one of the reasons inflation has risen in the country Pakistan importing the same through Iran, Afghanistan and Dubai. He acknowledged that corruption did exist in the past, but contrary to the slogan of total eradication of PTI corruption, corruption has increased in the country. According to him, the absence of an annual increase was one of the reasons because inflation in the last two years was mostly still in double digits.

Job, meanwhile, continued to blame the previous government. He claims that the Imran government has eradicated corruption because people used to carry suitcases to government offices, but not anymore. He went on to say that the rival army did not do what the previous government did Pakistan, accusing them of deliberately making things difficult for the PTI government.

Against all the criticism, Asad Umar posed one question to the opposition bench: explaining since when eggs were sold in kilograms, not tens. Qaiser smilingly postponed the session until Monday.


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The PM has lost faith in its own member: PPP | Instant News

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan People’s Party Parliamentary Information Secretary Shazia Atta’s wedding yesterday alleged that Prime Minister Imran Khan had lost the trust of his own members. In a statement, he said PM Khan had “introduced vandalism and football betting” in Pakistani cricket and had now introduced “foul language” in Pakistani politics. Shazia’s marriage alleges that Imran Khan was the first politician to start bidding on Senate elections and also encouraged the use of Hawala and Hundi for money transfers. “It would be dangerous to amend the constitution against Imran Khan’s wishes because it is very likely that the next request is that he should remain Prime Minister for the next five year term as well,” he said. Shazia Marri said that voting procedures can only be changed by amending the constitution and only parliament can do so.

He said the Supreme Court should question Imran Khan and Punjab Governor Mohammed Sarwar over allegations of Senate vote-buying.

“It’s a shame that Imran Khan has learned nothing but foul language and blame games. Imran Khan has lost the confidence of his own members in parliament, ”claims Shazia Marri.


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MP Imran Khan will happily vote for PPP in the Senate poll, Bilawal-ANI said | Instant News

Karachi [Pakistan], February 19 (ANI): Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari said Thursday that Pakistani lawmaker Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) would be happy to vote for his party in the Senate elections because they “know the Prime Minister. The government led by Imran Khan is out “.
Speaking at a meeting in Karachi celebrating PPP member Yousuf Murtaza Baloch’s victory in the Malir poll, Bilawal said, “If the government has confidence in its members, why try to enter through the back door?”
According to a Geo News report, Bilawal said that the PTI lawmakers would “be happy to vote for PPP” because they “knew that the government was out”.
He also warned Imran Khan that his party “will not allow anyone” to make Senate elections “controversial” or “rigged” them.
They thought we were going to boycott [Senate] elections and make it easier for them, “he said.
“Wherever the by-elections are held, the government suffers shameful losses,” he said, adding that the victory in the PS-88 by-election “proves that Karachi is the city of Bhutto”.
“The cards played by the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) have put them (PTI) in a state of panic,” Bilawal said while highlighting that the Opposition alliance would “add to their worries” in Islamabad, Punjab and Sindh, in the Senate elections.
“Their concern makes them try to rig the election through someone or someone else,” he added.
The Election Commission of Pakistan has announced that Senate elections will take place on March 3, reports Geo News.
The announcement comes days after Pakistani President Arif Alvi signed the 2021 Election Law (Amendment) to pave the way for Senate elections to be held by “an open and identifiable vote”.
The regulation states that according to Section 226 of the Constitution: “All elections under the Constitution, apart from that of the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister, will be conducted by secret ballot”. The Ordinance will enter into force “immediately” and “extend to the whole of Pakistan,” the President said.
Pakistan’s opposition leaders fiercely oppose the government’s move to hold Senate elections by hand. (ANI)

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