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Gloves Are The Latest Fashion Accessories From The Runway | Instant News

Gloves have become the hero of the runway.

Of course, gloves have practical uses, as they keep your fingers warm and warm. However, some are a fashion revival this underrated accessory over the years. It’s no longer just for winter outings or for debutante balls – gloves are a fashion statement.

Recent runway shows have seen the humble glove soar to new heights.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton leather gloves have a classic and vintage style. The proportions are exaggerated, creating a pucker effect that adds visual interest, making the gloves more attractive.

Louis Vuitton FW21

Louis Vuitton

David Koma & Valentino

David Koma is inspired by space travel, so gloves that fit in have a more useful feel to them. In contrast, Valentino’s Haute Couture takes a more editorial approach to brightly colored elbow-length gloves. Creative Designer Pierpaolo Piccoli is inspired by the uniqueness of the times and wants to show the nature of bespoke garment making. This couple feels like one of a kind.

valentino ss21 haute couture

Valentino SS21 Haute Couture


david comma fw21

David Coma


Schiaparelli maintains a couture edge and this pair of gloves is no exception. There is the captivating absurdity of the oversized pair that is the hallmark of the home. Beyoncé also wore a special, more delicate outfit Schiaparelli gloves to the 63rd Grammys.

schiaparelli fw21

Schiaparelli FW21


LaQuan Smith

LaQuan Smith can make anything sexy. This pair of sleek gloves adds a layer of sensual luxury to her outfit.

laquan smith, autumn winter 2021, ready to wear, fashion week, fashion month

LaQuan Smith FW21

LaQuan Smith


Prada Men and Women’s Wear provides an update on classic leather gloves in these vibrant colors. Take note of the zippered pockets on the back of men’s mittens, a helpful detail that appears on Men’s and Women’s Clothing Shows.

prada menswear fw21

Prada Menswear FW21


prada womenswear autumn 2021 ready to wear

Prada Womenswear FW21


prada fw21


Miu Miu

Miu Miu held up the gloves we probably all wore as kids. Thick gloves and soft knits likely helped models stay warm during their shoots in the Dolomites Alps.

miu miu


Even fingerless gloves appear in Chanel’s Fall / Winter 2021. It looks cool and edgy without being old-fashioned.

chanel fw21

The designers mentioned above each wore classic gloves. The fact that this accessory can be comfortable or commanding, sexy or fun, shows its versatility. This offers designers the opportunity to rediscover a staple. Even better, the simple addition of a pair of gloves adds another layer of complexity to this collection.

We believe that a statement pair is just what we need to reimagine our wardrobe.


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Spinning From High Fashion To Health Technology – What Marketers Can Learn From Francois Kress | Instant News

I was fortunate to meet and interview some outstanding business and marketing leaders, but I was successful so curious to meet Francois Kress, former President and CEO of brands like Carolina Herrera and Prada.

Making sure my Zoom background is right on target, I carefully selected my #remotelife outfit that was most fashionable (and yes – she comfortably beat me on both sides) trying to make the best impression on this fashion legend when we met via video to discuss the company innovative technology and wellness, Feelmore Lab. Despite his outstanding career with roles at LVMH, Prada, Bulgari, and other luxury companies, I found him humorous and very humble (“Anyone can have a long and great career if they are mature enough”) despite his success.

“I have been very fortunate to run many well-known brands around the world, but in my mind there is always a certain nostalgia for science. There is no science in most luxury, it is traditional – products are made the same way for a hundred years. It’s usually about expertise and a lot of marketing. “

Feelmore Labs recently launched their flagship product, Small bay—Scientifically proven slim clothing can reduce stress and improve sleep quality, without interrupting your daily routine. This highly anticipated device has received a lot of attention, with features gathered from leading technology publications and also being voted the winner for FORMWell Tech Awards 2020.

I was intrigued by his scientific background and how passionate Francois is about neuroscience, technology and fitness, all of which have made his 2016 startup a reality.

“I grew up in France, in a family consisting mostly of doctors. I studied science and math for many years in high school and finally to PhD level. Finally I was contacted by Bernard Arnault (founder of LVMH). Luxury fashion is generally a family-owned company, so it’s unexpected, but it’s great to be part of a company that acquires a new brand – I’m naturally very interested in the world of fashion – beautiful products and beautiful people. It’s also interesting to understand the psychology of why people spend more on products they don’t need. “

Despite building a name and a career in fashion, Francois has been considering turning to technology and fitness for some time.

“I want something more meaningful. By chance, I was asked to join the board of directors of a biotech company, as an independent advisor, bringing my fancy skills as well as my scientific background to the table – they love the mix! We developed a product that went through FDA approval, and an IPO and finally sold the company in 2015. After that I wanted to use my experience around everything I have learned over 25 years to truly transform technology, health and wellness. industry.”

What’s unique about Cove is its ability to reduce stress and improve sleep, all without interrupting your daily routine – all of which are subjects close to the life of its founder.

“I always have trouble sleeping – not just because of jetlag! I always try to be healthy, I am a productive, competitive, but also anxious person. The health technology industry has traditionally been poor at marketing. Sometimes they love science and technology so much, they forget they sell to humans, so the idea that we could use non-invasive technology to modulate your nervous system and mimic something we call ‘affective touch’ to help in this area really appealed to me. – and that’s very helpful. ”

The company had a clear vision from the start, with a very good foresight for today’s emerging wearables and healthcare technology market. Feelmore Labs was born, and Francois left fashion to help create an entirely new category.

Although Cove was born out of science and research, tackling this new category – belief in product efficacy, as well as user experience is key.

“From the start I employed a very competent group of medical doctors, PhDs and neuroscientists. This field is very new, and mostly invasive – with electrodes implanted in the brain – not very consumer friendly. We look back at our early investor presentations and we are very consistent with what we ended up doing. The idea is to put out a credible, science-backed device and try to redefine the category – and that’s what we’ve been doing so far. We employ the same rigorous methodology, working closely with the FDA to make sure every box is ticked – everything we do has to be validated by science. ”

The pandemic has made health more of a focus at home, with people like Peloton clearly showing that many people are focused on helping themselves. Even though Francois and his team didn’t create Cove due to the recent pandemic, they had to overcome hurdles to launch it during times of global crisis.

“We have a 4 year development plan and of course we have problems with live testing. It is also difficult to build devices completely remotely with international suppliers. Lots of Skype calls, FedEx delivery, and late nights are required. Covid of course raises anxiety, but the need is always there. Since we hit the market a few months ago – it’s been very interesting to see our early adopters. We saw a lot of people. We see a lot of people focus on improving performance. This is of course at a very early stage, but we are seeing people aged 35 and over – slightly taller than the typical gadget buyer. We also see people who are curious about science – which we think is proof that our approach works. The basic proposition to use our device for 20 minutes per day and change your life will certainly require some convincing, but the fact that we can support it helps pay off. “

Cove’s marketing strategy is focused entirely on creating a community around their unique proposition and leveraging a data-driven scientific approach that learns from device users’ personal use to facilitate future growth.

“We could just decide to go to the market with a very purposeful tone about the use case, but we don’t want to do that – we want users to find it out for themselves. Some people like to use it in the morning before work to reduce anxiety. A lot of people use it before bed to aid sleep – that’s my use case. For some people, the word is used at times of known stressors to them – for example, public speaking. Fear that’s worse than death for some! The first step for us is to get enough tools across the country and then around the world to build up critical mass – we have big global ambitions to collect data and better understand possible use cases. We are using a number of feedback mechanisms to build more knowledge in the community and will continue to better share experiences and suggestions once we have enough tools around. “

Being an entrepreneur is clearly in Francois’s DNA – and it’s clear his company is only just getting started.

“Of all the things I’ve done in my life – and I’ve worked with so many amazing people – but by far, this is the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. I really like science. I think the technology available will lead what we do next – things will shrink to a smaller, slicker form factor. We also have other companies that are studying clinical applications of our technology for serious cases of insomnia and anxiety. My focus is results on making better people – it makes me better. I have less stress where I know I’ll snap in the past, and it’s a blessing, on average, to get me into better sleep patterns. To lead a team and help build something positive for the world is great fun for me. ”

It’s exciting to catch a glimpse into the world of major business leaders who have turned and taken on new challenges to foster an emerging category in a critical area such as health, which is driven by their own area of ​​interest. Marketing leaders can definitely apply the lesson here – be authentic and driven by clear, open goals to let your community of customers help shape your future strategy. It is an honor to speak with Francois for Forbes, and I will certainly watch his entrepreneurial journey develop with great interest in the years to come.


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China, Digital And Youth Are Enhancing Burberry, Prada And Luxury Fashion | Instant News

British luxury fashion retailer Burberry has raised its full-year profit forecast after a promising rebound in sales since December, driven by a strong recovery in demand for its luxury goods in China and South Korea.

In announcing more upbeat forecasts, the upscale fashion house – known for its iconic Burberry trench coat – became the latest luxury fashion retailer to cite Asian retail sales as a boon to global performance over the past few weeks.

Italian luxury duo Prada and Salvatore Ferragamo also pointed to Chinese retail sales and a huge increase in e-commerce as they share trade renewals.

Burberry said that same-store retail sales would increase by nearly a third year-on-year in the first three months of 2021, following its 13-week to December 26 report that Asia Pacific region sales had jumped 11% on strong demand. from Chinese and Korean buyers. Online sales rose more than 50% in the company’s third quarter and more than 100% in mainland China.

“Since December, we have continued to see a strong rebound and now expect adjusted earnings and operating profit to be ahead of consensus expectations,” the company said in an unscheduled update, with improved performance likely to soften its overall decline in the full year. income between 10% -11%. Analysts had expected a drop of around 13%, according to Burberry.

The company has been busy improving its position during the pandemic, using stars like Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford, which helps attract younger customers to designer Burberry clothing and accessories, with sales of leather bags and outerwear to “low teens”.

Globally, Burberry saw a 37% drop in sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in the last quarter of 2020, hit by store closings and fewer tourists. With 15% of its stores still closed and about a third operating reduced trading hours or under restrictions, Marco Gobbetti, Burberry’s chief executive, said British luxury brands face an “uncertain trajectory”, but said: “While the short-term outlook remains uncertain. because of Covid-19, we are in the right position to accelerate when the pandemic eases. “

Prada and Salvatore Ferragamo Look East

Burberry’s renewal comes after Italian fashion house Prada and luxury goods group Salvatore Ferragamo also said the strong performance in China had boosted sales during a challenging year.

Milan-based Prada’s sales and profits rebounded late last year from first-half losses due to the coronavirus pandemic, helped by strong performances in China and elsewhere in Asia. The positive trend continues into 2021. Prada, known for its luxury bags and clothing, also benefited from a surge in online sales, which more than tripled in 2020 compared to 2019. Last year, Prada launched e-commerce in key markets. new and updated the site.

“We have just started our growth trajectory and there is still great potential to unlock,” said chief marketing officer Lorenzo Bertelli, son of founders and co-CEOs of Prada Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli.

CEO Patrizio Bertelli added during the update: “We have 130 stores that are still closed due to the pandemic and the group’s performance in early 2021 is quite good. That gives us the confidence to face the rebound that is coming, as soon as the most critical phase of the pandemic is coming to an end. “

In the second half of this year, sales of domestic customers have almost completely offset the absence of tourists. Full-year revenue fell 24% to $ 2.9 billion thanks to an increase in the second half after a 40% drop in the first six months. The recovery in retail sales, which account for around 90% of Prada’s total, was driven in the second half by mainland China (+ 52%), Taiwan (+ 61%) and South Korea (+ 22%), while Japan and Europe suffered from a lack of tourists and prolonged locking.

Italian Brands Affected by Lack of Tourists

Meanwhile, fellow Italian luxury goods group Salvatore Ferragamo said China and e-commerce had increased sales in the year to date after the pandemic had driven the company to its first full-year operating loss since it registered in Milan a decade ago. Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) slumped to an inverse $ 74 million in 2020, compared with a $ 179 million profit in 2019.

Executive vice chairman Michele Norsa, who was brought back by the Ferragamo family last year to steer the group through the pandemic and brand refresh, told analysts in a call that she expects sales in China to maintain double-digit growth.

Salvatore Ferragamo has been hit hard because it is aimed at travelers, with many shops at the airport and overall sales down 33% in 2020. Asia accounts for more than half of group revenue and turnover in the region is down 25.5%. The Florence-based company said the first nine weeks of 2021 have seen a positive trend in its chain of stores and an 86% jump in digital sales, with China and South Korea both strong performers.


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The most daring beauties of the 2021 A / W fashion week | Instant News

“Slowly something is increasing, some more desire and joy,” said Miuccia Prada in his A / W 2021 post-show discussion with collaborator Raf Simons. The mood that Mrs Prada takes has of course filtered into a lot of beauty A / W show 2021.

Helmet haircuts of the season, body paint, face stickers, crayola color palettes, gothic extremism and other inventive styles on beauty suggest a readiness to play around, to experiment. Skin care and health dominated the conversation last year, but this season has hinted that there is ‘desire and excitement’ around a return to the bolder grooming.

Below, we share some of the most memorable looks from this season to inspire your own cosmetic creativity.


One of Riccardo Tisci’s most recent major inspirations Burberry The collection is the Arts and Crafts movement from the early 19th century in England, which saw artists such as William Morris revolt against a revival of industrial-produced goods in favor of handicrafts with wildlife motifs.

To translate this aesthetic into cosmetics, Burberry Global Beauty Director, Isamaya Ffrench, Built on the hyper-minimalist makeup from last year’s show, maintains the same high-polish skin and no-makeup makeup, but this time the face is studded with fine silver stars and face crystals.

To complete the look, hairstylist Jawara Wauchope created a series of military-style cuts and gel backs that were so severe they looked almost painted.

Molly Goddard

Molly Goddard A / W 2021. Photography: Ben Broomfield

There’s always a certain amount of excitement in Molly Goddard’s work, and that sensibility complements it this season by Luke Hersheson’s weird hair, and colorful makeup by Miranda Joyce. A candy string of hair with a neon pink crescent around the eyes and bright red lips.

The effect is like an artistic result in a child’s first experiment with their mother’s dresser. The hair is maximally dried and makeup is applied freely and experimentally, without following any rules about where to go. This is one of the many looks this season that shows fancy makeup and hair will be trending in the fall of 2021.


Ahluwalia A / W 2021

Spray paint mold from Priya Ahluwalia’s A / W 21 Collection reflected in the blue airbrush steak that adores the faces of the models. London-based makeup artist Bari Khalique accents the cheekbones, brow line and chin with a light blue wash for a chic cosmetic tint.

Simone Rocha

Some of the most memorable hair looks of the season come from hairstylist Cyndia Harvey di Simone Rocha. Rocha was inspired by the naivety of teens for this collection and Harvey’s long plaits hark back to the uniform hairstyles of many school girls.

However, shaping the braid into a sculpture that defines gravity adds anxiety to its delicacy, in a nod to Rocha’s distinctive blend of fragility and ferocity. The mix is ​​echoed in Lauren Parsons’ makeup, which features sweet, peach lips and brown eyes that add to the impression of a sleepless night. Ama Quashie’s nail art, which features delicate flowers on a translucent base, is a really fun detail.


Prada A / W 2021

In the first few seconds Prada A / W 2021 digital show, the camera rotates and follows the model through OMA-designed set, featuring a slicked back hair helmet. The sleek minimalist look is the perfect coating for the vibrant textures, patterns and colors that characterize the latest Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons collections. While Pat McGrath clean, barely noticeable makeup adds an element of understatement.

Salvatore Ferragamo

The start of Paul Andrew’s A / W 2021 collection for Salvatore Ferragamo begins with a beauty that is not much different from appearances at many other events of the season – minimalistic makeup combined with slicked back hair. However, as a sci-fi inspired show film, it continues to sparkle of something different emerging.

A model emerged from the tunnel of white light, nodding 2001: A Space Odyssey, with a smudge of silver paint around her lips, the same thing reappears, until at the end of the show, the models that appear are almost entirely covered in silver body paint complemented by matching silver trenches or open chainmail dresses.

Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto A / W 2021. Image by Takay

Spooky is probably the best word to describe hair and make-up Yohji Yamamoto the latest A / W 2021 collection. The blend of 19th-century structures and contemporary streetwear influences is reflected in the beauty look that straddles the line between Romantic-era ghouls and modern punk.

Long black power lines crimped and flipped into an Edward Scissorhands mess, bouffant hairstyles deflated and dyed with gray streaks, shorter hairdos styled into intricate braids or gelled up and dyed blue, red, and black .

The gothy-punk hairstyle is accompanied by extremely pale skin and lips that are pale to corpse-pale.

Christian Dior

Maria Grazia Chiuri calls her newest collection for Christian Dior ‘Annoying Beauty’ and it does have a creepy element to beauty Peter Philips and Guido Palau was built for the show.

Philips’ creates smoky black eyes that appear darker around the corners of the eyes and more shaded along the creases for a fuzzy, spooky effect. Palau hair accentuates drama with a severe midsection or drapes of glossy bangs.

Dries Van Noten

It’s almost impossible not to be seen slightly smeared vinyl lip in Dries Van NotenA / W 2021 movie that’s full of dancing. From rosy pink to brick-red and deep berries, protruding lips are reinforced by combed back hair, minimal eye make-up, and brows that are occasionally bleached.

Paired with free-flowing choreography and a Massive Attack soundtrack, this collection’s bold cosmetics offer some much-needed inspiration for an evening party make-up that, hopefully, isn’t that far off. §


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8 Times Amanda Gorman Brings Her A-Game Fashion | Instant News

Amanda Gorman was a previous international success Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. But when he got to the podium and read his poetry “The Hill We Climb,” He joined the ranks of historical figures such as Maya Angelou and Robert Frost. The yellow canary Prada raincoat, the red Prada headband, and magnetic presence have also caught the attention of the fashion industry, where it has become a bona fide style icons.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a third grade teacher drew Gorman’s attention to poetry through Ray Bradbury’s poem “Dandelion Wine”, and the rest is history. He started keeping a journal every day and conquered the difficulty of speaking to perform his poetry aloud. The work is fast attract academic attention for his revealing sentiments about race, feminism, and the ongoing struggle for civil rights. By the time he was 16 years old, he was crowned the Winner of the Young Poets of Los Angeles in 2014, and just one year later published his first collection of poetry entitled, Food for Whom is Not Enough. He then attended Harvard University to study sociology and while studying was named the first National Winner of Youth Poet in the United States.

Against such a background, it is not surprising that at the age of 22, Gorman was asked to write a poem that would summarize him. the Biden presidency. He was also asked to write a poem in honor of three Americans who received the title of captain for their service during the pandemic Super Bowl this year. During both shows, she silenced the crowd in awe and captivated the fashion elite at home. A combination of Gorman’s poetry and Prada reflects the growing importance of purpose-driven public figures in the fashion space, as many designers turn to change makers campaigns and collaborations.

His inauguration performance may be the first to go viral, but it is certainly not the only one that deserves credit. In celebration of the intellectual style icon’s 23rd birthday, OFFICIAL telling all the times Gorman had make a statement in her dress.


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