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PM Imran Khan prays that Maulana Tariq Jameel will recover quickly from COVID-19 | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan while meeting Maulana Tariq Jameel at an event. Photo: Geo. tv / Files

Prime Minister Imran Khan prayed that prominent cleric Maulana Tariq Jameel would recover soon after he tested positive for COVID-19.

Sharing a tweet on Monday, the prime minister said: “Pray for Maulana Tariq Jameel’s speedy and full recovery from COVID-19.”

Maulana is currently being treated in hospital after testing positive for the new corona virus.

He broke the news on social media on Sunday, asking people to remember him in their prayers.

He shared that he wasn’t feeling well the last few days.


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Amendments passed by the majority will not succeed: Shujat | Instant News

LAHORE: President of the Muslim-Quaid League (PML-Q) of Pakistan and former prime minister Ch Shujat Hussain said constitutional amendments made by the majority cannot be successful. He will contact the heads of all parties to get amendments that are against Pakistan, people and in particular interest in education are rejected.

In a statement issued here on Tuesday, he said leaders of different parties had given statements about the 18th Amendment and the majority of them commented on the amendment without reading it. On the basis of a majority of several amendments have been carried out where future generations have been made dark about the history of the country. He said: “Our party only thinks about the interests of Pakistan, especially the amendments that have been made in terms of education. I will talk to the heads of all parties that they must also reject this amendment that was passed by a majority.

In every world constitution, an academic syllabus is one and that is with the federation. By empowering the provinces, they have ruined education standards, because in this way each province will make its own syllabus, while this force must be with the federation.

There are also other amendments, which were agreed based on a failed majority. We will oppose any such amendment inside and outside the assembly, which will not be in the interests of the state and nation. “


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PM Imran Khan prays for Governor Sindh’s quick recovery | Instant News

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has prayed for the early recovery of Governor Sindh Imran Ismail, who tested positive for the corona virus on Monday.

In his tweet, PM Khan said, may Allah grant it [Imran Ismail] the power to fight viruses.

On Monday, Governor Imran Ismail confirmed on Twitter that he had tested positive for COVID-19 and said that he would fight it.

When talking with ARY News, Imran Ismail detailed that his coronavirus test was positive, however, he had no symptoms so far.

“Yesterday, my mother came here and we were together during breaking the fast. Then, I felt a fever and thought about undergoing a coronavirus test. I should have kept myself under isolation since last night.”

Ismail said that his family members and mother would also immediately undergo COVID-19 tests.




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The Alton Spouse Shares a Look in Service and Business in Italy During the Coronavirus Crisis | Instant News

Alton Spouse Shares Look in Services and Businesses in Italy During the Coronavirus Crisis | RiverBender.com


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People are urged to pray at home Lahore | thenews.com.pk | Instant News


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