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America’s Cup 2021: Former England challenger Peter de Savary backs England’s Ineos Team to beat Team New Zealand for Auld Mug | Instant News

A former America’s Cup contender and multi-millionaire businessman predicts Ineos Team UK will not only beat Luna Rossa in the upcoming Prada Cup final – but the Sir Ben Ainslie syndicate will go a step further and beat Team New Zealand for the Auld Mug.

In an interview with TimeThe 76-year-old businessman and former America’s Cup sailor Peter de Savary said Team England’s incredible return after the World Series disaster in December was proof they could solve Britain’s 170-year drought.

Ainslie and Co failed to win a single race – and remained in the breeze – in December’s four-day regatta before sweeping it all before them in the Prada Cup robin round to book a place in the final against Italy.

The best Prada Cup final of 13 kicks off on Saturday, with the winners advancing to next month’s Copa America tie against defender Team New Zealand.

“If I were a gambler, I wouldn’t put my money in New Zealand; I would put a lot of money on Ben Ainslie,” said De Savary. Time.

“I was obviously concerned about Ben when I saw the performance before Christmas, but I was sure he would make things right and of course he has.

“Apart from being a very nice and pleasant person and a very nice and polite person, he is the most phenomenal sailor – he has a good boat, he has the best technology he can have and he has a very well funded campaign. himself in absolute prominence. “

Britannia has shown speed to compete with Te Rehutai of Team New Zealand, according to Peter de Savary.  Photo / Dean Purcell
Britannia has shown speed to compete with Te Rehutai of Team New Zealand, according to Peter de Savary. Photo / Dean Purcell

De Savary, whose 12-meter-class Victory ’83 yacht was the last from England to reach the final of the 38-year-old series before losing 4-1 to Australia, said Ainslie’s adaptability and newfound speed from Britannia had what it took to trump TNZ.

“Ben has proven that he can react very quickly, so there is plenty of room for this boat and this team to develop. I’m sure you will see him in the next series of races. In the Copa America, he will react to New Zealand, boat race after race, and tailor the campaign, “said De Savary.

“It’s very difficult in this sport to find someone with Ben’s qualities, abilities and personality,” he said. “[He] has demonstrated an ability to give confidence to its financial backers [billionaire co-founder of Ineos, Sir Jim Ratcliffe] and I can’t think of an area relevant to the Copa America that he’s not good at. “

Former America's Cup sailor and England businessman Peter de Savary supports Ben Ainslie to solve a Cup drought that lasts 170 years.  Photo / Getty Images
Former America’s Cup sailor and England businessman Peter de Savary supports Ben Ainslie to solve a Cup drought that lasts 170 years. Photo / Getty Images

Bringing Mug Auld back to England would be the highest achievement in sailing, said De Savary.

“Of course if Ben wins the Copa America there will be tremendous praise … it will be something we can all be proud of and be proud of. It’s a good feeling – we need something that makes us feel good right now, so it will make us feel good. proud to be a powerful drug against this bloody virus. “

Asked what advice he would give Ainslie ahead of his must-win match with Jimmy Spithill’s Luna Rossa, De Savary said confidence was key.

“Ben is a very focused person … but he has to have total confidence in himself and his team. He must not doubt himself, his team, his boat for a minute – nothing is more confident when you are in any competition. and, obviously, this is the last competition for him. “

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America’s Cup 2021: Famed screen writer Magnus Wheatley predicts Team New Zealand’s historic victory | Instant News

Magnus Wheatley predicts further success for Team New Zealand. Photos / Photosport

A prominent sailing expert has laid out bold predictions for the 2021 Copa America competition, including breaking the winning streak for Team New Zealand.

British commentator Magnus Wheatley, who posts on his website Rule69blog, believes the America’s Cup will be the least competitive of all time without a challenger able to finish it even within a minute of the home side.

“Easy first – the New Zealand team will win the Cup by a record difference. It will be blackwash and it will be 7-0,” Wheatley write in a long article.

“It’s quite a shame in the end for a Challenger who won’t come close to any race. The winning margin will range from 1 minute 20 seconds to over 4 minutes.”

Wheatley predicts innovation will be a determinant of this unprecedented outcome.

“The world will be amazed at something the Kiwis will do and it will be an innovation in screen design. Backstays will be gone. Jibs will be very different.

“But great progress will be made on the main dual skin screen. An invisible control system will win this Cup.”

While this prediction will undoubtedly excite screen fans in Aotearoa, his hopes for the future of the event will not happen – especially in Parliament and within the Auckland City Council which has spent millions of dollars on its hosting.

“With Covid still around, and costs under the government’s watchful eye, a decision will be made to place the next venue for tenders and will attract a big cash bid from Dubai-backed Abu Dhabi.

“The Cup will go to the Middle East in 2025. Money doesn’t speak, he screams.”

Wheatley also predicts the end of Grant Dalton’s long and storied reign as team boss and the addition of new honors to his name.

Grant Dalton will announce his retirement after the last race saying, ‘I have achieved everything in this extraordinary sport. I have climbed a fair amount of mountains now and it is time for the next generations to enjoy their moment. ‘ “

“In the 2021 Queen’s birthday awards, Dalton will be named ‘Sir’ Grant Dalton in recognition.”

Magnus Wheatley predicted a successful chant for Grant Dalton.  Photos / Photosport
Magnus Wheatley predicted a successful chant for Grant Dalton. Photos / Photosport

Elsewhere, Wheatley’s crystal ball predicts a hotly contested Prada Cup in which the beleaguered INEOS Team will be the cause of major disruption.

The Challenger series will be tighter than expected. Prada will make things go early and Francesco Bruni will be a quiet superstar, beating Jimmy Spithill.

“The story of the Challenger series will be the revival of Team Ineos, regardless of the problems faced in attack and rotation, the British will take over and it will be a thrilling victory in the big winds over Prada which will start the demise of the Italians.

“American Magic will only carry the series after qualifying for the finals as round robin winners.”

The first predictions of Wheatley’s long list will be tested starting January 5 when the Prada Cup Challengers’ Series will take place off the coast of Tāmaki Makaurau.

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The PM’s advisers predict another sugar crisis | Instant News

KARACHI – Pakistan’s Karachi Division Senior Vice President Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Maritime Ministry Advisor Mahmood Moulvi have warned of a shortage of artificial sugar in the country, saying that wholesale sugar prices may witness a surge.

Speaking to a delegation of political and business leaders in his office, the PM’s adviser said that the government led by Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan had tightened the noose around the sugar mafia.

“As a result of the effective government intervention, the price of used milled sugar fell by Rs 20 kilograms within 20 days,” he said, adding that the government was trying to control food prices.

Explaining the sugar shortage, Mahmood Moulvi said that the mafia had started futures trading as a March deal is expected to be between Rs80 and Rs 85.

He argued that the federal government must take immediate steps to deal with a possible sugar crisis in the country and take action against hoarders. “The government should direct the sugar factory owners to get complete documentary details about the buyers when they sell sugar,” he added.

“The government must exercise strict supervision on the smuggling of sugar and gurr (jaggery) to Afghanistan and its surroundings, which will ensure price stability due to adequate supply,” he concluded.


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