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The Tetra Pak study reveals concerns over food safety, the environment and the pandemic | Instant News

An equal number of respondents believe that COVID-19 is a “real threat”. At the same time, concern for the environment remains high, which Tetra Pak says creates a dilemma in the minds of consumers as they try to balance the priorities of human existence through safe food and planetary sustainability.

The 13th edition of the Tetra Pak Index shows a 10% increase in global concern about food safety and future food supplies, now to 40%, compared to 30% from 2019. In addition, more than 50% of consumers believe that increased safety food is the responsibility of producers, and it is the number one problem that companies need to address now and in the future.

According to research this year, health is strongly associated with increasing food safety and hygiene issues, with two-thirds of consumers saying health is safe and 60% of consumers worldwide saying they are concerned that the food they buy is hygienic and safe.

When asked what is the key to them in a package, consumers indicated ensuring food safety is their main goal. They also expressed concern about environmental innovations in packaging having an impact on food safety, although the majority of respondents cited ‘using sustainable packaging’ as one of the main issues that food and beverage brands need to address – today and tomorrow.

Adolfo Orive, president and CEO, Tetra Pak, said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the status quo, accelerated trends and created new landscapes for consumer needs and opportunities to develop. In particular, industry needs to address the growing dilemma around food security and the environment, stepping towards the dual goal of meeting human food needs while protecting our planet’s ecosystem. This is where food packaging can play a powerful role in bringing about harmony. ” person


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The new monitoring system can save thousands of tons of wasted food | Instant News

The ‘use-by’ date blanket could become a thing of the past thanks to a new accurate monitoring system being developed by Italian scientists at the University of Cagliari that aims to examine past exposure to warmth and find out whether food is unfit for human consumption.

About 88 million tonnes, the equivalent of $ 169 billion of food is wasted annually in the EU alone, are based on estimated dates when food is no longer safe to eat.

Professor Carlo Carbonaro and a team of researchers at Cagliari University have developed a low-cost technology to provide a precise and reliable indication of whether food is still edible or not.

Carbonaro and his team are working with ACTPHAST 4R – an EU innovation center designed to provide researchers working in academia across Europe access to top-level expertise and technology in photonics to produce demonstrators for their scientific breakthroughs, similar to the support provided by a separate ACTPHAST Center. innovation 4.0 for European companies, especially for SMEs – to further develop their food monitoring devices that rely on photonics (light technology).

Tracking the historic temperature of perishable foods with handheld scanners and sticky labels that react to ultraviolet light, this new technology can monitor past conditions that change shelf life.

Creating historic ‘heat maps’ showing heat exposure, this technology can provide an accurate window of expiration and give food companies a more precise picture of whether a food item has been affected during transit.


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