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Television: Time to watch a few games … Finally | Weekend | Instant News

After a four-month drought, professional sports returned to television this week with live play, because the Phillies, Flyers and 76ers all competed in exhibition games as they got ready because of their delays in an interrupted season.

The Phillies made their TV debut Sunday against the Baltimore Orioles. Monday they appear at 6 pm on NBC Sports Philadelphia for the match against the New York Yankees.

The way Major League Baseball will work for the abbreviated 2020 season is for teams to play only in their regional divisions, but against both leagues. This means the Phillies will face every Eastern Division team in the National League and America. In order to stay competitive, they will play twice as many against NL East rivals – Washington Nationals, Atlanta Braves, New York Mets, and Miami Marlins – as they do against their navy counterparts from Boston, Tampa Bay, Toronto, Baltimore, and New York.

The Sixers act on NBCSP at 3:30 pm Friday against the Memphis Grizzlies. The contest was joined by two more, at 12 noon Sunday against the Oklahoma City Thunder and at 8:30 pm on July 28, against the Dallas Mavericks, both matches airing on NBCSP +.

Flyers face off at 4 pm on July 28, against one of their storied rivals, Pittsburgh Penguins, on NBCSP +.

Television will be the main way to see this game because social precautions will prevent fans from entering the stadium to attend directly. (It would be nice if the team could design a kind of gift mask as a souvenir from this strange season.) It would be interesting to see how we respond to the absence of cheers and other crowd responses.

Besides television, all games are available for streaming in the MyTeam application and by visiting www.nbcsportsphiladelphia.com.

The local NBC Sports channel must be happy to continue the new game as fans have it. I have talked to many people who say they will have an easier time to quarantine if a sports franchise is there to entertain them. Reviving drive banners, Super Bowl wins, or key games have its benefits, but the glory of sport is witnessing skill, teamwork, momentum, or ordinary fate.

Phillies, Sixers, and Flyers, have been answered. Maybe it’s a mental antidote for COVID confinement to get it back.

The parade continues … virtually

Sports programming is not alone affected by coronavirus and wise steps to reduce its spread.

Philadelphia announced last week that all public activities – except for demonstrations!?! – will be suspended until February.

It blocks out some of the big events seen by many people on television, but especially the annual 6ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is produced and broadcast on Channel 6, and the Mummer Parade, the New Year’s main broadcast on Channel 17.

None of the presenting stations picked up lying news.

Neither Channel 6 nor Channel 17 stated their respective demonstrations.

Both of them saved the celebration from sad reality by wearing a virtual parade that was married to the documentary section, and from Channel 17, some new material.

In a statement acknowledging the safety of the players, fans, occupants and employees of the station, Channel 17 general manager Vince Giannini, said Channel 17 was committed to delivering in 2021 with the Mummer program. At present, that means a mix of highlights from last year’s New Year parade and new material that will be produced over the next five months.

Channel 6 is not specific but indicates that it will broadcast a Thanksgiving Day program which includes highlights from 35 years of Turkish Trots since the station saved the Philadelphia Thanksgiving extravaganza from oblivion.

Philadelphia is not alone in taking reasonable steps to limit COVID transmission. The annual Rose Bowl Parade has been canceled in Pasadena, and there will be no Macy march on Broadway in New York.

Neal Zoren’s television column appears every Monday.


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Goold: If the MLB match continues without DH, the Cardinals must hit the seventh pitcher Derrick Goold: Bird Land | Instant News

It will definitely be shortened.

Rester will be bigger, for sure.

Wherever the game is played – in the Phoenix bubble, in the Texas hub, or, as there is more hope, in the home baseball stadium – there’s no way fans will be there, to start.

Divisions can be reorganized along geographical lines or state of spring training. Doubleheaders can be regular equipment, along with designated hitters. Widespread testing protocols must be equipment. Meeting on the mound can be prohibited. Some types of proactive care will apply to older trainers. And on and on and on. There is a lot of necessity and it can not be solved right now when the game gets the green light to restart the 2020 championship season.

When MLB does it, the team will definitely hunt for new landscapes for competitive advantage.

But as the match continues, the Cardinals still look like a team that will struggle to score, but they can bend the shape of an unusual season as they wish:

The Cardinals must hit the seventh pitcher.

The basic concept for lineup construction is to get the best hitters on the most plate appearances when they can influence the game. For some modern teams it is as simple as moving the bat. 3 traditional to No. 2, because on average there are around 15 to 17 plate appearances available there during one season. For other teams, it only gets the most appearances for the players with the best on-base percentages – and hits them earlier and earlier in the lineup.


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Atlantic League opponents come together to help those in need

HIGH POINT, NC – Even though Rocker and Southern Blue Blue Crab won’t face each other this week, the two Atlantic League franchises are looking for other ways to compete while helping those in need. On Friday, May 8, the two teams will hold a full day food drive in each of their home ballparks with all donations for local food shelters strongly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Even though we can’t be on the field taking the win at the moment, bringing positivity and good intentions to the community is still our top priority,” said Pete Fisch, President of the new High Point Rocker Team. “We are very pleased to work with Southern Maryland to keep the competitive spirit alive during these unprecedented times and I know that our supporters at High Point and Triad will emerge to help us succeed on May 8!”

After an impressive “victory” opening in which the Rockers donated around 1,200 meals to city emergency officers and frontline medical workers, the team was eager to take their first “road victory” of the season against the Blue Crab. To help with this effort, High Point partnered with local partner Old Dominion Freight Line to raise awareness and donations with all items given to the Salvation Army.

“Food insecurity is a problem in our community and during this health crisis is becoming more concerning,” said Dick Podiak, vice president, marketing and communications for the Old Dominion Freight Line. “Over the years, Old Dominion employees, friends and neighbors have gone up to the plate to collect canned food around the holidays. So, we appreciate Rocker’s creativity for giving back to help the current community when normally we will enjoy the start of the season. “

To ensure that measures to maintain social distance are maintained, certain guidelines will apply to all who wish to donate food items at BB&T Point. Donations will be received from 8 am to 5 pm outside the team’s front office along Gatewood Avenue. Fans will be asked to load their donations behind their vehicles before arriving at BB&T Point, stay in their vehicles while Rockers staff members drop donations, and wear masks while waiting.

“Our fans have supported us for the past 13 years, and it is our duty to support them. We ask everyone in Southern Maryland to come and donate food on May 8, “said Blue Crab General Manager Courtney Knichel.

The Rockers are scheduled to host South Maryland on Thursday, April 30 for their Opening Day in the 2020 season, while Blue Crab will welcome High Point on Friday, May 8 to Regency Furniture Stadium for their first home game of the year. Instead, friendly competitions will feature special “gameday” moments every day such as starting formations, national anthems, pitch promotions, and more.

Although the start of the Atlantic League season is postponed, Rocker still celebrates what will be the Opening Week with various charitable initiatives. On Monday, April 27, the team began selling limited edition “Safe At Home” shirts on their website for pre-orders only. T-shirts will be available for purchase for only $ 20 plus shipping, until May 15 with all net proceeds will benefit the United Way of Greater High Emergency Fund.

Rocker also let fans add to their team’s gear collection because all caps are available at a 30% discount when purchased online using the promo code “CAP30” at checkout. For more information, and to see all events during Rockers “Opening Week #SafeAtHome”, check the team’s social media page or swipe to www.HighPointRockers.com.

About High Point Baseball, Inc

High Point Baseball aka High Point Rocker starts its inaugural season in the Atlantic League in 2019 with their opening home on May 2, in a new ballpark of around 36 million dollars in the center of town called BB&T Point. Boosting the rich history of baseball in North Carolina, High Point Baseball is part of the fastest growing family sport in America. High Point Baseball is committed to providing superior customer service and an affordable and affordable family entertainment experience for the Triad of North Carolina. With seven players whose contracts were purchased and produced Ballpark of the Year 2019 and Mascot of the Year (HYPE, The Rocking Horse), High Point Rockers has built a fun and competitive atmosphere at High Point and the Atlantic League.

About the Atlantic Professional Baseball League (ALPB)

With eight teams in the Central Atlantic and Texas, ALPB is a leader in baseball innovation and a player’s gateway to Major League Baseball. Through its exclusive partnership with MLB, the Atlantic League tested the rules of Major League Baseball and equipment initiatives. The Atlantic League has sent more than 950 players to the MLB organization while attracting more than 42 million fans to an affordable and family-friendly baseball stadium throughout its 23-year history. For more information, please visit www.AtlanticLeague.com.


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Some Rangers Enthusiasts Who Buy Tickets to Games That Don’t Play Anxiously Awaiting Refunds – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth | Instant News

ARLINGTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Major League Baseball announced it would allow teams to return tickets for games affected by COVID-19.

The Texas Rangers will play their 30th match of the season this week.

But no matches have taken place at Globe Life Field or other stadiums.

Aerial view of Globe Life Field with an open roof (Chopper 11).

Randy Martin and his daughter were disappointed to have missed their annual match, but he was also upset that he had not received a ticket refund.

“I have taken him to the game since his first birthday, and every year, I bring him to the game on or around his birthday,” Martin said.

The game was postponed like the others. Now Martin says he really needs $ 150 back.

“This past Sunday was gloomy,” Martin said. “We work about half of what we usually work.”

He asked team general manager Jon Daniels about the issue during a live Facebook chat last week.

While Daniels took questions about player salaries and Netflix shows, he did not respond to comments about refunds.

“They totally ignored me,” Martin said. “I feel like it’s really a slap in the face.”

Another fan, Michael Whitchurch, said he was uncomfortable attending the match, even if it was rescheduled.

“My wife has lupus, and I am at high risk because I have pre-diabetes,” said Whitchurch, who is waiting for a $ 400 refund from Rangers.

“I paid for a baseball game that was played on a certain date so that I could bring my family and they didn’t,” Whitchurch said. “I understand it’s not their fault, but it doesn’t give them the right to save my money.”

Last week two baseball fans sued the league, 30 teams and ticket sellers for refunds during the pandemic.

Previously, Rangers told CBS 11 it was up to the league to cancel the match.

But on Tuesday, MLB updated its policy to allow the team to issue a refund.

A Rangers spokesman said starting Wednesday, the team will issue a single ticket refund for “affected” games on a case-by-case basis.

Customers can go to Guard website for more information, which must be posted this week.

But a spokesperson indicated the team’s hope was that customers would hold their tickets, because no games had been officially canceled yet.

“We might not go and be around a crowd, I don’t know how long,” Whitchurch said.

Whitchurch holds more than just baseball tickets.

He bought two tickets for the Michael Buble concert at the new Dickie’s Arena in Fort Worth.

But there is no music and no money back.

Online ticket seller StubHub changed the return policy during the pandemic, replacing the money back guarantee with credit for other shows scheduled until next year.

The question is how long the corona virus poses a threat.

“I didn’t know that I would sit in a crowded arena and watch Michael Buble or anyone else,” Whitchurch said.

U.S. Public Interest Research Group has released a guide on refunding.

Depending on the company, refund policies can vary. First, determine whether your event is canceled or postponed.

Eventbrite asks customers to fill out a refund form to see if they qualify, while Ticketmaster allows consumers to search their sites to find out the status of the event.

Then, review the refund policy for each site. It is possible that the company will not issue a refund if an event has been scheduled for a newer date.

If the ticket vendor refuses to issue a refund, contact the venue or event organizer directly. USPIRG states that marking companies on social media can encourage policy adjustments.

Latest Coronavirus News | Coronavirus Resources


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Acknowledging the patience of fans, ‘Cardinals completed a ticket refund policy for the April, May | game Cardinal Beat | Instant News

• Small group sales will be returned at ticket prices and for fees, to the credit card used at the time of purchase. For larger groups, consignment groups, luxury suites, and others, Cardinals urge fans to contact the ticket office.

Tickets purchased through secondary services, such as StubHub, are not covered by team policy. The seller will have a policy for the game that is still considered postponed, officially, by Major League Baseball.

Policies completed on Wednesday are valid for games until the end of May. If the June match is in danger, postponed, or is likely to be played with an empty stadium, the Cardinals will announce plans at that time, when they hope to have more clarity about the 2020 season.

When leagues, player unions and clubs determine how to get the game back as soon as possible, various scenarios are being explored. The commissioner’s office has officially postponed the start of the regular season until at least mid-May, but all parties have been looking for ways to play as many games as possible, in part because there is so much money at stake – from ticket revenue to player salaries for television rights fees. Some games are expected to be played in front of an empty stadium, and then significantly reduce the crowd. Shortened schedules are unavoidable, causing teams to handle tickets and get the desired refunds.


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