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ISTEP Fund Helps Local Producers Expand Exports to UK, Brazil, Mexico | Instant News

ISTEP Fund Helps Local Producers Expand Exports to UK, Brazil, Mexico | RiverBender.com


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PM Imran Khan, president of Uzbekistan will have a virtual summit today | Instant News

Prime Minister Imran Khan (left) and President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev (Right). Photo: Files

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan and President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev will address the virtual summit on Wednesday (today).

Based on Radio PakistanDuring the meeting, the two officials will discuss bilateral relations, including politics, trade, economy, security, connectivity and people-to-people exchange.

Importantly, the Trans-Afghanistan Railway Project, agreed between Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan earlier this year, is a key area of ​​focus.

Apart from enhancing political and strategic relations, fast-track transit, and trade cooperation, the two leaders will also discuss building educational and cultural collaborations.

The virtual summit serves as an opportunity to further develop existing bilateral cooperation in all areas of common interest.

The two leaders will exchange views on key regional and international issues and will consider enhancing mutual cooperation and coordination in international and regional forums.

The two countries share a deep history of faith, and cultural affinities provide a solid foundation for increased cooperation.

Pakistan and Uzbekistan have increased interaction at all levels over the past two years.


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The lethal variant triggers Brazil’s COVID-19 crisis | Instant News

Deadly variant triggers Brazil’s COVID-19 crisis – CBS News

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Manuel Bojorquez is in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where hospitals are overwhelmed, and local politicians and doctors are at odds with the president over how to keep Brazilians safe from the worsening COVID-19 crisis.

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President Alvi is slowly returning to his ‘normal routine’ after testing positive for the coronavirus | Instant News

President Arif Alvi is working in his office. Photo: Twitter / Awab Alvi

President Arif Alvi “is slowly returning to his normal routine” after testing positive for the coronavirus, about two weeks ago.

The president’s health update was shared on Twitter by his son, Awab Alvi. He also distributed photos of the president, sitting at his official table, pen in hand.

“It is great to share that Pakistani President Arif Alvi is slowly returning to his normal routine – with so much official work piling up he is eager to return,” his son wrote in a tweet on Monday.

“He is better, but keeps,” wrote Awab, thanking everyone for praying for Pakistan’s president.

Alvi had announced on March 29 that he had tested positive for the coronavirus, days after receiving his first coronavirus shot.

“I tested positive for Covid-19. May Allah have mercy on all victims of Covid. Had the first dose of vaccine ، but antibodies began to develop after the 2nd dose due in a week. Please continue to be careful,” he tweeted.

On the same day, Defense Minister Pervaiz Khattak also contracted the virus.

President Alvi briefly said he received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine on March 15, 2021, but added that immunity to new infections developed after receiving the second injection, which is scheduled for a week.

He also appealed to the masses to “continue to be careful” [and practice the government’s coronavirus standard operation procedures] to keep themselves safe.

On March 20, Prime Minister Imran Khan also tested positive for COVID-19 after which he went into self-isolation. The prime minister had also been inoculated on March 18 – two days before he tested positive for the virus.

Doctors, however, say the vaccine does not have enough time to become effective and PM Imran Khan may catch the virus several days before developing symptoms for it.


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Women as fashion icons for decades | Lifestyle | Instant News

Since 1981, women have been celebrated during the month of March as pioneers and innovators for the modern femininity look. As Women’s History Month ends, let’s highlight some of the icons over the decades that changed the fashion industry as we know it. More than just pretty faces on magazine covers, these ladies have made their mark not only in fashion but in humanity as well.

Hepburn is best known for her work as an actress.


The “little black dress” queen, Audrey Hepburn will forever be a symbol of class and affection. The “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” star spent her career winning an Academy Award nomination and paying great attention to the world’s children. Toward the end of his life, Hepburn became a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), where he made several field trips around the world to advocate for children globally. A year before his death, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by former President George W. Bush – a high honor that recognizes individuals who have made a major contribution to improving the United States and the world.

Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy is often credited with popularizing panties in the US because of his close relationship with Coco Chanel.


Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, otherwise known as Jackie O, is the reason you still buy pearls. The wife of the 35th President of the United States John F. Kennedy, she took on her role as first lady in 1961 at the age of 31. After her appearance into the public eye, she quickly became the center of attention in fashion columns across the country and a highly sought-after paparazzi shot. Remembered for her pillbox hat and the pink Chanel suit she wore when her husband was tragically murdered in the presidential motorcade, Jackie Kennedy remains the poster child for his devoted wife and mother.

Diana Ross

Diana Ross is an excellent representation of the fashion trends of the 70s.


Having sold over 100 million records, Diana Ross is a glamor expert. Ross, the lead singer of iconic female soul band The Supremes, is known for her brilliant uniform hair, shimmery floor-high gown and thick lashes. The iconic singer and actress set the pace for black women in the entertainment industry. In 1974, Ross co-hosted the 46th Academy Awards – considering her to be the first black woman to ever host. Ross has held several hit songs to his name as a soloist, including “Ain’t no Mountain High Enough”, “Love Hangover”, “Touch Me in the Morning”, and “Home”.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana adopted the 80s trend of wearing clothes suitable for everyday sports.


The media sweetheart, Princess Diana quickly won over Britain with her sweet fervor during her love affair which turned into a marriage to the heir to the British throne to Prince Charles. Diana has served as a fashion icon across Britain and beyond, presenting looks that connoisseurs still create today.

“She is like the most photographed woman so far,” said Gabrielle Brainard, senior in apparel, merchandising and design and director of styling for TREND magazine. “She watches her and everyone judges everything she does and what she wears. – everyone wants to be like her. Even now, the whole trend of bikers shorts and sweatshirts, that’s how she got started.”

Even after her conspiracy-laden death in 1997, Diana’s legacy remains as a stylish, service-oriented woman who embodies elegance.

“What she left behind was a bit chaotic and mysterious, and everyone remembers her for her style and for being a strong woman,” said Brainard.

Vera Wang

Vera Wang is still an iconic name in the fashion industry and a reminder that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. Wang opened his first bridal shop at the age of 40 and since then has seen tremendous growth.


Everyone wants to get a Vera Wang wedding dress. The designers themselves, a powerhouse of women, serve as an important reminder that age is just a number. In 1990, at the age of 40, Wang opened his first bridal shop in New York City. Now, more than 30 years later, the brand has expanded into household goods, cosmetics, fragrances, eyewear, alcoholic beverages, jewelry and more. Before opening her own boutique, she also served as senior fashion editor for Vogue and design director for Ralph Lauren. Wang is the daughter of two immigrants from China and is proud of her heritage. His parents instilled in him the desire to always work harder and be better, as it is told Harvard Business review.

Jennifer Lopez

The name Jennifer Lopez is recognizable for more than one reason, but her influence on 2000s fashion trends is undeniable.


Jennifer Lopez, commonly referred to as J. Lo, really does it all. Somehow, at 51 years of age, the superstar has remained youthful – leaving women around the world constantly asking questions about her skincare routine and best-guarded beauty secrets. Born into a family of Puerto Rican descent, this larger than life woman has set the Latinas scene in the entertainment industry, even being listed as one of Hollywood’s highest paid Latina actresses. Since earning his platform as an iconic dancer, singer, actor and entrepreneur, Lopez has been a force for change. She contributed exponentially to charity efforts, even donating $ 1 million in disaster relief shortly after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico.

Michelle Obama

In 2010, Michelle Obama represented what many modern women want. Her style embodies all of her values, and she’s not only a role model but a style icon as well.


Another famous first lady in fashion – as well as humanity – is Michelle Obama. Apart from being a lawyer, writer, and president’s wife, Obama is also well-known at every event, as he is known for his elegant dresses. Obama is captivating the public, and the items on which he appears will sell out regularly within a few hours. Throughout his time at the White House, he was supportive four main initiatives: healthy families, service members and their families, higher education and international youth education. It is his warm presence and commitment to these goals that earned him a place in 2019 Time 100 – complete list of the 100 most influential people of the year.

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has become a famous person in the fashion community for her unique aesthetics and whimsical outfits. Her style also shows how important it is for her to cover her body as a young woman in public to avoid the unwanted subject of sexization, humiliation and criticism.


The styles have changed drastically since the beginning of the new decade. As COVID-19 has been rampant and keeping the whole world at home for months, sportswear and baggy clothing have become the mantra. For some time, women have been trying to find the “ideal” body type. But the body positivity movement recently has taken social media by storm, and more women than ever are learning to love their bodies. Young singer-songwriter Billie Eilish is leading the trend of baggy clothes deliberately keeping her body secret because of the baggy clothes she wears. He recently released a short film on tour called “NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY, “Where he greeted the astrologers of the body and negative opinions directed at his choice of clothes.

“Everything else in his life was so publicized, and I think because he had to grow up so fast, he seemed to have kept it [her body] for himself, “said Brainard.” The neutrality of her body and her modesty were utterly empowering. Women don’t have to show their bodies to be badass and be successful. ”

Women are truly a force of nature. Mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, bosses, executives, innovators, entrepreneurs, friends, icons, and neighbors – they do it all, empowering each other to go beyond any thought possible.

“There is something about women supporting women and respecting women that is very empowering,” said Brainard. “I feel like women are so much belittled and told that we can’t do something because we are women. That is not the case. We need to show the world that women are equal to men. “


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