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Bunker One Expands into Northern Brazil | Instant News

Marine fuel supplier Bunker One has expanded its operations to North Brazil, the company said Monday.

The company has added the tanker MT Thornton to its fleet to supply bunkers 50 nautical miles from The Itaqui coastline, the company said in an emailed statement.

“Extending our presence to northern Brazil is in line with our ambition to strengthen our position in America,” Flavio Ribeiro, the managing director of Bunker One Brazil, said in the statement.

“This region is very important for Brazilian commodity exports, and our presence there will give our customers greater flexibility in terms of bunker options on their way.

“We are listening to our customers’ requests for delivery places, and we want to continue to meet the increasing demands of our business partners.”

The company first joined the Brazilian market 2017, supplying the incoming bunkers Rio de Janeiro.


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Vacation Travel Through Waco A Mystery As Thanksgiving Approaches Local News | Instant News

The Sam’s Club on East Waco Drive was asking for $ 1.56. Support local journalism Your subscription makes our reporting possible. {{feature_button_text}} GasBuddy.com reported that 46% of participants in its annual Thanksgiving Travel Survey said their travel plans were affected by COVID-19. When asked how their plans had been changed, 71% said they were staying home this year and 5% said they were not celebrating Thanksgiving because of the coronavirus. Another 20% celebrate Thanksgiving at a different location this year, and 11% drive instead of taking other transportation to their destination, according to a press release. “Gasoline demand continued to struggle as the coronavirus kept Americans in their key homes out of their cars, work and e-learning from home,” GasBuddy analyst Patrick DeHaan said in the statement. hurry. “But with the positive results of two vaccine trials, we are starting to see a return of optimism.” Gasoline prices are rising in some places, he said. “However, the survey results show continued anxiety on the part of motorists, even with the lowest Thanksgiving gasoline prices in years, highlighting the challenges we face in this pandemic,” he said. writes DeHaan. “Any projection of a vacation trip through Waco this year would be an educated guess at best,” said Chris Evilia, director of the Waco Metropolitan Planning Organization.

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Anita Dongre opens her flagship store in Hyderabad and celebrates slow and relevant fashion | Instant News

Launching its first flagship store in Hyderabad, designer Anita Dongre said the pandemic has led people to celebrate classy and timeless style.

Digital is a pragmatic route to take during a pandemic, even for luxury labels. The fashion world has always believed that prêt can be sold online but couture, which requires a personalized approach, is best done in person. Now, even that segment is exploring newer methods; video consulting, for example, to keep the business going. However, with ‘Unlock and a festive wedding season bringing joy to the fashion and textile sector, designer Anita Dongre took a leap of faith and launched her first flagship store in Hyderabad recently, confident in the protection of city patrons who love to splurge. deep pockets.

Initial plans will open in the summer and 50% of the work will be completed by mid-March. Continuing work in October, the shop opens in time for the festive and wedding season. Clients can visit by appointment, in accordance with COVID-19 safety norms. As Anita puts it, “Buying luxury goods is a sensory experience unmatched by the internet, even though we have worked hard to create seamless extensions.”

Art meets architecture

Anita Dongre's flasgship shop in Hyderabad

Designed by architect Shonan Purie Trehan of Labwerk, this three-story shop spread over 4,000 square feet reflects Anita’s fondness for Rajasthani art and architecture. “This is a rundown building and it’s great fun turning it into a house where art, fashion and emotions live. The façade is inspired by stepwells in Rajasthan, and the interior is filled with things that inspire me every day – Pichhwai paintings with natural landscapes, stone, marble and antique artwork, ”explained Anita.

The 50-year-old vintage ensemble worn by Pashtun women in the region bordering Afghanistan greets visitors at the entrance. The colorful beads, threads and tassels tell the story of the tradition of embroidering in the desert. Anita emphasizes that celebrating craftsmanship has been at the heart of her work, be it couture for men and women, Grassroot’s ongoing prêt line, or its jewelery line Pink City.

Anita Dongre

As marriages become smaller and more intimate, Anita launched her collection ‘Love Song 2020’, which she calls an ode to a close-knit family celebration during her childhood. Launching this collection during the pandemic was a mere coincidence, she shared: “We conceptualized Love Songs before the lockdown, in a world that now feels so remote. It is a relevant collection. ”

Dhaaga, a collection of hand-embroidered capsules by SEWA (Self Employed Women’s Association) women and a signature ensemble of designers with gota patti work also continues to be relevant.

Despite the drop in sales volumes across designer labels, Anita looks at the silver lining – fashion gets personal, and classic styles are celebrated: “To be honest, this has always been my aesthetic – hassle free, elegant and timeless,” she says, proud of her enduring ensemble. in the test of time.

As the pandemic began, there was an increase in conversations about sustainable lifestyles and the purchase of handmade ensembles. Anita is eager to gauge how long this approach will last: “Determining who benefits from each rupee spent has been in the spotlight. I hope more people adopt this approach with a follow-up message to support local [crafts and artisans],” she says.

In June, the Anita Dongre Foundation trained artisans at the Charoti and Dhanaveri rural groups in Maharastra to make masks for distribution in rural areas and for COVID-19 frontline workers. “I have always believed in using design for good and fashion for empowering. My commitment to that truth only grows stronger in these times of need, ”he said.


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Nashville Expected to See Lower Thanksgiving Travel | Davidson County | Instant News

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – Nashville is expected to see a sharp drop in Thanksgiving travel this year. In a report released by TripAdvisor on Monday, the 2020 Travel Index ranked Nashville as the fourth least popular travel destination this holiday season . “It city” has a recent spike in COVID-19 cases to thank for it. Additionally, many people still aren’t quite comfortable with hotel stays; instead, people opt for places with more outdoor activities and private rentals where the families can stay together without much contact with others. This year, Florida tops the list with five cities leading. 10 most popular destinations for vacations. Key Largo is No. 1. Music City is just behind New Orleans and New York for destinations people generally avoid compared to years past. However, Nashville will still see an increase in visitor numbers, especially compared to this summer. Most people will travel by car rather than by plane. In an AAA study conducted last month, 50 million people said they would travel on Thanksgiving across the country. Here in Tennessee, there will be about 1.2 million people on the roads, a 10% drop from last year. “Of course, given the environment with the recent increase in COVID-19 cases as well as new travel restrictions across the country, it is very likely that these numbers will be lower when it comes to travel. real, “said Megan Cooper, AAA spokesperson. If you’re traveling, AAA said that one thing you can hope for is cheaper gasoline. Gas prices are down 44 cents from the same time last year. “Crude oil is relatively cheap right now, and throughout the summer we’ve seen very low demand,” Cooper said. “Crude oil prices so low combined with low demand means additional savings at the gas pump for those who travel. ” With weak demand anticipated for the foreseeable future, experts expect gas prices to remain low for some time.

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Going Forward: Expedia.com Reveals Top Travel Trends and Tips for US Travelers in 2021 | State News | Instant News

SEATTLE, Nov. 16, 2020 / PRNewswire / – What do Lima, Osaka and Lisbon have in common? These were all trending destinations for American travelers in 2019 Fast forward to the list of trends for 2020: Lincoln, New Hampshire. Lake Havasu, Arizona. Whether by necessity or by design, it’s clear Americans spent 2020 exploring small towns, scenic drives, lakes, and nearby beaches, or in some cases, their own backyards. Today, Expedia.com® released its 2021 Travel Trends Report, analyzing traveler data to uncover the biggest takeaways from an unprecedented year and what travelers can expect in the world. In addition to tapping into its own massive database of research and demand data, this year Expedia partnered with the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) for an in-depth analysis of the pandemic’s effects on Transportation by air. “It’s no secret that air travel has changed this year in ways we’ve never seen before, but people still fly and will continue to fly. We are closely monitoring these changes to help travelers get the most out of their trips, ”said Chuck Thackston, managing director of data science and research for ARC. “Expedia and the CRA are teaming up once again to find out what’s changed and provide travelers with new travel planning information to use when they fly again.” Highlights of the report include: Air Travel Trends and Hacks 2021 Traveler Priorities All Islands (and Other Dream Destinations) on 2021 Traveler Lists “What we learned from examining traveler behaviors in During such an unusual year as 2020, travel will always be an integral part of our lives, ”said Christie Hudson, Senior PR Manager for the Expedia brand. “Travelers have responded to the uncertainty and restrictions by finding ways to explore safely closer to home, and the result is a greater emphasis on flexibility and a list of trending destinations that are inspiring and achievable. for the coming year. ” Booking Airline Tickets Hacks for 2021 Consecutive years, travelers have relied on Expedia ARC’s annual report, which analyzes billions of flight segments, to provide insider tips and tricks to get the most out of it. party of air travel. Given the atypical year, a new cheat sheet is needed more than ever, according to ARC data, average ticket prices (ATP) for domestic flights hit their lowest level at the end of April 2020, but have since started to recover. From May to October, prices were 25-35% lower year-over-year, but followed the usual seasonality curve. Meanwhile, ATPs for international flights rose briefly in April before normalizing to 2019 levels in mid-June and finally settling between 30 and 35% lower year-over-year for the fall months. What this means for travelers is that while average ticket prices are historically low for domestic and international flights, prices increase during peak periods like spring break, summer and vacation. To get the best deal, travelers need to know when to book and when to start their trip.Best day of the week to book1: Sunday For domestic flights, book Sunday instead of Monday to save around 15 percent. For international flights, book Sunday, not Friday to save over 20% Best day of the week to go2: Thursday or Friday For domestic flights, start your trip on Friday, not Monday to save around 20% For international flights, start your trip Thursday, not Sunday to save almost 25% 2021 Flexibility is not a “good to have”, it is mandatory: in 2021, flexibility will remain a priority for travelers, who have booked 10% more refundable rates often this year compared to last year. Thankfully, flexibility is more affordable than ever: Accommodation data from Expedia shows that average daily rates for refundable bookings were 20% cheaper in 2020 than in 2019. In the coming year, concerns about travel safety will continue to impact all aspects of travel planning, from what type of accommodation to choose, where to go and who to travel with. Since May, nearly 300,000 properties have added health and cleanliness information to Expedia.com, including improved cleaning, contactless check-in, social distancing and other safety measures for guests. of travelers booking less than a month: According to CRA data, in 2019, the average American traveler booked flights about 35 days before their departure date, but at the start of the pandemic, that window was lengthened to 46 days. The new standard (since August) is only 29 days – the average advance purchase dropping below 30 days for the first time in years – and illustrates how travelers have adjusted to a changing environment. rapid evolution. However, with airlines eliminating change fees, travelers can feel more confident when booking further, knowing that they can always change their plans later Growth of alternative accommodation: While the most popular type of accommodation in 2020 was the hotels, the most important types of accommodation The growth compared to last year was the castles, ranches, chalets, chalets and cottages.3 These types of retreats, usually located outside the large cities, were the perfect getaway spots for travelers seeking great outdoors, nature and privacy. This trend is expected to continue as people seek to travel safely amid the pandemic. Whether it’s a hotel, vacation rental, or cabin, Expedia’s accommodation data indicates that the cheapest days to stay are Sunday through Tuesday, so try to plan a long weekend at the start of the week rather than at the end. travelers relied on virtual tours and activities to satisfy the urge to travel. But once they were able to get around again, whether just in their own city or on a real getaway, travelers started looking again for things to do to get the most out of their trips. Here are some of the most popular activities booked on Expedia.com: The country’s largest and oldest flower parlor, this Miami Biscayne Bay boat tour, and this Cenotes ATV and zipline adventure. . a little different from last year, with backyard beaches and outdoor getaways taking the place of exotic international destinations. Yet these domestic gems are proof that there is much to explore even when travelers stay closer to home.Lake Havasu, ArizonaNew Bern, North CarolinaThe Hamptons, New YorkOcean City, MarylandLake of the Ozarks, MissouriPanama City, FloridaSouth Padre Island, TexasLincoln, New HampshireSun Valley / Central Idaho Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming The Next Big Trip: Top Sought-after Destinations for 2021 and Beyond, Vacation Faraway. Specifically, it seems that Americans deprived of vacations dreaming of their next trip fall into one of two categories: island getaways. Looking at the top 20 destinations, half are islands and another third are popular beach resorts. After a year like 2020, it’s not hard to imagine why so many travelers want to get away from it all to an island the next time they get the chance. Cancun (# 1) Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen and Tulum (# 2) Punta Cana (# 5) Oahu (# 6) Maui (# 7) Los Cabos (# 9) French Polynesia (# 10) Maldives (# 11) Montego Bay (# 12) Aruba (# 13) Puerto Vallarta (# 14) Key West (# 16) Nassau (# 18) Bali (# 20) The urban turner. Big cities haven’t seen their usual tourist bustle in the past year or so, but research results clearly show travelers are eager to come back and enjoy all the culture, activities, and experiences you don’t. can find that in these iconic American cities. # 3) Orlando (# 4) Miami (# 8) New York (# 15) Los Angeles (# 17) New Orleans (# 19) With COVID-19, it’s important to stay safe and up to date on latest travel tips and restrictions. Find out what to expect, how to find flexible travel, and other information on the Expedia COVID-19 Travel Guide. About Expedia.com Expedia.com® is one of the world’s largest full-service travel sites, helping millions of travelers per month easily plan and book a trip. Expedia.com (https://www.expedia.com/, 1-800-EXPEDIA) aims to provide the latest technology and the widest choice of vacation destinations, affordable airline tickets, hotel deals, car rentals, destination weddings, cruise deals and on-site activities, attractions, travel services and apps. © 2020 Expedia, Inc., an Expedia group company. All rights reserved. Expedia and the aircraft logo are trademarks of Expedia, Inc. in the United States and / or other countries. All other marks are the property of their respective owners. CST # 2029030-50. Visit our website https://www.expedia.com/ or use our mobile app to book cheap flights and hotels. About Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) An industry leader in airline intelligence and omnichannel retail, ARC provides platforms, tools and information that help the global travel community connect, grow and thrive. ARC enables the diverse retail strategies of its customers by providing flexible settlement solutions, innovative technology and access to the world’s most comprehensive airline transaction dataset. In 2019, ARC handled more than $ 97.4 billion in airline-travel agency transactions, accounting for more than 302 million passenger trips. For more information, please visit www.arccorp.com. 1 Best day of the week to book recommendation is based on average return ticket prices for January to early October, for 2019 and 2020, from the CRA Global Airline Sales Database. day of the week recommendation for travel based on average round-trip ticket prices January through early October, for 2019 and 2020, from ARC’s Global Airline Sales Database Departure date determined by first travel date in an itinerary.3 Based on accommodation demand on Expedia.com from January 1, 2020 to September 12, 2020 compared to same time period in 20194 Based on accommodation demand on Expedia.com for travel between January , From January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. 5 Trendy destinations are among the markets with the best year-over-year growth, based on accommodation demand on Expedia.com between January 1 2020 and September 14, 2020 compared to Top destinations based on accommodation interest on Expedia.com between January 1, 2020 and September 12, 2020 for travel in 2021.

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